I’m Just Curious…

Once in a while, a member will post a comment to the effect that they’ve waited 5 hours or woke up early for a DVD upload and it makes me wonder…how often do most people check the site for updates?



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  1. Eliot Says:

    If you’re not checking more than once every two days it’s hard to keep up. That’s not a complaint 😀

  2. lemonade Says:

    Agreed Eliot. It’s so fucking awesome that you guys post 5 a day, some places don’t even do 5 a week. Keep up the good work; oh and I voted for once or twice a day =)

  3. Maegorfromow Says:

    I fucking love this site, first off. I probably check at least 3 times a day on the weekend probably once a day during the week. I also wanted to say that I love the blog and i think Alison’s posts are awesome. Keep it up Alison, it is much appreciated!

  4. alison Says:

    Eliot – It’s so great to hear from happy members!

    lemonade – No plans to change anything for the foreseeable future. It’s great to know that members are checking us out so often.

    Maegorfromow – Thanks! I love writing the blog and I’m so glad that you love the site.

  5. Strangepork Says:

    I probably check more often than I should, but never interrupt sleep or other plans for it. If I’m at home I’ll keep an eye on the countdown timer. I can’t see the point in waking up early for an update, or sitting around waiting for it when you could be watching something you’ve already downloaded. I can’t be the only one here with a backlog of videos to watch…

  6. davros Says:

    I usually check a couple times a day when I’m working, and if I have time off I check more often. I love this site.

  7. caseyx Says:

    I generally check the site once or twice a day. I try not to wait for updates because when I do I’m usually disappointed. Not because the updates are necessarily bad, but because in the minutes leading up to the update I’m imagining a new Carmen Kinsley scene or Bree Olson or Sasha Grey. When it doesn’t happen even a really good update can be a letdown.

  8. justsomedude Says:

    First off just want to say I really enjoy this site and at the current rate I see no reason to ever stop my subscription (give me an option and I will pay for a full year right now.) I can say without question this site has improved the sex life with me and my gal. It has broken down a few sexual barriers between us. I think it has made our overall relationship better and I think more couples should look into viewing porn together. Sex is a huge part of a relationship and I think far too many people are uptight sexually. No matter how hot your partner is, no matter how good the sex is, sometimes it can get stale and you need to be shown something to take things in a new direction to revitalize things. Its perfectly natural for things to get a tad stale at times and it very healthy to find ways to shake things up.

    I won’t cruise by here for weeks and then sometimes I find myself locked into DL vids for hours at a time. Its an absolute pleasure how simple you fine folks have made it to sort through to find what you want. Some sites its nearly impossible to know exactly what you’re getting or find what you came fore. There is no need to use another site besides this one.

    Wow I am rambling…

  9. MFH0 Says:

    Now we just need a “random scene” or “random dvd” feature 🙂

  10. starfucker Says:

    I check the site every 5 hours. fuck-ing love VB!!!!!

  11. JP Says:

    This site is amazing, but it would be great if it had a forum just for members.

  12. ropeadope2 Says:

    I made a conscious decision long ago to restrict myself to one or two brief site visits per week. Don’t get me wrong, the site is awesome and I could literally spend all day here. But porn can be insidious, beguiling, stealthy in its charms. Combined with my occasional addictive personality, that could spell trouble. Fortunately, I’ve been able to successfully remain within these self imposed limitations. ***Alison, you’re doing a wonderful job. I always look forward with great anticipation to reading the blog on my rare sojourns to the site.

  13. DirtyBirdy Says:

    Five updates per day yet I can only whack off like once ever other day. *sigh*

    I suppose I could whack off more since I am still young, but I need time to build up the arsenal so that I can look like my favorite porn actors when I do my own “money shot.” 😉

    Was that part of the question? Oh yeah, I visit the site once per day.

  14. Manudada2k5 Says:

    Hi I am a new member. Just wanted to request you to post ALL ABOUT ASS 19. Could you kindly look into it and let me know when you do post it. Thanks

  15. alison Says:

    Strangepork – You can’t possibly be the only one. I *work* here and I have a “to watch” list.

    davros – Thanks!

    caseyx – I definitely agree that it’s better to not go into it with any expectations. It’s much better to be pleasantly surprised.

    justsomedude – Have you heard about our 10 month option? It’s so great that watching porn has been so positive for you and your girlfriend!

    MFH0 – I’ll put it on the list 😉

    starfucker – Thanks!

    JP – Just so you know, we’re working on developing a way for members to talk to each other. It’ll probably be something a little different from a forum, but I really think you’ll like it. Keep an eye out.

    ropeadope2 – Thank you very kindly. I wasn’t sure if you were reading the blog and it’s gratifying to know that you enjoy it. As has been mentioned by a few members, if you ever want to submit a guest post or do an interview, you’re more than welcome to do so!

    DirtyBirdy – Haha, that counts as an extra credit answer 😉

    Manudada2k5 – We have a contact form where we invite users to give us specific content suggestions. If there are any DVDs you’d like to see on the site, please let us know there so that we can keep track.

  16. passport1 Says:

    Usually once per day. I gotta agree with Rope…this stuff can be addictive and I enjoy some many other things that I choose to keep it in check. By far though, it is the BEST site out there. Keep up the good work.

  17. tbird11 Says:

    I usually check a couple times a day….catch up in the morning to see what was posted during the night. Speaking of DVD updates….are your graphic guys coming up with a new homepage graphic boasting, “Over 4000 DVDs”? If my math is right that should happen this week. Congratulations!

  18. alison Says:

    passport1 – Thanks a lot.

    tbird11 – As a matter of fact they are. 🙂 Thank you.

  19. chris69 Says:

    I only wish I could check more frequently, I must be missing loads. The best I can do is check the most popular vids for the last week or last month. I also have hours of vids I have downloaded waiting to view. Keep up the good work Videobox, you are the best on the web.

  20. LoKVeo Says:

    The funny thing is that I’m actually on here once a day, but yet I only check the new releases 2 times a week! I’ve got such a backlog (57 DVD’s at last count! I don’t even want to think about how many individual scenes that is…) that I’ve had to restrict myself from checking the new posts for fear of burying myself! I recommend this site to all my friends. Keep up the great work!

  21. justsomedude Says:

    “Have you heard about our 10 month option? ”

    No I have not. Please tell me. I have the premium account for DVD quality.

  22. ropeadope2 Says:

    justsomedude – I can’t discuss specific pricing but you do have the option of purchasing a 10 month subscription at a price which is discounted compared to ten individual monthly billing cycles. The 10 month subscription includes DVD resolution. Rope recommended!

  23. justsomedude Says:


    I must be blind because I don’t see that anywhere!

  24. ropeadope2 Says:

    justsomedude – Make sure you’re completely logged off the site (click “sign out” upper right of screen). Close down your browser. Come back to the site but don’t log in. Click the red “Join” button upper middle of screen. You should be taken to the sign up page. In step 1 you create the account and in step 2 you choose the billing plan, one of which should be the 10 month subscription including DVD resolution. If that doesn’t work, try clearing temporary internet files / cache, restart your computer and try again.

  25. justsomedude Says:


    As always, you are the man. I will do this once my current subscription runs out in 3 weeks. I was looking for some sort of upgrade option.

    Thank you!

  26. 14karma Says:

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  27. Savage Says:

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