Bandwidth Update

20071105_outage.pngThis morning we experienced an outage with one of network providers. During this time a small portion of downloads were slower then our average speed – as a rule of thumb, we shoot for atleast 250Kb/s for any single customer download. Our backup ISP’s worked well during this time window. The circuit in question was down from 10AM PST to 3:32PM, just little over 5½ hours.

Typically with a large bandwidth commitment, say in the >100Mb/s, providers will typically issue an “RFO” or Reason For Outage if any downtime occurs.. AKA “How we fucked up”. I’m sure we all wish this sort of contractual obligation existed with our home DSL or cable connection. We consider such lengthy outage to be unacceptable and will be grilling the provider during a conference call scheduled for tomorrow. Apologies for the degradation, have a good night and resume that downloading.

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9 Responses to “Bandwidth Update”

  1. dmoneyman11 Says:

    i think you should stick your pole in their rear hole!

  2. MasonSquelch Says:

    An outage for >5 hours is ugly, to say the least. Hope your SLA provides for compensation.

  3. RJ Says:

    This is why you need a multihomed network. If one provider goes down, you just jump on the back of the others. With redundant routers, on redundant power. Our network has had no downtime in 6yrs of operation 😉

    Curious where you have your servers at.

    If you’re ever interested in trying out a new provider, hit up my email.

    and yes I am a customer as well, this isn’t spam… see, no links 😉

  4. matt Says:

    @RJ – We’ve been multihomed for about two years with 6 transit providers and over 30 peering relationships. Luckily, no downtime occurred and only a small portion of customers saw below average speeds – this was messaged because we care about our customers. Our network includes redundant routers and power too. For security reasons we can’t disclose our colocation address. Thanks.

  5. RJ Says:

    Sounds nice, just always try and get new biz 😉 Love Adult customers… you guys tend to spend a lot, and always pay your bills 😉

  6. Dennis Says:

    To hell with bandwidths. Let’s have less one on one and more group and 3-some scenes. Oh yea! And better porn studios like Red Light. There hasn’t been an update on them in a long time. It’s never enough, go figure!

  7. johnfahey Says:

    250kb/s download speed? I wish. That would be 2 1/2 times faster than I’ve ever achieved on a download here. 85-88kb/s on a good night.

  8. emmo Says:

    I had poor download speeds, but after switching to a download manager I always get around 900kb/s- 1mbs

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