Who’s Going to AVN?

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Every January, the various movers, shakers and fans of the adult industry get together in Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo (known to most as the AVN show). Running Thursday, Jan 10 through Saturday, Jan 12, AVN is the serious porn fan’s Mecca. As the date approaches, I’m curious – are any VideoBox members planning to make the pilgrimage this year?

I’ll be there blogging throughout the show, taking pictures and writing updates for those who couldn’t make it. So keep an eye out for my updates starting next Wednesday (assuming my camera doesn’t get stolen again this year). And if you have any requests for star photos, take a look at the signing schedule and let me know. I’ll do my best to track down the girls you want to see.

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31 Responses to “Who’s Going to AVN?”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    Bree Olson, Amy Reid, Larry Flynt (the man took a bullet for the 1st amendment!), Sunny Lane…

    And if you see Nick Manning, tell him to shut the fuck up!

  2. alison Says:

    Strangepork – I’ve got Bree, Amy and Sunny on my list…Larry doesn’t get out much these days, but I’ll keep an eye out! And I will definitely tell Nick Manning to shut the fuck up for you 😉

  3. Spencer Says:

    I’d like to see some photos of Shy Love and Tawny Roberts but I’d love it more if you’d have some videos with them… Only once scene with shy love in the whole archive…

    Also Teanna Kai or Rose

  4. subtyrone Says:

    I don’t care which starlet is in the picture as long as there are a couple including you, Alison.Also Spencer a quick search of “Shy Love” returns this : 74 ‘shy love’ Scenes [switch to 49 DVDs]

  5. CMoney Says:

    Picture of Shy Love would be awesome. Also although she’s not listed, if you see Ice La Fox, take pictures of her as well. Thanks. 😎

  6. joeybeeej Says:

    How about some of the older women that are still in the biz. Tiffany Mynx, Jessica Darlin, Rayveness, T.J. Hart etc. I would be interested to know their thoughts on how the business has changed and what’s now expected of them. Also what do they attribute to their un-naturally long shelf life in the industry. Besides some of them being insatiable sluts and hotter than hell in August that is. 🙂

  7. Shaun Says:

    Charmane and Paris Waters. That would be glorious.

  8. Shaun Says:

    My bad, didnt read the schedule. Have fun.

  9. Ed Says:

    I wish I was going, I only get to go to medical shows in vegas. Would love to see a picture of Gianna. Thanks!

  10. guzzers Says:

    agree with cmoney, if you see Ice,
    also if you see aurora snow, take a quick snap.

  11. hombre1 Says:

    Alicia Rhodes please if she’s there.

  12. hombre1 Says:

    Should’ve checked the list. No Alicia. How about Belladonna?

  13. Peja Says:

    Please snap a shot of Raven Riley. I’ll promise to keep my membership for the next year!

  14. alison Says:

    Okay, so far we’ve got:
    Bree Olson
    Amy Reid
    Larry Flynt
    Sunny Lane
    Shy Love
    Tawny Roberts
    Teanna Kai
    Rose (Not sure I know this one – anyone got a pic?)
    Ice La Fox
    Tiffany Mynx
    Jessica Darlin
    T.J. Hart
    Charmane and Paris Waters (Don’t know these two)
    Aurora Snow
    Alicia Rhodes
    Raven Riley

  15. speakeroftheobvious Says:

    Yah for someone putting Sunny Lane down, but its sad no one chose to mention Maya Hills. Her enthusiasm she expresses in movies is believable enough you truly think she is enjoying herself and not just after a paycheck (which I judge as the distinction between “good” pornography and “mediocre” pornography.

    Oh and don’t forget to get a shot of everyone’s favorite, Lee Stone! I’m kidding, stop screaming in anger and throwing computer mouses at me, really. Ow! That one had weights in it!

  16. Robot Box Says:

    Please try to grab Allison Pierce, Veronique Vega, Carmella Bing and Sasha Grey if you can.


  17. Spencer Says:

    Do a search on this site for Rose. 36 scenes. If she goes by a different names let me know.

    Also, earlier I mean to say Sky Lopez but since she a Christian girl now she won’t show up. But more older scenes with her wouldn’t hurt

  18. housedj69 Says:

    I’d definitely love to see Carmen Luvana. Too bad Videobox doesn’t have any of her scenes. She’s hands-down my favorite.

  19. sundubys Says:

    I Live in Vegas so it’s pretty much at my disposal, I plan on going since I’ve never been, and since I got compt tickets I’ll go for the hell of it. People have been telling me that tickets are really expensive and I got lucky I got them, but it’s like what’s the big deal?
    It’s just a bunch of porn stars promoting them selves, if anything I’m going because I want to meet Nina Hartley, Ava Devine, Lucsious Lopez, and Sarah Jay. Hopefully they will all be their, and maybe I can meet ALISON!!!

  20. alison Says:

    adding to my list all the time…

    sundubys – Sounds like a good list…I’ll tell you what: if you notice me among the thousands of porn fans on the floor, I’ll take a picture with you and post it on the blog 😉

  21. sundubys Says:

    That’s going to be hard to do since I dont know what you look like, unless you have your own booth…

  22. CMoney Says:

    Add Jenna Haze as well. Again she’s not listed, but keep an eye out for Nicki (Nikki) Hunter. Thanks Alison.

  23. ripper Says:

    Here is my list: Eva Angelina, Aaralyn Barra, Daisy (Dukes), Ava Devine, Olivia O’lovely. I will settle for any one of these stars. Thanks Allison.

  24. alison Says:

    sundubys – No booth, but we wear badges. You could always go around checking out the names on all the girls you hope I look like 😉

    CMoney – Sure. A friend of mine is friends with her, so I’ll see if I can find her even if she’s not signing.

    ripper – I was wondering when someone was going to ask for Eva 🙂 I’ll add all of those ladies to the list.

  25. passport1 Says:

    Jada Fire, Carmen Hayes, and Harley Rains 🙂

  26. totaldouchebag Says:

    I’m working the Awards Ceremony. A first for me, so I’m looking forward to it!

  27. Hero Says:

    Please, my two favorite stars Ava Devine and Nina Hartley.

  28. alison Says:

    passport1 – They’ll be on the list 🙂

    totaldouchebag – Do you work in the industry/at the hotel? The awards are definitely an experience. If you can, take your camera with you. Most of the girls show up and mingle outside of the hall and will usually take pictures if you ask.

    Hero – You got it.

  29. sundubys Says:

    Hey Alison I have a request, can you find some videos on Emma Heart?

  30. totaldouchebag Says:

    Alison–part of the security team, so cameras are out of the question. However, I’m sure I’ll have some images burned into my retina when it’s all said and done 🙂

  31. alison Says:

    sundubys – I can’t make any promises, but I’ll definitely give it a shot.

    totaldouchebag – Ahh, gotcha. I’m positive you’ll see some things you’ll never forget 😉