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Preview: Brown Eyed Girl

We all know that Ropeadope is a big fan of the studio Combat Zone, but he’s gone the extra mile this time and put together a video slideshow preview of the upcoming movie Brown Eyed Girl starring Isabella Summers, Misti Love, Renae Cruz, Savana Lane, and Veronique Vega.

To get Rope’s masterpiece in all it’s glory, you can use this link to download it from rapidshare. You may have to wait a minute or two to download the file if you don’t use the paid service, but you shouldn’t have any problems (if you do, let me know). It’ll be going up on the site this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

Riding ‘Em Lightly

The Site-Ops and Development teams are always looking at ways to improve site performance. Typically most of these engineering efforts are focused “behind the scenes”. However for the next two weeks we’re test driving a very user facing change, CDN’ing our images.

CDN’s are Content Delivery Networks; these companies place thousands of servers in geographical diverse locations around the Interwebs. The concept being that these servers can dish out images and other navigation elements (such as CSS or JavaScript files) faster then our single colo in San Francisco. Our goal in this experiment is to decrease the page load time for members both domestically and internationally.

Please feel free to leave comments if you’re noticing faster or slower load times; please leave the name of your ISP and location. Thanks!

New Studio Announcement: DVSX!

You may have noticed last week’s posting spree stopped pretty abruptly. I apologize for that. I unexpectedly had to make a trip back east and didn’t have much time for blogging. Thankfully, everyone else was still here working hard while I was gone. Especially Content Dude, who just signed an exclusive deal to get DVSX videos on VideoBox!

Check out the trailers for a couple of the movies we’ll be posting in a couple weeks:

Fine Ass Bitches 4
Starring: Eva Angelina, Cassie Young, Samantha Ryan, Michelle Maylene, Candy Manson and Kelsey Michaels

Off the Rack 6
Starring: Ana Nova, Candy Manson, Devon Lee, Shannon Kelly, Shi Reeves and Carly Kaleb

Teen Sensations 13
Starring: Michelle Sweet, Faith Leon, Sandra Kalerman, Ginger Taylor, Vanessa and Alisson

I’m pretty excited about this deal. DVSX has solid content with a lot of really great girls. What do you guys think?


How Much Do Porn Stars Make?

In a comment on the last entry, blog-lover walken asked how much girls make for various types of scenes these days. To get the answer, I talked to Frank Lopez, the owner of various porn businesses and general in-the-know guy. He told me that the rates for new girls are as follows:

Blowjobs: $200-$400
Straight sex: $400-$1200
Anal sex: $900-$1500
Double Penetration: $1200-$1600
Double anal: $2000
For niche stuff like midgets or trannies, the girls generally get 15% extra.

Girls like Hillary Scott who’ve been in the business a while make about the same, but more toward the higher end of the scale. But according to Frank, Hillary in particular liked to work, so her rates probably went down. A bigger star like Amy Ried or Eva Angelina makes “way too much”. Frank said that “girls like that have inflated rates because they don’t like to work as much as, say, a Hillary who loved to get nasty 24-7”. I take that to mean that they make the high end or just above the high end of the scale laid out above.

There you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Want to Make Porn? Here’s Your Chance

When I saw this on AVN, I knew I had to post it. Apparently, Courtney Cummz (former Zero Tolerance contract girl, current pornstar for hire) is hosting a three-day seminar in Florida at the end of March to teach people how to make porn. It’s called Porn Camp. That’s right, Porn Camp.

The whole thing costs $4k (which probably doesn’t include room and board). That might be really cheap or a fortune depending on who you are and why you’re at porn camp. I’ve not seen any of Ms. Cummz’s directorial work, so I won’t hazard a guess about the quality of the instruction to be had, but if you really can learn how to set up a production company, book talent, shoot scenes, get a distributor and win an AVN award, I guess it’s a good deal.

Oh, and according to the website, “YOU WILL SHOOT AN ADULT FILM SCENE DURING THE SEMINAR.” Sadly, they don’t have a list of the talent. That’s porn for ya.

Update: Apparently Sean Michaels is having a similar seminar starting tomorrow in the LA area. Evidently, teaching people how to make porn has become a cottage industry.

Connection Speeds: What’s yours?

According to our site analytics, more than 96% of visitors to the VideoBox site have a high-speed internet connection (DSL or faster). That doesn’t surprise me in the least, considering how little a dial-up or ISDN user could probably get out of our site. What I’m wondering, though, is how many folks suspect their ISP of throttling (or limiting) their bandwidth usage. Comcast has been pretty reliably accused of throttling bit torrent users with the help of a company called Sandvine. ISPs all deny it to the bitter end, but there’s clearly something funny going on here, especially in the UK.

Have any of you ever noticed anything out of the ordinary when you’re trying to download a lot of scenes? Here is a link to a speed test. Check it out if you think you’re not getting the download speeds your ISP promised you. In fact, if you want a more accurate picture of the speeds you’re getting try it at different times of day and see how much it varies.

Confessions of a VideoBox Content Buyer

Who’s That Girl?
There’s a bit of mystery, I think, surrounding how we get content for VideoBox. There are many theories, I’m sure, but I think it’s time to set the record straight on a few things. In order to crack open the process a bit to the people it matters to, I asked our content buyer a few questions that will hopefully shed a little light on the topic.


Quick Announcement

At long last, the blog will be moving to a new, speedier server. Which probably doesn’t mean a lot to you (unless you’ve noticed that it takes a while for comments to post), but it’ll be a huge improvement on my end. I’ll probably give it a test drive on Monday, so while I’m sorry that posting has been a bit erratic this week, I’ll make it up to you. Promise.

Sasha Grey Interview on

Sasha GreyA former co-worker and VB blog enthusiast tipped me off to this interview with Sasha Grey. Not only is Sasha a pretty cool girl, she touches on a lot of very interesting topics (rough porn, unionizing the industry, having relationships with non-porn guys) that I thought readers of the blog would be into. The interview is cut into three parts, so here are links to Part 2 and Part 3.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sasha shortly after she finished her first movie (Fashionistas: Safado) and it’s awesome to see that she’s used the industry to grow rather than letting it take her over. This is the one girl I doubt will ever get a crappy boob job or start smoking meth. Which makes her 1000% more attractive in my opinion.

Scene of the Week: Cumaholics scene 2

Cumaholics scene 2
I’m picky about porn. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen more of it than any person ever should, but I have very high standards when it comes to pornography – the girl’s gotta be hot (preferably natural), the sex has to be passionate and it has to contain none of my personal deal-killers. It’s rare that I see a scene that meets my criteria, but when one does, I want to tell people about it. Out of all of the scenes posted this week (that’s 214 if you’re counting), the one that really stood out to me was Cumaholics, scene 2. Ropeadope was not kidding around when he said this was a “smokin’ scene”.

When I watch porn, I’m generally thinking “Awesome” or “Oh no”. It’s a pretty simplistic review system, but who wants to read a dissertation-length porn review? So here’s my quick and dirty review of Cumaholics, scene 2:


  • Hot latinas speaking spanish
  • Excellent pussy eating
  • Great energy from both of the girls
  • No one is a third wheel

Oh no:

  • Whoa eyeshadow!
  • Ass-to-Other-Girl’s-Mouth
  • The guy randomly finishes himself off

All in all, I’d definitely call this a favorites list-worthy scene. Good chemistry, hot ladies, no ruinous surprises. What were everyone else’s favorite scenes this week?

* Image courtesy of Ropeadope