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Friday Poll: Dead Porn Stars

Shauna Grant

Some people think it’s morbid and others are completely fascinated by dead porn stars. All of these ladies were taken too soon. If there were a way to do it…
If you’re not sure what the status of a particular porn star is, has an excellent FAQ that’s worth checking out.

New Studio Announcement: Combat Zone!

Combat Zone Logo
As loyal blog readers, you get to be the first to know that we recently (today!) inked a deal to bring the studio Combat Zone to VideoBox. If you haven’t seen their stuff, it’s really excellent. Especially the girls – Amy Ried, Sasha Grey, Bree Olsen and Micah Moore, just to name a few.

As you can probably tell, I’m really excited about this deal. Their movies should start hitting the site in a few weeks (if you want a heads up, I can post it in the blog the day before), so keep an eye out for them. And let me know what you think!

For Anyone Who Missed It: Ashley Blue Hates Muslims

All I can say is holy shit…

Friday Poll: What’re You up to today?

This is mostly a poll for folks in the US. Sorry about no pretty graphic…it’s my day off.


Alison’s Top 5 Porn Stars

Gianna Michaels

I’m in a sharing mood today, so I came up with this list of my favorite porn stars of all time. Lists are great because everyone has their own and loves to argue about them. I may not be a music nerd or a film snob, but I do know porn. So I submit to you my list of the 5 best porn stars ever (note: this doesn’t consider classic stars for a variety of reasons).


Friday Poll: Squirters

flowersquirt.jpgLots of girls claim they can squirt, but there are a few porn stars that do it for real and do it well.


If I forgot your favorite squirter, post her name in the comments.

Hiding Porn from Your Wife on a Mac


Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to point you to an excellent article about hiding porn on a mac by Adam Knight at Mac Geekery.

Porn Terms Defined


Every now and then, someone will email support or post a review asking what words like “gonzo” mean. For those who aren’t veteran porn junkies or fans of the good Doctor, there are a lot of terms and acronyms that aren’t immediately obvious. Read on for a short list of the most puzzled over words.


Hug It Out: Shaved or Bush?

BushesI was thinking that since so many people weighed in on the real vs. fake tits debate last week, maybe I’d make these polls a weekly thing. So your question for this Friday: should pornstars shave it all off? leave it free? something in the middle? You tell me.


How to Hide Your Porn from Your Wife

How to Hide Porn From Your Wife
We probably get at least one unsubscribe request per week from someone saying they have to cancel because their wife/girlfriend found out about their account. This is a totally avoidable situation if you’re careful. Read on for some tips for beginners as well as a few advanced techniques for those with savvier spouses.