Let’s Talk About Boobs: The Top 5 Big Naturals

Gianna Michaels Tits
A while back, I put up a poll that pitted real boobs against fake ones. Real boobs won by a landslide – something that doesn’t surprise me after reading some of the reviews lately. It seems like VideoBox members like ‘em big and natural, so read on for my list of the top 5 girls with big natural tits on VideoBox.

1. Gianna Michaels

Anyone who read my Top 5 Porn Stars list saw this one coming from a mile away. This girl loves sex, has ridiculously awesome breasts, and I can attest to the fact that she looks insanely hot in person.

Alison’s recommended Gianna scene: Titty Babies, scene 3.
2. Natasha Nice

Not only does Natasha have huge natural tits, she’s beautiful. Plenty of girls are good-looking enough to do porn, but Natasha’s so hot, you just have to thank your lucky stars that she’s here.

Alison’s recommended Natasha Nice scene: Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. #2, scene 1.
3. Sara Stone

A solid performer with some seriously nice tits, Sara Stone has been a favorite of mine for a while. Bounce is very important with real breasts and Sara’s have great bounce.

Alison’s recommended Sara Stone scene: Built for Sex #3, scene 4
4. Ms. Panther

This woman has one of the most devoted fan followings I’ve ever seen. Possibly due to her big pretty eyes. Or her big pretty boobs. You be the judge.

Alison’s recommended Ms. Panther scene: Big Fucking Titties, scene 3
5. Whitney Stevens

Whitney’s a very cute girl and she occasionally performs with a girl who could be her sister. Whether you dig that or not, you can’t deny she’s got a great rack.

Alison’s recommended Whitney Stevens scene: Tit Worship, scene 1
I’m well aware that there are some notable large-breasted ladies missing from my list (Christy Canyon, Jada Fire, Brandy Talore, etc) but I truly think these girls are the cream of the busty crop. What do you think?

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55 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Boobs: The Top 5 Big Naturals”

  1. Maegorfromwow Says:

    I think you’re right about the majority liking the naturals. I think for me Whitney Stevens would be #1. Also, there is something about Gianna. I’ve never liked her. Idk why. She is hot as hell, but there is just something I don’t like about her. To each his own, I guess. (I’m predicting a big comment turnout)

  2. TheBodyX Says:

    Whitney is just ok to me… she’s good looking, but I never feel like she’s truly into the scene… Gianna on the other hand… words can’t describe how incredible her scenes are or just how stunning she is.

  3. Heath Ledger Says:

    Gianna is so hot in Furious Fuckers Final Race. We need some videos made by the great Rocco Siffredi of this site!

  4. extremejay Says:

    Well allison you totally ruined things for me…..britney COULD be whitneys sis? Dammit I thought they were cause thats what they claim and in all their scenes together they wont touch each other (why does it have to be illegal for to hot sisters to bone?) Thanks for ruining it…lol Oh well still have the milton twins. As for the list its very good, although Christy Canyon just getting hoinorable mention is a disapointment. She is one of my favs of ALL time favs! Those tits are phenomanal. And now that she has reached MILF age they are even better. But I would like to say that I truly beleive Gianna is the new Christy Canyon. Thats some big shoes to fill (or cups). But I mean it. she reminds me of her sooo much. the energy she has. And truly loves to get fucked. She even bounces her tits around harder than Christy did. Most girls hold on to them…Gianna lets them fly! I remember first seeing her on the old reality porn sites(i wont name names) and thought wow this is a great amatuer that deserves superstardom…hope she doesnt let it go to her head like Jenna. Thank god she hasnt. Now if only I could get Gianna and Christy Canyon together in a scene…….with strap on………….~drools~

  5. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hi Alison:

    Cyberhug to ya and hope you enjoyed holiday weekend. Just curious if that is you in the cover of today’s blog you wrote,lol. You know we all love ya but you just so much fun to tease.You did good job with your selections but personally i would have chosen for my 2 alltime favorites,in order for natural boobs 1. Traci Lords and 2. Christy Canyon. the great thing is they did many films together as they were in the same era.
    Noone ever pissed off the porn industry more than Traci,since she did her best films at 15 and no one knew she was underage.blew my mind because with her sexual skills i would have figured she was at least 20.she was the biggest in the business when she got caught and all the adult book stores had to get rid of all videos containing her in any scenes.if the police found anything with her in it ,the stores could be closed down and the owners arrested.all one had to do was look at Traci or Christy even clothed and it was instant erection and or orgasm.
    With all sincerity Alison you have made this site more interesting by your biweekly blogs.keep up the good work,and next time you go to AVN take us with you ,we can be your escorts and hopefully you can write us up as a business expense lol

  6. CMoney Says:

    I gots no problem with seeing Gianna being #1. Natural breast > Fake

    Some fake breast don’t look bad though.

  7. alison Says:

    Maegorfromwow – I can kinda see how Gianna might not be for everyone. Not sure how to describe it, but she has a certain energy about her that I think people either like or they don’t.

    TheBodyX – Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Heath Ledger – Duly noted! :)

    extremejay – I don’t know for a *fact* whether they’re sisters or not (so don’t let me ruin your fantasy). But since I wasn’t sure, I left it vague. And just so you know, I really like Christy Canyon a lot, but I made the decision to leave her off the list simply because VB doesn’t have a lot of her stuff. Obviously something we need to fix :)

    HotScooter2 – Cyberhug back at ya ;) To be honest, I’ve never actually seen Traci Lords in action. She was before my time and as you said, even watching her movies is crazy illegal now. Thanks a lot for the compliment…I’ll see what I can talk my bosses into next year!

    CMoney – I used to be a fake breast hater, but I’ve come around somewhat. There are a few girls with half-decent fakes…they just never seem to measure up to the ones with real tits though (imo).

  8. CMoney Says:

    Saw the Gianna scene from Titty Babies & all I got to say is……….DAMN!!! :-0

  9. dirtybirdy Says:

    You know, there were some chicks with some pretty big tits on that video you guys just posted, “World’s First 300 Lb. Gang Bang.” ;)

  10. dirtybirdy Says:

    I think Amy Reid would be on my list. As for videos on this site. One scene that has really stuck out for me is “110% Natural #5, Scene 6″ with Katerina.

    Also, about the “Stevens sisters,” are they sisters or not? I thought you were an authority on porn. Get on the horn and figure that shit out!

  11. Ed Says:

    I agree with your list as well. I’d include Britney along with Whitney. I also like Baily. There’s just something about that girl… Lisa Sparxxx would also rank up there for me.

  12. ropeadope2 Says:

    extremejay / dirtybirdy – I just read four reviews of the August 2007 release “His Ass Is Mine #2″ in which Whitney & Britney share a scene. All four reviewers state they are sisters. The DVD is from Le’Wood / Juicy, so would likely find its way to VideoBox in the months ahead. Of course, a few years back, the Jade Marcela – Nyomi Arman Marcela relationship went from aunt/niece to cousins to sisters, so who knows for sure? As to the topic at hand, my rule is small to medium naturals. Although, with Carmen Hayes on my November memorable scene list, I guess it’s more of a guideline rather than a rule.

  13. Strangepork Says:

    Great list! I especially agree about Natasha Nice (yum!) and Sara Stone. I had somehow missed out on seeing any Whitney Stevens scenes so far, but a few of them are already in my “to-watch” file. And I hope to see that Christy Canyon shortage resolved ASAP! (Also, the link for Natasha’s scenes above needs to be fixed – it goes to Sara’s scenes)

    You mentioned fake breast haters, and I’ve got to say that that’s me. I can still enjoy a performer with fakes, but she’s got to do a much better performance to take my attention away from the distractingly un-natural breast physics. Frankly, I find fake boobs to be dishonest and insulting. Do those girls think we’re that dumb that I can’t tell the difference, or do they just think we don’t care, as long as they’re big? No matter the size, just leave them natural, and work on your energy and enthusiasm instead.

  14. papayaman Says:

    I cant resist making a plea for 5 of my own favourites, all of whom sport beautiful large breasts that are natural as far as I can tell.
    1) Veronica Vanoza
    2) Lenka Gaborova
    3) Michelle Wild
    4) Aria Giovanni
    5) Loni
    Admittedly Aria does mostly soft core material now, but there is some hard material out there and her tits are magnificent. I pondered long and hard over Luci Thai and Fujiko Kano, both of whom are not huge by Western standards, but are spectacularly endowed for South East Asian girls. Luci in particular has a lovely natural pair of tits (indeed the girl just has a gorgeous body). Personally I would welcome VB showing more of these ladies, particularly beauties like Lenka, Veronica and Michelle who only have a few scenes each on the site.

  15. dizzle55 Says:

    augmented or enhanced(if you prefer) boobs are alright by me. theres really no need to mince mammaries, but there is so little mystique / such a raw appeal to (hence)naturals. the bigger they are, the more fervent the appeal, of course. well, thats my 2cents at least. i wouldnt kick anyone off your list cause im prolly a lil drunk from finally discovering Gianna. ive got no clue how i missed out on her career for this long. odds are though, i stumbled across her before and felt unworthy..(lawl)

  16. alison Says:

    CMoney – Glad you liked it!

    dirtybirdy – My opinion of Amy Ried changed a lot when I saw her at AVN. She looked kinda orange. I did a little looking around and Whitney Stevens told Luke Ford that they’re sisters. So it must be true…

    Ed – Good picks

    ropeadope2 – The only porn relatives I know about for sure are Sunrise Adams and Sunset Thomas. And I think Vivid signed some twins a while back. Anyone else is suspect in my book.

    Strangepork – Thanks! I fixed those links. And I also wonder what girls with really terrible boob jobs think. In my (observational) experience, guys seem to pay them a lot of attention, so it’s possible they don’t even care how bad their breasts look.

    papayaman – That’s a solid list. I’ll take your suggestions under advisement for sure!

    dizzle55 – I feel honored to have been the person who introduced you to the incredible Gianna. ;)

  17. dirtybirdy Says:

    Amy Reid did look a little orange in your pictures. Jenna Jameson looked a little orange too. What is the deal with orange? Was that a theme there this year? Were you orange? Maybe you missed a memo.

  18. alison Says:

    dirtybirdy – Haha, orange is in this season. But I’m woefully behind on fashion trends ;)

  19. lumberyard Says:

    Thanks so much for the big naturals listing. Now, for us big boob fans, what would be really great is a listing of top titty-fucking cumshots!

  20. Val Says:

    I can’t “handle” fake boobs. ;) I feel bad for girls who succumb to misogynistic social pressure pushing them to conform to some absurdly distorted “ideal”. And, bogus, bouncing, balloon-like, breasts frequently ruin a scene for me. I guess they just don’t make ‘em like they used to (See Below). -Val


  21. speakeroftheobvious Says:

    I hope I don’t upset anyone, but I’m not really a breast fan. I know, I’m sorry. I just don’t find them that amazing; to me their just the medical term of mammary gland and a way newborns get nutrition. Now, legs, hips, and nice behinds, THAT is something I can put a vote in for. I may be alone here, but if anyone else is with me on this, speak up and be heard!

  22. Val Says:

    I thought I would test a “word” link. Hope it works…


  23. Val Says:


  24. apefj59crazy Says:

    The natural big tit queens that turn me on the most:
    Casey Cole
    Sammie Rhodes
    Carly Kaleb
    Chrissy Taylor/AKA Brooke
    Sara Stone
    Franchezca Valentina ,and more that don’t come to mind.
    Love it when big tit girls ride reverse cowboy.
    That would be a nice future blog,favorite reverse cowboy action.

  25. justsomedude Says:


    Please get Luna!!!

  26. HotScooter2 Says:


    Cyberhug.any chance of doing a best legs feature,or best everything would even be better. i like the whole enchilada and anyway you look at it the boobs are only a part of the whole female anatomy. Thanks

  27. housedj69 Says:

    What about Bree Olsen? She’s got a great natural rack. Not too big, not too small.

  28. Ed Says:

    Personally I’m convinced that Whitney and Britney are sisters. They look too much alike not to be. It would be interesting to note who else in the industry, past and present, are related. Here are the ones I know about;

    Barbie Twins (Twins, 70’s did a few movies)
    Amber Lynn/Buck Adams (Sister/Brother)
    Jocelyn and Crystal Potter (Twins)
    Allie Sin/Astrid (Sisters, not twins)
    Tawni and Tommie Ryden (Sisters, not twins)
    Misha and Sasha (Twins, British porn stars)
    Lacey and Lyndsey Love (Twins)
    Jewell DeNyle and De’Bella (Daughter/Mother)
    Marissa and Melissa “Milton Twins” (Twins, internet porn mainly)
    Shaina and Shana “Simpson Twins” (Twins, internet porn mainly)
    Sunset Thomas and Sunrise Adams (Aunt/Niece)

    There are more, I don’t know them all. I’m not implying any incest, just people in the business who are related.

  29. zarafan Says:

    I’m admittedly not much of a breast fetishist, but one of the virtues of porno is the ability to indulge in all sorts of variables that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to you in real life. In that spirit, here are my 5 favorite all-natural busts (not necessarily my favorite breasts!) in porn:

    1) Michelle Wild (far, far and away: I WISH VB had more of her movies!!!!!)
    2) Angel Dark
    3) Angelica Bella (from the 90s: by the way, Ed, in light of your interesting list of sister acts in porno, she performs a couple of lesbian scenes with Veronica Bella, allegedly her sister…)
    4) Sandra Kay
    5) Bree Olsen

    But as in all things, it’s not what you’ve got, but what you do with it….

    Thanks, one and all,


  30. Mitch Says:

    I agree.

  31. papayaman Says:

    Solid picks from zarafan and apefj. But how could we forget Jane Darling! What a fabulous bosom that girl has.

  32. zarafan Says:

    Dear Papayaman,

    Jane Darling would definitely be “6th” on my top 5 list!!!!!



  33. hiflyin77 Says:

    Nice list Alison. Here’s my top 5 naturals out there:
    1-Bree Olsen
    2-Sammy Rhodes
    3-Monica Sweetheart
    4-Nautica Thorn
    5-Penny Flame

    On that note, I don’t mind the fake tits for the most part. Some look awful, and there are definetly some girls who got them and didn’t need to i.e. Teagan Presley, Sunrise Adams, Melissa Lauren, and Nadia Styles. The thing I find funny is all these guys on here bitch and complain about fake tits, but I’d to see them turn down a chance with Eva Angelina, Ashlynn Brooks, or even any of the above mentioned girls, all because they have fake tits.

    Do you think it would be possible to do a list of girls that look better with fake tits than without?

  34. nzpossum Says:

    Michelle Wild
    Veronica Vanoza
    Anastasia Christ
    Krystal de Boor
    Jane Darling

    Angel Dark a solid 6th

    I feel Alison is too biased towards American stars- no offence

  35. HotScooter2 Says:


    Anastasia Christ is a hot one alright,one of the sexiest women i have ever seen

  36. out4fun3 Says:

    Alison you rock! I get you!

    This is my first time to leave a comment even though I have read all of the blog topics and subsequent comments.

    Thanks for the pictures and observations at the AVN show. I have never been and was not aware of what all goes on there.

    I like your style and approach to the web site and blog. I think it is best we do not see what you look like. It adds to the imagination especially knowing you are into porn like the rest of us.

    I like your top 5 list of girls with big natural breasts. They are beautiful women.

    I can’t wait for your next blog topic.

    You rock!

  37. firesnype Says:

    Hey Allison! how about a nicest ass review? hands down Gloria Gucci is number one! Best… Ass… Ever!

  38. alison Says:

    lumberyard – Good idea. Noted :)

    Val – Right on. I’m with you.

    speakeroftheobvious – I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not offended :) Different strokes for different folks.

    justsomedude – Got it :)

    HotScooter2 – Cyberhug :) That’s a good idea. I’m not sure I’m the absolute best person to write it, but I’ll do some research.

    housedj69 – Bree’s a cute girl, but I’ve never personally been into her.

    Ed – I think you’re right. Good list, I think you got all of them. Thanks for posting it.

    zarafan – Solid list. I agree about Michelle Wild.

    hiflyin77 – Penny Flame! She has incredible natural tits. I know because I’ve seen them in person :) Didn’t actually get to touch them though, unfortunately.

    nzpossum – That’s a valid criticism. I’m personally not that knowledgeable about many stars outside of the US, so I admit that it’s probably very US-centric.

    out4fun3 – Thank you very much! It’s awesome that you’ve started commenting. Keep doing it!

    firesnype – Good idea! I will definitely be including Gloria on that one :)

  39. jfro Says:

    Interesting question!!
    Katerina aka Kacie (blond) — absolutely amazing beautifully shaped big natural tits also on VB in a hot hot scene – 110% natural #5 Scene 6 – probably the #1
    Audree Jaymes aka Adrianna — just amazing set of knockers maybe the #2
    Amy Reid – amazing tits probably the #3
    Michelle Wild -great maybe #4
    Gianna looks great and has fantastic rack but her scenes aren’t that hot for me.
    Naudia Marie — on this site and hot
    Angel Dark – very nice pair

  40. Aledat Says:

    Alexis Silver and Alicia Rhodes are two of my faves. Both real, nasty, and seem to enjoy their work.

  41. hotknicks1 Says:

    Great pics! I love big natural tits! I would say Africa Sexxx, sierra, Gianna, whitney stevens.

    I also love big areolas

  42. Rilyn Says:

    great picks But I have to say you can’t forget carmen hayes, tyra Moore

  43. punkiedew2000 Says:

    ZARAFAN hit the nail on the head with one of our favorites — JANE DARLING. She’s one of the hottest, nastiest ladies in the business and never “phones it in.” Add to that the fact that, thanks to the Eastern European language barrier, she doesn’t pepper her scenes with ridiculous noises (Brianna Banks anyone?)and you’ve got porn perfection.

  44. midazolam Says:

    Luci Thai is my favorite “big boob” player. Not saying they are huge, but big and natural on her small frame. And she’s gorgeous.

    And she’s got a sister in the biz, Nyla Thai.

    I think that fits the requirements for both topics in this thread. ;)

  45. Dan Says:

    I like the list, but I think you could make it better with these ones:

    Savannah (RIP) – pre-boob job and cocaine binges.
    Tonisha Mills – Yep, Belladonna before Belladonna could talk.
    Nautica Thorne – Damn, damn, damn!!!!!
    Olivia O’lovely – So Mexicans in the US is a bad thing how?
    Cherokee – Tell me you wouldn’t love to dive between those mounds of lovin’, I dare ya.

  46. Hari Says:

    not huge on big boobs myself but im suprised names like dee and alexis love have not been mentioned. not necessarily the biggest boobs but big anyway with great shape and more importantly for me, vey nice nipples. another interesting point to make is, these girls are not very busty overall (we usually associate big boobs with busty chics). alexis love is quite petite and dee in a younger years also had a very slim figure. other names that come to mind are monica sweetheart and angel dark.

  47. Ricky Ponting Says:

    Simi is the best.

  48. Mrniceguy1024 Says:

    My favorite porn would be Milfs with REAL big breasts. Notice how most of the Milfs now are all from the late 80’s early 90’s when the huge fake plastics were the thing to get! Truly angers me lol. Gianna is def. a favorite I would like to see her in some more 2 girl scenes but other then that. Honestly this site needs some more big tit dvds and some more Mild dvd’s!

  49. Mrniceguy1024 Says:

    I meant to say milf not mild i like wild!

  50. Costigan Says:

    Call me crazy but I like a small girl with proportionate breasts, like Keri Sable or Taylor Rain. I dont know why people always call me crazy when I say I dont like big breasts.

  51. 14karma Says:

    Gianna, definitely. She could run for president and win if she would do anal, possibly dp

  52. 14karma Says:

    Whatever Mr NiceGuy1024, your probably a woman snooping on her husband

  53. joe Says:

    No. 1 — Easily at number one — Lisa DeLeeuw
    No. 2 — Christy Canyon
    No. 3 — Keisha!!

  54. johnsmith44 Says:

    Jane Darling
    Amy Reid
    Gianna Michaels
    Haley Paige
    Monica Sweetheart
    Taylor Rain

    In any order. They are all wonderful!

  55. HopyibreFrierie Says:

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