Friday Poll: What’re You up to today?

This is mostly a poll for folks in the US. Sorry about no pretty graphic…it’s my day off.


5 Responses to “Friday Poll: What’re You up to today?”

  1. David Says:

    I voted for “sleeping”, but really, today’s just a day to enjoy friends, family, and a day off from work. I just got back from the gym where all the same folks who work out on weekday evenings were all enjoying a rare weekday afternoon in the gym.

  2. Hali Says:

    Hm, us sluts in the UK are at work indeed.
    Would much prefer to whack off to some tight Alicia Angel ass hole or a ravaged Misty May pussy.

  3. MasonSquelch Says:

    Just learned another term !
    No feast here, folks, so I was at work. But I hope you US folks had a pleasant holiday 🙂

  4. papayaman Says:

    Being trapped in the UK I was also at work. Though admittedly I spent most of the time trying to fathom if the stock markets would leave me in any shape to indulge in my usual R & R in South East Asia this summer. Hope the folks Stateside had a good thanksgiving.

  5. ConsumptionJunction Says:

    Hey, could be worse. You could be from the USA but living in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving!