AVN Day 3

Today was a pretty good day. I saw a lot of great stars – Belladonna, Tera Patrick, Brianna Love, Amy Ried and Jenna Haze to name a few. There were also some very odd things that I couldn’t help but take pictures of (notably, the guy hanging from hooks in the ceiling).

Carmella Bing Brianna love Kylie Ireland and Nicki Hunter Jenna Haze Jenna Haze - Uh Oh!
Belladonna Front Belladonna Back Amy Ried Tera Patrick Tera Signing
Summer Verona Jacklyn Case Guy on Hooks Guy on Hooks Close Up

I also took a couple of videos that I’ve embedded after the jump. A little (PG-rated) girl on girl action and a couple of strippers. Because everyone loves strippers!

Some Girl on Girl Action from VideoBox Blog on Vimeo.

Stripper on the Pole from VideoBox Blog on Vimeo.

Another Stripper from VideoBox Blog on Vimeo.

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15 Responses to “AVN Day 3”

  1. CMoney Says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures of Nicki Hutner & Jenna Haze. They both looked good in their pictures, but it’s kind of weird seeing Nicki with black hair. I wish I could make it down there, but gotta take care of my music production dream up here in NYC. Please don’t forget Ice La Fox & Shy Love. They really should do a scene together. Thanks again Alison! 😉

  2. Maegorfromow Says:

    I’m sure it’s the angle, but in the third video, the girl is dancing and it looks like nobody is watching her. The people in the back are just standing around talking. Idk I thought it was funny, b/c it looks like she’s trying so hard too.

  3. Michael I Says:

    I hear they give out a lot of freebies…have you gotten anything cool?

  4. alison Says:

    CMoney – It was really my pleasure. I’ll try to find Ice and Shy today, but the show’s almost over and I’m not sure if they’ll be signing.

    Maegorfromow – There were a few people next to me, but there really weren’t a lot of people watching her. I think the girls who aren’t porn stars do get jealous of the attention.

    Michael I – I think the best thing I got was a fake tattoo of Belladonna’s left shoulder/boob tattoo. 🙂 Other than that, there are lots of things around (posters, DVDs, etc), but I don’t tend to collect much stuff unless it’s really cool/weird.

  5. Damon Says:

    Wow you were really busy on day 3! How fortunate for us that you can be our eyes and ears there :)=+-<

  6. Michael I Says:

    Fake tattoo of Belladonna’s left shoulder/boob. That’s awesome!

  7. totaldouchebag Says:

    So, who looked good in person? IMHO Raven Riley looked GREAT, Daisy Marie was hot too, August not bad, and Eva Angelina looked worn out. No photos since I was working…

  8. junker Says:

    I was just wondering how well known VB is in the adult industry. When you say “I’m from Videobox and I want to take your picture.” are the girls familiar with the website?

  9. alison Says:

    Damon – If you guys can’t be here, I’m glad I could bring you a little piece of the show 😉

    Michael I – I’m really excited to put it on. I know there’s gotta be a perfect occasion for it, but I haven’t figured out what that is yet.

    totaldouchebag – I didn’t see Raven, but she’s a cute girl. I agree about Daisy – I couldn’t get a pic, but she looked very good. Also missed August, but you’re right about Eva. Other than those, I thought Jenna Haze looked awesome, Aurora Snow looked surprisingly good as a blonde, and Gianna Michaels was goddess-like. 🙂

    junker – I don’t think the girls know who we are (although to be fair, I usually don’t even bother to mention the site), but everyone else does. Which makes sense since few of the stars are very involved with the internet.

  10. extremejay Says:

    Just curious about all the repeat scenes lateley. I mean how come rope can catch it and the staff at VB cant? I know the vids are uploaded for the scenes on the disk that arent repeats but there have been alot lately. Maybe you guys could just take out the clip completely if its a repeat…yeah people will first bitch that its short on scenes but then they will realise why and its a good thing

  11. ropeadope2 Says:

    extremejay – I will let site management address the bigger question but I wish to make one point. The overwhelming majority of recent repeat scenes have occurred on DVD’s issued by Baby Doll / Cherry Box. I welcome these repeat scenes because very often, the scenes originally posted suffered from the dreaded Baby Doll / Cherry Box reddish tint. The more recently posted scenes correct the color levels, giving a more accurate presentation of skin tones etc. I have already replaced a few dozen scenes that I had previously downloaded and the improvement is dramatic. Besides, if repeat scenes are eliminated, I’m out of a job!

  12. Michael I Says:

    hahahaha, Rope – you’re awesome.

    Alison – did you meet Stoya from Digital Playground by any chance?

  13. alison Says:

    extremejay – We’ve considered cutting out the repeat scenes, but from what I’m told, it was done in the past and it generated far more angry emails than leaving them in apparently does. And I suppose it also has the benefits that rope mentioned 🙂

    Michael I – I didn’t actually spend much time at the DP booth. Their girls spend 90% of their time doing interviews (I saw Rob Cordry from the Daily Show doing a segment with Jesse Jane there last year while I was interviewing Katsumi!), so it’s hard to get good shots of them most of the time. My friend Gram did get to spend some time with her, though. The post he did about it was pretty awesome.

  14. dirtybirdy Says:

    WTF??!! No Anal??

  15. Joe Says:

    I followed the Adult Entertainment Expo a little while back, and Stormy Daniels caught my eye. I was wondering why she’s not on the site. I would be most grateful for her addition.