(Another) Planned Site Outage Today: 10:30am PST

The Site-Ops team is completing the final phase of database movement today. To facilitate this we’ve decided to put the site into maintenance mode for the duration of the move. This is scheduled to start @ 10:30AM till noon. The time window is longer than we expect the tasks to take. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For our fellow geeks out there, here are a few teaser shots:
internets.jpg internets2.jpg internets3.jpg internets4.jpg

22 Responses to “(Another) Planned Site Outage Today: 10:30am PST”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    Great job with the site, guys! I downloaded a fuck-ton of stuff last month, but the site never complained and took it like a champ. My ISP wasn’t so understanding though, and I got a phone call threatening to shut me down if I didn’t cut back some.

  2. Middle of the Day? Says:

    Who schedules an outage for the middle of the day?Already over the long time window, too. Porn people for you.

  3. aa11xx39 Says:

    OMG !!!

    Just when I needed a good ol five knuckle shuffle !!!………………………..

    Still got so downloads to have a blast off to, so no wucking forries !!

  4. alison Says:

    Most people work during the day. And download porn at night. Just sayin…

  5. Never pay your contractors by the hour! Says:

    I agree with alison, but in all fairness they said it was going to take less than an hour and a half and that was almost three hours ago……

  6. drebin Says:

    I agree, for a porn site, “production” is nighttime and weekends, not during the day.

    With that said, they are running over on time – hopefully it’s imcompetence and not that they lost all our porn!

    Lastly, I’m glad to see I’m not the only porn-addicted sexual deviant, that keeps checking back for when they are going to be back up!! haha 🙂

  7. wi Says:

    Noticed the guy with a Wisconsin shirt. Where are you guys located. Cali?

  8. fpardo69 Says:

    I’m a geek myself and I do undarstand that moves like this take time. If they get the website backup Today they did the job and I hope they had a lunch break. 🙂

  9. dave Says:

    Isnt it just typical for geeks to say less than 90 mins …… hey guys just be honest this stuff takes time ……. tell us the truth …… say 6 hours

  10. sara Says:

    6 hours? oh no.

    i don’t think i can wait that long without going nuts :/

  11. videoNubcake Says:

    Hey atleast put 1 video lol

  12. sundubys Says:

    Hold up! What if you work at night and are off in the day time? That would totally ruin your day, that’s like going to work with a loaded gun, but luckily I work in the day time and Alison comes and visits me after work so I dont have to get on the site that much…lol

  13. Mark Trip Says:

    I remember seeing an apology for so much anal sex … I still think you should change your site to “all anal all the time”.

    Think it is time for me to look for a site that “cares” about it’s customers.

  14. Cromin Says:

    Two things.
    Firstly can’t let Strangepork get away with the use of the word “fuck-ton” without an honourable mention for best adjective ever to be typed.

    Secondly, those pictures you posted, they can’t be legal. They are more hardcore than most of the rest of the porn on here put together. (In an uncontrollably geeked out way)

    Thankyou for listening

  15. Chainsawbeer Says:

    Just curious… what kinda database servers did you update to? I just racked a dual-quadcore-xeon for a contract job and let me tell you firing up the OS on that thing was ALMOST as arousing as some of the footage on the site. And do you run a mysql backend or does it not scale far enough with the traffic? I’d almost assume such a huge outfit would need to rely on an oracle backend or something of the sort.

  16. justsomedude Says:

    The pics of the thing that makes me so happy.

  17. dizzle55 Says:

    the teaser shots are crazy hawtness! thanks

  18. Fake Steve Balmer Says:

    MySQL on Linux. Gotta be. Fast read operations and pointers to media on drive. Ton of space and fat pipes for the leechers we all are.

    Will you consider adding additional fields to the tables such as the release date mentioned in Rope’s latest post and fields for male actors?

  19. Tom Says:

    Honestly, San Francisco data center’s have it sorted! I haven’t seen a miniature forklift device like that before.

    I can’t really see what that kit is, but i presume by the weight (your using a miniature forklift after all) it is a disk array. Looks nice!

  20. Tom Says:

    To have a go at answering the above; the entire site is based on Apache, so my guess would be that it is a LAMP setup. You should take a look into PostgreSQL instead of MySQL however, it really is very good and performs much faster.

  21. TrevOrc Says:

    Jeezus guys, I watch Porn to get away from my day job in IT, this is like the wife coming with me to the football and pointing out what everyone is wearing in the crowd |-)

  22. apefj59crazy Says:

    Any word when the fashplayer will be consistantly in sync with what we click on ?