The Taryn Thomas Interview

Taryn Thomas
Taryn Thomas is without question one of the nastiest girls in porn. Which is why it was kind of heartbreaking when she decided to quit the business in 2005. But, like most pornstars who quit the biz, she’s back. Read on for the reasonably filthy IM interview…

VideoBox: Hi Taryn. First off – tell us about your body. Measurements first.

Taryn Thomas: 34B (soon to be D)-24-34. And 5’4” tall.

VB: Uh-oh! Soon to be? Please tell me you’re not getting implants…

Taryn: I am and no one is stopping me

VB: Ah, well. How come?

Taryn: I want them

VB: Can’t argue with that!

Taryn: LOL. I like big boobs

VB: Ha ha. So do I. I guess I can’t blame you, really. Who has the best boobs in porn right now?

Taryn: Katja Kassin She just got hers done.

VB: She has a great ass, too. Have you ever gotten to work with her?

Taryn: Once, for some softcore stuff. But we will again, soon enough

VB: OK, back to YOUR tits and ass. What’s your favorite part of your body? If you had to lie around playing with one part of yourself all day long, what would it be?

Taryn: My asshole – I love it

VB: I’ve seen pictures – it looks nice

Taryn: Thanks! I keep it up to par

VB: Yeah, I try to keep mine in shape, too, but it’s not winning me any

Taryn: LOL

VB: Have you ever met a civilian, a non-porn person, who got you off as
well as the stars do?

Taryn: Oh, no! I’ve missed porn dick

VB: You’re dashing the hopes of millions…oh, well. If you had one piece of advice to give to fans about fucking like a porn star, what would it be?

Taryn: Fuck hard, talk dirty, don’t be afraid to get dirty, and push

VB: What gets you off the best or the hardest on camera?

Taryn: Hard anal fucking.

VB: Any fetishes or fantasies in your personal life you’d like to tell us

Taryn: Ummm…I don’t think they’d be for personal use…more for on camera use. Sorry I’m sooo boring, ha ha. But I like ass, and fingering guys’ assholes, so I guess that’s my fetish. I like to finger guys’ asses. And then suck the ass juice off my fingers!

VB: See, that’s not boring at all.

Taryn: Oh, and another fetish is I loooove to swallow cum

VB: OK, so, yeah, I was going to ask about the cum swallowing. A lot of your movies are swallowing movies – it’s good to know the covers aren’t lying. One of our members called your scene in First Time Swallows “the definition of sexy”. So are you just into swallowing, or do you like playing with it, tasting it?

Taryn: Yeah for sure – I hate to waste the cum. Love to taste it. I love to
make bubbles with it gargle it in my mouth, just have fun with it.

VB: When you get a load, do you want it straight in your mouth, or all
over your face or tits so you can gather it up and have fun?

Taryn: Right in my mouth. I don’t like to waste it.

VB: So is there anything you won’t ever do in a movie, or is the sky the

Taryn: I will never say never. I am open to all different things. Timing is
the key.

VB: Good girl. That’s what we like to hear.

Taryn: LOL

VB: So let’s say a guy wants to get into your pants. What’s his best shot? Fancy car, sense of humor, big cock, nice shoes?

Taryn: Sense of humor, for sure.

VB: Yes!!! I mean, good answer…

Taryn: LOL. But he has to have nice shoes, too – I always look at shoes and

VB: Is there a difference between what would attract you to a guy as a
boyfriend and what would attract you to a guy who was just trying to pick
you up?

Taryn: No. I like personality first, and if you’ve got a good one and love women then I’m down.

VB: That’s so sweet! I’d love to keep talking dirty to you, but I’m sure you’ve got things to do. Anything else you want to say to the fans at VB before we let you go?

Taryn: Watch out for me doing big things in ‘08. I’m back and back for good.
That could only mean one thing… so keep your eyes open.

VB: thanks a lot!

Taryn: No problem.

Taryn’s away message says “Shower and ass-cleaning time” – I guess we know
what she’s doing tomorrow, too…

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18 Responses to “The Taryn Thomas Interview”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    Cool interview. Bummer about her getting a boob job though. Big tits are great and all, but I’d rather see small natural ones than big fake ones. And her natural body was beautiful.

  2. Roland Says:

    unnatural D is really too big! But how to get IM-contacts of pornstars? thx for the interview!

  3. Todd Says:

    I have but only one request – try to work out questions with her that are not all about “in the ass” and fucking… a few personal things away from her on-camera persona. It would be pretty neat to know stuff besides her boob-size and if she wants a load in the mouth… we can learn all that stuff just by watching her work!

    Overall, a great first VB interview!

  4. MasonSquelch Says:

    I second Todd’s post. Would be more interesting to let them tell about the atmosphere at the set, the feelings when getting fucked before a camera and how ‘free’ actors are when performing. I’m sure some of them have very own ideas about porn, fuck scenes, stories and perhaps technical parameters.

  5. kolanow Says:


    why not interview and post it as SOUND or even VID than link them in the STARS sectiuon.

    check this out, there are 200 iterviews already done.

    this is CHARLOTTE STOKELY as an example below

    love your site

    doug carlton


  6. kolanow Says:


    here is Sasha Gray JULY 2006

    her first interview

  7. Jeff Says:

    I really like Taryn. I would probably say she’s even in my top 10. I’ve really had enough of looking at fake boobs. I like em natural, even if they a small. I wouldn’t consider Taryn’s small, but average and very nice. With the boob job, I doubt she would be in my top 50 (or 100).

  8. N32 Says:


  9. DPMTP4 Says:

    Nice first interview. In the future I would suggest some questions about the girl’s contract status so we can follow her in the industry. Also maybe some questions about what she’s shot in the past week, her favorite male star, and of course…. whether she would fuck Ron Jeremy!! (sorry, had to throw in a reference to the Hedgehog).

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing video or sound-based interviews any time soon, because this one was clearly done via a text-messenger or chat-based system.

  10. andreas79 Says:

    I remember Taryn from meatholes.
    Videobox seriously needs to get hold of the old meatholes serie, and also movies by Khan Tusion.

  11. andreas79 Says:


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  13. Jim Says:

    She can finger my ass anytime! Always a tug when I see a new Taryn clip.

  14. Damon Says:

    I like it if you could interview Fujiko Kano next as she is one of the best porn stars period due to her passion on screen. As for a question ask her why there is not Anal in Japanese porn films? Thanks.

  15. Филолог Says:

    Ага, на самом деле все очень просто 🙂

  16. BaLaM Says:

    Вот что-то наподобие у меня уже весь день из головы не выходит!

  17. Jackie Smith Says:

    I found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

  18. Chandler Says:

    Really cool blog you have. Let the Force be with you or like say my friend from Khazahstan “great success”!