Who’s That Girl?

Who’s That Girl?
We get a fair number of emails asking who the girls are in the graphics on our site. Which makes sense. We picked them because they’re hot and we have their videos. Read on for the page-by-page pornstar breakdown.

The most asked-about girls by far are on the Age Verification page. From left to right, they are: Adriana Rouso, Nicol, Katy Caro and Natalie Brown.
Age Verification Page
(click the images for larger view)

Katy Caro and Natalie Brown also show up on the Visitor home page.
Home Page

That’s Jenna Haze (missing her right arm?) on the Join page.
Join Page

We don’t get many questions about the girl on the Buzz page. My guess is that’s because if you’ve been watching porn filmed any time in the last five years, you’ve seen her colon at least twice. That’s right – Hillary Scott.
Buzz Page

And last but not least, the girl giving you the eye on the Sign In page is Mia Rose.
Sign In Page

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25 Responses to “Who’s That Girl?”

  1. MasonSquelch Says:

    But the question who the girls behind Videobox are remains open… 🙂

  2. alison Says:

    Hahahaha, isn’t the suspense part of the fun?
    – Alison

  3. DucDriver Says:

    That’s why she’s a girl…

  4. Talulah Says:

    Ah thanks, I still want to know who the girl on the OLD “enter” page is though. You know, the blonde chick with the stillettos and her ass in the air. I always wondered, if anyone knows, plz let me know.

  5. alison Says:

    Talulah – I’m honestly not sure. I’ll ask around and if I can find out, I’ll post an update for you.

  6. extremejay Says:

    thanks for making a correction……I thought the last girl was isabella soprano…..In the face looks alot like her but the tits are very different

  7. yoohoo Says:

    Whose lips are those in the videobox blog header???

  8. alison Says:

    extremejay – No problemo. We need some Isabella Soprano graphics though, now that I think about it…

    yoohoo – They are the non-pornstar lips of the girlfriend of a very lucky guy on our staff.


  9. Jeff Says:

    There is a blonde on the Extras / Friends of VideoBox page. She is not shown above. Who is she? And where is the Buzz page? I haven’t seen it and can’t find it.

  10. alison Says:

    Hey Jeff – I can’t believe I forgot her. And I actually don’t know who she is. I’ll ask the guy who made the graphic and get back to you if he knows.
    – Alison

  11. Talulah Says:

    Hmm… arite thanks.

  12. Jeff Says:

    Hi Alison. On the Extras page, I’m gonna guess at Britney Madison. She looks somewhat different or edited, but I see a resemblance.

  13. alison Says:

    Talulah – Bad news: Apparently the designer who made that graphic is no longer with us and no one has any clue who she is. Sorry.

    Jeff – Turns out it’s a heavily photoshopped Cassie Young. Check out the cover of Porking with Pride #3 for the original.

    – Alison

  14. Alexandre Says:

    Sr. Director. I’m man and i like the teen,cream pie,bruneat,blond,gonzo and special teen

  15. Alexandre Says:

    Jenna Haze

  16. James Says:

    Who is on the old warning page?


  17. Josh Says:

    Who is the girl on the friends of videobox?

  18. Lasto Says:

    Познавательно и полезно, а будет еще что-то по этой теме?

  19. AsonUnique Says:

    Can you update this information, I wanna know who the girl is on the center of the splash page.

  20. ThePack34 Says:

    i would like to have an update on that also, cause i would love to know who is the girl that is on the extras page

  21. compninja Says:

    Does anyone know who the girl directly to the left of the center girl is?

  22. Exactly Says:

    Can you guys update this list, since a lot of the girls are different now. There’s quite a few on the sign in page alone.

  23. мaлышyля Says:

    Вот это да! Интересный поворот событий!

  24. jumboking Says:

    can anyone list out the names of the girls at the login page?

  25. slavZZ Says:

    It’s nice that you share useful information!