Sorry About All the Anal

AnalThere’s been a lot of anal lately. On behalf of the staff at VB, I’m sorry about that. We know a lot of members are pissed about it (judging by the reviews), so I want to try to explain why it’s happening and what we’re doing about it.

In the last 30 days, we’ve posted 151 DVDs. Of those, 58 were anal movies and 58 were straight sex movies. We usually aim for fewer anal DVDs per month, but lately we’ve had an overabundance of anal movies in our queue. Most of the reason for this is that porn studios make a lot of anal movies. About 40% of gonzo movies as a whole have a majority of anal scenes. While there isn’t a whole lot we can do about that fact, we are working hard to find more straight sex DVDs. Our content team is tapping every source they can and avoiding buying new anal movies whenever possible.

We know we have a huge variety of tastes to cater to and really do try to make everyone happy. There’s no question that not every DVD we post will appeal to everyone, but there is a method to our madness. Believe it or not, the category we get the most emails requesting is Transsexual. Closely followed by BBW. Neither of which are everyone’s cup of tea, but those members are as important to us as the ones who like straight sex or anal or teens (you get the picture), so we try to make them happy too.

All of that said, we always welcome feedback from members, so feel free to post it in the comments or drop us a line.

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137 Responses to “Sorry About All the Anal”

  1. MasonSquelch Says:

    To me, anal is fine. I think that porn is kind of escapism and that includes watching things that might not happen in my own bed (for whatever the reason). The only kind of movie I’m having problems with is Gonzo. Shaky images, distorted body proportions due to inexpensive cameras, almost no cuts and the total loss of good camera practice don’t correspond to the girl’s beauty and their readiness to do all these horny things.

  2. Damien Says:

    It seems that a lot of your highest rated as well as highest reviewed (by me included) are big tit movies. And as much as there is a scene/dvd here and there, I think I speak for all when i say, “The more the merrier!!!”


  3. Spinoza Says:

    It would probably be in the best interest of you and your users were you to create a separate tier for certain fetish films. People could pay a few extra dollars and not only would they receive more transexual porn, but you would be making more money as well. It would also mean that the members not wishing to pay for that content would be happy as well.

    Imagine a restaurant which is able to supply its patrons with cheap food because it only offers one meal at a time and customers must pay for a months worth of food to be used in that month only. Sounds ok and like most school lunch rooms. Now imagine that even though thursdays are pizza day and 100% of people love pizza, they decide to switch it up and serve borscht because thats what 2% have been asking for even though those 2% still enjoy pizza. It makes more sense for the business to simply serve borscht and pizza and charge for them separately. In that case everyone wins. While some people may not want to pay extra for borscht, the other 98% don’t want to pay for borscht at all.

    It is not a slippery slope to create these separate subscriptions because while not everyone may like every update, they will agree that it belongs and is heterosexual porn. Transexual porn does not represent heterosexual or homosexual desires. Like BDSM, it is considered an alternative sexuality. This is not an argument for a porn site to follow strict heteronormative guidelines, but an argument that such content is not REALLY heterosexual. Heterosexuality is defined as attraction between two different sexes and NOT two different genders. Why do so many niche sites exist for bdsm and transexual pornography? If it were a part of heterosexual porn, there would be no demand for niche sites (Why are there no sites that specialize in doggy style? Because it is a part of what one sees in heterosexual pornography).

    Creating these tiers would be in the best interest of everyone, and while it may take time and resources to implement, the service you would be providing your members, while making more money yourself would certainly make it worth it.

  4. Malakai Says:

    Im actually a big fan of Anal vids so please keep on posting them, there are literally thousands of str8 sex vids to be had for the members who don’t like anal in any case. I believe its a minority of vocal people who dislike the anal videos rather than the majority.

    Keep up the good work VB!!!!!!!!!!

  5. chance Says:

    Hey, to each their own, but please just start putting some “new” classic vids up. =-)

  6. SixtySuns Says:

    Sounds good! It would be kinda sweet to get a ‘hentali’ dvd up. I never seen one before. They look entertaining!

  7. ghostdawg Says:

    Actually the high anal content is why I subscribe here. I don’t mind you reducing the frequency a bit. But if it’s largely curtailed I’m outta here.

  8. Spectre Says:

    I am very happy that the administrators of this site are so attentive to their members!

    I have noticed a lot of anal movies.. I figured it was a trend in the porn industry and it sounds like thats about right.

    The comment about the transsexual and BBW emails makes sense.. its a bit of a sampling error. Those two are very niche catagories, and probably have the fewest movies on the site. So they would attract more requests, than say, teen movies (of which there are many).

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Peja Says:

    There is an abundance of straight sex and anal sex all over this website, why would people request more straight sex via e-mail. It only makes sense you get the most e-mails from the smallest subcategories, most people’s interest are met with everyday uploads.

    Also, I think a big problem with the influx of anal lately is the repetition of actresses. Some people just have a problem with anal, others are just tired of seeing the same 4 get reamed every other video upload.

  10. Monahan Says:

    First, the blog is a great addition. The review section has been loaded with commentary about the site and not about the video.

    That said, thanks also for the acknowledgement about the abundance of anal and an explanation about the BBW and Tranny stuff recently posted.

    With 150+ new postings per month, it’s easy to accept a “strange” entry once in a while. Perhaps a poll of the tastes (preferences) of the members would be useful.

  11. Strangepork Says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking “Hey, wait a minute here! There’s no need to apologize for that!”

    Anyway, yes… variety, and all of that…. No wanker left behind (unless they’re into that).

  12. Driver Says:

    As long there’s not 50% transsexual stuff in the new releases…

  13. TOM Says:

    You do a great job of catering to all tastes, With the exception of a very few women, anal movies are all I download. Keep up the good work.

  14. ft62222 Says:

    Some more P.O.V dvd’s would be good ;)

  15. Miss Gee Says:

    LOVE the anal. Keep it coming

  16. DucDriver Says:

    As long as there’s not one of three dvds transsexual stuff… And just for interest, how much traffic does this site consume a month?
    (And why posting only works at a few tries? Are the replies moderated?)

  17. ric Says:

    Why bother? Anal movies are why I am her for.

  18. Tobar Says:

    Thanks for the response on this. It’s good to know you guys are reading our comments & that you’re trying so hard to keep the content diverse. That’s one of the best features of Vbox: the wide selection!

  19. Rodain Says:

    Just for fun lets put in some Anime porn. seems like you have alot of everything else.

  20. This Site Is The Best Ever Says:

    I have been part of videobox for a long, long time. There is no reason to choose another site. This site is exactly what any adult film watcher needs. I love the fact there is no spam or pop ups and that i can choose my scenes and even break the scenes down if i want. Your selection is amazing and no other site is so easy and organized to use.

  21. jds Says:

    As a longtime VB (once Climax Corner) subscriber, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no pleasing everyone. I’m not into anal at all but whenever there is a straight sex vid there are people who whine loudly about there being no anal. I’ve just learned that if I wait a few hours (or spend about four seconds looking through the archives) I’ll find something new that is according to my taste. So, no apologies necessary as far as I’m concerned.

    I think it’s fascinating that trannie and BBW are the most requested. Again, not my cup of tea, but I’m glad that VB does cater to this group of viewers as well (on occasion).

  22. deadelvis Says:

    Hi Mr Vb,
    A name would be nice may i suggest `Morgan` a pirate`s name .I returned to Videobox after an absence of 3 years due to all the negative feedback i had seen on review sites readers reviews.
    A pleasant surprise,here in the UK i was getting fullspeed d/l at 1pm gmt and still getting it at 7pm which can be the worst time for a slowdown.
    The quality of the vids in the High resolution
    seem good to me as the Dvd ones are a bit large for me as i value quantity over quality within
    limits.The new graphics on the site look nice and fresh and modern.Some people grumble about
    some of the videos being 2nd rate bargain bin products.I for one like a big variety of studios
    and seeing some of the dogs(girls)in these lesser known works. Californian beach blonde bimbos get kinder boring after a while.
    Real women are sexier,warts and all.
    They wear bras and stockings unlike their younger counterparts.MILF`s for ever,bimbos in the bin.You wanna ignore the anti anal moaners
    cos surely the girl gets it in her other holes first.I`d like to see more of the Euro films,
    not bimbos but like German Frau`s serviceing
    the guys in the tavern.
    Keep up the good work Capn Morgan.

  23. Brandon Says:

    Don’t apologize for too much anal, there’s a reason it’s so popular!

    That being said, more variety is good, if it’s decent quality. More tranny and BBW vids would be great…if their production quality is good. If not, then don’t bother. Unwatchable is unwatchable, regardless of the category.

    The only thing some of us may be burning out on is overexposure of a small number of stars. While Tory Lane and Audrey Hollander are AWESOME the first few times you see them in action, the repetitive exposure (and let’s face it, they don’t vary their performances at all) gets old fast. Could you release them on a less frequent basis?

  24. nocturnal Says:

    keep the anal, the more the better but less interracial anal plz

  25. RJ Says:

    Actually I don’t understand all the fret over it. I never knew so many people could be turned off by it. On the contrary, so many turned on by it? To me, it’s no diff to watch than vag sex. *shrug*

    I’ve been fine with it. Keep up the good work VB. Nice blog btw ;)

  26. deb Says:

    i am all for anal…the more the better…i think u should not try for less anal but for more of other genres too

  27. SirTristram Says:

    The bitching tends to be from only a few people and most users do not comment at all!
    The ANAL stuff is great! My favorite genre’s are ANAL, MILF/MATURE and GROUP. When they pop up, I am always excited to see what they consist of…the trick is not just certain genre’s, but aim for qulaity titles and companies! A lot of a popular genre may seem good, but when the DVD’s are really lame then it ends up just being a lot of crap that takes up space!
    I digress, please do not stop the ANAL titles. They are great. Perhaps you could tone down focusing on certain performers…like Audrey Hollander….that is when a lot of complaing happens with the ANAL titles!

  28. titiesandbeer Says:

    You do a good job at catering to all tastes, with the exception of about four or five women all I download are scenes with anal. Keep up the good work.

  29. MichaelK Says:

    Hi Allison;

    Please guys, you don’t need to apoligize for having too much anal scenes. :) I personally love anal scenes and I hope that you guys post more anal scenes in the near future from Elegant Angel studios!

  30. wdm81 Says:

    I’m getting a little tired of the anal as well, but it never became overly bothersome to me, just felt like every vid was the same. I’d love to see more transexual vids posted though, and not just brazilian ones, how about something with vanity in it, or some of the rogue shemale adventure movies, i think theres over 30 of them now. As always keep up the great work, this site is amazing

  31. alison Says:

    WOW! Thanks to all of you for posting your comments! I’m sorry I can’t individually reply to all of them, but it’s awesome to hear what you all think – especially on this topic.
    To address some of what you all have said:
    - Don’t worry, the anal’s not going anywhere. But we are trying to maintain a good balance.
    - I totally agree that the same 5 porn girls get tired after a while. If I never see another Sandra Romain scene again, it’ll be too soon. That said, these girls are working so often that it’s hard to avoid their movies. I share your pain though.
    - We are moderating comments (they don’t post immediately) because of spam. It’s amazing how much you get on a porn site blog!
    Thanks again for the feedback, you guys. And keep it coming!
    - Alison

  32. Kemuri Says:

    I have absolutely no problems with anal vids(don’t understand why people don’t like it) and I’ve basically come to expect it in nearly every vid I watch. Though I would like it if you guys put up more gangbang vids(especially the No Cum Dodging allowed series). That would be awesome.

  33. WoW Says:

    God, I hate Anal

  34. RJ Says:

    Alison, I see this is a wordpress blog, go install kismet to stop the spam. Works wonders. (It’s a wordpress plugin)

  35. hermespan Says:


    1) If there is a large quantity of porn producers making anal vids, then you should post a large portion of anal vids. This is Sunday School here, and if some guys have hang ups about anal, that’s their biz. Please keep the same percentage (OR MORE) of anal vids.

    2) Sandra Romain rocks! Post her as much as possible!

    3) We need more Asian vids here.

    4) Can you guys make an agreement with Jules Jordan videos? His are the best out there!


  36. hermespan Says:

    Oh, you need and EDIT function on the blogs. It was obviously supposed to read “…isn’t Sunday School…”

  37. Val Says:

    I agree, too much anal. More variety please.

  38. CraigN Says:

    Hey i love the site it rules! please could u put more European videos on once in a while im a big fan of Julia Chanel and Draghixa sexy french girls Thank you XXX

  39. wdm81 Says:

    The anal never overly bothered me, but it was starting to feel like every DVD was the same. Personally i would love to see more transexual vids, and not just brazilian one, how about something with vanity in it, or one of the rogue shemale adventre series of videos

  40. alison Says:

    RJ – We’re using akismet and it actually pulled in one of my own comments…hopefully in the future we’ll get it to the point where I won’t have to go in and approve everything.

    hermespan – Don’t worry. Just because Sandra isn’t my cup of tea, it doesn’t mean we’re getting rid of her. I like Jules too…believe me, if that deal presents itself, there’s no way we’d say no!

    CraigN – I’ll give your suggestions to the content team.

    wdm81 – I hear you. If we see some good quality stuff with Vanity in it, I’m sure we’ll pick it up.

  41. Hali Says:

    I don’t think about 30% anal content is that much (although some of it is a bit too rough), it’s all still straight good porn, I hope that you won’t cut back too much on the anal content.
    Diversity is great but if you add too much niche content (transexual, bdsm, bbw, ws etc) I think you’ll risk loosing your core subscribers. If you want more diversity I wouldn’t mind seeing more bisexual and sex-toy content.

  42. BigLRock Says:

    I disagree, anal is like a main theme for porn, these days, if they don’t like it too bad, they should be happy, the site updates, as often as it does.

  43. s_blue Says:

    For me anal is great. I want more anal dvd. Or if not more , better with realy hard anal sex.So dont change. 40 % of anal DVD is a good proportion.

  44. Phil Says:

    I cant understand why there is so many complaints about anal vids.Ok so its not everyones thing,but like bigirock said its a main theme now.Does this mean if VB want to update a dvd that has say 1 anal scene out of 5/6 does that mean they wont post so not to upset some?Because you can bet those who dislike anal will complain about that 1 scene…Best site on the net for for price,quality and quantity.

  45. Albert Says:

    I hope that you cut back on the anal content. I prefer straight sex. Also, I’d like to see a better balance of gonzo/non-gonzo. Seems like the vast majority of scenes are gonzo.

  46. lvelazq1 Says:

    The anal is great! But when will you get a contract with VIVID to bring some Carmen Luvana DVD’s to the site.

  47. Uncle Breaster Says:

    Hello VB staff. I think this website is terrific (thats why I did a 3 month join). I’ve never had any complaints about the exhusting effort you put forth to keep members supplied with variety. I like the fact that you feel the need to apologize about the anal stuff, but really I didn’t need to hear it. SOME of the members of Video Box complain too damn much! I like big…no..HUGE tits, interracial, & creampies.
    Do I get this all the time at Video Box? No. Nor should I. I have found porn chicks I like in video’s I would NEVER have bought because the title, or theme. This is credited to Videobox. If I don’t like it, I wait for something else to come out. NO BIG DEAL because something will eventually come out! Keep up the GREAT work! I joined the sister site, DVD BOX, and it is not as well designed as VB. I prefer things here, and I think many others do too! Thanks! –UB

  48. Uncle Breaster Says:

    Oh… it possible to get more SCORE, or VOLUPTUOUS vids here? Just wanted to ask. Thanks agan!! –UB

  49. Happychappy Says:

    I think you guys do a fantastic job! I will be with this site for along time!

  50. SirTristram Says:


    What about other companies? Such as Private? They have incrdible production values and extremely beautiful women in their films and there are hardly any on the site!? ,…wait, I am not even sure now if you guys have ANY Private films on your site! …and, if I may suggest some women….More Sylvia Saint and Ginger Lynn please! Especially Ginger, your catalog of her films is sadly limp! She is a Adult Film Legend and she has haardly any decent scenes on the site! Thank you very much for listen to all of us!

  51. extremejay Says:

    hey alison….I would agree on some level to the trannie stuff…..I always download the ones where a tranny is doing a woman…those are good….so more of those please!…love the blog idea…..maybe eachweek you could tell us what your persoanl favorite new secenes where from the week

  52. Todd Says:

    I personally feel that’s the benefit of your video website – if you don’t want to watch Anal, you don’t have to! VB has plenty of other videos to watch on a regular basis. If you don’t like it – simply don’t watch it.

    I don’t think Videobox owes us any apologies, but I do also appreciate that VB is listening to its viewers and willing to find ways to keep the fans happy.

  53. alison Says:

    Phil – Don’t worry, we’re not going to do anything extreme like that.

    lvelazq1 – Keep an eye out…Carmen’s done some movies outside of her contract. You never know what could pop up on VB.

    Uncle Breaster – Thanks a lot for the praise. I’ll pass your suggestion on to the content folks.

    Happychappy – Thanks!

    SirTristram – Without saying too much, we are definitely looking into studios like Private and we’ll do everything we can to get more high-quality movies in the future.

    extremejay – Trannies doing chicks – noted. :) And I might be able to do something like that. Lemme think about it…

    Todd – Thanks, we do try.

  54. Two cents Says:

    Thanks for paying attention to us VB. I download nearly every scene and video regardless of content just to catalog it. So far I think I’ve got everything on one hard drive/disk or other means of storage that you all do. I’ve been on and off different account names with you all, but been with the site since Climax corner. But I really despise the majority of scenes you post having some sort of anal in them. Just not my “cup of tea”

  55. CraigN Says:

    Who needs a g/f when you got VB, the site gets better and better everytime i come on. I love the ebony stuff gorgeous black girls really do it for, me probably just a phaze.

  56. MasonSquelch Says:

    @Two cents: Wow, this is real dedication :) Your local hardware supplier must love you :-D

    @CraigN: Of course you’ll need a girlfriend: with whom do you want to practice your theoretical knowledge acquired by watching all the vids?

  57. William Maxwell Says:

    Love the blog, keep it coming…live interaction between memebers would be a nice addition.

    One of the main reasons I joined this site (besides great price) was that you feature tons of anal content, don’t put it behind you.

    Requests, some anime would be nice as mentioned earlier, I enjoy the “reality” porn, interracial P.O.V., and lastly more black and Asian porn please.

    “…aaahhh, love the smell of porn in the morn.”

  58. CraigN Says:

    ahhh true MasonSquelch it can be a lot of hassle though sometimes. i cant be bothered atm dont worry though i wont forget any of the info hehe

  59. harpooner Says:

    I keep coming back to this site only to end up wondering why I left to begin with. My only qualms are:

    - The search engine is outdated. I think the catagories are far too general, and pull up far too much content if one is looking for something specific. A couple of examples… trying to find analingus f to m. One could look up salad tossing, ass licking, ring tonguing or what have you, but all come up only because the reviews have a reference, not necessarily what the content holds. The other example is trying to find a specific scene, when I only know the male actors name. The scene I am looking for is still lost to me, but it has several feature that would narrow it down; role playing.. she is a cheerleader posing for a putative school photographer; Tyce Bune is the photographer and male actor… I think he is the director, too. I think you get my gist, that there are specific criteria that even the most everyday gonzo scene holds. The only way to reference this scene is by teen, straight sex, blond. That brings up so many vids that it is way too time consuming to wade through to find a great scene again. I know that engineering a better search is big work, but it is really the only shortcoming I see in this very well designed and cared-for site.

    - porn stars… Contracts being what they are, I know getting Nikki Tyler vids may be impossible, but there are the JR Carringtons, Kate Frosts, Rayvenesses, Ginger and Gina Lynns, Ajas, Ashlyn Geres and many others that know how to make sex look like it was generated from the most developed fantasies ever… scenes that I go back to time and again and just get floored at how hot the women were that made it happen.

    While these are critiques, they are not complaints. I am glad y’all (from the south!)demonstrate such purpose and dedication to your cause.

  60. harpooner Says:

    Could you be so kind to change my name on the previous post to my screen name? I thought it would be my screen name that would be visible.

  61. Roy Says:

    First of all, it’s cool to see that our comments don’t go unnoticed. second, being a member for a long time, there is certainly an abundance of anal videos of late. don’t get me wrong anal is good, but every second video?. For me and my wife creampies is where it’s at. I’m still not sure why wacking off in some cute girls face is worth watching, but i guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

  62. KyonoRocks Says:

    Who’s the girl in the banner for this blog? She looks awesome!

    Anal is all good in the hood for me, always a need for more Asian vids though… but NOT Japanese/authentic ones, they have crap production and unattractive actresses. If you want to show REAL Japanese AV (its a huge industry – check out Sora Aoi, Yua Aida, Asami Yuma for example) then i’m all up for it, but the fake stuff is crap. So to summarize, more Asian-Western stuff.. like Roxy Jezel, Nyomi Zen, Tia Tanaka etc..

  63. Kazuya Says:

    MOre Classic vids is all im askin for. give us some 80s and 90s vids and im happy. i also like some limited stuff from the 70s.

    my 2 cents

  64. alison Says:

    harpooner – You got it.

    Roy – It’s really cool that you guys watch together. And it’s true…not everything will appeal to everyone.

    KyonoRocks – Thanks for the feedback. Not sure whether we can get the AV stuff, but we’ve passed on some authentic Japanese stuff recently because it’s pretty boring/crappy.

    Kazuya – I’ll pass that on to the content team. I hear they have some classic deals in the works, so keep an eye out.

  65. Jay2004 Says:

    I think you guys should offer RopeaDope a job since he is always making us aware of the repeat scenes in “new” movies. Obviously this is out of administrations control, but it would be helpful up front to list repeats. More Gianna and better quality “amateur” videos would be great! Thank You

  66. Gambithardy Says:

    I support anime. I love the selection you currently have but that is the only other fetish i would like to see. Cheers.

  67. N32 Says:

    When I reach inside the VideoBox I want a grab bag of visual treats. So long as the variety continues, the boredom will subside right? I do agree that too much attention has been given to backdoor antics, however, no more than bleached hair, razor-burned labia, The Texs (Span and Lay), and breast augmentation, that appears to have resulted from a Shaq O’neil Silicone Slam Dunk. (brb, have to start a new DL.)
    (back) I digress, I do not come to complain but to share my ideas. Mind you, on the one site/service with the freshly polished brass monkey balls to oblige such a community of like-yet-slightly-differently minded adventurers. A few suggestions, and feel free to add on. Just keep the good vibes flowing.

    -Vintage- from the beginning of film to 10 years ago

    -more indie/amateur – Keep it real, man.

    -Authentic porn- not just immigrants in vans, but indie creations without a greencard.

    -youtube-like clip compilations

    -animation-No, not just Sailor moon knockoffs, but really give animation its due.

    -user submitted- Decent quality clips 2-5mins, lets set some standards, and go for it. Maybe a little hookup for those that share.

    -Community mood status- Let us all vote once a day on the genre we’re in the mood for. Have a checklist that tallies the genres, stars, studios like stocks. An ever changing organic way to read our minds.

    Yours in Boxing-the-Video,

  68. hermespan Says:

    I agree with KyonoRocks. I’d love to see some mainstream Japanese Porn. Specifically the women he mentioned, just as long as it’s not pixelated. But yeah, some of the mainstream J-Porn features BEAUTIFUL actresses and the scenes are scorching.

  69. alison Says:

    Jay2004 – You’re right that we don’t have anyone with the time or expertise to pick out every single duplicate scene. But we don’t post dupes on purpose (with or without identifying them) and we’re doing our best to keep from buying movies with scenes we already have in them…so hopefully we won’t need to hire Rope :)

    Gambithardy – Thanks for the suggestion. It seems like a popular one and the content guys have their eye out.

    N32 – Sorry to say that that’s porn for ya. But I like your suggestions. Some of them we are working on, some are being considered, and a few we just can’t do (user-submitted content, for example). But I will definitely add them to my ever-growing list of great member ideas.

    hermespan – Can you get mainstream Japanese porn that’s not pixelated? It’s a pretty crazy law…

  70. KyonoRocks Says:

    You can but not with the grade A girls that do the pixelated ones. Thats why I’ve only really requested the asian-american stuff because the amount of complaints you guys at VB would get if you posted a pixelated movie… hah it would be worse than the feedback for a vid with Bridget the Midget screwing big beautiful transexuals!

  71. Talulah Says:

    Cool. Anal does get a little tired after a while, but I still like it. Just as long as you keep it balanced and only post top quality stuff. Thx.

  72. deadelvis Says:

    Hi Alison,
    Do a google on `Bendover`
    This guy`s an GB porn film maker whose been at it for years and has a large backlog catalogue.
    He don`t have much idea on marketing on the net as he has only had his films shown on the odd Euro streaming site.
    Might accept an offer he can`t refuse.
    Bendover films are very popular and well known in the in the UK
    and would make a nice change from some of those frankly boring American films.

  73. Groupie Says:

    Well, if I’m allowed to put in a request, I vote for more group sex DVDs!

  74. joystickpop Says:

    Although many may be vocal about having less anal, this is the direction that I would say most studios lean. Frankly, I don’t mind the anal and would rather have the hottest DVDs out there with the hottest girls anal or not. Personal fav studios like Red Light District, Mayhem, Anabolic (not on site) will have lots of anal but production values as well as the girls are top tier. Just get the best DVDs anal or not!
    Please do not charge extra for certain content. I chose this site b/c of its variety and reasonable price and with the note on the transsexual and BBW requests, apparently many others do. Those may not be my cup of tea, but then again, I have about 3000 other choices to browse through. Please keep up the variety. As some folks have said, there is no pleasing everyone.

  75. alison Says:

    KyonoRocks – Omg, I can only imagine!

    Talulah – We’ll definitely try.

    deadelvis – I’ll take a look. Thanks for the lead.

    Groupie – I suppose you’re allowed ;)

  76. alison Says:

    joystickpop – Thanks for the feedback. Don’t worry, when we get chances to buy top-tier content, anal isn’t our first concern.
    - Alison

  77. Damon Says:

    There is no need to apologuise about the anal ambundance, actually I have been quite encouraged with the alternative. I would like to see however more full length feature films with beautiful couples and don’t forget the anal. Also what happened to the new femdom content? Thanks for making the best even better.

  78. alison Says:

    Damon – Not sure what happened to the new femdom content…care to elaborate? We don’t get too many features (for a variety of reasons), but I personally think Sin City does a nice job of making a decent anal-focused movie with a plot every now and then. And we certainly don’t intend to stop getting more of their stuff.
    - Alison

  79. earthdweller Says:

    I haven’t had time to read through all these postings, but KEEP THE ANAL COMING! Come to think of it, I dig the anal, but I HATE that stupid ATM business–give me a break, man. I like to have at least a SEMBLANCE of reality! Just another 2 cents.

  80. Damon Says:

    Well I would like to see more videos like the two Women in Control titles. There is so many Babes ballin Boys videos you should try to acquire if possible. I like some of Boss Bitches stuff but am not interested in humilation and/or pain related content. All the most recent updates of femdom content have been lesbian and heavily S&M inspirated, the later of which I am only mildly interested in. Thank you for your time.

  81. reefshark Says:

    I’d be interested in seeing some cartoon porn, anime’, whatever you call it. Also more Classic: Deep Throat, Shauna Grant, etc.

  82. purpleafghan Says:

    More anal please. More Mayhem-type vids.

  83. Robert Paulsen Says:

    This is easily the best site I’ve ever found, and its not nearly the most expensive. Great job.

    One thing I would like to see is a category for pop shot type, i.e. facial, etc. I can take or leave the anal because for me I’m headed straight to the facial finish anyway, so its always nice to know ahead of time what’s there (some of the thumbnails do make it fairly obvious!)


  84. Nova1972 Says:

    About the anal stuff…

    When I decided to join VB I was considering 6 other sites. 2 of them generic like VB and 4 only anal sites. So if you reduce the anal content, once I have download all the anal from your site ( guess in a couple of years ) I will leave you to go to a completely anal site. You have been warned!

    I’ve been reading the hate anal posts in IAFD too ( which is a database of porn ) since last year. The answer to them was given by the admins of the site who said that producers have realized that anal sells and sells big no matter what a minority among the porn viewers ( the anal haters ) demands.

    About transsexual porn. Once I downloaded every TR scene I liked from your site I subscribed to a TR only site. I believe you don’t have enough of it and I pay another 25 dollars/month to prove it.

    European porn. I am a European so I give you some suggestions: Draghixa ( A+ class babe 10-15 years ago ), Julia Chanel both from French Porn Industry (but I think Draghixa isn’t French) and Selen an Italian who in Italy had participated in a couple of TV shows ( yeah, that crazy Europeans )and has since 1995-6 a successful monthly comic named after her and published by her ex-husband. She also has a comic strip about her life. And of course Rocco Sifredi an Italian porn actor/producer.

    All of them of course anal lovers. Selen had claimed that her husband full filed one of her fantasies as a birthday present: he found three complete strangers and they had an all-night-only-anal marathon.

    No videos were taken.

  85. notfaded Says:

    Anal has been A+++++ don’t stop getting anything new esp. anal just get more studios latest releases.

  86. CraigN Says:

    Yeah Nova European chicks are awesome this site would be outstanding if it had Julia Channel on woohoo

  87. MCD Says:


    Thank you

  88. briancm Says:

    In response to the anal, it was one of the main reasons why I joined the site…because it has an abundance of anal. Keep the anal vids coming…yes, pun intended.

  89. SEX911 Says:

    To me- More ANAL play with TOYS Videos!!! would be willing to donate additional money for a lot of those – and some old school vids- some of the ones that use to have a guy giving a girl a milk enima in her ass, then having another girl drink it out… so cool… where did all the great minds go?

  90. raven Says:

    please MORE gangbang DP movies!! LOVE ANAL!!

  91. VB Says:

    Spinoza has it right.

  92. Roy Says:

    I’m sure no one is truly an anal hater but, let’s be reasonable here, there has to be some variety on this site. It seems that two out every three videos is anal lately. If all you want is anal then you should join an all anal site!. It would appear that the “sorry about all the anal” apology was as sincere as a wife beater who continues the abuse after the “it will never happen again comment”. Unless of course this site has a huge backlog of anal videos to get through.

  93. Nova1972 Says:

    Roy, “anal hater” it’s just a tag of convenience, ok? You can say “anal dislikers” or “vaginal purists” as far as I am concerned.
    Quote:”It seems that two out every three videos is anal lately.”
    Ok let’s see that. What exactly is an anal video? 20min duration, 3min foreplay, 5min bj, 3min cunnilingus, 6min vaginal sex, 1min anal, 2min rest.
    Is that an anal video?Maybe for you since that 1min anal taints the rest of it ( and that’s why anal hater). To me is an all around video, focused an bj and vaginal.
    Many of the anal videos are like that, all around videos with a touch of anal. Not real anal videos.
    A lot of the anal videos have more or less the same duration of anal and vaginal sex (all around videos) so what’s wrong to skip the anal and focus on the vaginal, I do exactly the opposite.
    Maybe 1/4 or even less of the total are pure anal videos (only anal or a couple of minutes of vaginal sex) and less than half of this number are pure anal.
    I want the VB to apologize about “all that blow-job videos” or isn’t it true that 96%(I made the number up but must be close to real one) of all videos have a blow-job? All girl excluded of course.
    Quote: “let’s be reasonable here, there has to be some variety on this site” right I want BJ free videos!
    Plus all that anal is what the market asks. Put two stickers “100% anal” and “100% anal free” in two DVDs and monitor the sales. Wanna bet which is gonna sell more?

  94. dontey Says:

    I agree there is too much anal. Let’s have more unshaved pussies, too.

  95. Roy Says:

    Nova,you should re-read my post. i am in no way a anal hater. and yes i agree with most of your attack.Yes variety within a video is a good thing. Once again thanks for keeping my rant in check.

  96. Bubbles Says:

    EDIT THE CLIP, and dont bitch.

  97. magnetik Says:

    Instead of reducing the anal vids could you reduce the number of “chick gets banged on a couch” vids? Lets have some more interesting locations, I’m bored of apartment living rooms!


    Oh, look who’s back. It’s the cockblocker, back from being censored from leaving reviews on the main site. Whatever. Anyway, keep the anal coming. There’s a small, vocal minority of anal haters who complain loudly. But obviously, anal sells and sells well or they wouldn’t make it, and we love it. I will cancel my membership immediately if the anal content drops off significantly.

  99. RocketMan69 Says:

    I am not a big fan of anal, nothing against it (no pun intended). However if you look at the most popular videos rated here. you will see many. if not the majority of subscribers prefer more amateur content in general. I know that we all have gone through different phases over time. and I happen to enjoy the innocence of amateur content over the majority of professional porn stars and their work. I guess I’ve seen most everything else and get bored with the same old thing time and time again. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

  100. firesnype Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with anal. From what I see some of your highest rated stars, dvd, and scenes are anal. some of the people that complain are just whinning and have probably never done anal in their personal life. Anal from your (female) partner is a sign of extreem trust and devotion so me and my girlfriend watch many of the scenes and comment. Her favorite performer is Jenna Haze and Taylor Rain. No need to change the anal content in anyway…imo.

  101. mikeofthejungle Says:

    Personally, I don’t see a problem with the amount of anal films you have. I think you guys are doing a great job. I’d like to see more anal milf stuff……but all in all.I think all is well.:)

  102. macbridgeh2o Says:

    I love the anal vids and only download them if they have anal in them! I will have to add a second TerraByte drive by Christmas!!!

  103. zarafan1774 Says:

    No complaints about anal content, it’s what keeps me subscribing here in the first place! My only complaint has to do with bad porn generally, and I imagine you have less control over that factor, unfortunately, than over the kind of sex scenes included in your video queue….

  104. papayaman Says:

    Personally I like the anal. Some girls just look great doing anal – Taylor Rain and Keeani Lei come to mind. The preponderance of anal is just a function of the fact that it is popular in porn right now. The fact that it is market driven is suggestive there is a large audience that likes seeing pretty ladies being buggered and so VB simply satisfying one of the larger segments of the market with the anal content.

  105. Nova 1972 Says:

    Funny, it all started as VB’s public apology for the huge amount of anal that has been uploaded lately.
    And yet more and more people post saying it’s the anal they want from VB…

  106. homey Says:

    love the anal vids keep them comming.

  107. Michael Says:

    Climax Corner was mentioned which made me think of “Color Climax Productions”. They are old and in German, but they are also extremely hot. Think you could get a hold of some of them?

  108. WoW Says:

    I just cancelled my membership bcuz I am sick of the 4/5 vids being anal the most of the dvd that come out now suck and look like they were filmed in the 80’s, with the exception of very few.

  109. gaw2069 Says:

    What guy doesnt love anal/dirty porn? Keep up the good work is all I can say. My only complaint may be about the rare posting of “BBW” and Trans/gay dvd’s. But everyone is entitled to there own tastes, so I can deal with a few.

  110. psamuel55 Says:

    The anal movies are okay. After all we all want to see what our girlfriends will not do. As a matter of fact I would like to see lesbian anal movies and more black anal movies.

  111. Focus Says:

    Please, less anal, more SE Asia (you have less than 15 dvd’s), and more interracial. Thanks!

  112. BunnyJo Says:

    The anal scenes are ok. I’d REALLY love to see more Brazilian stuff!

  113. more_anal Says:

    Apologize for anal?

    Why would you apologize for adding content to the site that I download?

    I download only anal scenes. If a scene is not anal, I don’t even bother looking at it.

    Thinking that the amount of content I like might diminish is what would cause me to look elsewhere for content.

  114. PeterMc Says:

    No apologies needed for anal vids, like many that’s what I signed up for. More anal POV scenes though!

  115. LoKVeo Says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that the majority of the comments applauding the effort to curtail the anal are also the ones asking for the more niche genres. Though I don’t find every anal scene to be to my liking, that is still my favorite orifice and my primary reason for downloading porn. This site is the single greatest adult website that I have ever subscribed to and have recommended it to all my friends (even a few females!) Keep up the great work!

  116. lumberyard Says:

    Hope this doesn’t get lost down here, but I would love some suggestions.

    I love the anal vids but am having a hard time finding a sweet spot between “is it in yet?” and “that hurts so much I wish you’d stop *right now*.”

    Would love some recommendations of scenes where the focus is on the insertion, and where “getting it in” might take “a bit of work.” And, especially, where the girl is vocal about how the insertion is going.

    Can anyone out there help me? Thanks!

  117. Cornholio Says:

    More anal – not less! Like Sarah Silverman says: “It’s the Real Way…”

  118. twankey Says:

    hi alison. VB is a treasure trove.keep up the good work.
    I agree with Lumberyard(28 Nov) lets have more reality anal. see it as it really happens.
    one request. could we have some vaginal fisting. Europeans, particularly the Germans have produced some excellent material in the past, exclusively lesbian I think, where the fist is completely inserted to roam around in the uterus.

  119. twankey Says:

    Alison. Great site and arrival of the blog very welcome. Enjoy the anal but agree with comment by lumberyard. lets have more reality. although theres great variety on the site one activity missing is vaginal fisting. great if we could see some.

  120. Fejoadal Says:

    More anal! More Brazilian anal!! More Brazilian anal without condoms!!!

  121. rb Says:

    There is Way too much anal here. I thought they were going to change the name here to analbox.

  122. jb Says:

    There is way too much anal here. I thought the name was going to change to analbox.

  123. joedick Says:

    Anal RULES dont ever say theres to much … double anal is awesome also id like to see more of that !!!!

  124. I have AS and I have a family. Says:

    I dont think it was a flu.

    Hi door doctor. So the music db needs to be written everytime?

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  129. MisterXXX Says:

    I don’t really see what’s so great about watching a woman take it up the wrong ‘un, personally. It does nothing for me at all and I wouldn’t do it even if I got the opportunity. But some facts are indisputable, specifically that there is indeed a lot of anal porn getting made and there are people who want to see it (why I don’t know), so I suppose sites like this have to give people what they want. But at the same time, it’s good that Video Box does acknowledge the feedback of people like myself, who get turned off by images of women with things (men’s or otherwise) stuck up the hole that shit comes out of. That’s good customer service, and it’s appreciated.

  130. Val Says:

    The “Val” above, “Val Says: October 28th, 2007 at 4:10 am
    I agree, too much anal. More variety please”, is not me – too bad we can’t register usernames. My girlfriend and I love anal (I give, but don’t receive) on video and in real life. She claims she has better orgasms with it than from straight sex.

  131. auto ins Says:

    Nice website

  132. ANALHATER Says:


  133. smoothcriminal Says:

    WTF? No such thing as “too much anal”. LOL. It’s the ultimate thing in porn.

  134. cpdville Says:

    I’m not a big fan of anal, but it doesn’t turn me away either. What I am really tired of is guys jerking themselves off to finish. That ruins the end of so many otherwise good scenes. When I look at the screen caps and see the ending (6th) shows the girl sitting there with her mouth open like a baby bird waiting to be fed I usually move on to find another clip.

    Swallowing is extra credit (and should be extra pay), but at the very least let her do the finishing work. And if male pornstars can’t get enough mojo to get off without the palm of their own hand they should find a new line of work.

  135. Викон Says:

    Ну и после такого, как говорится, хотелось бы заслушать начальника транспортного цеха ;)

  136. TheBranchise Says:

  137. Rob Says:

    I am not a big fan of anal penetration with dick scenes, yet I love ass teasing specially when they get oiled up.
    I do agree with ANALHATER (posted April 6 2008) about the health risks to the girls, especially when they are teens.
    To me the best part of porn is the tease, but I bet I’m almost on my own wishing VB had a softcore section. But then what studios make those these days.