Welcome to the VB Blog

Dear VideoBox Members,

Hi, I’m Alison, the marketing chick at VB. I’d like to start by clearing something up once and for all: we do read your comments. Not only that, we care what you think. Which is why we’re excited to have a blog that’ll let us have some back and forth with you about what’s on your mind, keep you informed about upcoming studios and site improvements, and let you get to know us a little bit. There’ll also be lots of fun bits like porn star interviews, articles, polls, etc.

So check back for posts every Tuesday and Thursday and feel free to give your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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53 Responses to “Welcome to the VB Blog”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    Hi Alison! I think this blog is a great idea. I’d suggest adding a “latest blog posts” side bar to the main VB pages so we can all know when there are new entries. VideoBox is already the best video download site, but with a few new features, it also has the potential to be a great community site.

    I know lots of members have been begging for a forum, and I’d really like to see one too. I know it’d be a pain in the ass to moderate, but I think it would help a lot to make the reviews for the videos more relevant. A lot of the “reviews” are from people who have no interest in a particular video and just want to bitch about a particular act, genre, or performer.

    Suggestions: More advanced search features. With so many videos, sometimes its hard to find what you are looking for. Let us search based not just on videos WITH something, but WITHOUT as well. (And include male performer names, so that we can search for movies WITHOUT that one guy who ruins every scene he’s in.) And a “random video” button would be awesome too. Star aliases – some of these stars are credited under different names, which makes it difficult to find their other scenes. It would be helpful if stars could have a list of AKA’s. Also, allow ratings and reviews of performers.

  2. alison Says:

    Hi Strangepork (nice name, btw). Thanks a lot for all of your ideas. We’re actually considering and/or working on a lot of them right now. In fact, pretty much everything other than the “random” button. I’ll definitely post about the new features as they roll out, so keep an eye open for that.

    As for the “latest blog posts” on the sidebar, that’d be cool and I’d like to do it, but I doubt it’ll happen in the near future. But I promise if you check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays there’ll be new stuff!

    - Alison

  3. Todd Says:


    A fantastic idea, very Web 2.0 of Videobox! I’m in agreement with StrangePork, and I’m glad you and the VideoBox team are addressing the ideas already.

    I’ll be looking forward to the bi-weekly updates, and intend to participate all I can!


  4. alison Says:

    Hey Todd, thank you very much. We’re trying to be the first (well-executed) 2.0 porn site ;) Looking forward to your comments!
    - Alison

  5. dmoneyman Says:

    i wanna see what alison looks like :P

  6. alison Says:

    dmoneyman – Haha, that’d take away all the mystery. And what fun would that be?
    - Alison

  7. Master Kweef Says:

    Great Idea on Blog action, love your site and everything you doing to improve it. Bring on FantaDream Pictures!1! Keep up the great work >)

  8. MasonSquelch Says:

    Any bit of interactivity is greatly appreciated! I think there are lots of people who actually like to talk about porn and who think that actors who share their passion with us, the viewers, deserve more attention than just being wanking material.

  9. dirtyernie247 Says:

    I would like to see scenes where the girl actually finishes a guy off have their own category

  10. Monahan Says:

    Thanks for this new blog.

    Another suggestion that I’ve made earlier by email is a capability for better identification of the performers. Yes, porn stars use a variety of names (and producers use a variety of spelling variants, usually out of sloppiness, but sometimes as a tactic) and yes, occasionally an actress in a video is misidentified in the cast listing. If there was an ability to sort out the “aliases” through a listing of some kind…and/or the ability for a member to correct (or question) the identification of a performer, it would be very useful.

  11. DucDriver Says:

    Yes, a forum would be great, and some kind of predefined-download-format. Ever thought about something like mobile-access?

  12. raymcg Says:

    Can I join the clamour for BBW – especially dark girls, such as Delotta Brown, Kim Eternity, Ms. Panther, Jada Fire etc

  13. Mike Says:


    Great idea. This will go a long way to improving an already great site. By the way, some of us love all of the anal. Keep up the good work.

  14. RJ Says:

    Alison, you realize everyone on the site is going to be interested in everything (you feel like sharing) about you now. So we expect a “So who really is Alison anyways” post. ;)

  15. alison Says:

    Master Kweef – Thank you. I’ll let the content team know about your suggestion.

    MasonSquelch – That’s great to hear. We’re working on some new ways for you guys to do just that. Keep an eye out early next year.

    dirtyernie247 – Good idea…but that’d be a pretty empty category ;)

    Monahan – You’ll be happy to hear that we’re looking into ways of doing that right now. I’ll keep you posted.

    DucDriver – We’ve given mobile thought, but we’re not sure we’re able to do that at this point. Definitely something to keep in mind though.

    raymcg – Sure :) But is Jada Fire really a BBW?

    Mike – Thank you very much.

    RJ – I’ll think about it ;)

  16. achtungbaby Says:

    Hello. Congrats on the beta release of the site. I can’t believe I just read the phrase “Web 2.0″ on a porn site…!

    Does this mean Videobox.com will be making available an API to developers in the near future?:)

  17. Toned Says:

    This may be off topic but I would like to request some more videos of Samantha Stylles and Destiny Deville. If this is the wrong place to ask let me know Alison.


  18. alison Says:

    achtungbaby – Thanks…and not a chance ;)

    Toned – It’s a little off-topic, but no harm, no foul. You can also use the contact us form and choose “Suggest Content” as your subject.

  19. Chris Says:


    a blog is a good thing,

    I would like to suggest that we have the ability to publish lists of favourite scenes based on a theme or for whatever reason. Though VBs own search system is excellent it can only do so much. Other users can then see these recommended lists (hopefully with links) and then click through to the scenes. That way if someone has similar tastes to you, or has spent a long time combing VB for a certain something, we could quickly follow their recommendations.

  20. alison Says:

    Hey Chris – Thanks, that’s a good idea. We’re still in the planning stages with that project, but shared favorites lists are definitely on the way.
    - Alison

  21. alison Says:

    cheftell – Adriana Rouso, Nicol, Katy Caro and Natalie Brown
    Look for my in-depth post on this in the next week or so.

  22. cheftell Says:

    quick question, from left to right who are the four girls on your main screen, pre sign-in?? Great site by the way

  23. dpmt Says:

    Please keep the price the same, this is the best porn site on the internet.

  24. harpooner Says:

    Strangepork- Thanks for the comment about the search engine, I’ll help to second, third, help form a quorum on this idea… And to Alison, my apologies for cluttering up the anal topic board with my rather verbose comment on the search, I didn’t notice this page!

  25. alison Says:

    dpmt – There are no plans to change it any time soon.

    harpooner – No worries.

  26. Jerald Murray Says:

    Thanks for the new blog, I think is a good idea to have a blog to get everyones comments and ideas. Keep up the good work Video Box, you guys do a good job most of the time here. I say keep the price the same and make it affordable for everyone. I think having more cheerleader movies in the future would be great and I would try adding more of them since I haven’t seen one of them in a while.

  27. brandy Says:

    great site… more female orgasm movies would be nice. thanks

  28. alison Says:

    brandy – I’m with you. And I’ll make sure the content guys keep an eye out for some.

    - Alison

  29. jmcateer Says:

    First, I definately agree with Strangepork’s ideas.
    Second, there are a couple of things I would like to add to that:
    1) Tagging, so all of these devoted users can help make searching easier by providing more meta data about the videos than the categories that are offered today. With tens of thousands of scenes, this is going to be absolutely necessary to find that perfect video.
    2) Alerts, automatically let me know when there is a new scene with my favorite actress, or from my favorite series, so I don’t have to keep checking every time I log in.

    There’s more where that came from, but those two would be a great start.


  30. alison Says:

    jmcateer – Those are great ideas and we’re definitely thinking of implementing the alerts. Tagging might be tricky, but we’ll certainly consider it. Thanks for the suggestions!
    - Alison

  31. RimJobs Says:

    Alison – is there a way to create another category? I would like to see Rimming, RimJobs or something like that so it can be searched. Just a thought. Thanks.

  32. alison Says:

    Hey RimJobs, We are actually in the process of building out a much more detailed set of categories (that includes rimming) that we hope to release early next year. I think they’re a huge improvement, detail-wise, over our current ones, so keep an eye out.

  33. hermespan Says:

    Alison, is there a way you guys can either switch over, or supply additional formats? MPEG-4 files are becoming the norm in the digital video industry, plus they are iPod compatible. Is there a chance you may be able post in MP4, and/or convert older content to MP4s as well?


  34. byron Says:

    Hi I think the site is great ad offers great value for money. Would like to see more niche vids though, smoking, pee, pregnant etc but each to their own I guess!

  35. alison Says:

    hermespan – We’re working on an ipod/iphone/apple tv compatible format right now. By the time we’re ready to launch, pretty much everything on the site will be encoded in that format. Hopefully it’ll be sooner than later.

    byron – Thanks for the compliment. We probably don’t have a lot of niche stuff compared to sites that cater to those fetishes, but we definitely don’t plan to stop offering them once in a while as a treat for members like you.

    - Alison

  36. Adren Says:

    when can we see paisley adams or cassidey rai on this site.

  37. STEVEN Says:

    I would like to see a full dvd download option. I would be easier to download the full dvd then each scene by itself.

  38. raymcg Says:

    Thanks Allison – I asked for BBW Black women, and you gave me Ellen Mererios – does me for this week…. high standards from now on

  39. bek Says:

    Hi Allison – So if I set up a custom clip starting with the second possible screen cap and watch it to the end…I can download that clip instantly. But if I start the video from the very beginning clip and then watch and try to download after…I have to basically wait for the whole clip to download again. Do other users know this. Also, how about some Krystal Steal on this site. Thanks

  40. andreas79 Says:

    Can we get a real forum?

  41. alison Says:

    bek – I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re asking, but if you drop a line to support@videobox.com, I’m sure they can tell you what you need to know.
    - Alison

  42. Moondoggy Says:

    More Good looking teen lez action(less toys )please
    enthusiastic (realistic) performers (less fake screaming)
    Fisting for the lez action would be good

  43. smedley Says:

    Okay, I vote for more cunnalingus and face squatting, wet pussies and camera angles looking up.

  44. smedley Says:

    Oh, and genuine redheads too!

  45. jazzmo2 Says:

    Hey, this blog is great! I love VB!

    Anyway, I was just trying to suggest content but it wasn’t working.

    I would love more interracial, white women/black men. More white wives and MILFs with black men videos, as many as you can find. Its why I joined VB, and there is no hotter porn out there IMO. Keep it up!

    Thanks Alison!

  46. bushlover Says:

    This is an awesome website. I just want to ask for more BBW, and mature videos. There’s SOOOO much anal on this site, but not even close to as much for those of us who have other fetishes. I’d love to keep my subscription here, but I find myself tempted to join other sites because 95% of the updates here are all the same. Please have a little more variety in your posts.

  47. bushlover Says:

    Oh and BTW…mature means a woman that’s over 40…and looks like it. Not these “MILF” videos with 20-30 year olds that don’t even look like they’ve ever had children. You guys seem to be confused on that.

  48. walter Says:

    whare can I ask for tips on videos with sexy talking teasing girls I like ones where they talk dirty like u want me dont u how much do u want me etc

  49. emperor91108 Says:

    more Cherish Ley please.

  50. Michael Says:

    Alison, do you know why the Mayhem people are so ‘logophobic’? No other production company seems to care.

  51. alison Says:

    Michael – Not sure I totally understand what you mean by logophobic. Would you mind explaining a bit more?

  52. Michael Says:

    Alison, in all of the Mayhem productions they black out or blur anything that has any kind of logo; Tshirts, hats, bags & boxes of food, even their production equipment and cameras. Hence ‘logophobic’. ;-)

  53. Val Says:

    Bravo for the new search feature!