Rope Looks Back….. November 2005

Alison was kind enough to allow me to contribute the following entry to the blog. My original intention was to make a list of favorite scenes / performers on the site. However, I quickly realized unless the list was large enough to accommodate hundreds of items, it would be an impossible task. Instead, I went back to the beginning of the site’s archives in November 2005 and reviewed the first month’s updates. I selected ten scenes that were memorable to me and highlighted them below. [I have actually included eleven scenes in my listing, as one scene is oral only]. Possibly you’ve overlooked some of these scenes. With over 4000 DVD’s on the site and five more uploaded every day, it can be tough to keep up.

Internally Yours… More of a Cream Thing Scene 2, Ann Marie (11/4/05)
Scene opens with very cute Ann Marie talking to the camera. “Hi, I’m Ann Marie and this is my nineteen year old pussy. Do you like it? I like when a guy cums in my pussy. How would you like to cum in my pussy”? An unusual conversation then takes place between Ann and co-star Joel Lawrence.
Ann: “There is one thing I have to tell you.”
Joel: “And that is”?
Ann: “I don’t give head.”
Joel: “You don’t! Why”?
Ann: “Just…. Because…. I just don’t.”
Ann does allow Joel to go down on her and they fuck in reverse cowgirl, doggie, cowgirl, pile driver, and missionary with Ann taking a vaginal creampie. Loved Ann’s enthusiasm, great smile, and nicely trimmed bush. By the way, someone must have read Ann the riot act after the scene because I don’t recall her hesitating to give head in other appearances. And not like someone who never did it before either, I might add!

Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #20 Scene 1, Mariah (11/5/05)
Mariah outdoors, sucking on a lollipop. “Do you wanna watch me suck dick”? Luckily, she’s kneeling in front of Brandon Iron who begins to feed her his cock. Great chemistry between the two performers. Brandon has Mariah giggling throughout the scene and gets her to laugh outright and turn her face away from the camera with the line, “You’ve had a lot of cocks in your face, haven’t you?” No hands head, ball sucking, Brandon slaps his dick on Mariah’s tongue. Some POV footage late in the scene. Mariah takes the load on her face, gives post cum head as she looks into the camera and asks “Who’s next”? First time I viewed the scene I nearly jumped through the monitor, waving my arms wildly and yelling “Me, I’m next”.

White Dicks in Black Chicks #1 Scene 1, Carmen Hayes (11/8/05)
Carmen is a gorgeous black girl with large natural breasts. She’s wearing an American flag bra to celebrate the fourth of July. Brett Rockman joins. Titty fucking. Carmen gives Brett some great looking no hands head and she goes pretty deep. Brett fingers her pussy from behind. Fucking doggie as Carmen pounds back into Brett. Now Brett is driving it home and Carmen is clawing the couch. Cowgirl with Carmen riding hard. Missionary. Trimmed bush. Carmen is squealing. P2M. Carmen grabs her ankles and pulls her legs far back as Brett continues to pump her pussy. Reverse cowgirl with her breasts bouncing up a storm. Carmen sitting on floor. “Bring your big ass white dick here and put my mouth on it.” Sucks and titty fucks Brett until he strokes a big load into Carmen’s mouth. Post cum head as the scene ends. Movie includes bonus POV sex (scene 7) with Carmen.

Just Over Eighteen #5 Scene 4, Melody Max (11/10/05)
Ultra cutie Melody is eighteen years old, graduated high school three months ago and is dressed in a red plaid skirt with a white top. Interviewed by David Luger. She gave blowjobs to around ten guys in high school, fucking six or seven of them. She’s paired with Pat Myne and Brett Rockman. Melody gives head to Pat as Brett eats her out from below, then blows both guys side by side. Excellent footage as she rides Pat in reverse cowgirl while continuing to give Brett head. Her breasts look awesome as they bounce about. The guys switch places and her breasts continue to transfix as they sway to and fro. Melody is now riding Pat in cowgirl and her ass looks as good as the titties did. Great body on this girl. Pat fingers the ass. Melody spreads wide in missionary as first Pat, then Brett slam away. Melody takes two facials to conclude a blistering scene. Movie includes a bonus POV bj (scene 8) with Melody.

Breakin’ ‘Em In #5 Scene 6, Katsumi (11/13/05)
The only condition Alison placed upon me was that I had to include one of the performers from her Top 5 Porn Stars blog entry of 11/20/07. Well, that and the fact that I don’t get paid. As to the former, she needn’t have worried, as I’m a big fan of Katsumi. Vince Voyeur and Michael Stefano are sitting around the office, waiting for new talent to show up. In walks the beautiful 24 year old Katsumi with her natural breasts and lovely accent. “You want to see my pussy”? Katsumi strips, revealing a patch of bush above her slit. She gives Michael no hands head as he fucks her face. Katsumi deep throat, gets all the way down.
Vince: “Where did you put it? I bet you can’t do that to me.”
Laughter all around. Action moves into the warehouse. Doggie vag followed by doggie anal. A2M. They climb up on table for more anal doggie. Large gapes. A2M. Spoon anal. Katsumi gives Michael A2M, rims him, and licks his taint. Michael back to drilling Katsumi’s pussy missionary as she leans back on a stool. Michael fires a nice load into Katsumi’s mouth, which she shows to the camera and swallows.

Rain Coater’s Point of View #1, Scene 2, Vanessa Rubec (11/20/05)
Vanessa is 24 years old but looks younger with her braces. Wearing a cut off t-shirt and shorts, she is one of the nastiest talkers around. Working with Steve Holmes and Brandon Iron, Vanessa plays with her ass. “I want your cock in here. First you lick it and then you fuck me”. Vanessa takes the guys one after the other in doggie, telling Steve, “You have a fat long-ass cock with a big ‘ol head. My pussy likes you”. Action switches to reverse cowgirl with Vanessa riding Steve. “I’m gonna fuck you all the time baby. I can’t get enough of your dick”. P2M. “I wanna be your whore, your slut, your cunt, and your bitch.” “Then you’ll finally do me in the ass”? Cowgirl anal. Vanessa pivots around into reverse cowgirl anal without disengaging. “I twist your dick. You like that? I twist your dick.” Anal missionary with her ass hanging off the end of chair. No lube. “Do me, do me, do me.” Gaping. Dildo in pussy, cock in ass. “I’m high on anal.” Vanessa takes nice facial from Brandon, tiny facial from Steve. Vince Voyeur heard in background, “That’s what we call a hamster pop (referring to Steve).” Great energy by Vanessa, scorcher of a scene.

Just Over Eighteen #2 Scene 6, Brooke Balentyne (11/21/05)
David Luger and nineteen year old Brooke in casino briefly, get kicked out. Elevator ride up to room. Brooke flashes her tits. In room. Joined by the “Canadian tag team” of Brandon Iron and Mark Ashley. Brandon rubs a strawberry up and down Brooke’s pussy, which she eats. Brandon fingers her ass, Brooke licks it clean. Blowing both guys side by side. Spitting on the dicks. Guys slap their cocks against Brooke’s face. Brooke attempts to deep throat both, goes pretty deep but these guys are big. Brooke lays back on couch, Brandon fucking her missionary while she sucks Mark. Sparse bush, nice breasts. Brandon fucks her hard in doggie, then moves around to receive head while Mark takes over the doggie drilling. Cowgirl from Brandon as he shoves fingers in and spreads Brooke’s ass. Brooke riding Brandon hard, blowing Mark. Brandon deep doggie anal. A2M. Riding Mark reverse cowgirl anal. A2M. First Mark, then Brandon deliver their loads into Brooke’s mouth. Brooke licks cum off the carpet. Her mouth is full of cum.
Brandon: “Kiss the camera guy”.
Brooke swallows it down, gets her ass and titties spanked. Brooke had a fun personality, high energy, and took a hard pounding.

Just Over Eighteen #1 Scene 6, Natasha Dolling (11/23/05)
Natasha is another super cute nineteen year old wearing a red skirt (bunched up around her waist) black top, and sexy yellow panties. This is her very first scene. She’s wearing braces and is blessed with beautiful natural breasts. Fun interview. She takes on Vince Voyeur and Pat Myne, energetically blowing both. Natasha leans back as Pat goes down on her. “Suck it. Ooh, you’re tickling me.” Missionary for Pat with Natasha’s panties pulled to the side. Doggie for Pat. Her pussy is very sensitive with a pierced clit. Doggie for Vince while she blows Pat. Natasha’s ass looks amazing as she pushes back into Vince. Riding Pat in reverse cowgirl. Natasha is into it. “Fuck my twat, fuck my nineteen year old little twat.” Cowgirl. Natasha takes facials from Pat and Vince. Pat pops a second time.
Vince: “He pulled that second one out of his big toe.”
Natasha giggles, blows a goodbye kiss to the camera.

Just Over Eighteen #7 Scene 1, Vanessa Valenzuela (11/25/05)
Vanessa is a very pretty nineteen year old and this is her second scene (her debut scene can also be found on the site in Brand New #2). Paired with Michael Stefano who sucks her toes, eats out her pussy and her ass while Vanessa fingers her clit. Michael positions Vanessa with her head hanging off the edge of the couch as he fucks her mouth. They fuck in spoon, doggie (while Vanessa sucks Michael’s big toe), cowgirl, and standing cowgirl. “You want me to bounce on your dick.” Back to the couch for missionary. “Put it back in, c’mon, give it to me. Fuck me hard.” Michael slows down the pace for deeper stroking. “Is that it, you gonna cum, you gonna give me the milk?” Michael shoots a big load into Vanessa’s mouth and she swallows it down. Much spanking and spitting (what’s up with all the spitting, I don’t get it) in this scene. Her scene in Brand New #2 with Darren James is more “couples friendly” if that’s your preference. Movie includes a bonus POV bj (scene 8) with Vanessa.

1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink Scene 1, Jayna Oso (11/28/05)
Jayna is 21 years old, being interviewed by Robbie Fischer. She illustrates for the audience what the movie title signifies, showing off her pussy and ass. Erik Everhard and Michael Stefano quickly join. Jayna gives head to both. Riding Erik fast and furious in reverse cowgirl. Michael cowgirl while Erik fucks her face. P2M for Michael as Erik fucks Jayna doggie. Many position changes, the guys are reaming her unmercifully. DP cowgirl. Standing DP with the guys bouncing Jayna up and down on their cocks. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. You’re fucking the shit out of me.” DP cowgirl. “I like getting fucked in all my holes.” Anal gape. Erik fingers her ass and has Jayna taste it. Reverse cowgirl DP. Reverse cowgirl double anal (DAP). Reverse cowgirl double vag (DPP). Erik doggie anal. Gaping. Doggie DP. “I love it, fuck that pink, fuck that stink.” Erik delivers nice facial. Michael cums on side of Jayna’s face. Lot’s of cum. Cum on couch, Jayna licking it up. One of the hardest poundings I’ve ever viewed. Movie includes a bonus POV bj (scene 6) with Jayna.

Cum Drippers #2 Scene 4, Tabitha Stern (11/28/05)
Tabitha is 25 years old and possesses one of the most gorgeous smiles you’ll ever see. She’s wearing a sheer top and shorts and teams up with real life husband Jonathan for this scene. Enjoyable interview with Vince Voyeur. Pushes panties to side. “There’s my cum dripper.” Neatly trimmed bush. Jonathan goes down on Tabitha. “Tastes good.” Her pussy is wide open as Jonathan licks it. “Yeah, fuck me with your tongue. I like that.” Tabitha gives great looking head to Jonathan. Sucks balls. “I love that dick.” Fucking missionary. Jonathan rubs head of dick on Tabitha’s clit. “Ooh, hot cock on my clit.” Spoon. “Pound my cunt, pound my cunt.” Doggie. Tabitha reaches back between her legs caressing his balls. “Ride me like a horse.” Reverse cowgirl. “Ride your big fucking cock.” Tabitha slams down hard onto Jonathan’s dick. “Bouncy ball.” Excellent chemistry between the two, natural not forced. Back to missionary as Jonathan unloads a creampie into Tabitha’s pussy. Cum drips out. Tabitha places hand underneath to catch the runoff. Licks cum off hand. “Pussy and cum, tastes good.” Majority of cum spilled on carpet.
Vince: “Clean up, aisle 4”.
Tabitha waves goodbye. One of my favorite scenes and one of my favorite performers of all time.

That’s my list for November 2005. A big thank you to Alison and the blog team for allowing this commentary. If you can suggest other scenes worth checking out during this month, please post a reply and let me know. I’m always anxious to learn of additional good scenes.

Please tell Alison if you wish to see this feature continue.

Coming soon: Rope Looks Back….. December 2005?

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