Hug It Out: Shaved or Bush?

BushesI was thinking that since so many people weighed in on the real vs. fake tits debate last week, maybe I’d make these polls a weekly thing. So your question for this Friday: should pornstars shave it all off? leave it free? something in the middle? You tell me.


26 Responses to “Hug It Out: Shaved or Bush?”

  1. Hair is good. Says:

    Frankly, I associated pubic hair with sexual maturity. A lack of pubic hair is kinda gross to me, it’s like you’re looking at someone underage or something. I’m not saying a little grooming isn’t necessary, but come on. Bald is not beautiful in this case.

  2. extremejay Says:

    I couldnt vote twice, I like pubic hair whether its the tiny landing strip or striaght up to the full on BUSH!

  3. Talulah Says:

    I’m anti-George W.

  4. nocturnal Says:

    those girls got some nice vagjayjays names?

  5. Mile Says:

    Please put more transsexual content . thanks

  6. Borat Says:

    Woman vagine must be neat and smoothe: Hair on woman only belong on head…and maybe leg and back, too…

  7. Stuart Says:

    I love to eat a woman with a well shaved vagina, no stubble and no hair. LOVE IT. Therefore, I prefer a lady without a landing strip, no bush.

  8. bushlover Says:

    I agree with “Hair is good”. Looking at a woman with no pubic hair at all makes me feel like a pedophile. Which I’m not. I’m ALL about pubic hair. I miss the pre-90’s porn where more women were unshaved, than not. I think it’s sad that pubic hair has become a “fetish” nowdays. Women were born with it. It takes work to remove it. I think shaved is more of a fetish than vice versa. This site DEFINATELY needs more bush-oriented vids. They have almost none.

  9. Monahan Says:

    Love a neat and trimmed bush. Bald is not a turn on and I don’t care for the wild and wooly look where the labia is hidden from view. My fave is a nice pair of long labia lips framed by a light amount of bush. Best example is a 1990’s porn star, Catalina L’Amour.

  10. pubes on balls Says:

    i luv a bit of pubes,,it makes it much sexy,,even my gal friend has it and she never lets me shave my balls.

  11. TrevOrc Says:

    Shaved pussy makes you feel like a paedophie? Jeez, you guys are way too paranoid. Get some therapy. Lets hope girls don’t think that way otherwise no sex for us when we go bald on top.
    For me this issue is about hygiene. Don’t like manky hair and pubes in my mouth. And making your gf/wife wash before oral kinda takes the spontaneity and surprise out of it. Don’t mind looking at the bush, rather not eat it thats all.

  12. Jeff Says:

    I think hairy should be a category. Other sites have a hairy category. When you have your hairy category, add some more hairy videos. I’ll watch and enjoy them.

  13. biggbush Says:

    the bigger the bush, the better. I would love to see a “hairy” catagory. Japs and classics are the only way to find them now. or find cherry poppen video’s. ggrrrrr.

  14. dontey Says:

    Forgive the cliche but all shaved pussies look alike. A nicely
    trimed bush makes each women special.

  15. dontey Says:

    A nicley trimmed pussy is special .

  16. nesac Says:

    I like a furry bush. It serves a purpose much like parsley on a platter. It doesn’t do much but it sure dresses up the meal.

  17. Jason Says:

    Absolutely leave the fur. Trim it and crop it short but, leave it. A man’s beard completely changes his face vs. a clean shave.. same for a Woman’s mound..

  18. KOL Says:

    Please leave the pubs, trim them if you must but please don’t shave or wax it completely smooth, looks like a doll or a little girl, yuk! Hair is beatiful. I would not purchase any porn videos, mags, or web stuff if the women don’t have pussy hair.

  19. Under 13 Says:

    I dig the bush….then again I remeber when bush was in…..I was craving bald…my first shaved experience, 1995. I had to beg to eat her….

  20. Says:

    I strongly prefer a wild, prehensile bush, but am happy any way that pussy is served. Are there any furred women in videobox?

  21. boomerb5 Says:

    Some degree of grooming is best. The rampant free-range look gives the impression that she just doesn’t care. Aside from looking pre-pubescent, a full shave/wax always winds up giving way to stuble/face burn a few days later. I am so glad that some starlets have started sporting a splash of fuzz on their privates.

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  26. my namea borat Says:

    Eh call me weird, but i don’t mind what a chick does outside a bit of trimming. Aside from weird things like a beard, hair could be anywhere (legs arms underarms etc) I’m easy going i guess