Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from everyone at VideoBox! Check out our festive office pumpkins!

pumpkineat.jpg pumpkincigs.jpg pumpkinbutt.jpg

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24 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. MasonSquelch Says:

    These pumpkins are exactly the stuff everybody expects in a company like VideoBox.

    Where’s your company pet collection? 😉

  2. alison Says:

    MasonSquelch – Haha, you’ll see those in a future post 🙂
    – Alison

  3. very creative Says:

    very creative pumpkins… but I was expecting something more racey!

  4. fennokin Says:

    Jees, that pumpkin’s asscrack is huge.

  5. dmoneyman11 Says:

    i hope your company pet collection consists of Taylor Rain, Monica Sweetheart and HIllary Scott in cages, taken out for walks on leashes, and being spanked for peeing on the couch

    do we get to see what alison wore for Halloween??

  6. alison Says:

    very creative – Haha, that pumpkin’s buttcrack wasn’t racy enough for ya?

    fennokin – It’s kinda crazy. I think they picked that one on purpose…

    dmoneyman11 – If I can trade Hillary Scott for Gianna Michaels, that sounds like an excellent pet collection. And I’m not sure you’d be particularly impressed by my costume – t-shirt and jeans 🙂

    – Alison

  7. DucDriver Says:

    you show up to a halloween-party in t-shirts an jeans?

  8. dmoneyman11 Says:

    alison in case you haven’t noticed i’m already madly in love with you. t-shirt and jeans sounds gorgeous! come on.. we all wanna see alison. i have an idea… how about for the next couple weeks you reveal yourself a body part at a time…. please start with your lower back. thanks!

  9. alison Says:

    DucDriver – Haha, nah. You have to at least throw on a pair of devil horns or something if you’re gonna go out.

    dmoneyman – What if I look like a British MILF or one of those Gut Butt chicks? You don’t want to ruin the fantasy, do you? 🙂

    – Alison

  10. DucDriver Says:

    so start with something inconsiderable and start a voting if the readers want to see more… 😉

  11. dmoneyman11 Says:

    oh alison we’re becoming more and more in love every day aren’t we? i can feel it, can you feel it?? gut butt.. for real though honey… thats not even funny. seriously just one little picture of a real body part. people will start visiting this blog in droves, i promise!

  12. CraigN Says:

    British Milfs are hot i love em

  13. Strangepork Says:

    Hey, some of those British MILF’s are hot! 😀 (Gut Butt? ….not so much)

    So was “Pornomation #1” intended just as a Halloween present, or is it an indication of more animated and/or hentai content to come? Seems like a lot of people were freaked out.

    Maybe next year we’ll get some Goth or Vampire-looking chicks? :O

  14. alison Says:

    DocDriver & dmoneyman – There’s really nothing I can say to dissuade you, is there? 🙂

    CraigN – British porn stars tend to have the filthiest mouths. I wonder why that is…

    Strangepork – Pornomation was intended as a Halloween treat, but we have both volumes of it and we’re actively looking for some hentai. Judging by the reaction though, it’ll probably be an every-now-and-then thing if we do get some. Good idea on the goth/vampire chicks, though. I think that’s a good idea regardless of the day…

  15. dmoneyman11 Says:

    alison im now coming to this site more excited about getting my daily love notes from you than i am about seeing gaping red butt holes…. im starting to worry about myself! i’ll tell you what– if you post a photo of one of your real body parts i will write you a very sweet, sincere poem. unless you’re not into that, then i could right you one that you can’t show to your parent or guardian..

  16. alison Says:

    dmoneyman, I’m going to have to stop responding to you so as not to encourage you!

    Not much of a poetry fan,

  17. dmoneyman11 Says:

    i’ve been dumped via a blog comment!? don’t you have any decency!? at least an email? or have your friend call me to tell me “she’s just not that into you” or something?

  18. alison Says:

    dmoneyman – I had no idea we were going out! I would never be so callous. Would it make it up to you if I told you the url of Ashley Blue‘s personal blog?
    – Alison

  19. dmoneyman11 Says:

    oh yes. we were going steady for at least like 3 days. didn’t your friend tell your other friend who told the girl you sit next to?? i looked up ashley’s blog. kinda boring? can you get me a pair of Monica Sweetheart’s dirty panties? i’d stop stalking you for those in a heartbeat!

  20. alison Says:

    dmoneyman11 – I’m not sure if it’s boring or just bizarre. But I’ll see what I can do about the panties.
    – Alison

  21. biglucifer Says:

    Okay now it’s the middle of Feb and I am now take noticing of this post, who gives a fuck what kind of pumpkins are carved at the VBO ,mind “jerk off control” headquaters Fuck all you phonies. Long live J.D Salinger and Russel Banks. Yo did Allison ever read Rule of the Bone?

  22. Григорii Says:

    Хороший блог 🙂 Люблю почитывать каждое утро (ну и в другое время тоже :)).

  23. Урфин Джюс Says:

    Что то Автор совсем перестал писать темы и даже админить блог? Может чего случилось?

  24. jamesroberts3 Says:

    never posted reply, this is just a test