New Studio Announcement: Combat Zone!

Combat Zone Logo
As loyal blog readers, you get to be the first to know that we recently (today!) inked a deal to bring the studio Combat Zone to VideoBox. If you haven’t seen their stuff, it’s really excellent. Especially the girls – Amy Ried, Sasha Grey, Bree Olsen and Micah Moore, just to name a few.

As you can probably tell, I’m really excited about this deal. Their movies should start hitting the site in a few weeks (if you want a heads up, I can post it in the blog the day before), so keep an eye out for them. And let me know what you think!

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14 Responses to “New Studio Announcement: Combat Zone!”

  1. Todd Says:

    Congratulations on the sweet new deal! This benefits us all!

  2. Rob Says:

    Good going, every girl mentioned ticks all the right boxes.

  3. Strangepork Says:

    Cool! Looks live they’ve got some good titles:

  4. zarafan Says:

    I’m particularly excited to see more Sasha Grey and Bree Olsen; I’m sure we’d all appreciate a heads up in advance for what videos will be posted when. Thanks as always, Alison!! Zarafan

  5. alison Says:

    To all – Thanks! I’m really glad you’re excited for them too. They’re a relatively new studio (just started last year) and they really seem to have a good sense of what girls to pick for their movies. And zarafan, I’ll definitely put up a post a day or two before the first one hits. Maybe I’ll even tell you what it’ll be 😉

  6. nzpossum Says:

    This is great news Alison. Combat Zone do some really high quality stuff. This is the best news since Videobox started getting Mayhem videos.

  7. lemonade Says:

    Sweet. I hope this means we will be seeing a lot of Micah Moore scenes; she is amazing.

  8. putmeinchaynes Says:

    Excellent news! They have Lindsay Meadows (in ‘Plucked then Fucked’), so I’m all for it 😀

  9. TrevOrc Says:

    Cheers for the link strangepork.

    I’m now particularly looking forward to ‘Destination Tonsils’ !! Jeez, where do they get these names from !!

  10. lrae Says:

    All four girls mentioned are usually worth well a download; great news :o)

  11. Jeff Says:

    I just checked out their site and it’s awesome, and such variety. I can hardly wait.

  12. billybubba Says:

    Great covers. If the content matches up, you will here no complaints from me. For the most part I don’t complain unless the videos are straight up gross or the girls could be filing their nails during the scene

  13. Twig Says:

    Yes, please do post before they show up. Id love to get them ASAP 🙂

  14. MAЙЯ Says:

    Хм, к размышлению… 🙂