For Anyone Who Missed It: Ashley Blue Hates Muslims

All I can say is holy shit…

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66 Responses to “For Anyone Who Missed It: Ashley Blue Hates Muslims”

  1. markbart Says:

    I thought this bitch retired long ago. WTF is she still doing in this industry?

  2. Jeff Says:

    Well at least she’s being honest and we know how she feels. Many people are afraid to say how they feel because of what’s acceptable these days so we lie.

  3. billybubba Says:

    Zarafan, thanke youse. I hade know ideya. I wille try bettr nexttime!

  4. locust21 Says:

    Topic I’d like to see covered in a future blog post:

    Who are the most intelligent porn stars?

  5. locust21 Says:

    The first time I watched this, the set and audience reaction appeared so obviously canned, I almost thought the whole thing was intended to be satirical.

  6. Jibba Says:

    What a fuckin retard. Honestly, these chicks should keep their fuckin mouths shut.

    Racist piece of shit.

  7. jbzzzle Says:

    lolololol….and this is why i don’t watch the behind the scenes stuff in porn…i have 0 interest in learning about the real person…plus to all the guys who are complaining about what she’s saying….dude w/e….sure it was completely ignorant and dumb….but come on she does PORN…PORN…come on expecting her to say something smart or even remotely intelligent would be like expecting a midget to get drafted #1 overall in the nba draft…come the fuck on…she’s a PORN star of course she’s going to be retarded…think about it…at some point in her life she decided that it would be a good idea to take semen to have two dicks in her…

  8. wario1 Says:

    Guess what folks, she can vote… gotta love 6th grade education.

  9. Scoper50 Says:

    Allison, this is completely off topic, but what are the chances of getting an actual forum to post on, on the site?

  10. Cromin Says:

    Just had to stick my oar in. Doesn’t Asia Carrera have a degree? Anyway, I’m not voicing my opinion on this topic, because what I think is an irrelevance to the general discussion. I do think its great that this has been allowed to continue.

    Well done to Alison and everyone at VB for letting it continue unedited.

  11. locust21 Says:

    “[Asia Carrera] studied piano as a child, and performed at Carnegie Hall twice before the age of 15. By 16 she taught English at Tsuruga College in Japan. … She won a full academic scholarship to Rutgers University and is a member of Mensa.”


  12. Daz Says:

    Has no-one else thought that the muslims probably aren’t that offended by this.

    Seriously. Given that I’ve only been able to find one muslim pornstar (Saeeda Vorajee FWIW and she’s british) I don’t think muslims will object that much for not being on her list.

  13. jj Says:

    The youtube video was taken down. Where can I find the video clip?

  14. moron Says:

    jj – nice to see google/youtube are sticking up for freedom of speech as usual (even if the speech is mornic).

  15. JoJo Says:

    She’s useful as a cum receptacle now. Give her 15 years and she’ll be of no use to anyone. Just average in looks, too. Only difference between her and thousands of other women is that they have some self-respect for their buttholes.

  16. Doodee Says:

    Thanks for sharing