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VideoBox Happy Hour

happyhourtop.jpgThe owners of VB are pretty good at making sure the employees here are happy and treated well. On top of feeding us lunch everyday in the office, every so often we are treated to a happy hour sponsored by the owners (YES!). I’d say it’s our only chance to leave the office before 7pm and get trashed with each other…I mean bond with each other.

If you ever spot a bunch of good looking sexy people at a bar in San Francisco yelling “porno rules” or “VB rocks”, 99.9% chance that group would be us, so don’t be shy to approach us. We’d really be excited to meet any VB customers and we would most definitely buy you a drink. Oh yes, and as you can tell by the pic posted we like to brand unsuspecting people we meet in bars…

Bandwidth Update

20071105_outage.pngThis morning we experienced an outage with one of network providers. During this time a small portion of downloads were slower then our average speed – as a rule of thumb, we shoot for atleast 250Kb/s for any single customer download. Our backup ISP’s worked well during this time window. The circuit in question was down from 10AM PST to 3:32PM, just little over 5½ hours.

Typically with a large bandwidth commitment, say in the >100Mb/s, providers will typically issue an “RFO” or Reason For Outage if any downtime occurs.. AKA “How we fucked up”. I’m sure we all wish this sort of contractual obligation existed with our home DSL or cable connection. We consider such lengthy outage to be unacceptable and will be grilling the provider during a conference call scheduled for tomorrow. Apologies for the degradation, have a good night and resume that downloading.

Hug it Out: Real vs. Fake Tits

titstop.jpgTo spark some discussion amongst you folks, the poll has been moved to its own post. Have at it.


By the way, those tits at the top of the page belong to the lovely Ms. Laura Lion.

Get the Most Out of the Mini Flash Player

VideoBox Mini Flash Player
You’ve probably noticed that clicking the screen pictures on the DVD page no longer takes you to another page. Instead, an overlay comes up with a couple of new options. When you click “Preview,” a 10 second Flash clip starts playing that will give you an idea of what’s going on at that point in the scene.

We try to pick screen pictures that show all of the actions/positions in the scene. You can pretty much expect:

  • The first one is usually people with their clothes on (or naked if the director didn’t bother with a setup). You can usually get a decent look at the girl in that one, which is helpful for figuring out whether she’s actually hot.
  • The second tends to be a blowjob (porn’s kinda predictable in that way).
  • The third through fifth are usually a couple of the positions from the scene. It’s amazing how much you can tell about a scene in 10 seconds.
  • The last one is always the pop shot unless it’s a lesbian movie. For some reason those seem to usually end with kissing. Go figure.

We hope you’re finding this new feature useful. Feel free to give your thoughts on it in the comments section.