Top 5 Cum Dodgers

Some girls just don’t like facials. Some don’t swallow. Why they chose a career in porn is anyone’s guess, but by request, I present to you the top 5 worst cum dodgers on VideoBox.

The Top 5 Cum Dodgers on VB

1. Allysin Chains
The eyes squeezed shut. The spitting. The terrible facial expressions. This girl hates cum. I think some of the best examples of this are in Kelly the Coed #19, Dayton’s Naughty Comeback and Teens Never Say No #3. But by far her most hilarious cum shot occurs in Filthy Talkin’ Cocksuckers #2.

2. Kelly Kline
Much like Allysin, Kelly Kline seals up her entire face when she knows cum is imminent. I’m sure she wishes she could wear nose plugs. In Glazed and Confused #3, she lays in a pile of packing peanuts and grimaces while a couple guys take forever to jerk off on her face. Other fine examples of her dodgery can be found in Built For Sex #3, It’s the Chicks #2 and Back Seat Bangers #7 (be careful with that one, you might get motion sickness).

3. Brandy Talore
Because she has such giant natural tits, Brandy usually gets away with taking the cum shot on the breasts (not to mention not even pretending to enjoy her scenes). When she’s forced to take a facial, she squeezes her eyes shut and waits for the whole thing to be over. See Buried in Tits #2 for an example of her putting up with one cum shot. Check out Photographic Mammaries #5 to see her barely surviving five.

4. Violet Blue
This girl has claimed that she’s allergic to cum, so it should take no one by surprise that finding a scene with her taking a facial is next to impossible. There are, however, dozens of chest shots (that all land on that pentagram necklace) – most notably, this one in Flashflood #6 where she doesn’t even bother to take off her shirt first.

5. Chasey Lain
I’ll be the first one to admit that Chasey Lain used to be a very beautiful woman. These days, she embodies everything that’s wrong with pornography. She’s used up, her drug addiction forced her out of retirement and she’s rumored to have had sex with Charlie Sheen. For all of these reasons, this scene in X Marks the Spot makes me sad. That aside, judging by her face and constant spitting, she’s not really enjoying that facial.

Krysteal Steal, Kira Kenner, Devon are other notorious cum dodgers that should get a mention here even though they’re not on the site (or in Devon’s case, don’t do guys on the site). I’m sure there are plenty of girls I missed, as well. Discuss!

Note: Thanks to loyal reader DP for suggesting this topic. It was a fun post to write.

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51 Responses to “Top 5 Cum Dodgers”

  1. genegenie Says:

    nice post

  2. sundubys Says:

    By far the worst cum dodger of all time has to be Victoria Styles, Black Reign, scene 4, the end is ridiculously funny…

  3. MasonSquelch Says:

    Indeed; evaluating porn actresses performance is highly original :-) Do porn actors pass on their knowledge ‘incidentially’ or is there a market for ‘porn academies’?

  4. alison Says:

    sundubys – I went and checked that scene and it was fucking hilarious. I linked your comment to it so everyone can see it.

    Mason – Something tells me they come by it naturally :)

  5. zarafan Says:

    There is a scene I downloaded from VB in which Steve Holmes appears with a Hungarian newbie who at first dodges the money shot, so he instructs her that this is bad “porn etiquette” and obligingly shoots off on her face again…. It’s actually a fairly hot and entertaining scene (hence my decision to download it!), but unfortunately, given my proclivities for Hungarian-newbie porn, I don’t remember which one it is.

    Steve Holmes is an interesting case: although he wears poorly the physical and presumably emotional degradation of his involvement in the porn industry–bad teeth, questionable hygiene, graying beard, terrible hair–he seems like a relatively personable guy who, astonishingly enough, is doing exactly what he wants with his life! I do think, however, that it would be a bit classier if he were to take his wedding ring off before sodomizing young women half his age….

    In general, I think one should have more sympathy for the reluctant recipients of the facial money shot: it doesn’t seem all that pleasant an idea from my end of the spectrum (and I’ve never been with a woman who has particularly requested it!), and although the money shot is to porno what the electric guitar is to rock music, were I a director in this genre, I might consider giving the girl a choice of where she would like to be cum on. Anyway, I find the facial shot to be tedious, over time.

  6. Cornholio Says:

    The list is not complete without Brooke. Great body and awesome tits, but won’t take it in the ass and avoids cum like it’s the plague.

  7. nzpossum Says:

    This girl is the ultimate cum dodger

  8. JP Says:

    It would be nice for a list of the best cumshots to see the other side of the fence.

  9. sundubys Says:

    I concur with JP, lets see the best cum shots.
    Thank you for the Kudos Alison, I knew you would laugh at that scene, as many of you will too…

  10. alison Says:

    zarafan – I empathize with the girls, but plenty of them manage to get away without doing facials at all (Violet Blue, Brooke Banner, etc)…there has to be some way around it.

    Cornholio – I had Brooke on my initial list, but I couldn’t find any really good examples on the site, so I ended up leaving her off. But you’re right, she’s a well-known cum dodger.

    JP & sundubys – Oddly, that’s probably a harder post to write. But I’ll give it a shot. Maybe next week. (If anyone wants to nominate some, please do!)

  11. Hermes Pan Says:

    All these girls could take a lesson from Nyomi Zen. I forget which scene, but someone shoots across her face missing her open mouth. Sensing the bad aim of the shooter, Nyomi immediately adjusts to make sure the next spurt is right in her mouth!

    Ah, Nyomi… Too bad she left porn.

  12. tbird11 Says:

    One of my favorite pornstars is Haven (before the implants). Beautiful girl, but I have only been able to find two facials through her career.

  13. papayaman Says:

    I agree with Cornholio that Brooke Banner would be my champion cum-dodger. But I think the issue is a bit more than whether or not the lady dislikes cum. There are some women in porn who are able to give the impression that they are getting off on the sex they are having on film. And then there are those who all too clearly are in it just for the money. The turn off with Brooke is that all too clearly the only thing she thinks about is the pay cheque. I seriously doubt that starlets like Mika Tan, Sabrine Maui and Taylor Rain really enjoy the sex in every scene they appear in. But they seem to give enough of a damn that they give the impression of enjoyment and consequently they generate sexual heat. I wish that Brooke was able to do that because she does have a wonderful body – but she cannot generate the illusion that she really gives a damn and that makes it difficult for the viewer to give a damn.
    In a way this complements Zarafan’s point that a girl may not want the money shot on the face and this is ok. The thing is that if a girl is able to generate the kind of heat that a Taylor, a Sabrine or a Mika generates it does not matter if she takes a load in the face. She might take it on her tits, on her butt or on her pussy – if she generates an impression of involvement rather than of distance then the scene will be hot irrespective of where the sperm lands. Though I must admit that it is disappointing if the sperm completely misses the girl.

  14. Strangepork Says:

    As far as *best* cumshots, I’d have to say just about every scene (with very few exceptions) in Peter North’s Deep Throat This series ends with an incredible facial. I’d love to see some of that stuff on here.

  15. Jeff Says:

    I just watched Bend Over & Say Ahh #2 and in scene 3 Allysin Chains took a load in the mouth without noticeable objection. Still had the eyes shut tight though.

  16. putmeinchaynes Says:

    Good on the ‘cum dodgers’, I say. Ain’t nothing appealing about anything that comes from a man.

  17. davros Says:

    Even though she’s only got a few scenes on this site, Cheyenne Silver could dodge some cum in her day. And I would have to say that Brooke has a bunch of scenes where she dodges the shot as well …

    But that doesn’t really bother me. If the actress is hot in the scene and there’s some decent action, I don’t care if they dodge the money shot at all.

    But maybe they should start a cum dodgers line of movies. After all, they have Bong Water Butt Babes on this site, so I’m sure that if they have a niche for that, there is a niche for cum dodging.

  18. Halin Says:

    Hm, but’s who’s the best cumslut?
    Who’s the best swallower and likes her face all covered in cum?

  19. DP Says:

    Thank you Alison for taking my suggestion and starting this up! You rule :) Now (anal)yzing the clips to construct a list :)

  20. nzpossum Says:

    Good idea Halin, a post on the biggest cum sluts is only appropriate now.

  21. J Says:

    Check out “I Cream of Genie #1″ Scene 4.

  22. T. Sinclair Says:

    I would think someone from the ‘1 Lucky Fuck’ series’ would have to qualify. While I’m not a fan of gang bang or bukake vids, that one is fantastic because 1) it’s not staged like a typical gang bang where you see to much of guys standing around and 2) the girls LOVE getting cum shots. Great series.

  23. situbu Says:

    So who’s the girl in the photo at the top of this column?

  24. Ron Says:

    These girls get paid a lot so and getting paid means often doing something you don’t like. Hell, I do things all the time I don’t want to do but I do anyhow, because of the money. You’d think that girls would know going in that a load in the mouth or on the face is just part of it, might as well practice and get used to it. I’m very lucky to have had the majority of the girls I’ve been with to be swallowers. I don’t care to cum on a girls face but I love cumming in a girls mouth while she sucks on me and right now I’m lucky to have a girl that doesn’t mind doing this. Maybe she should be doing movies and making the bigger bucks.

  25. Kemuri Says:

    ugh, Cum dodgers can kill a scene for me.

  26. srfmrf Says:

    I like the list but my # 1 would be BRANDY TALORE. I would love to see her swallow!

  27. diablo Says:

    Kitty is hands down the worst cum dodger. Every facial is accepted like it burns. Hell maybe it does. never had one!

  28. situbu Says:

    Again…so who’s the girl in the photo at the top of this column?

  29. alison Says:

    diablo – Yet another reason not to like Kitty. Man, she isn’t even trying to pretend like she doesn’t hate that facial.

    situbu – To be honest, I’m not sure.

  30. VB Says:

    Without intending to recommend any other site but Videobox (it is number 1 and has no viable competition), one of my favorite cum-loving actresses is [url=]Wifey[/url].

  31. VB Says:

    TO: situbu

    Hannah Harper


  32. situbu Says:

    Thanks, VB! Are you 100% sure about Hannah Harper or is that an educated guess?

  33. lizardkng Says:

    That girl at the top of the column with her eyes squeezed shut is NOT Hannah Harper.

  34. Justin Credible Says:

    A classic. The cum dodgers could learn from her.

  35. Val Says:

    I just re-watched Vanessa Lynn in Scandalous Sluts, Scene 5, and just had to post a comment. I like the scene in general, and think Lynn is a hot little number. The knee-slapper is that she says things like, “Oh yeah, cum all over my face”, and, “I want your cum, so bad!”, etc., etc., and then, when she finally gets it, she makes faces that are comically incongruous with her stated desire. Val

  36. Lindsay Lovehand Says:

    I love watching them dodge cum (or take it, but hate it). It’s like getting the guy-good is a punishment for them. Very kinky.

  37. Val Says:

    lizardkng, situbu – About Hannah, it was just a guess. I suppose a wrong one. :( -Val

  38. Jimbo Says:

    The best moneyshot is one woman double-fish-hooking-open another one’s mouth. See Prom Team scene with Courtney Simpson.

  39. Paulf Says:

    Justin good call on Marilyn. And in that spirit check out Mika Tan here. They should show this in cumshots 101 in porn school.

  40. CNote Says:

    Worst at taking a facial is Krystal Steal. I watched one scene of hers where she looks like she is about to cry and one like the guy just blew a hot cabbage fart in her face.

    Lezley Zen is one of the BEST at taking facials. There were a few scenes she actually seems to love it, and that turns me on. Here is an example…

    She takes it like a pornstar should, and loves it.

    That Victoria Styles scene is funny. Although I watched another scene where she took one well. Maybe she just didnt like Lex’s.

    Anyway, I dont really get the obsession with facials. I prefer tit cumshots or even just pulling out and spraying it wherever you can reach on the womans body. Thats why I like Steven St Croix. He fucks til ejaculation, usually in missionary, and projectile jizzes all over the girls body, even hits her face most of the time.

    If a girl doesnt like facials, they should do cum shots elsewhere on the body. I have no desire to see a girl dodge or cringe at cum…ruins the scene, for me anyway.

  41. J Says:

    No one mentioned Black Diamond? She used to refuse to even put her mouth on a stud’s dick post-cumshot, only brushing her tongue on it, giving a big *stink face*. She wised up a bit, but still spits like she swallowed a bug. By far the biggest Euro cum dodger there is.

  42. Paulf Says:

    I’d rather see a woman enthusiastically take a load on the tits than take one in the mouth and then act like she’d just been force fed ground maggots. Watch Joey Valentine waste a big load that a trooper like Mika Tan would have gobbled down with a smile.

  43. kinkygi Says:

    firstly- this topic is great… its actually pretty amusing to watch the reaction of some of the more notorious dodgers- when the guy tries to get a good shot in. ;)

    - and like most here have mentioned, Brooke Banner is at the
    top of my list- mostly because she has a great body and is very sexy- but such a prima donna, you’d just love to let loose :)
    here is one scene w/brooke & tory lane where she actually takes it!

    CNote= thanks for the heads up on that Lezley Zen scene- excellent!

  44. uscue Says:

    any idea why Violet actually sucked the guy to completion in “wild Things on the Run” video?

  45. Dave G Says:

    By far the best “facialist” would have to be Eve Lawrence. In nearly everyone one of her facial scenes I’ve watched, she’s all too eager to get drenched; in fact, in many of them she takes with eyes wide open.

  46. ILTK Says:

    I don’t mind so much that it ruins the scene for me, what I absolutely detest is the FAKE cumshots that’s been going around, most notoriously the series “13 cum hungry cocksuckers”, now THAT pisses me off. Most people won’t notice, but once I noticed, I started to see it in a lot of other scenes. Totally ruins it for me, dodge it if you must, but don’t fucking lie to me.

  47. GoldenBough Says:

    how could you all forget Lexi Belle? She HATES swallowing.

  48. El Chameleon Negro Says:

    After finally venturing into this blog section, I saw this article headline and got a great laugh because it was spot on! The opening statement expresses my sentiments perfectly. Porn stars (and I use that term loosely here) with this hangup are as useful as paramedics who faint at the sight of blood. The facial/cumshot has always been the pinnacle of any scene and there’s nothing more disappointing than a hot girl who stumbles at the finish line. I would have ranked Allysin Chains and Violet Blue 1-2, so you were all over it on this one. I suggest we organize the Million Moneyshot March to run these impostors out of the biz. Cum hard or go home!

  49. quasimotogucciguccigoo Says:

    Great topic, I can’t stand cum avoidance in porn. Go make french fries if you can’t at least feign enthusiasm. I don’t feel bad for the girls at all…except when they work for Max Hardcore, lol.

  50. kmfcm Says:

    Alexa Rae was the type to take a facial and gag and wince on camera as she took it

  51. tom Says:

    yeah tht is true