New Studio Announcement: DVSX!

You may have noticed last week’s posting spree stopped pretty abruptly. I apologize for that. I unexpectedly had to make a trip back east and didn’t have much time for blogging. Thankfully, everyone else was still here working hard while I was gone. Especially Content Dude, who just signed an exclusive deal to get DVSX videos on VideoBox!

Check out the trailers for a couple of the movies we’ll be posting in a couple weeks:

Fine Ass Bitches 4
Starring: Eva Angelina, Cassie Young, Samantha Ryan, Michelle Maylene, Candy Manson and Kelsey Michaels

Off the Rack 6
Starring: Ana Nova, Candy Manson, Devon Lee, Shannon Kelly, Shi Reeves and Carly Kaleb

Teen Sensations 13
Starring: Michelle Sweet, Faith Leon, Sandra Kalerman, Ginger Taylor, Vanessa and Alisson

I’m pretty excited about this deal. DVSX has solid content with a lot of really great girls. What do you guys think?


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31 Responses to “New Studio Announcement: DVSX!”

  1. zarafan Says:

    This is GREAT news: I just went to to check out the series released by DVSX, and it looks like they do some TERRIFIC work. Not every feature caters to every taste (subscribers such as myself not into the tranny stuff will want to steer clear of the “More Than a Woman” titles) but there are a lot of films to look forward to, and I hope over time we’ll have access to their full catalogue. Some of their features even include some anal scenes–the most underrepresented genre, if you ask me, on the VB site! 🙂 Thank you, Alison; Thank you, Content Dude; Thank you, VB!!!

  2. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison, cyberhug. Good to have you back, not quite the same around here without ya! This is great news. VB just keeps getting better and better, and still for the same price. Cheers to you and Content Dude. Keep up the great work

  3. G man Says:

    Judging by the brief previews it looks like standard Porn Valley scenes … and pretty vanilla at that. Additions of new studios are always welcome but personally I would much rather see stuff with a little more edge and especially more European flicks.

  4. sundubys Says:

    That’s awesome Alison! Thanks for the previews, dont pay attention to people who dont know anything about porn, G man is just a hater, and hater’s do what they do best,and that’s hate…

  5. ropeadope2 Says:

    What do I think? I reach three extremely positive conclusions from this announcement. 1) Great addition of another high quality and prolific studio, 2) Reaffirmation of the knowledge that VideoBox will continue as the very best site of its genre on the net, 3) Most importantly, wonderful to see you back where you belong Alison, here on the blog.

  6. content dude Says:

    Don’t worry G Man I got something for you very soon. 🙂

  7. zarafan Says:

    Dear Content Dude,

    I hope you have something not only for G Man but for all of us Euro-porn aficionados!! I can hardly wait…!

    By the way, G Man: the spot check I did on DVSX at indicates that they feature a lot of A-list European performers like Angel Dark, Sandy Style (Saint), Vanessa Smoke, etc. It would “totally not suck” if these performers were at the top of the DVSX rotation (hint hint)!!!

    Thanks again, Content Dude and Alison!!

  8. bxm294 Says:

    Dude, what grade are we in? Stop with the “cyberhug” crap. That’s the kind of shit I did ten years ago.

  9. G man Says:

    Dear sunduby

    I must confess to being a tad shocked by your comment. We do not have the same porn preferences and apparently that somehow makes me hateful.

    Being from a non-English speaking country I admittedly have an imperfect command of the language and my comments may sometimes contain unfortunate and unintended sub-meanings. But I really can not find anything in my previous post that could reasonably be said to be discourteous not to mention hateful.

    Do you attribute such intentions to all those who hold opinions that differ from yours?

    Dear content dude

    Delighted to hear it. Keep up the spiffing work 🙂

  10. G man Says:

    Dear zarafan

    Thank you very much for the info … sounds yummy. And keep hinting.

  11. Strangepork Says:

    Great news. I’ll be looking forward to some of these titles. 😀

  12. zarafan Says:

    Dear G man,

    Happy to contribute to the Euro-porn cause!! For the record, until you stated that you are from a non-English speaking country, I had no idea that you weren’t writing in your native language. Without wishing to speak for Sunduby, it nonetheless seems that he was speaking colloquially: I don’t think the term “hater” should be taken TOO literally in this context….

  13. fedor Says:


    Content Dude…please make sure to include some nice “fetish” scenes (please note this doesn’t include big fat black girls :))

  14. Nate Says:

    Great stuff! I can’t wait. This reminds me of something I have been thinking that this site could use: trailers. These are the best way to determine quickly if a video is your taste. I think this great site could definitely benefit from the addition of trailers.

  15. jfro Says:

    Congrats on the new signing!

    Yes, Euro-porn is good!! Natural chicks doing it without talking dirty (or at least talking dirty in a language that I understand)!!
    I put a plug in for some older Euro stuff that you might be able to get for particular scenes with the beautiful Draghixa!!

  16. whackitgood Says:

    How about some other stuff: gay, tranny, peeing, lactating, fetish stuff, etc. ???

  17. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hey Alison:

    Hope all is well with you,and missed not hearing from you on the blogs last week. i think it is great that DVSX will be added to the VB repertoire. i’m in a kind of quiet mood right now but good to see you back at the helm on the VB blog

  18. alison Says:

    zarafan – You’re very welcome 🙂

    hiflyin77 – Cyberhug. Thanks, it’s nice to be back.

    sundubys – No worries. As I almost never say, don’t hate the player, hate the game 😉

    ropeadope2 – Thanks!

    Nate – Adding trailers would be somewhat technically difficult for us, but I encourage you to use the Flash player like you might use a trailer. It loads pretty quick for most people and you can skip around and see if there’s anything you like before you download.

    whackitgood – You can check out our gay site at As for tranny, peeing, etc., we aren’t much of a fetish site, but we do try to cater to folks who are into things outside the mainstream every now and then. You might be happy to know we picked up a couple of tranny titles in this particular buy.

    HotScooter2 – Thanks a lot. I definitely found myself missing the blog and you guys while I was away. Good to be home.

  19. speakeroftheobvious Says:

    The “Large Bottomed Females (if we say it the polite way)” and Teenage Sensations films seem like fine quality productions. The wrestler masks did admittedly throw me for a loop in the trailers, and not the good kind like, “Man, this is so hot I need to loop it!” Overall though, its nice to see good calm pornography that just wants to be well-filmed and not full of crazy gimmicks.

  20. sundubys Says:

    That’s right baby “dont hate the player hate the game” spoken like a true lady…

    G Man let me hit you with some knowledge:

    Hate or hatred= Racism

    Hater= Some one who is unhappy with the current situation at hand, or some one who is jelous of one’s personal belongings.

    For example:

    Damn bro why you hating on me?= Dear sir why do you bother me with your envy?

    Example 2:

    Guy#1- Wow that guy is rolling a fat porsche= I say that fellow is driving a fine automobile.

    Guy#2- Man that guy isnt shit, his porshe is wack= Outrageous! that man comapers to fescies and his automobile is not a rolls royce…

    See GMan guy#2 is called a hater…

  21. HotScooter2 Says:

    Alison :
    that was a brilliant statement that you addressed to sundubys the idea of not hating the player but the game was addressed brilliantly by Bob Dylan in the early 60’s in a song he wrote called Only a Pawn in their game. the song deals with the assassination of Medgar Evers on the surface but goes way beyond that on a higher level.To me dylan is in reality blaming
    the very cause of the rascism itself.dealing more with the sickness of the hate causing rascism and not the racist themselves

  22. xposh Says:


  23. Strangepork Says:

    I would like to request more videos with hot chicks having sex. And you can’t go wrong with big natural boobs, of course. And interracial is just fine with me too (don’t hate!). 😉 Seriously though, I think a lot of requests are asking for the site to be something that its not, and maybe they get a lot of attention because the people who are happy with what they are getting don’t make requests. If there is one thing I’m missing, it’s lesbian videos that feature good kissing, fingering, and cunnilingus, without the use of toys.

  24. zarafan Says:

    Dear HotScooter2: I agree, that’s a really great Bob Dylan song!!

  25. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – Great song. And I agree with your analysis (had to go back and listen to the song again and think about it). Thanks for sharing it.

  26. rj Says:

    Hell yeah

  27. raven Says:

    i hope to see some of director David Lord’s work!

  28. Garp123 Says:

    Allison-There does NOT seem to be alot of premium black studios. I would say none. Good Black and interracial scenes seems to be popular, but with the black female talent on VB you would think there are few beautiful black women in porn, which is not true. Why doesn’t VB have some premier black women?

  29. alison Says:

    Garp123 – The short answer to that is that those studios don’t choose to license it to folks like us. We’ve pursued a few of the really good black studios and so far haven’t come up with much just yet. We’ll keep trying though!

  30. Matt Says:


  31. kinoblog Says:

    Good post!