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Sasha GreyA former co-worker and VB blog enthusiast tipped me off to this interview with Sasha Grey. Not only is Sasha a pretty cool girl, she touches on a lot of very interesting topics (rough porn, unionizing the industry, having relationships with non-porn guys) that I thought readers of the blog would be into. The interview is cut into three parts, so here are links to Part 2 and Part 3.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sasha shortly after she finished her first movie (Fashionistas: Safado) and it’s awesome to see that she’s used the industry to grow rather than letting it take her over. This is the one girl I doubt will ever get a crappy boob job or start smoking meth. Which makes her 1000% more attractive in my opinion.

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  1. urbanpanda Says:

    she is a cool ass girl

  2. fourstar Says:

    Sasha looks like an ex of mine (no, I’m serious) and as you say seems in control of where she’s going and what she’s doing. Going to listen to the interview(s) when I get the chance. Very cool girl.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hi gorgeous:


    couple of ideas for you one do you think you could update us on pornstars that are very ill. Case in point Nikki Hunter,who is suffering from Leukemia. i have also read of a couple of other pornstars thaat have cancer but cannot remember their names.You have resources we don’t have,and i think you continuing to show the human side of the adult industry in your blogs would be very appropriate.

    Also on a less serous note we could have a cyberhug Alison contest,and the winner gets a free dinner all expenses paid by VB,a dinner date with Alison. i vote for myself. i cast a second vote for myself.Steak and Lobster is ok with me

  4. lrae Says:

    Always good to see a star (particularly one as stunning as Sasha) with her head screwed on and comfortable with herself and what she’s doing – this side of the coin often seems to get forgotten compared to the more torrid and headline grabbing tales.

    Oh and following this can you give the content guys a nudge for more Sasha; just the six scenes of her and we haven’t had anything since you revealed the CombatZone deal.

  5. HotScooter2 Says:



    Did listen to the interviews with Sasha Gray but was disappointed not to see your interview with her. would also like to know what your stand with excessive violence in porn is. From what you wrote a few weeks ago it was not clear to me,where you stood as you seemed to show both sides of the issue. True that is good journalism,but where does Alison personally stand is what would be more interesting to me

  6. Giamessi Says:

    I love these industry stories. Keep ’em coming!

  7. CMone Says:

    I like Sasha Grey. I like how her eyes are sometimes kind of low, give her one seductive look. It’s kind of hard to put into words, but the best way I describe it is that she kind of looks high, even though I know she’s not.

    No, I’m not saying she takes drugs of any kind, other than legal ones.

  8. zarafan Says:

    This is a great scoop and I’m looking forward to listening to the interview ASAP; Sasha Grey is DEFINITELY one of the most interesting and alluring newcomers in the business right now (her primary competitor in my book is the sensational Brianna Love: I would be ecstatic to see more of them BOTH on VB and I note, given my predilection for European performers [Rebecca Linares would be a close third in my contemporary triumvirate!], how refreshing it is to see a couple of all-natural, extraordinary Americans on the scene…!). I sincerely hope that she will avoid both the breast-implant and crystal meth route of burned-out porn stars; I also hope that we’ll be able to enjoy much more of her work in the years to come, preferably on this site!! Thanks as always, Alison!

  9. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – Two cyberhugs in one day! Back at ya. I’ll look into how Nicki and anyone else who is battling cancer in the industry is doing and post a little something for you. I saw Nicki at AVN and chatted briefly with her about her recovery and it sounds like she’s doing very well. As for my interview with Sasha, it was conducted for an old employer, so you know… As for violence in porn, that post has been kinda simmering for a little while. I promise that as soon as I’m a little less busy (darn work interfering with the blog!), I’ll write it.

    Irae – Will do πŸ™‚

    zarafan – I’m a big fan of Rebecca Linares, too. I’ve not met Brianna, but a friend of mine interviewed her and she seemed like a really sweet girl. I definitely hope both of them avoid the pornstar burn out too.

  10. zarafan Says:

    Dear Alison,

    Yes, yes, yes: I DEFINITELY miswrote when I characterized Rebecca Linares as a “close third”: it’s really a 3-way tie (itself a nice image to contemplate in spare moments, but I digress–maybe this is something you could suggest the next time you gain the ear of a porno casting director…! [:-)]). I saw an on-line interview of Brianna Love at (I hope it’s OK to post this link here?) and she comes across as candid, personable, and very good-spirited; I think she’s one of the rare performers–Michelle Wild is another one who comes immediately to mind–who touches the heart while “warming the cockles.” In that sense her on-screen persona is quite different from Sasha Grey’s–Beatles to Sasha’s Rolling Stones, if you will–but this contrast might be all the more effective for maintaining their respective allure and appeal. I for one don’t anticipate getting tired of watching either of them, so I hope they’ll both be healthy, energetic, and content to work in the business for a long time to come!! Best wishes, to them and you…!

  11. zarafan Says:

    OK, so I’m deducing that it’s “not OK” to post a link on this blog: the link can be retrieved at the Wikipedia article about Brianna Love, for anyone curious…. Thanks again!

  12. alison Says:

    Hey zarafan – The basic rules about posting links are: just don’t link to a competitor and we’re good πŸ™‚ I’m not sure why the blog is rejecting the Wikipedia link (it’s doing it to me too), but if I put just the text in, it seems to work:

  13. sundubys Says:

    I dont care how fine she is “Porn stars are not athletes” they arent even in the realm of being mentioned as an athlete, last time I checked I didnt see any Sports Center highlights of Sasha sucking cock as the play of the day… Furthermore I think she’s a complete moron who thinks she’s smart and sophisticated but she’s not, on the premise of her saying “what I’m doing is art, and I consider it cinema”, what a bunch of bullshit…

    To me porn is just an easy way out, in terms of making money and having an easy life style instead of applying your self to become something in this world besides a panty dropper; remember that famous line from Chris Rock ” If your daughter becomes a stripper, or has some type of pole activity in her life, then you failed”. I might enjoy what these women do, cause hey somebodies got to do it right? But when they try to come off all smart or sophisticated, I’m sorry but it’s to much of an illusion for me to see that their not doing it for the money and purely for the enjoyment, I might be wrong but then again who’s to say that it’s not factual.

  14. HotScooter2 Says:


    If you hold female pornstars in disdain,as you certainly are implying. Then why do you help support them by watching porn.If all they are is stupid money hungry scoundrels as you asre implying,again why do you watch it. It seems to me ou are not being honest to say one thing and do another.
    I am trying to write this in such a way so as not to be a personal assault,but i did find your comments disturbing

  15. sundubys Says:

    I’m just tellin it like it is, sorry you feel that pornstars dont get the image they should in your eyes…

    I watch porn to rub one off…

    It’s funny how you think their not what you think they are, you think they’re their for artistic expression, and cinema right? if you truly think that then you’re outside your mind.

    So tell me scooter do you know any one in porn?

    cause I do, my thoughts are purely on experience so I dont know where your comin from…

    I’ve been on more porn sites then Ron Jeremy, or anyone on VB, four of my closest friends are directors so do me a favor buddy take a moment to think before you speak. thank you

  16. zarafan Says:

    Sasha claims in this interview that she’s thankful for the body she has. I’m thankful for the body she has, too!

    I also think that her ideas about unionization are well observed and worth trying to implement.

    And I hope when she starts directing movies that they will appear on VB; if nothing else I think it’s impressive that she’s willing to talk about the technical aspects of filmmaking and the idea of narrative in porn (however anomalous that sounds in comparison with most of what’s out there in the porn world now). I’d really like to see what she cooks up!

    Thanks for posting this Alison; I enjoyed it!

  17. HotScooter2 Says:


    I never said that female pornstars are the artistic geniuses of Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn,if so i doubt they would be doing porn. you are right in saying that i do not know anyone in the industry. i just don’t think they are all mindless either. Anyway if i came across as putting you down that was not my intention. so lets just let this whole thing go ok

  18. Toby Kulture Says:

    I don’t get the Sasha Grey hype. She’s alright looking, but has a boyish body and all her dirty talk comes off as forced. I’d rather watch someone like Eva Angelina or Eve Laurence, who are just as enthusiastic, but way hotter.

  19. lrae Says:

    It’s almost as if different people have different opinions and tastes Toby ;o)

    When Sasha talks about porn stars being athletes blatantly she’s not saying that porn is a sport – she’s talking about the obviously rigorous physicality of her job and the resulting approach she has to take to keep herself on a level and moving forward. It seems to me that its not an “easy lifestyle” by any stretch – the type and amount of sexual acts that industry performers take on amounts to a pretty physically demanding workload (and that’s before you consider the psychological effects). As a result, if they want to stay in the industry for any lengthy period of time, performers have to considering keeping to the similar kind of regimented lifestyle as sports athletes do for their chosen vocation. Those that don’t risk falling by the wayside as we so often hear about.

    Based upon the interview Sasha clearly has an interest in some pretty abstract cinema (certainly not the kind of stuff somebody incapable of some intelligent thinking would tend to watch) and has desires to combine that with her work in the industry. I think that it’s clearly a good thing for her that she has got this interests and things she’s got some kind of aims beyond what she already does – too many porn stars appear to get themselves in a rut which is when they run into problems.

    I don’t think anybody is naive enough to believe that the pay cheque isn’t one of the prime reasons performers but the same can be said about any vocation and, beyond the pretence in a scene or the odd bit of industry smoozing, I don’t think anybody tries to claim that’s the case anyway. Equally thought I’m guessing that those girls who get into porn purely for the money rarely last last more than a few scenes due to the unique physically and mental stresses that I’ve already touched upon.

    Now based on what I’ve seen of Sasha performing to date (not quite a dozen scenes) and my opinion of porn in general I also don’t personally agree with her view of her current work (or whether she will ever really be able to realise her ideas) but to call her a “moron” for her perceptions and the ambitions she holds seems just crass and narrow minded to me.

    I’m not overly surprised your association with your director friends have left you with a very negative perception of the girls they work with – at the end of the day I’m guessing that they’re primary concern is getting it in the can as soon as possible and the resulting bottom line, with the performers well-being a secondary concern (and I imagine a million thinks rank higher than the actors opinions). That’s certainly my impression from the outside. That’s why Allison’s interview with Brandon Iron was quite so refreshing (note that Brandon is of course a performer & a director).

    Just consider that there might be a few performers in there who aren’t cardboard cut out stereotypes.

    Sorry about the length of this reply but I just didn’t take a liking to your attempt to put down the other dissenting voice.

  20. lrae Says:

    Bah… that’s impossible to read with double line breaks removed :o\

  21. alison Says:

    Irae – I popped in some double line breaks for ya.

    Generally speaking, I think that the debate over pornstars’ collective intelligence or ambition in life is kind of moot. It’s like saying all nurses are in it for the money or all librarians are smart people. There are tons of notable exceptions to every “rule” about people and it’s not a particularly useful generalization to make that pornstars are all idiots/smart or lazy/athletes. Name 5 porn girls you think are stupid and I’ll give you 5 I know for a fact are smart. And we’re both probably right.

  22. zarafan Says:

    Points well taken, Alison! I think, though, that Sasha Grey IS ultimately justified in comparing her work (it certainly is that) to athletics: like a professional athlete, her work involves a performance of, and on, her body. Since so little of the gonzo porn made these days counts as acting, I would suggest that the best characterization of this work is “sexual acrobatics,” and therefore from a purely physical standpoint I would contend that the hardest working performers in porn these days are probably Aurora Snow and Sandra Romain. Sasha seems to be pretty hardworking, too, and it’s worth pointing out that her high-tone talk about performance art, narrativity, and cinema theory is also part of her allure and appeal!!

  23. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison, Cyberhug darling. Thanx for bringing this interview over here. I think Sasha is a true example to girls who are looking to get into porn these days. She is obviously beautiful with a great natural body, much like yourself I imagine. More than that, though, she seems to be inteligent about life and the business. She knows what she wants out of the business, and how far she is willing to go to get it.
    I really get into her scenes. She reminds me a lot of Tianna Lynn the way she exudes this raw sexualy energy, and a huge comfidence that I think makes her even sexier.
    Personally I think it’s because of girls like Sasha that Jenna Jameson bowed out of porn so ‘graciously’ recently. I don’t think she could hang in the new era of porn. Just my opinion though.
    Much love to you. Cheers

  24. lrae Says:

    Alison – Thanks for re-inserting the formatting, and for nudging the content guys :o) (Which is what I originally scrolled down to the reply box to say! ;o))

    I agree with you; generalisations and outside perceptions are nigh-always flawed. I had hoped I’d made that clear with my final line but that probably got lost with my verbose attempt to reply to sundubys’ “I’m just telling it like it is” brand of argument which came before it!

    zarafan – That’s a good description and choice of term. They’re definitely “performers” rather than “actors”. I’d add with Sasha that, while bondage really isn’t my thing, you can see in the clips included in the interview some of the stuff that genre encompasses really must take their toll.

  25. sundubys Says:

    Listen I’m not even going to try to defend myself when it’s 5 on 1, all I know is that porn stars are not athletes, yes I understood what she’s saying on how she approaches a scene and her self psychy to give a good performance, but c’mon now an athlete? That’s an insult to all athletes… I’m sorry people you are not going to change my views on porn stars being rightous or smart, cause their not…

    Alison you say you will name me 5 smart porn stars right?

    I’ll tell you what for every 5 you name I will name 50 stupid ones, how about that?

    Most of the smart one’s dont do porn any more, and when I say smart I mean Asia Carrera status…

  26. zarafan Says:

    Well, I hate to pile on, Sundubys, but…are YOU as smart as Asia Carrera? Does a porn star have to be as smart as Asia Carrera in order to be treated with respect? And are smart people the only people you consider worthy of respect? Just curious….

  27. Strangepork Says:

    athΒ·lete – noun :
    a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength

  28. hiflyin77 Says:

    Sundurys, just wondering who gave you the right to judge anybody’s intelligence. Just because you “know” some pornstars and directors, and “have been on more porn sets than Ron Jeremy” (I got a nice chuckle out of that one by the way). If you’re that in the know why are you paying for porn in the first place. I would not call any porn star a Rhodes Scholar or valedictorian but that does not back them stupid. Is everyone who is not “Asia Carrera smart” stupid, or is just because they are porn stars. Maybe you’re just a little pissed off because the your director buddies haven’t made you into a star.

  29. mudshark Says:

    I could care less if these girls had the ability to solve the national mortgage crisis or think that chicken on the sea is actually chicken. Its nice to see an articulate girl but in the end who cares, as long as they are smoking hot and not dodging the money shot what does it really matter.

  30. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hi Alison:


    when you get a chance i think it would be great if you considered having you list your favorite all around sexy pornstars. i mean ones that are total females with sexy legs and breast and just exuberate sexiness in everything they do. i would pick Bunny Bleu,Brittney Skye,Katie Morgan,Tracy Lord(only one video of hers i know of that is legal because she was 18 or older when she did it)and Christy Canyon. these are my 5 all time favorite. a close 6th would be Hailey Paige. Her sexiness does not stop with her physical passing

  31. sundubys Says:

    Hey hiflyin77

    I got a chuckle my self out of what you replied, first off I wouldnt want to be in porn I have to much self respect, and second I dont have the urge to be in the lime light…

    No, I think I’m pretty confident and happy in life to tell you that I dont give a rat’s ass what you think about me, or what you say about me, I could care less…

    Do me a favor and go rub one off before you post another psychiatric evaluation, come see me in Vegas I’ll right you a prescription for Zanax, sounds like you need it buddy…

  32. hiflyin77 Says:

    Aw sundubys, sounds like I hit a nerve. Just keep popping those pills pal, and all the pain will go away.

  33. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison, sorry I’ve been distracted today. Big Cyberhug to ya. Don’t want you feeling unloved or unappreciated. I like HotScooter2’s idea. My list is a little more modern: Penny Flame, Bree Olsen, Monica Sweetheart, Nadia Styles(pre bood-job), and Tianna Lynn. Much love. Cheers

  34. alison Says:

    All – My intent was not to get embroiled in the “are pornstars smart or dumb debate”. Period. It’s not worth arguing, in my opinion.

    HotScooter2 – Cyberhug. I kinda tried to get at that with my top 5 porn stars list, but I can see how that might differ from what you’re asking. Lemme think about it…I couldn’t agree with you more about Christy Canyon, though. She’s a legend for a reason.

    hiflyin77 – Cyberhug back at ya. And no worries – I feel very loved and appreciated by the readers of this blog. Especially folks like you who go out of their way to brighten my day. I really do enjoy reading the comments πŸ™‚ Your list is pretty solid in my opinion. I really like most of those girls (not too too familiar with Nadia’s work).

    Just thinking out loud here…what if I did a post where I published readers’ top 5 lists? Maybe do a series on it? I just think that you guys deserve just as much credit for your faves as I do…probably more πŸ™‚ What do you think?

  35. sundubys Says:

    Lol… The day you hit one of my nerves is the day you stop watching porn buddy, so in essence that’s never, but nice try though…Lol!

  36. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison – Cyberhug to ya. I think that would be a lot of fun. I don’t pretend to have near the porn encyclopedia of Rope, but it would be fun to go through the archives and pull out some favs for different topics. One of my favorite things on the blog, besides your beautiful self, is learing about other scenes or stars that I may not have come across yet. I’m guessing the lists would be topic based from week to week, i.e. ‘top 5 natural girls’, or as in the above example ‘top 5 all around sexy girls’. Is that what you were thinking or were you working around something else.

    It’s nice to here that we help brighten up your day. Keep up the great work. Talk to you later darling. Cheers

  37. Brinkman Says:

    Between how Sasha’s ideas of porn and her actual scenes, I get a lot of static in my head. I just don’t see the conceptual, intellectual things she talks about in her scenes. In her “mission statement” she writes, “I am interested in the adult film scene for mainly one reason. On average, most of the xxx I see is boring, and does not arouse me physically, or visually. There is only a handful of xxx stars that continue to push the boundaries of what women are supposed to like, or be like in bed.” And that’s fine if you want to be a sexual outlaw of sorts, but I don’t see what’s edgy or “different” about watching her totter around on 6 inch lucite stripper heels just like every other girl in porn. Sure, she’s more vocal than most girls, but I agree with Toby Kulture, it mostly comes across as forced. She was really interesting to me when I first saw her, but after seeing 10 or so of her scenes, the novelty’s pretty much worn off.

    She’s right about adult film being a performance – I’ve seen many many times absolutely stunning girls whose scenes couldn’t be more dull – but I don’t enjoy a performance that SEEMS like a performance. And furthermore, I’m not LOOKING for a performance. What I like in porn is watching a good looking girl do things that she enjoys and gets pleasure from. Now what’s real pleasure and what’s faked is debatable, but a scene that’s phoned in is very obvious as well is one that’s over-the-top. Somewhere in the middle (something “real”) is what I like to watch.

    Maybe it will be different when she’s actually directing and is in charge of the material, maybe then the art house/avant-garde film stuff will become evident, but the fact that she’s a huge fan of Belladonna gives me no end of pause. I only hope that some of the things she’s talked about being into in her personal life like watersports and puking she leaves there and doesn’t bring to the set. In the same way I don’t want to watch the skateboard guys give themselves spiral fractures and I don’t want to watch the UFC guys beat each other’s faces in, I absolutely DO NOT want to watch a girl choke on a cock until she pukes. I hope she’s not headed for those kind of circus-sideshow style sex scenes. There’s too many donkey show elements in porn as it is.

    And I feel like a cynic and a naysayer when it comes to her talk of narrative in porn, but I think the time for plot-driven porn is past. I know there are plenty here on this site who like the lead-up that a premise provides, but I’ve always skipped that stuff. The only reason I ever watch the acting in adult movies is for it’s unintentional comedic qualities. If I want horrible acting all I have to do is turn on the TV.

    I think gonzo in porn is what reality TV is to scripted television. There’s no dialogue to learn, there are no sets beyond someone’s house and a couple of couches or chairs, there are no locations and, compared to a feature, negligible production values. How many gonzo vids can you make for the budget of a feature? Hell, you don’t even need a premise for gonzo. How many times have we seen a gonzo video here on VB with “anal” in the title where half the scenes don’t even have anal sex?

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Sasha will entirely revolutionise the world of adult movies. But I doubt it.

  38. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hey Alison:

    Got a dozen cyber roses for ya as well as a bunch of cyberhugs. Had to do something drastic as i am losing ground to hiflyin.

    And Alison i agree with you that any further discussion about pornstars being stupid is pointless.If intelligence were that important of an issue the adult film industry would require all performers take I.Q test the way athletes are required to take drug test.
    Nor do i intend to continue flaming other members of this blog. We are all entitled to our opinions and just because i don’t share that opinion,does not mean that they don’t have the right to express it

  39. Matt Says:

    What’s all the fuss over this Shasa slut. She’s not all that! If she were smart etc., she wouldn’t be doing porn in the first place. I saw her scene on the recent update and didn’t hesitate to delete it.

    Videobox was better a year or so ago. Now the updates are just to lousy and cheap. Yes the member price is low. Maybe you could raise it for some quality content. Time is important also. I don’t like to spend hours clicking thru crappy videos to find somthing suitable to watch. Waste of my time and honestly my time valuable. I am most happy to spend more on another site where I don’t have to wade thru endless crap to find a download. Going somwhere else now and I seriously doubt after this months experience here I will ever come back.