Confessions of a VideoBox Content Buyer

Who’s That Girl?
There’s a bit of mystery, I think, surrounding how we get content for VideoBox. There are many theories, I’m sure, but I think it’s time to set the record straight on a few things. In order to crack open the process a bit to the people it matters to, I asked our content buyer a few questions that will hopefully shed a little light on the topic.

Alison: Just out of curiosity, how long have you been doing this?

Content Dude: I have been in the adult industry for over 15 years doing one thing or another.

Alison: I think one of the things that members are irritated by most is repeated scenes. How do we end up with movies with repeated scenes?

Content Dude: The studios are cutting corners where ever they can to maintain the ever-shrinking margins in DVD sales. They shoot one less scene, or shoot a BJ movie because it’s half the cost. Which is why there has been a a lot BJ stuff on the market lately. It’s pretty common for them to shoot one scene based on a girl or a niche and fill it out with ‘related’ scenes which they buy from another studio or use from previously released titles. They pretty up the box cover based on the one piece of new content and release it as a new product and not the compilation that it actually is. Companies have been getting away with it because, there is so much content on the market, the chances of a buyer connecting 2 unrelated products was unlikely…until VideoBox came along. We have provided a very comprehensive visual database that users can easily cross-reference and see that the title was released prior on another DVD.

The practice isn’t as easy to police as one might think. Sure, we have a list of studios that we know do this kind of thing. We even have a clause in our license that guarantees content originality. I make sure that we discuss this problem before purchase. Even with those safety measures, repeats slip through. But I think we have a much better handle on it than we had before. The bottom line is, we don’t want to release repeats but it does happen, like recently with a Decadence title.

Alison: So, how do you choose which studios to license movies from?

Content Dude: There are several ways to buy content. One is to buy from the same brokers that all the paysites are buying from. But what you end up with is the same selection as everyone else without anything that differentiates you. I’m constantly trying to upgrade our content selection. I read all of the customer emails and every comment on the site and try and get a feel for what will make everyone happy. There are a lot of studios that will not license content under our terms so I try and indentify the ones that will. If you look at our catalog you can see there is a big difference in our overall selection from most of our competitors. Recently, we were the first with Combat Zone we have more Mayhem than anyone else. I think everyone is going to be VERY happy about a few deals that are just wrapping up. I don’t want to say names as it back fired on us last year with Kick Ass who backed out before the license was done

Alison: Something that a lot of members wonder is why don’t we have movies from studios like Evil Angel and Vivid. Is there a reason for this?

Content Dude: Those studios don’t want to license titles under our terms. Although they are not fans of the revenue sharing model of pay-per-minute, they are still not interested in licensing with us. That said, we are looking at other ways to bring studios like Evil Angel or Jules Jordan to VideoBox.

Alison: You say you’ve been in the biz for 15 years…who’s your favorite porn star?

Content Dude: Personally? Or on-screen? A lot of the girls are really nice, I have been around for so long I guess I am like a sports writer and don’t have a favorite team. I like the girls I have been friends with over the years like Jesse Jane and Tiana Lynne. There has been a debate on the blog about the girls’ intelligence and I will have to side with you that a lot of these girls, although not brain surgeons, are not stupid either.

Alison: That was such a dodge, but alright. Which studio do you think makes the best content?

Content Dude: I think Anabolic has consistently made the best content over the years

Alison: Okay, last but not least, what’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever seen at the AVN convention?

Content Dude: Wow, I don’t know….the show has really tamed down over the years. Those Real Dolls are still and always will be troubling.

Alison: Gotta agree with you there. Thanks a lot for answering these questions. If readers have questions for you, do you mind answering them in the comments?

Content Dude: Not at all.

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68 Responses to “Confessions of a VideoBox Content Buyer”

  1. zarafan Says:

    Dear Blingo526,

    I’ve never seen Parfum de Mathilde, but I agree that Julia Channel is stunningly beautiful. My favorite Marc Dorcel star, familiar from my many postings on the subject, is Laure Sainclair: it’s hard for me to decide whether I like Inheritance de Laure or Obsession de Laure better, but I’m glad this is a decision I won’t have to make–they are both great and I would be delighted to see more of her work at VB!! Dorcel’s more recent work is also very good; Oksana d’Harcourt is dynamite, and his company makes better use of Katsuni and various familiar faces from the Czech Republic far better than his American counterparts…!
    Thanks again, Content Dude!

  2. DP Says:

    Thanks Content Dude for the reply. I look forward to the upcoming features.

    [[[seattlemack Says:
    February 20th, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    I was a bit surprised that there were a few folks that liked tranny movies. They don’t often comment. ]]]

    I learned long ago not to bother even opening up the comments section on tranny movies that I download. The only comments I’ve seen are based on people’s condemnation of homosexuality rather than a legitimate review of the scenes. If anyone tries to offer an honest opinion about the scene, they get negative banged x 47. I’ve learned to withhold honest reviews, so as to not make anyone uncomfortable.

  3. Bob Says:

    People keep asking for specific performers; but Content Dude (and VB in general) deals with studios, not performers. So I’m not sure if there is any point repeatedly asking for more from a particular performer.

    Content Dude, can you elaborate on this point. Do you routinely (or ever) notice that there are a lot of requests for a particular performer and then try to get a deal with a particular studio just because you know they have a lot of content featuring that performer? Or is that (as I suspect) an unrealistic approach?

  4. cockage123 Says:

    Some of my favorite series like The Babysitter, Don’t Tell Mommy, and Naughty Little Nymphos are still “coming soon.” Is there some licensing issue that is keeping movies like this unavailable for streaming?

  5. brickfarm Says:

    This has been a great blog. Another great attribute of VB is its user interface which is second to none. This blog is a great way for members to discuss preferences, ask questions or vent frustrations if they desire. CDude has been good too his word and answered many questions.
    Reading ..cockage123… got me thinking. Series like The Babysitter, Don’t Tell Mommy, Naughty Little Nymphos, Handjob Series, Babewatch and others can be found in their entirety on free sites. My question to VB and CDude is-should this content be posted on VB at all? My opinion is that VB should not post new updates which can be found absolutely free elsewhere!
    CDude, I would love to see more Euro style content. It is a little different and not for everyone but the girls seem to be more natural(ie,smaller breasted)and the porn not so “in your face”. Keep up the good work!

  6. Content Dude Says:

    Bob – Star-based content is the most requested type of content through email and on the blog. Most girls that are requested work so much for all the studios that I don’t really need to target them so much. It’s the newer girls that become popular that keep me on my toes. For instance, recently, we have been getting many requests for Audrey Bitoni. All of her work has been done with either 3rd Degree, ZT or Digital Sin. As you know, for various reasons we do not have any current content from any of these studios. So she is a girl I keep my eye out for and ask around about. If something is released that I can get, I will pick it up. Other girls we don’t have are generally contract girls from Vivid.

    cockage123 – You are not alone in your choice of favorites. We get a lot of requests to complete those series. You should be seeing more of these very soon.

    brickfarm – We can’t worry about what BT or Tube Sites are doing. We can only address the demands of VB users. The Notorious stuff is good content and users want to see it. So it’s a win -win. The users that don’t know about it will more than likely enjoy it and the users that want it will be satisfied that we are fulfilling their requests. I am trying to get us more Euro content, but it’s slightly tricky with 2257 and ownership issues.

  7. Chet Says:

    I have a legitmate question..

    When will we see Krystal Steal on this site?


  8. fedor Says:

    Content Dude

    Cherry Potter please!

  9. fedor Says:

    she also goes by sherri potter

  10. Totaldouchebag Says:

    Kickass Pictures prolly wouldn’t allow their Chica Boom series on here. But if they did I am sure the Latina fans would be very satisfied!

  11. andy82 Says:

    Man, That sucks about the deal with kick Ass. The stuff that they do on their Barefoot Confidential DVD’s is awesome. It’d be great if they did agree to sign up but Videobox don’t do a bad job of catering to the foot fetish fans as it is. 🙂

  12. shaggy369uk Says:

    Hello mucker. Just wondering if we can have another classic update soon??? The vid I have in mind is called Babyface (methinks). The part I remember is at the beginning where a guy gets washed up on the beach and gets nursed and shagged back to health by a blond and a brunette.

  13. Snuffaluppigus Says:

    Where is Nikki Dial? She was the biggest star in the world in the mid 90’s. Aren’t any of the studios willing to sell her titles?

  14. zarafan Says:

    Nikki Dial was magnificent in her heyday…!

  15. jfro Says:

    Content Dude,
    More Draghixa..please!!
    You should be able to get her material for cheap because it is now considered pretty old.

  16. seattlemack Says:

    I think it would be a great idea to keep this as an on-going forum. Is that possible?
    CD, you mentioned the difficulty in getting Euro porn. I was real surprised to see the 2257 comment. I know you can drink at a younger age but can you do a porno under 18 as well? Abosoletly no requests for that. There are some very fine looking performers over there and it would be really nice to see them on the site. I like the style of direction over the American in-your-face gonzo stuff. It’s something I can show my girlfriend…

  17. jfro Says:

    Yes, Please keep an ongoing channel open like this…

  18. deadelvis Says:

    Hi Videobox crew,
    I`m in the UK.
    I have used all the major pay sites over the last 4 years and
    i always come back to Videobox.
    Not only are you the best in value but you site is the best i have ever used for the sheer convenience of being able to
    load up a download manager and sleep while my vids are downloading.The vids on the $9.99 a month deal are the best
    comprise between size and quality.
    I tried the higher resolution ones but did not think the
    quality warranted the increased size.
    The content is well varied and with five new vids a day
    who cares if a tranny vid shows up occasionally ,just
    don`t download it.Videobox have the right idea in keeping
    it cheap so that people will just stay subscibed.
    I know on the dearer sites it was always a scramble to download as much as possible before your 1st month was up.
    I don`t expect the top notch studios for $9.99 and
    anyone who does is plain stupid.
    VIDEOBOX RULES keep up the good work guys.