VideoBox Holiday Haiku Contest

Haiku Contest

Hey guys, Sasha here. The folks in customer service thought it’d be fun to have a haiku contest for the holidays. They’re fun to come up with and usually pretty funny to read. The topic: How much you love VB (No pictures please!).

One lucky winner will win a VB holiday gift package which includes: VB t-shirt, VB stress reducer boob, VB key chain, holiday card signed by vb blog team, VB usb stick, VB stickers, and two free dvds. You will also win a spot on the VB blog when we announce you as the winner and post your haiku.

How to Enter:
Submit your haiku on why you love VB to

Contest Rules:
To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by the closing date. All entries shall become the property of VideoBox.
By claiming the prize, the winner authorizes the use, without additional compensation of his or her haiku for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium. In accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges VideoBox may not be liable for any loss, damages, or injury associated with accepting or using the prize.
One entry per person. You must be over 18 as of 12/19/07 to participate. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 12/19/07 11:59pm (PST).


31 Responses to “VideoBox Holiday Haiku Contest”

  1. genegenie Says:

    fake tities no more
    santa likes the anal balls
    shiny pussy glow

  2. ExcelStud Says:

    season of giving
    eva pretend you’re santa
    give me a blow job

  3. Scoper50 Says:

    videobox rocks
    I’m running out of tube socks
    pussy in a box

  4. alison Says:

    It’s gonna be hard to pick a winner 😉

  5. monstermash Says:

    Many nights I jerk off
    Belladonna glistening
    lube with left hand

  6. Hermes Pan Says:

    5-7-5 monstermash…


  7. sasha Says:

    Keep those entries cumming!

  8. Hermes Pan Says:

    Have a nice Christmas
    Videobox Alison
    …and Happy New Year!

  9. Hermes Pan Says:

    It is late at night
    As I check new posts, Oh no…
    Tranny porn again!

  10. alison Says:

    You guys are killing me. 🙂
    (Thanks, Hermes Pan. You too!)

  11. Hermes Pan Says:

    Oh, my bad Sasha
    Merry Christmas to you too
    Feel free to spank me!

  12. sasha Says:

    Oh my Hermes Pan. You’ve been a naughty boy….

  13. sundubys Says:

    My girl laughs and squeals,
    snowflakes on her cheeks
    while she takes it Greek.

  14. sundubys Says:

    sorry my fault: My girl laughs and squeals,
    snowflakes falling on her cheeks,
    while she takes it greek.

  15. sundubys Says:

    Deck the halls with balls,
    gives teabags a new meaning
    see alison grinning.

  16. Bozwell Says:

    Point of Order: All all truly great haiku in the English language must end with “Boy becomes a man”

  17. monstermash Says:

    love pussy death grip
    cocks burning fury explodes
    boy becomes a man

  18. Bozwell Says:

    My boy turned eighteen
    Videobox from Santa
    boy becomes a man

  19. TrevOrc Says:

    Hate to be a pedant but these are Senryu not Haiku. To be a Haiku the poetry should be about nature particularly the seasons or relating to seasons.
    Senryu is the humorous form of haiku and can be about anything.

  20. TrevOrc Says:

    sex in the garden
    summer is for long and slow
    anal in winter

    I win so far because mine is the only Haiku so far posted |-)

  21. twankey Says:

    At this time of goodwill and cheer;
    now that Alison’s here,
    we hope that she knows what our needs are the most;
    thats for lots of good vids, with buckets of cum
    and jizz on the chin; thats what we love most!

  22. ifuckthaigirls Says:

    vb we all love
    fresh new updates every day
    so much cum low pay

  23. juan Says:

    Sky Lopez, i ask
    Julia Bond in stocking
    on videobox

  24. dxug Says:

    is that krystal steal in the image at the top of this post? i wish you had vids of her on the site. 🙂

  25. alison Says:

    That is, indeed, Krysteal Steal. And hey, it’s gotta happen eventually, right? 😉

  26. stoked01 Says:

    Bottomless content
    Wanking winter wonderland
    I am stoked (and sticky)

  27. Sasha Says:

    stoked01 I am stoked for you!

  28. Damon Says:

    Here is my entry:

    Porno on Desktop
    Girlfriend drops under my desk
    Videobox is to blame


  29. sfjester Says:

    power up V’box
    what treasures, pleasures await?
    release bliss repeat

  30. Bozwell Says:

    Soooo, who won?

  31. im bad Says:

    wow ))
    its very reasonable point of view.
    Good post.
    realy good post

    thank you 😉