Top 5 Cum Dodgers

Some girls just don’t like facials. Some don’t swallow. Why they chose a career in porn is anyone’s guess, but by request, I present to you the top 5 worst cum dodgers on VideoBox.

The Top 5 Cum Dodgers on VB

1. Allysin Chains
The eyes squeezed shut. The spitting. The terrible facial expressions. This girl hates cum. I think some of the best examples of this are in Kelly the Coed #19, Dayton’s Naughty Comeback and Teens Never Say No #3. But by far her most hilarious cum shot occurs in Filthy Talkin’ Cocksuckers #2.

2. Kelly Kline
Much like Allysin, Kelly Kline seals up her entire face when she knows cum is imminent. I’m sure she wishes she could wear nose plugs. In Glazed and Confused #3, she lays in a pile of packing peanuts and grimaces while a couple guys take forever to jerk off on her face. Other fine examples of her dodgery can be found in Built For Sex #3, It’s the Chicks #2 and Back Seat Bangers #7 (be careful with that one, you might get motion sickness).

3. Brandy Talore
Because she has such giant natural tits, Brandy usually gets away with taking the cum shot on the breasts (not to mention not even pretending to enjoy her scenes). When she’s forced to take a facial, she squeezes her eyes shut and waits for the whole thing to be over. See Buried in Tits #2 for an example of her putting up with one cum shot. Check out Photographic Mammaries #5 to see her barely surviving five.

4. Violet Blue
This girl has claimed that she’s allergic to cum, so it should take no one by surprise that finding a scene with her taking a facial is next to impossible. There are, however, dozens of chest shots (that all land on that pentagram necklace) – most notably, this one in Flashflood #6 where she doesn’t even bother to take off her shirt first.

5. Chasey Lain
I’ll be the first one to admit that Chasey Lain used to be a very beautiful woman. These days, she embodies everything that’s wrong with pornography. She’s used up, her drug addiction forced her out of retirement and she’s rumored to have had sex with Charlie Sheen. For all of these reasons, this scene in X Marks the Spot makes me sad. That aside, judging by her face and constant spitting, she’s not really enjoying that facial.

Krysteal Steal, Kira Kenner, Devon are other notorious cum dodgers that should get a mention here even though they’re not on the site (or in Devon’s case, don’t do guys on the site). I’m sure there are plenty of girls I missed, as well. Discuss!

Note: Thanks to loyal reader DP for suggesting this topic. It was a fun post to write.

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