For Anyone Who Missed It: Ashley Blue Hates Muslims

All I can say is holy shit…

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66 Responses to “For Anyone Who Missed It: Ashley Blue Hates Muslims”

  1. stoked01 Says:

    Wow, my impression that all porn stars are p.c. has been shattered. Ashley! Tell me it ain’t so!

  2. Strangepork Says:

    Hmmmm…. okay…….. wow…. Somebody put a dick in her mouth, quick, before she says something even more stupid.

  3. zarafan Says:

    Why oh why is she getting applauded for saying that shit? I never really liked Ashley Blue as a performer, but I always thought she would win the “Miss Congeniality” contest of porn. Now she doesn’t even have that going for her…. Thanks for keeping us informed, Alison!

  4. kidshavingkids Says:

    This has nothing to do with this post. But please, quit spending time blogging until you start posting some quality content on the main site. Get that down, then blog away.

  5. sundubys Says:

    Anyways this is about this post, and I will keep blogging away. As for Ashley Blue, well what can you expect? She’s a porn star for god sakes, I’m sorry to say but their not rocket scientist, they suck cock, lick ass, take fat loads on their faces and love it, exactly what they are paid to do. I think that female porn stars should be banned from public speaking when it comes to geo-politics,religon,or anything else resembling heavy thinking, but that’s just my take…

  6. bob Says:

    shes human just like the rest of us, we all have people we do not like or will not have sex with…

  7. nick Says:

    Wow. I’m going to have to kinda agree with sundubys. I somehow doubt that Ms. Blue was fighting off scholarships to Ivy League schools when she decided to see how many cocks she could take simultaneously in as many orifices as possible on film. I also agree with zarafan that what’s much more scary and unexpected than Ashley Blue making an ass of her herself publicly is the support she receives from the crowd. Even the host applauds. Who is this clown? What was this from?

  8. genegenie Says:

    Is any one surprised by this? The real question is who are these fools sitting there listening to this garbage?

  9. alison Says:

    sundubys – C’mon, you think male porn stars are Rhodes Scholars? At least ban them from speaking equally.

    kidshavingkids – I’m the marketing manager, not the content poster.

    nick – Not sure exactly what it’s from, but it looks like there are some Sirius radio logos on the walls in the background.

  10. DP Says:

    Yikes, the scary part for me about this is that her logical error represents that of many more ignorant people in our glorious United States. Ashley, for the record, Muslims belong to a religion; Al Qaeda belong to a terrorist organization.

  11. sundubys Says:

    It’s hard to ban male porn stars from public forums when they’re always in the gym, they never go on prime time talk shows, it’s either Howard Stern, or playboy channel forum.
    Honestly male porn stars arent invited because people mostly want to see the females wearing skimpy shit, acting retarded, and saying ignorant things, case in point Mary Carey when she was running for Governor…

    Look I’m not saying that male porn stars are any smarter, cause they’re not, but they do have more common sense, for example what if Brandon Iron was on that show and the question was directed to him, what do you think he would have said? Would it be the same response? I think not…

  12. harstad Says:

    I hate muslims too. Some people hate cheese. Some people hate snow. Big fucking deal.

  13. sundubys Says:

    And some people think that Harstad is a moron. Big fucking deal, it’s not his fault that he hates muslims, or he describes hating cheese, and snow in the same realm of hating religion or the people who believe in it, c’mon people this guy speaks the truth right out of his ass… Bravo sir, you have officially been deemed a fucking retard…

  14. zarafan Says:

    Harstad: there’s a difference between hating Muslims and hating cheese–hating cheese means avoiding cheese in the food you eat; hating another group of people means discrimination, disrespect, and potentially even doing violence to them. Which, ironically enough, is exactly how Al Qaeda–DP is right: a terrorist group should not be confused with a religion or a culure!–hates the rest of humanity. You don’t defeat Al Qaeda by becoming more like them; you defeat them by creating alternatives for their recruitees that expose the terrorists for the creeps and murderers they are…. With all due respect to John Lennon, love is NOT all you need, but it’s a decent and morally defensible place to start.

  15. Twig Says:

    Wow. This is just… shit, I dont know. Definitely brings a bad rep to porn stars that are NOT fucking ingrates.

  16. zarafan Says:

    I kind of think that sundubys and I are saying the same thing, but I think he puts it better…!

  17. sundubys Says:

    Some times you just have to speak caveman to get through to neanderthals, but thanks for the support Zarafan…

  18. fatroddy Says:

    what an idiot.

  19. Hair is good. Says:

    Great, now this week’s Annapolis peace conference is ruined. Thanks a lot Blue.

  20. alison Says:

    sundubys – Touche. I’ll say this: I’ve met functionally retarded male and female porn stars. And I’ve met a few porn stars I thought were pretty smart. That said, I probably won’t look to any of them for my political commentary regardless of their IQ.

  21. Mohammed Says:

    Remember kids — This is AMERICA, we get to say and feel what we want. Unlike the Middle East, where they slice your dick off for not thinking all the same. Ashly Blue doesn’t have to suck a Muslims cock and I don’t have to lick a black chicks pussy…. welcome to freedom!

  22. sundubys Says:

    That’s fine that she doesnt want to suck a muslim cock, or that you dont like black pussy, but that doesnt mean I’m going to express it in any live format, I dislike alot of things my self,but I’m not going to market that I dont in a unprofessional manner. Every one is entitled to their opinion, and what they believe in but that doesnt give them the right to belittle any one or say they are better in any way…

  23. Damon Says:

    Ashley Blue has societal obligations towards her country, America is suppose to be a cultural melting pot, and all such comments are a destabilizing force by fractionalizing people on the basis of their religion. Even through I believe what she really meant is that she hates descendents of the middle east but she is an idiot so she cannot even express her hateful messeges properly.

  24. Kemuri Says:

    Oh. My. God. That was possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve seen (on the internet of all places!!!) in a while.

    Yes Ashley Blue, it’s totally cool to fuck members of the KKK, members who are known for persecuting and even killing people of other races, but fuck Muslims!!! Goddammit!! I’m all for freedom of speech, but at the same time there are some people in the world who should not have their input on politics heard.

    Thank god I only watch her vids cause she can suck a dick.

  25. Stater of obvious. Says:

    The thing about all this is that Ms. Blue does live in a country where she can say these things, and live a happily ignorant life–however, what gets me is that this comment almost surely has not affected any work she could get, as the Pornography business does not have a particularly large Muslim population last time I checked. She picked the right career because she knows she can spew hate and still have a busy career as long as she doesn’t hesitate to get naked on camera and perform sexual acts.
    So, the obvious thing I am stating is that while she is in this career and the atmosphere of the pornography business stays the same, we’re stuck with people like this getting a forum.

  26. Kemuri Says:

    Shit I’m going on a rant, but seriously the guy said what about members of Alqueda (shit I don’t remember how it’s spell). How does that have anything to do with muslims. Inf fact I’m pretty sure that a majority of muslims don’t even agree with the terrorist groups idea.

    As I said before, she is damn lucky that the only reason why we watch her vids is because she can fuck like crazy.

  27. antwan Says:

    Free speech if you dont like it pick a better country

  28. papayaman Says:

    Hi All,
    OK , I’m not from the States, but given that my country is your main ally in the War on Terror, I hope you wont take it amiss if I weigh in with a few comments. Stater of the Obvious, ironically, my knowledge of the Middle East suggests that there is a lot of porn out there and quite a big audience for it, even in the Iran of the ayatollahs. Islam is a very sexually conservative religion so wacking off to porn is one of the major outlets for those that can get hold of it. Who knows, maybe Ashley Blue will suffer some loss of audience out there? Secondly I dont quite agree with the tone of antwan’s comment (I dont think the ‘love it or leave it’ approach is a very useful one), but I do think it reflects well on your country that Ms Blue can make her dumb comments without suffering undue consequences. Indeed you could make the equally objectionable and stupid comments a few very voluble Muslims make about martyrs and hatred of America and be protected by freedom of speech. It presents an enlightening contrast with the situation in Sudan where an unfortunate English teacher has been arrested for allowing her pupils to name a toy teddy bear Mohamed and is in danger of a penalty of 40 lashes, apparently for inciting religious hatred! In fairness I think a lot of decent Muslim people will feel exactly the same way I do about that contrast. As for Ashley Blue – well I always liked her best with a mouthful of dick and I see no reason to change that opinion.

  29. harstad Says:

    Yeah, I’m a bad guy. Right. She expressed an opinion. This is America and she or you or your crazy Uncle can express any opinion they have. Freely. Its a public forum so she she shouldnt say it? Yeah, that sounds like freedom.

    Zarafan- Potentially doing harm to them? By saying you hate them? This is America buddy. You can say anything you want just as she can. You’re right. You don’t defeat the terrorists by becoming more like them. You defeat them by killing them. By the way comparing killing innocent civilians doesn’t equal saying something offensive.

  30. sundubys Says:

    I’m sorry to say but this country is not as free as you think it is, I cant walk into in airport and say the word “bomb” in any context, I cant even use it in any slang terminolgy eg, she’s the bomb, I cant even have a private conversation with out my phone being tapped by the federal government, or even send a email that cant get hacked into, there are rules to our freedom, that’s not being free if you have rules to your freedom. Furthermore I have to agree with Papayaman, does the american people hate muslims? or do they hate the mullahs who dictate fear into the hearts of regular people such as you and me? In any case the people in the middle east love porn, they love sex, you have to remember they are oppressed by their government, they to want to be free. We are talking about a civilizations who have been in existence for over 5000 years, trust me they love porn.

  31. zarafan Says:

    Harstad: you write, “By the way comparing killing innocent civilians doesn’t equal saying something offensive.” I wonder what language this sentence was translated from? Arabic, perhaps? It certainly isn’t English, at least not any English that I can make sense of…. Always a pleasure hearing from you, though. Best wishes, Zarafan

  32. papayaman Says:

    I cant help but wonder at Harstad’s misrepresentation of what Zarafan said. You are not going to beat Islamist terrorism by just going out to kill them. That makes the ones you kill into martyrs and they become a part of Al Qaeda’s recruitment drive. In order to stop recruitment you have to provide a viable alternative for the young people that Bin Laden and his psychos target- and that alternative is what is lacking for a lot of poor people in Muslim countries. If my reading is correct, that is why Zarafan said we should not mirror Al Qaeda’s violence and hatred, but help to provide that alternative. He also went on to say we dont just need love. In other words you need some judicious use of violence because you have to defend yourself from terrorism – but the Ashley Blue knee-jerk style reaction (undertandable though it may be on a certain level) of ‘I hate them, lets kill the bastards’ is not a solution. It will perpetuate the problem.

  33. fountainhead Says:

    Why didn’t he ask her if she’d fuck President Bush?

  34. harstad Says:

    Ill say it again. She can say whatever she wants. You can say whatever you want. Does going into an airport and saying the word “bomb” compare in any way to her saying she hates Muslims? I dont think so.

    “hating another group of people means discrimination, disrespect, and potentially even doing violence to them.” Saying she hates Muslims does not equal “potentially even doing violence to them”.

    Zarafan- Thanks for looking at my grammar. Ill consider that an ” I quit”.

    Papayaman- No, just killing them is of course and over generalization.

    Look, I am not defending her for saying what she said. Was it stupid? Yeah, shes a porn star! I don’t really care what she says. But she should be allowed to say whatever she wants. Just like you or I. If other people get offended, we’ll that there problem. Not hers. People need a grow a thicker skin and stoop worrying about what stupid people say so often ie… Don Imus, Jesse Jackson, George Bush, your mom and my mom…

  35. Todd Says:

    For the record – this pivotal video segment is the work of a Howard Stern interview team… more specifically, the host is Richard Christy on a Sirius Satellite spoof show (Channel 100/101, Howard Stern’s channels) called “Inside the Porn Actors Studio” The man asking the question about whom she hates is Sal Governale. Richard and Sal are both writers for the Howard Stern Show, and both known on the show for being complete idiots. The remainder of the audience are Stern Show assistants and “wack packers”.

    The idea of their “Inside the Porn Actors Studio” is not only to make the actors look like total fools (which Ashley does here in spades) but to milk them for their juicy sex stories for the air. The reason the audience and host are clapping to this comment is because they are making her feel like she’s on Oprah and they totally agree with her, even though she’s clearly being a racist dolt.

    She probably doesn’t even realize she’s made a racist comment, and is over-stating her position due to the “support” she’s receiving from her audience. Her ignorance doesn’t condone her actions, but it does make me wonder why what she says even deserves merit or concern from any of us here… other than someone obviously needing to educate her in politics, sociology, and history.

    In fact, would someone kindly educate half the american population while we’re at it? I don’t fear Ashley’s statements as much as I fear the growing masses out there that DO feel this way.

    Off my soapbox now. Ashley can go back to taking a huge load up her nostril.

  36. genegenie Says:

    its really hard to jerk off while Harstad is talking about killing people.

  37. alison Says:

    Todd – Thanks for clearing that up. I was really curious what that interview was from. It all makes perfect sense now.

  38. zarafan Says:

    Harstad: You write, “Thanks for looking at my grammar. I’ll consider that an ‘I quit.’” But if YOU quit, then why are you still posting? I don’t “quit”–though I AM beginning to question the wisdom of continuing this unprofitable path of discussion–I just couldn’t figure out what you were trying to say in the sentence I quoted. I still don’t understand it, either.
    For the record, Papayaman has understood what I was trying to say exactly: I’m much obliged to him! Obliged as well to Todd for his clarification as well as his comment that Ashley Blue isn’t really the threat here so much as the substantial proportion of the American population that agrees with her, votes for politicians that think like she does, and implement policies that do, unlike Ashley Blue’s comments, result in violence, counter-violence, and further atrocities. Which side are you on, Harstad?

  39. harstad Says:

    Im glad you avoided it yet again. Im on the side that protects the United States and American citizens across thw world and at home. I know which side you’re on.

  40. zarafan Says:

    Yes, yes, Harstad, you’ve found me out: I’m operating a sleeper cell for Al Qaeda on the VB website, reasoning that adult men who look at pornography in the privacy of their own homes are the most fertile ground for recruitment to a totalitarian Islamic terrorist group. After all, what could be more un-American than saying that ethnic and religious bigotry “even” toward Muslims is wrong…?
    I guess at this point I should point out to you, Harstad, that the preceding sentences were meant to be ironic–I recognize that sometimes you’re slow to catch on to these things.
    Just bringing you up to speed: your turn now, good buddy! Zarafan

  41. Hotknicks1 Says:

    That was an awful comment. But it doesn’t fire me up or boil my blood. she’s just a pornstar. who gives a shit what she thinks. She has a right to her opinion and the right to say what she wants but every person whos heard and saw what she said has every right to express their opinions about her and what she said. Again, who cares…

  42. sundubys Says:

    That’s a riot!”I’m ont the side that protects the united states and American Citizens across the world and at home”, since when do we need protection from other countries? that comment further let’s me know that you havent been any where in the world, probably just mexico, and canada if that, we the american people need protection from the people who run this country, and put us in danger with terror alerts, trying to scare us every day with bullshit news, most of what the fourth branch says is fabricated, and the fourth branch being the “media”. Do you honestly think muslim countries hate us? They dont hate me and you! They hate being oppressed, they hate being told not to make their own weapons when Israel has their own weapons, and yet no sanctions are being drawn on them, a country has the right to defend itself by all means. If you visit Iran, Bahrain, Dubai and many more countries the people welcome americans as one of their own, they welcome you into their homes, the life style in these countries is such that respect glows from these people, and how do we portray them on the news? living in shacks on dirt roads and people in the desert, they never show city streets in Dubai or Tehran where it’s beautiful, the media is portraying them as uncivilized ingrates, and we the American public have our lovely hate muslims spokes person Ashley Blue to reiterate what she sees, she probably never met a muslim person in her life, if she did she would never say that, because why? She’s uneducated, there for became a porn star, she probably told her self one day “Hey why do I take loads on my face for free when I can get paid for it”? and now she get’s paid for her fat loads on her face…

  43. Kemuri Says:

    To the people saying “OH WE LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY, FUCKING DEAL WITH IT” If someone calls me a nigger (I’m black), or if someone says on the radio or some shit like that that all black people are niggers that deserve to be killed, should I just accept it because the person spewing hate is practicing free speech?

    While yes free speech does mean you have the right to say what you want, that doesn’t mean your safe from any consequences your statement might make.

  44. zarafan Says:

    I agree with Kemuri; when Michael Richards, the actor from “Seinfeld,” came out with his mentally deranged tirade last year, it rendered him persona non grata and probably spelled doom for his career (not that it wasn’t in bad straights before then…). I know as much as anyone does that porn doesn’t always have the highest standards of ethics or integrity, but even so, it would be a shame if Ashley Blue doesn’t suffer any consequences from her hate speech. I for one don’t care if I ever see one of her videos again….
    For the record, I’m a bigger fan of “Seinfeld” than I ever was of Ashley Blue….

  45. Stater of obvious. Says:

    Maybe we should just quit discussing it as no one’s opinion is going to be changed and this is all turning into one big “flame war”. Let’s just decide to not watch her in movies anymore, or realize what kind of person she is, take a note of it, and go back to living lives that are much more productive than hers. At the end of the day, everyone has already won this argument in their own mind, and none of us have to get covered in body fluids to make our living (I’m assuming).

  46. TrevOrc Says:

    At the end of the day this is the price you pay for free speech. You have to listen to opinions from ill-educated un-informed people. I think you’ve blown this out of all proportion.
    The best thing we can do to all the extremists (of all colours, creeds and religion) is to ignore them. Personally I think Howard Stern and his cronies are the ones who are mostly to blame, they set up Ashely, an easy target, feed her the subject and then broadcast the results. Oh but ‘it wasn’t me who said it’. Give me a break. The more I hear about this Howard Stern the more of a c**t I think he is. Still free speech gives you him too.

    I would never have even heard about this unless VB put this up on the blog so I think they deserve a small chastisement as well. Perhaps you can send round one of your girls so I can administer a thorough spanking |-)

  47. Talulah Says:

    She’s not that hot anyways.

  48. billybubba Says:

    I cannot believe the posturing and bickering one comment from a porn star who on a Howard Stern affiliated show has caused.It amazes me that in this venue; spelling, grammar, punctuation,and personal views are being attacked so viciously.Then in the midst of this, some are actually attacking the venue itself.Pretty disturbing

  49. billybubba Says:

    Sorry, “a porn star who is on a Howard Stern affiliated show” I didn’t want to get crucified for that spelling error

  50. zarafan Says:

    Dear Billybubba: good spelling is all we ever ask from you here…! Cheers, Zarafan

  51. markbart Says:

    I thought this bitch retired long ago. WTF is she still doing in this industry?

  52. Jeff Says:

    Well at least she’s being honest and we know how she feels. Many people are afraid to say how they feel because of what’s acceptable these days so we lie.

  53. billybubba Says:

    Zarafan, thanke youse. I hade know ideya. I wille try bettr nexttime!

  54. locust21 Says:

    Topic I’d like to see covered in a future blog post:

    Who are the most intelligent porn stars?

  55. locust21 Says:

    The first time I watched this, the set and audience reaction appeared so obviously canned, I almost thought the whole thing was intended to be satirical.

  56. Jibba Says:

    What a fuckin retard. Honestly, these chicks should keep their fuckin mouths shut.

    Racist piece of shit.

  57. jbzzzle Says:

    lolololol….and this is why i don’t watch the behind the scenes stuff in porn…i have 0 interest in learning about the real person…plus to all the guys who are complaining about what she’s saying….dude w/e….sure it was completely ignorant and dumb….but come on she does PORN…PORN…come on expecting her to say something smart or even remotely intelligent would be like expecting a midget to get drafted #1 overall in the nba draft…come the fuck on…she’s a PORN star of course she’s going to be retarded…think about it…at some point in her life she decided that it would be a good idea to take semen to have two dicks in her…

  58. wario1 Says:

    Guess what folks, she can vote… gotta love 6th grade education.

  59. Scoper50 Says:

    Allison, this is completely off topic, but what are the chances of getting an actual forum to post on, on the site?

  60. Cromin Says:

    Just had to stick my oar in. Doesn’t Asia Carrera have a degree? Anyway, I’m not voicing my opinion on this topic, because what I think is an irrelevance to the general discussion. I do think its great that this has been allowed to continue.

    Well done to Alison and everyone at VB for letting it continue unedited.

  61. locust21 Says:

    “[Asia Carrera] studied piano as a child, and performed at Carnegie Hall twice before the age of 15. By 16 she taught English at Tsuruga College in Japan. … She won a full academic scholarship to Rutgers University and is a member of Mensa.”


  62. Daz Says:

    Has no-one else thought that the muslims probably aren’t that offended by this.

    Seriously. Given that I’ve only been able to find one muslim pornstar (Saeeda Vorajee FWIW and she’s british) I don’t think muslims will object that much for not being on her list.

  63. jj Says:

    The youtube video was taken down. Where can I find the video clip?

  64. moron Says:

    jj – nice to see google/youtube are sticking up for freedom of speech as usual (even if the speech is mornic).

  65. JoJo Says:

    She’s useful as a cum receptacle now. Give her 15 years and she’ll be of no use to anyone. Just average in looks, too. Only difference between her and thousands of other women is that they have some self-respect for their buttholes.

  66. Doodee Says:

    Thanks for sharing