Comments Are Working Again!

Hey guys, we had some nutty issues with the blog yesterday that not only prevented you from posting comments, it prevented me from logging in until about noon PST.

The issue appears to have been resolved, so please comment to your heart’s content.

29 Responses to “Comments Are Working Again!”

  1. pr0n Administrator Says:

    Let’s hope this post works…

  2. Phil S. Stein Says:

    When can we start posting our movies to your site? I have made some very tasteful vignettes of myself being intimate with common household objects. They have been described as “erotic” and “potentially in violation of local obscenity standards”.

  3. Scoper50 Says:

    I’d still like to know what “malicious” activity really is.

  4. alison Says:

    pr0n Administrator – You’re my hero.

    Phil – We don’t have plans to accept user content any time soon, mostly because of the whole 2257 thing. I’m pretty sure you can still post your videos on places like YouPorn and Newbie Nudes though.

    Scoper50 – We were using a WordPress plug-in called Bad Behavior that was supposed to prevent spam, e-mail address harvesting, automated cracking attempts, etc. It’s uninstalled now.

  5. dontey Says:

    Alison, guys love women to talk dirty during sex. Why do so many just ooh and aah?

  6. alison Says:

    dontey – Are you asking about porn or real life? If it’s porn, my theory is that they think that’s what they’re supposed to do and aren’t creative enough to come up with something else to say. If it’s real life…that’s a whole can of worms.

  7. leila1 Says:

    As a gay woman who has begun to visit this site. I find much that I like, some things I love “First Lesbian experience” Some I hate. such as gang bangs etc.
    One question that has intrigued me, is why the high heel shoes?
    Is this a tradition of some kind?
    I would love to know.

  8. macbridgeh2o Says:

    Leila you are kidding right? High Heels make any woman appear taller and makes their legs look longer and their butt stick out more!!!

  9. DucDriver Says:

    Definitely NOT any!

    And as long high-heels fit to some women, plateau-heels DONT!

  10. eraheemp Says:

    anyone got a few suggestions as to some good scenes on here where the girl is yelling or screaming for example scene #1 interracial love stories any other good ones like that?

  11. twankey Says:

    porn girls should certainly aim to improve their dirty talk and be more creative as alison suggests. talking about their cunts or twats rather than their pet cat would help.

  12. Scoper50 Says:

    So when we comment on dvd’s or scenes, people can positive or negative “bang” us. Does this approval system actually mean anything? By that I mean, are the combined pos and neg bangs added up somewhere else on the site? I’m failing to see the point of it so far.

  13. Oliver Says:

    I’ve been a member for only a few months now, and I have to say that this is by far the best porn site I’ve seen. The addition of the new blog is just more icing on the cake… okay maybe using an “icing” metaphor is the wrong way to go.
    But anyway, kudos.

    The only thing I find annoying is not the host, but the users. In the comments section of the videos of course.

    I propose some comments etiquette that some users should consider. These are merely MY suggestions, as I’m sure the administrators and some users might disagree.

    1) Comment on the video – No one cares what you’ve done or would do, or would not do.
    2) Try to be helpful with your comments – If you’ve actually seen the video you’re commenting on, add some tidbits of information like describing some of the content on the video. Example: “Great moneyshot” or “spitter”. Some have been real good about this, some have not.
    3) Stop complaining – The people who run this site are trying to cater to ALL of their customers, and they do an excellent job of putting almost everything under the sun on here. So bickering about how the latest update is not your cup of tea is not only unhelpful, it shows poor taste. Be patient, a video containing your specific fetish will come along eventually.
    4) And give credit where credit is due – I’m sure that the people who run this site will appreciate a pat on the back from time to time.

    Again, these are merely my suggestions. And some of the users have been real good about leaving appropriate comments, so my thanks to them. Others of course, and you know who you are, have not been real good.

    Maybe with the addition of this blog, there will be a forum where users can come and comment off topic – as I have done – make their requests or critique the choices of the site.
    Thanks for reading my rant.

    And keep up the good work!

  14. Oliver Says:

    Also, I was wondering what one can do on this blog.
    Can one use HTML tags for style?
    Can one link to specific videos if they want, or does the ‘secure account’ prevent that?
    I will try some of these and see if they work. So if something screwy appears… again, I must be careful with my adjectives and metaphors, it’s just me attempting some blog tricks.


    Okay, here goes my tries…
    HTML for style,

    And finally,

  15. Oliver Says:

    Also, I was wondering what one can do on this blog.
    Can one use HTML tags for style?
    Can one link to specific videos if they want, or does the ‘secure account’ prevent that?

  16. alison Says:

    Scoper50 – Positive and negative bangs do nothing other than dictate where in the list of reviews a particular review shows up. (Positively banged comments on top, negatively banged comments on the bottom)

    Oliver – Thanks. You’re right, it does feel good to get a pat on the back every now and then. 😉 In response to the forum suggestion, we are planning to create forums (or something similar) next year. As for the tags, you can do all of those things except underline, I think. But comments with links in them get caught in the SPAM filter until I can approve them.

  17. OJ Says:

    This may be a bit off topic but how about a uniform category. School girls, nurses, maids etc. It is hard to find this stuff on the site. Maybe I’m doing something wrong as I’m only new here. Otherwise love the site.

  18. alison Says:

    OJ – You’re not doing anything wrong. Our current category system definitely doesn’t help you find that kind of stuff easily. We have, however, devised a new category system that we’re hoping to implement in the next few months that includes a couple of those categories – nurses/schoolgirls/etc. specifically and roleplaying generally, which should make finding those scenes much easier. Keep an eye out.

  19. sundubys Says:

    You know what would be real cool, is that maybe one day out of the week VB would put up vids on just one star, and call it like “all day star fridays” or something like that, you know just one day a week, and have people vote for who they want posted for that day, just a thought…

  20. alison Says:

    Hey sundubys – That’s a neat idea. I’ll ask to the content team about it. We probably have some stars we could do that with.

  21. twankey Says:

    the more the content improves the more jerking off there’s likely to be! Given that natural consequence, could we have a forum about male masturbation. I’ve never heard of girls having side effects from getting off by themselves but for lots of guys that clenching moment of ecstacy can lead to a prolonged and unpleasant period of dazed confusion. Maybe not everyone suffers like that but it would be interesting to know how others cope with it.

  22. cydschmeg Says:

    Who’s Alison?

  23. missbadceed Says:

    hm, i like the idea of an all stars day. and also the uniform category. and agree that some commenters are dicks.

  24. Ben Morgan Says:

    Terribly disappointed in “CANDY STRIPERS”! When I saw it posted, I wandered if it was the original uncut version that had the fisting scenes. I was elated when I brought up the first scene on the flash player and there it was. You can imagine my disappointment when I down loaded all the scenes only to find that the movie was incomplete and the fisting scenes were deleted. Also, the film strip at the bottom of the player shows what you will get if you down load and has nothing to do with what is on the player. Please tell me that somebody just took their finger off their button and all will be made right.

  25. sundubys Says:

    Hey Alison,

    Can you please put some vids with Emma Heart up for show she’s so sexy…

    Thank you.

  26. Val Says:

    My current favorites in case anyone wants to check something out they haven’t seen yet.

    18 & Lost In Denver #1, Scene 4
    American Nymphette #5, Scene 2
    Anal Assault #5, Scene 2
    Baby Face, Scene 2
    Baby Face, Scene 3
    Breakin’ ‘Em In #2, Scene 5
    Climax 2000 #1: The Phantom’s Curse, Scene 1
    Dementia #2, Scene 1
    Fat Fucker, Scene 1
    Head Nurse, Scene 4
    Heidi Spice, Scene 1
    Intensitivity #2, Scene 2
    Intensitivity #2, Scene 4
    Just Over Eighteen #3, Scene 5
    Kelly The Coed #13, Scene 3
    Lauren Phoenix AKA Filthy Whore, Scene 5
    Legal Skin #15, Scene 4
    Little Miss Innocence, Scene 4
    Maneater, Scene 2
    Mike Foster In Focus, Scene 1
    MILF Slammers #3, Scene 1
    Mother Fuckers #4, Scene 4
    Naked Volleyball Girls, Scene 2
    New Nymphos #6, Scene 5
    Nineteen Video Magazine College Girls #52, Scene 2
    Older Women & Younger Women #3, Scene 5
    Paste My Face #6, Scene 3
    Paste My Face #7, Scene 11
    POV Suck Off, Scene 5
    Puritan Video Magazine #24, Scene 2
    Rain Coater’s Point of View #1, Scene 4
    Rump Humpers, Scene 3
    Scandalous Sluts, Scene 5
    Slut Air: Flight 001, Scene 2
    Strip Tease Then Fuck #2, Scene 3
    Teens Cumming Of Age #3, Scene 2
    Teens Cumming Of Age #3, Scene 6
    Teens Make You Cum The Most #1, Scene 3
    Teens Make You Cum The Most #2, Scene 4
    Teens Need Chocolate Cum #1, Scene 9
    The Babysitter #21, Scene 3
    The Babysitter #9, Scene 2
    The Girl Next Door, Scene 5
    Trash Talking Teens, Scene 4
    Whale Tail #3, Scene 1
    Whore, Scene 3
    Your Mom, Scene 4

  27. David Says:

    Just a question,
    Is it possible to meet a porn star and have sex with them for money?

  28. GeteChime Says:

    Thanks the author!

  29. Рубен Сычев Says:

    Бедность учит, а счастье портит. 🙂