VideoBox Happy Hour

happyhourtop.jpgThe owners of VB are pretty good at making sure the employees here are happy and treated well. On top of feeding us lunch everyday in the office, every so often we are treated to a happy hour sponsored by the owners (YES!). I’d say it’s our only chance to leave the office before 7pm and get trashed with each other…I mean bond with each other.

If you ever spot a bunch of good looking sexy people at a bar in San Francisco yelling “porno rules” or “VB rocks”, 99.9% chance that group would be us, so don’t be shy to approach us. We’d really be excited to meet any VB customers and we would most definitely buy you a drink. Oh yes, and as you can tell by the pic posted we like to brand unsuspecting people we meet in bars…

15 Responses to “VideoBox Happy Hour”

  1. MasonSquelch Says:

    Er – you’re hiring? 😉

  2. dontey Says:

    Allison, why don’t more porn-stars talk dirty? Along with oohs
    and aahs – a fuck me, fuck me more, make me cum, I’m gonna fuck
    your head off, give it to me, give me more, oh baby make me cum, etc
    would be great. Some don’t say anything, what’s up with that?

  3. dontey Says:

    too much anal not enough pussy.

  4. DucDriver Says:

    When I’m on my next journey to the US I’ll let you know… Wanna go by cablecar…

  5. alison Says:

    dontey – My best (honest) guess is that they’re either not dirty talkers or they’re not really that into the sex. I’ve been to a few porn sets and the sex is pretty boring to watch, so I can only imagine how the actresses feel.

    That said, Hannah Harper once told a friend of mine that British girls have the dirtiest mouths. She specifically mentioned Jamie Brooks and Layla Jade, so you might want to check them out.

    – Alison

  6. MasonSquelch Says:

    @alison: Watched and reviewed Dirty Trixxx 2. Thanks for the suggestion, will scan for more works of my namesake.

  7. alison Says:

    Hey Mason – I actually went and found your reviews of both this morning. They were really thoughtful and well-put. If you want to find her other work on our site, I’m pretty sure she directed Internally Yours #3, Lady Fellatio #2, and Lady Fellatio in the Dog House. I can’t personally vouch for the content (I haven’t seen any of them yet), but if you put up a review, it’ll certainly assist the decision-making process.
    – Alison

  8. John Johnson Says:

    Man you guys ROCK! R O C K! Represent! And preach it on the mountain!

    I Love VB, not to be confused with VD.

  9. MasonSquelch Says:

    @alison: Thanks a lot! I’ve already found them 🙂
    BTW: if you reconsider the database schemas then I would add additional fields for the male cast and – of course – the directors. Sometimes more interesting than the genre.

  10. MasonSquelch Says:

    And one more: the movie’s release date.

  11. RJ Says:

    If any of the the VB’ers are ever in LA, let me know, we’ll hit up drinks, and I’ll show you are facilities so I can tempt you to move your servers to us.


  12. mm__1981 Says:

    They started putting male cast in before I think…you can still see it on early uploads.

  13. Maximus Says:

    I was just thinking of a suggestion. This is about comments that are made regarding scenes of the DVD’s. I find it’s very hard or almost impossible to find your recent comments if you don’t remember which DVD title you commented on. The reason I’m pointing it out is that I want to know what others have thought of my comment and that it will be more convenient to click a link or something to go to that page to read it.

  14. MasonSquelch Says:

    @Maximus: are you using the ‘beta’ site? You’ll find your rated videos easily at Recommendations (in the main menu) -> Videos you’ve rated (you may switch between rated scenes and DVDs).

  15. TrevOrc Says:

    Maximus: Here’s what I do: With the new beta, create a Favourite List in My Videobox called ‘Commented On’ and each time you comment on something click on the ‘Add scene to favourites’ button at the top of the clip (by the rating stars) and choose your ‘Commented On’ list.
    You now can now easily navigate to any of your commneted on scenes by going in to My Videobox and choosing your list. Also quite often a shortcut to your list will appear in the sidebar for even easier navigation.