Ropeadope’s Combat Zone Preview: Cumaholics

Cumaholics Cover
In mid December, VideoBox started adding titles from the studio Combat Zone. Membership reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and Combat Zone has quickly climbed toward the top of the site’s most desired studio list. My reaction has been more reserved, because I already own all of them. However, this does allow me to present a preview of some upcoming Combat Zone DVD’s.

The first movie we’ll look at is Cumaholics, directed by veteran adult performer Melissa Lauren. She’s assembled an all-star cast for this video and the action promises to be interesting. I’ve written a scene-by-scene synopsis and provided a few pictures to help us visualize the proceedings. See the glossary at the very bottom for those troublesome abbreviations.

Cumaholics scene 1 Annette Schwarz & Jayna Oso
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Cumaholics scene 1 #1 Cumaholics scene 1 #2 Cumaholics scene 1 #3
Annette wearing a turquoise bikini displaying her ass to the camera. Jayna walks around a glass partition entering the room in a white bikini as D. Snoop sits off to the side stroking his cock. Annette briefly licks Jayna’s pussy and rims her; the girls then join Snoop. Annette’s tits are hanging out of her bikini top. Both girls simultaneously give head to Snoop. Annette deep throat, Snoop slaps his dick on Annette’s tongue. Jayna stroking and sucking. Girls alternate, passing the cock back and forth. Annette deep throat as Jayna sucks the balls. Annette takes dick and balls into her mouth all at once. Snoop jerks his load onto Jayna’s tongue who drips the cum into Annette’s mouth. Annette lets the cum run down on her tits. Jayna licks it up and deposits it back into Annette’s mouth. Annette down on hands and knees. Jayna grabs her by the hair and leads her crawling into another room where Rico Strong is waiting for them. Girls giving head. Rico is bigger than Snoop but Annette deep throats with ease. Face fucking Annette. Jayna deep throat, almost gets it all. Rico eats Jayna as Annette continues to blow him. Rico picks up Jayna and eases her down onto his cock as Annette guides it in. Standing cowgirl, Jayna bouncing up and down. Rico lays Jayna down on Annette’s back and is banging her missionary. Annette P2OGM. Jayna sits on Rico’s face as Annette climbs aboard his dick in cowgirl. Annette rimming Jayna while gyrating on Rico’s cock. Annette P2M. Rico spoon and doggie fucks Jayna. Jayna P2M, Annette P2OGM. Annette doggie. “Do you love to fuck that fat pussy”? Annette P2M, Jayna P2OGM. Jayna missionary, Annette missionary. Jayna rims Annette. Annette spoon anal. Jayna A2OGM. More Annette anal. Annette deep throat A2M while she holds her mouth wide open. “Do you want to know what my ass tastes like? It tastes like fucking shit.” Jayna spoon anal as Annette plays with Jayna’s pussy. Jayna reverse cowgirl anal. Annette A2OGM. Annette licking Rico’s balls from underneath as Jayna rides the cock. Annette has two fingers pumping Jayna’s pussy. Jayna A2M, Annette A2OGM. Back to the pussy with Rico fucking first Jayna, then Annette in cowgirl. Rico cums on Annette’s tongue and the girls swap and share it as the scene fades out.

Very good opening scene with excellent performances from all. I wasn’t familiar with either of the two guys, however they were both solid, especially Rico Strong who had far more screen time than D. Snoop. Jayna was her usual hot self, but in my opinion, Annette steals the scene.
Rope rating: 4 ½ out of 5.

Cumaholics scene 2 Rebecca Linares & Sativa Rose
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Cumaholics scene 2 #1 Cumaholics scene 2 #2 Cumaholics scene 2 #3
Both girls dressed in black bikinis, heavy eye makeup, speaking Spanish and playing with one another. Sativa pulls Rebecca’s bikini to the side, fingers and tastes her ass. Rebecca takes off Sativa’s bikini, leans her back on the couch. Eating her pussy, licking at the clit. Rebecca signals Christian XXX to join them. Double oral from Sativa and Rebecca. Sativa sucking cock as Rebecca sucks his balls. Rebecca stroking and sucking, slapping the cock against her tongue. Christian lifts Rebecca up, easing her down on his cock in standing cowgirl. Sativa fingering Rebecca’s ass from below. Sativa P2OGM. Sativa missionary. Rebecca P2OTM. More Sativa missionary as Rebecca rubs Sativa’s clit and sucks on her tits. Sativa P2M, Rebecca P2OGM. Rebecca doggie anal. Rebecca standing reverse cowgirl anal. Sativa A2OGM. Rebecca doggie anal. Sativa A2OGM. Sativa cowgirl vag (?) as Rebecca sits her pussy down on Christian’s face. Rebecca slapping Christian’s face. Sativa reverse cowgirl anal. Rebecca A2OGM. Rebecca two fingers in Sativa’s ass; Sativa licks the fingers clean. More oral double teaming from the girls on Christian’s cock and balls. Sativa cowgirl vag (?); Rebecca tonguing her ass. Sativa cowgirl anal. Christian strokes his load into Sativa’s mouth who dribbles it down into Rebecca’s mouth. Rebecca spits the cum onto Sativa’s tits and licks it back up as the scene concludes.

Smokin’ scene, great chemistry between the girls. You’ll need your Spanish to English translator for this one. I didn’t understand a word the girls said, but the dialogue sounded hot. More importantly, the on screen activity was definitely hot. Sativa has always been a long time favorite of mine and Rebecca is quickly drawing my attention.
Rope rating: 4 ½ out of 5.

Cumaholics scene 3 Mia Bangg & Missy Monroe
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Cumaholics scene 3 #1 Cumaholics scene 3 #2 Cumaholics scene 3 #3
Mia in turquoise mesh top and Missy in purple mesh top. Missy’s hairstyle is the short blonde cut today. Topless. Titties rubbing against each other. Mia flexes her butt. Has a surprise for Missy, pulling out a wide glass buttplug. Mia works the buttplug up into Missy’s ass. Missy pulls it out and licks it clean. “Are you ready for some cum now”? Unidentified guy enters, stroking his cock and immediately deposits his load on Missy’s tongue. Missy drips the cum into Mia’s mouth. Second unidentified guy enters and strokes his load into Missy’s mouth. Missy drops it down into Mia’s mouth. Mia now with both loads, swaps it back into Missy’s mouth. Missy blowing cum bubbles. Mark Davis joins the girls. Double oral. Deep throat from both Missy and Mia. Mia sucking the cock as Missy sucks the balls. Missy sucking the cock while Mia licks the shaft. Mark and Mia 69. Missy riding hard in reverse cowgirl, squirts the camera. Missy’s tits flail about as she bounces up and down on the cock. Missy P2M, Mia P2OGM. Missy rims Mia. Mia cowgirl anal, spreading her cheeks wide. Missy licking at Mark’s balls as Mia continues to ride. Missy multiple A2OGM. Mark eating and fingering Missy’s pussy, Mia licking her clit. Missy anal missionary, licking and fingering Mia’s pussy from below. Mia A2OGM. Deep throat. “Oh yes, you tasted all of my ass.” Mia licks and rubs Missy’s clit as Mark continues to anal her in mish. Mia A2OGM. “Fuck yeah, taste my ass, you filthy little slut.” Mia reverse cowgirl anal. Gaping. Missy rims Mia. Missy A2OGM. Mia side saddle anal. Missy side saddle anal, large gaping. Mia A2OGM. Mia doggie anal, Missy eating her pussy from underneath. “What a nice fucking view I got.” Mark alternate stroking between Mia’s ass and Missy’s mouth. Missy reverse cowgirl anal, Mia reverse cowgirl anal. Both girls A2OGM. Double oral for Mark. He strokes a modest load onto the girls tongues (first spurt overshot the target), and they kiss it out to end the scene.

Another winning scene. Missy and Mia worked very well together. Mark Davis’ best days are probably behind him, but he delivers a reasonably solid performance here. The (brief) buttplug play and Missy’s squirting were icing on the cake.
Rope rating: 4 ½ out of 5.

Cumaholics scene 4 Kelly Wells & Kelli Broox
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Cumaholics scene 4 #1 Cumaholics scene 4 #2 Cumaholics scene 4 #3
Kelly Wells shows up on the set to teach Kelli Broox a couple of lessons to help advance her career in adult films. Kelly wearing a pink bikini, Kelli a purple bikini. “I’m going to show you how to take dick in every fucking hole.” Kelly pulls Kelli’s bikini to the side. “Oh, that’s a fresh pussy. Have you been playing with yourself, you fucking nasty girl?” Kelli on her knees, Kelly standing over her. “Lick my cunt, lick my fucking cunt. Rub my fucking pussy, rub it with your tongue.” Kelly drops back on the couch, spreading her legs wide. “Here is my fucking cunt. You’re here to serve me and my fucking pussy and my ass.” [The nasty talk is hot but Kelli isn’t responding all that much to Kelly’s commands.] Unidentified black guy enters. Kelly engulfs his cock with her mouth. “I’m gonna devour your cock.” Kelly gagging herself on the cock. Face fucking. Guy slapping his dick on Kelly’s tongue.
Kelly: “I’m going to choke myself out on your cock.”
Guy: “That’s fine with me baby, choke yourself out. It’s your dick, suck it how you want to.”
Kelly: “Shove those fucking chocolate covered balls in my face.”
Guy jerks a nice load into Kelly’s mouth. Kelly gargles the cum, lets it bubble around her lips and swallows it down. “We need another cock. Bring your fucking dick in here.” Mark Wood enters the room. Kelli rejoins the group and gives head to Mark. Kelli cowgirl, Kelly fingers her own pussy. Kelly multiple P2OGM. Kelly reverse cowgirl, riding hard. Grabs Kelli by the hair. “Come lick my fucking twat from his dick.” Kelli P2OGM. “Put that fucking cock back in me.” Kelly P2M, Kelli P2OGM. Kelly cowgirl anal. Kelli A2OGM. Kelli doggie anal, transitions into spoon anal. Kelly stack ’em up doggie anal. “Fuck that ass like you own it.” Large anal gape. Kelly stack ’em up missionary anal as she furiously rubs her clit. “Wish I had another dick in there, but yours will do.” Kelli stack ’em up missionary anal. 69 Kelli on top of Kelly as Kelli receives doggie anal. Kelly A2OGM. Mark strokes his load into Kelly’s mouth and onto her face. Girls swap the cum a couple times and kiss as the scene ends.

I had problems with this scene. First off, there was little chemistry between the girls. I think Kelli was overwhelmed by Kelly, but who wouldn’t be? Secondly, once Mark joins the scene, he and Kelly are constantly running their mouths at the same time, talking over one another. This results in difficulty understanding what either one is saying. I did enjoy the oral between Kelly and the first guy, and the scene does pick up heat commencing with the stack ‘em up footage. Too little, too late.
Rope rating: 3 out of 5.

Bottom Line
I’m giving this a very solid 4 out of 5, with only the last scene holding back the title from scoring higher. The first three scenes are all keepers and fans of Kelly will find enough to like in the final scene to make it enjoyable viewing. Looking forward to more from Melissa Lauren and Combat Zone.

A2M – Ass to Mouth
A2OGM – Ass to Other Girl’s Mouth
P2M – Pussy to Mouth
P2OGM – Pussy to Other Girl’s Mouth
? – In the second scene, my iritis-laden eyes (which once required a cortisone injection directly into the left eye, fortunately not as bad as it sounds) could not determine if the cock was in Sativa’s pussy or ass on two occasions. I took my best guess but added the question mark to indicate uncertainty.

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20 Responses to “Ropeadope’s Combat Zone Preview: Cumaholics”

  1. alison Says:

    FYI – You can look forward to this upload on Friday. (Because I knew you were wondering)

  2. hiflyin77 Says:

    Thanks again to Alison for having Rope on the blog now. Great job as always Rope. Since the “review” section on the vids almost never contains any actual reviews this is a very refreshing chance to get a look at what a vid is all about, and not having to fish through all the “bent dick alerts, fake tit bitching, and DP homophobic bullshit. Cheers to you. Keep up the good work

  3. dizzle55 Says:

    theres no doubt its a great studio. so congrats on owning the titles (all of them?) rope. and thanks for the preview! its probably more information than im ready to process, but the caps helped alot. cant wait till friday..lulz

  4. junker Says:

    Wow, that is a good call to own all of the Combat Zone dvds. Just out of curiosity, how large is your collection Rope?

  5. housedj69 Says:

    When I joined Videobox, I stopped buying DVDs. I wonder if sites like this hurt or help DVD sales.

  6. fourstar Says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, so here goes – does anyone else think that having the date of release of the film somewhere would be useful? (i.e. being able to search for 80s, 90s, 00s porn distinctly)

    Classic and Feature are often a guide but are quite broad terms! Rope might have an opinion, most welcome…


  7. Dan Says:

    fourstar you were saying what I was thinkin’!!!!

  8. dizzle55 Says:

    i cosign on a release date reccomendation. ive had the itch a few times – but havent found any nav. thought about looking up dvds seperately off-site too..meh. rope’s gotta have an opinion.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    Hey guys, thank you as always for your continued support at VideoBox and here on the blog. Many thanks as well to Alison for allowing me the opportunity to contribute once again. I thought Alison designed the layout of this post beautifully with the embedded thumbnail previews. Yes, those are thumbnails. Please click on them to view the full size image.

    hiflyin77 – Thanks much. I really enjoyed working up this preview. The (obvious) advantage is having the vid ahead of time. It’s difficult to download a scene as soon as it’s posted, watch it carefully, and bring an organized, meaningful review to the site in a timely fashion. Cheers to you, mate.

    dizzle55 – Thank you. The screencap collages were my favorite part of the whole project. They’re a bit time consuming to put together, but I love the end result.

    junker / dizzle55 – I own 42 Combat Zone DVD’s but that is actually not “all of them.” I just looked at their catalog and it indicates 65 releases with 6 more scheduled over the next few weeks. I do have all the ones posted thus far to VideoBox. Guess I was using literary license. In terms of overall collection, less than one would imagine. Periodically, I reform my ways and throw away everything I own. Then, a few months later, I’m really pissed for having done so. However, it’s always refreshing starting anew.

    housedj69 – Alison could probably provide a more insightful answer than myself. I imagine it might negatively impact DVD sales direct to the public but could open up new internet opportunities for the studios.

    fourstar / Dan / dizzle55 – I think providing the release date would be a great idea. The more info available, the better. It could be misleading at times due to compilation releases. A studio could produce a compilation in 2007 with scenes originally issued many years prior. But on balance, I would favor the suggestion. Mind you, I cannot speak for VideoBox.

  10. deathdealer Says:

    Thank you for the insightful blog rope. I am a big Melissa Lauren fan and was wondering if you any other dvd that she has directed that you might recommend, as well as any scenes that are not on videobox seeing that I have most of them.

  11. nirado22 Says:

    Ha!! I’m like that to Rope. Everynow and then I “reform” my ways also and toss everything out.Hahahahha!!

  12. davros Says:

    Rope, thanks for the review. You do such great work. Just reading your review, I can’t wait for this title to make it’s way on here. Keep up the good work.

  13. ropeadope Says:

    deathdealer – I own one other DVD which Melissa directed, entitled Plucked Then Fucked, also for Combat Zone. It’s another good effort and does receive my recommendation. However, don’t run out and buy it. I believe it is likely that VideoBox will be adding this title in the not too distant future (although I’m not privy to the update list, so I could be proven incorrect). As far as Melissa scenes not already on the site, I would recommend her work for Diabolic which includes: Diabolic 2 On 1 17, Down The Hatch 13, Lewd Conduct 21, Mouth 2 Mouth 1, Perverted POV 7, and Un-natural Sex 12.

    nirado22 – Yup, I knew I wasn’t alone.

    Jimbo – Please don’t post any links in my blog entries. If Alison or Matt give you specific permission to post links in THEIR entries, then by all means, go ahead. But not here.

    davros – Thank you bro, much appreciated. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this update.

  14. TopShelf504 Says:

    Rope, you’ve elevated watching porn to an art form. If it were an olympic event you’d take gold every time. Rope in Beijing 2008!

  15. totaldouchebag Says:

    Scene 2…when, Friday? What time? For once I may be scheduling my day around this update. I mean, the Sativa Rose and Rebecca Linares screencaps were enough for me. I can’t leave my desk for another 5 minutes or so. I’m feeling faint with no blood in my upper extremities. If there are any more “Tipping the Scales” type updates, I may just use the Rose-Linares caps as a sleep aid.

    Good work Rope! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

  16. totaldouchebag Says:

    Oh wow, I just noticed Sativa and Rebecca’s eye makeup. Kill the makeup girl! eeech…

  17. justsomedude Says:

    Rope, quality as always.

  18. ropeadope Says:

    TopShelf504 – lol, I see you’re determined to have me competing for something in ’08. Thank you. Cracked me up with the comment you left in the Tippin’ post.

    totaldouchebag – Thank you so much. I wasn’t able to pinpoint which particular update would be devoted to Cumaholics. Seems the info is being restricted on a “need to know” basis. But definitely Friday. The heavy eye makeup is very noticeable early in the scene, but you quickly get used to it and it never proves to be a distraction.

    justsomedude – And many thanks to you, as always.

  19. billybubba Says:

    Excellent! I have said on many occasions that rope is a pornologist and VB has made my point. Great job rope and I totally agree, Combat Zone has the freshest faces and I also like their choice of outfits for the girls. I like clothing in my porn and they seem to have read my mind. Keep up the good work rope. It’s things like this that make me believe my money has been well spent.

  20. ropeadope Says:

    billybubba – Thank you for the kind words and my apologies for the delay in this response. Combat Zone continues to impress and their last three updates to the site are brand new to me. I also enjoy the clothing component – as long as they come off in a reasonable amount of time. A favorite of mine is Anal Hazard #2 scene 1 featuring Sophie Evans etc. Love how all three women are dressed prim and proper at the outset. That changes several minutes into the scene. Unfortunately, the camera work uses many cuts and the girls go from fully dressed to fully naked (aside from stockings) too quickly.