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(Another) Planned Site Outage Today: 10:30am PST

The Site-Ops team is completing the final phase of database movement today. To facilitate this we’ve decided to put the site into maintenance mode for the duration of the move. This is scheduled to start @ 10:30AM till noon. The time window is longer than we expect the tasks to take. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For our fellow geeks out there, here are a few teaser shots:
internets.jpg internets2.jpg internets3.jpg internets4.jpg

Ropeadope’s Combat Zone Preview: Cumaholics

Cumaholics Cover
In mid December, VideoBox started adding titles from the studio Combat Zone. Membership reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and Combat Zone has quickly climbed toward the top of the site’s most desired studio list. My reaction has been more reserved, because I already own all of them. However, this does allow me to present a preview of some upcoming Combat Zone DVD’s.

The first movie we’ll look at is Cumaholics, directed by veteran adult performer Melissa Lauren. She’s assembled an all-star cast for this video and the action promises to be interesting. I’ve written a scene-by-scene synopsis and provided a few pictures to help us visualize the proceedings. See the glossary at the very bottom for those troublesome abbreviations.


Poll: What’s Your Biggest Boner Killer?

bonerkillers.jpgA boner killer, simply put, is something awful that ruins the otherwise good time you were having. That happens a lot in porn. You’ll be enjoying a movie just fine and all of a sudden, you see something that ruins it for you entirely. After surveying the VideoBox office, I’ve come up with a list of potential candidates – pick the one you hate the most.

Planned Site Outage Today: 10:30am PST

The Site-Ops team is moving one of our databases today. To facilitate this we’ve decided to put the site into maintenance mode for the duration of the move. Estimated outage time is 30 minutes or less. Outage will begin at approximately 10:30am PST. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Let’s Talk About Boobs: The Top 5 Big Naturals

Gianna Michaels Tits
A while back, I put up a poll that pitted real boobs against fake ones. Real boobs won by a landslide – something that doesn’t surprise me after reading some of the reviews lately. It seems like VideoBox members like ’em big and natural, so read on for my list of the top 5 girls with big natural tits on VideoBox.

Jenna Jameson Retires from Porn. Again.

I haven’t covered much in the way of industry news in this blog yet, but that’s mostly due to the dearth of actual news generated by the industry. But Jenna Jameson managed to make actual news last Saturday at the AVN Awards by very ungraciously announcing her intention to “never ever ever spread [her] legs in this industry ever” while presenting the award named in her honor. You can watch the video of her speech here.

Because I managed to catch a hell of a cold at the AVN show, I’ve had some time to sit and reflect on this incident. Many in the industry are taking it as the ultimate slap in the face from a woman whom many of them personally helped make very wealthy and famous.

Jenna’s relationship with porn is a complicated one (if you’ve read her book you know what I mean) and it should surprise no one that she’s lashing out against it yet again. What comes as a surprise to me, personally, is how much everyone seems to care. This may be a controversial stance, but in my opinion, Jenna Jameson hasn’t mattered in the adult industry in a long time. She stopped shooting movies several years ago and has devoted her time to running her own marginally popular company, appearing on basic cable and getting bad plastic surgery. I’ll be the first one to admit that Jenna was a powerhouse in the 1990’s – beautiful, smart, and most of all, profitable. But as she became the “crossover star” her AVN Award indicates, she left porn behind in search of C-list celebrity.

At this point, Jenna is one of the worst spokespersons we could have. She does nothing good for the industry by repeatedly trying to escape it. What porn really needs is someone like Stormy Daniels, the recipient of Jenna’s “crossover star of the year” award. A woman who loves her job, loves her fans, and who can proudly say (as she did), “I plan on spreading my legs for this industry for quite some time!” Representing a maligned industry is a hard job – one that Jenna is clearly not cut out for anymore. So I say: Let her go. We’re all better off.

AVN Day 3

Today was a pretty good day. I saw a lot of great stars – Belladonna, Tera Patrick, Brianna Love, Amy Ried and Jenna Haze to name a few. There were also some very odd things that I couldn’t help but take pictures of (notably, the guy hanging from hooks in the ceiling).

Carmella Bing Brianna love Kylie Ireland and Nicki Hunter Jenna Haze Jenna Haze - Uh Oh!
Belladonna Front Belladonna Back Amy Ried Tera Patrick Tera Signing
Summer Verona Jacklyn Case Guy on Hooks Guy on Hooks Close Up

I also took a couple of videos that I’ve embedded after the jump. A little (PG-rated) girl on girl action and a couple of strippers. Because everyone loves strippers!

Just a Few Short Videos from AVN

I took a few little videos yesterday to give you guys an idea of what it’s like to be here. No boring walkthrough/narrative, though. I picked out a few highlights and have posted them after the jump.


AVN Day 2 in Photos

These are the photos I took today at the AVN show. Amy Fisher was an interesting find. The Long Island lolita has a brand new sex tape (I hear Joey Buttafuco’s tape is forthcoming – no joke). I also happened to see Audrey Hollander today. She’s such a sweet, innocent-seeming girl. It’s hard to believe she can fit so many things in her ass at once.

Sunny Lane's Butt Amy Fisher Aurora Snow
Audrey Hollander Mirai Haneda Nicki Hunter Being Interviewed

I took a few videos today. No big names, but they were entertaining to shoot 🙂 I’ll post them later tonight when they’re done uploading.

AVN Day 1

I got to the show around 5pm, which is pretty late for porn girls to be signing on industry day. But I managed to catch a few hot chicks (Eva Angelina, Sunny Lane and Gianna, just to name a few). I also took a few obligatory pictures of the Real Doll booth just for kicks.

You can click through to see all of the pictures I’m taking at AVN on Flickr. If you want, you can even make me a contact to keep up on the latest photos!

The One and Only Gianna I'm Not Sure Who This Is Nina Hartley Eva Angelina Sunny Lane
Shayla Stylez Maya Hills RealDoll Real Doll Real Doll Heads

If everything goes as planned, I should have some video for you tomorrow (Thursday). With some luck, Alison’s AVN POV Cam will be operational by tomorrow night 🙂