Preview: Brown Eyed Girl

We all know that Ropeadope is a big fan of the studio Combat Zone, but he’s gone the extra mile this time and put together a video slideshow preview of the upcoming movie Brown Eyed Girl starring Isabella Summers, Misti Love, Renae Cruz, Savana Lane, and Veronique Vega.

To get Rope’s masterpiece in all it’s glory, you can use this link to download it from rapidshare. You may have to wait a minute or two to download the file if you don’t use the paid service, but you shouldn’t have any problems (if you do, let me know). It’ll be going up on the site this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

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51 Responses to “Preview: Brown Eyed Girl”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hi Alison:

    so who is this Rope dude anyway lol?

  2. FlopMode Says:

    Great now i know what haapens in the end… damn spoilers :P

  3. Bud Dickman Says:

    Rope is the CIA of porn… Not in a bad way…

  4. BigE Says:

    Rope, I’m glad you’ve found something you’re passionate about…but, goddamn, man. Surely you could find a more socially-responsible way of spending your time and efforts than to become the world’s foremost authority on porn. I know this message will get deleted, because VB deletes shit on a whim, but, come on people…stop sucking off rope for being a porn encyclopedia. It’s troubling and depressing, and you all know it. This slideshow creeped me right the fuck out.

  5. monkeys11 Says:

    BigE said it all in a big way.

  6. G man Says:

    Dear BigE

    From the posts I have read it seems pretty clear that Rope is rather a decent chap. He is always polite with a positive attitude and he genuinely seems to want to be helpful and informative towards his fellow porn buffs. Personally I can only feel appreciative.

    The man is clearly very knowledgeable. – Cool. His approach to porn is a bit nerdy. – Fine. He spends a lot of time with porn. – Yeah well, if that is a problem then there are a lot of us here who have a problem.

    Some people collect stamps. Others are into train spotting or bird watching. Rope’s little hobby happens to be porn. That is hardly neither “troubling” nor “depressing”. It is just a fucking hobby (literally).

    So get of the man’s case … and find something worthwhile to bitch about. All right?

  7. urbanpanda Says:

    a couple of requests. any eva anglina and renae cruz anal and a movie called pinup perversions please

  8. BigE Says:

    G man
    “He spends a lot of time with porn. Yeah, well, if that is a problem then there are a lot of us here who have a problem.”


  9. G Man Says:


    Fucking = good
    Talking about fucking = good
    Reading about fucking = good
    Watching movies with people fucking = good
    Helping other people with info about movies where people are fucking = good
    Having petty moral hang-ups and dissing other people on a porn site blog for being into movies with people fucking = well … not all that good

    Get it?

  10. BigMMoney Says:

    urbanpanda: Eva Angelina’s anal scenes have just recently come out, so it may take some time for them to appear on this site.

  11. Fedor Says:

    Everyone has a niche passion they like. There is nothing wrong with his being porn. You must have some deep seeded guilt about it to make an issue of it. I am sure you will deny it but it’s pretty obvious.

    I am sure he has many other things he’s into. I have a dozen hobbies. This is one of them….but it never was until I found this site. lol.

  12. hiflyin77 Says:

    BigE – Not sure why you decided to come in here and start bashing on Rope. That’s like walking into someone’s house, drinking all their beer, and then bitching because they didn’t the kind you like. In my opinion Rope is as much a part of VB as Alison, Content Dude, or anyone else. Somehow he has amased an encyclopedic knowledge of porn, and has been generous enough to share it with us. He doesn’t force his knowledge on us, doesn’t tell us what to like and not like. He just shares his opinion. In the case of this post, he took time out of his life to put together some info about a video that he found to be good, and wanted to share it so others could decide if they want to watch it or not. I say cheers to Rope, your time and input is always apreciated.

  13. papayaman Says:

    I think this debate serves as a good illustration of the old adage, ‘those who live in glass houses should not throw stones’. Aside from that you have to say that Ropeadope knows good porn when he sees it.

  14. BigE Says:

    Meh, none of you guys are convincing. The amount of time and energy that rope has put into porn is FUCKED up. I know a ton of people here probably agree with me, but so far only monkeys11 is the only person with enough cajones to step up and agree with me. It’s nice to like porn and all, fine. But to know every goddamned scene and performer and cumshot is fucking weird. THEN, to put together a fucking video slideshow? That’s the cock loosener that just put me in turbo flaccid mode. Go outside, spend some time with the real world, read a fucking book. Don’t spend time making a tribute to a porno.

  15. sundubys Says:

    You guys are so:


  16. Lumas Says:

    Will BigE will be the first person ever to be banned from VideoBox?

  17. Thaeral Says:

    I think everyone should chill out. Everyone has their hobbies. There’s nothing wrong with Rope’s hobby being a savant of porn. I appreciate what he does. Bottom line, he saves us all time.

  18. BigE Says:

    If they want to ban me for saying what I said, whatever.

  19. HotScooter2 Says:

    This argument concerning the amount of time Rope spends watching Porn is inane. It almost reminds me of the Salem Witch Hunts. Who is anyone to judge Rope,and what difference does any of this make? Does it affect any of our lives? and come on Big E how much time you spending watching porn to have the fucking gall to condemn him?
    there is no reason to ban Big E from this site for expressing his opinion,but i do feel he should think before saying the kind of things he has said about Rope

  20. hiflyin77 Says:

    I agree with HotScoter. There’s no reason to ban BigE. He hasn’t said anything offensive or out of place. He has expressed his opinion, and I happen to disagee with it. That’s that great thing about having a blog, being able to share opinions and ideas. I personally appreciate what Rope brings to VB. Cheers.

  21. BigE Says:

    I really need to start judging more people.

  22. bxm294 Says:

    There is nothing wrong with rope. We all watch and like porn. Get over it.

  23. HotScooter2 Says:

    Folks we got a new judge,Judge Big E.. better watch what i say or i might be held in contempt

  24. BigE Says:

    I was voted “Most Likely to Piss Off a Bunch of Lonely Virgins on the Internet” back in high school…I guess my classmates weren’t COMPLETELY fucking retarded.

    I haven’t seen this many panties get in a bunch since VB posted “Cum in My Panties” on Aug 21, 2007. And, for the record, I had to look that up.

    Look, this is for all of the fat, balding, mustachioed old perverts out there who get their cocks in a knot when somoene points out that pornography addiction is an unhealthy disorder that has very real consequences for a far-reaching number of very real people. A quick search on the literature finds dozens of books (both scholarly and popular press) about porn addiction being a form sexual deviance. To the yank-offs who compared Rope’s porn “hobby” to collecting stamps, I suggest you finish stroking out your 6th load of the day, stow your balls, and ask yourself whether or not memorizing every porno scene ever committed to celluloid a legitimate “hobby.”

    And who here is going to disagree with me? Well, in short, every goddamned porno addict on this site. Yes, I also enjoy watching some porn. I’ve got nearly 4 gigs on the old hard drive, myself. I hope the number of people with a truly out of control porn habit is minimal. I’d like to think that I’m in the majority here — I wank the 2-liter about 3 or 4 times a week, for about 20 minutes at a time…VB is well within my budget…I’ve never missed an opportunity because of porn — be it in my career, or a chance to hang out with friends, or, most importantly, a chance to fuck my beautiful girlfriend. But, unless Rope is paid to be a walking Pornographia Brittanica, his obsession is undoubtedly getting in the way of his personal, professional, and social life.

    The same could go for countless others on this site, and undeniably tens of thousands (likely more) across the world. Sure, we all like to fuck our hands while watching some naked sluts, but there’s a necessity for moderation in everything we do. Everything, not just our vices. Even if I’d be willing to bend and call porn a legitimate hobby…how much time is a healthy amount of time to spend on a hobby? A healthy amount of money? Energy? When does your hobby sneak into your bed at night and push your partner out the door? When does your hobby tell your boss that his deadlines can go fuck themselves?

    Rope has become a staple here at VB, and more power to him. I’m glad he’s carved out his niche. Spending a little bit of time on porn now and then is just fine, absolutely. It’s when anything eats away so much of our time that our lives become lopsided and out of balance. There’s more to learn, more to experience, more to invest yourself in. Without ever even making a value judgment on the idea of porn, I think we can all agree that an excess of it (or ANYTHING) is unhealthy. I hope that everyone — myself included — will take time out from every day (with no cock in hand), look around this beautiful earth…use our leisure time to enjoy your life, but never forget to donate as much of our time to help out those who need it. Always make time to be thankful for the little things. All of them.

    Except for midget porn.

  25. BigE Says:

    Also, I’d like to encourage Alison to run a blog posting someday about pornography addiction. I know that the idea of a porn company engaging in the discussion of pornography addiction is somewhat counterintuitive, but, oh well.

    Oh, and I’d be willing to make a video montage for it.

  26. sumguy Says:

    I have to say that for a porn site (or even in general) this is a rather engaging dialogue. BigE has made quite a well thought argument. I don’t know how old Rope is. I don’t know how much effort Rope has put into acquiring his porno knowledge. To make a comparison there are plenty of sports fans that could tell you the starting lineup of both teams in the 82 NBA finals or how many turnovers Brady had in the each of his Super bowl appearances. Is that unusual? Yes. Is it a problem? Likely not. Either way I do agree with BigE’s contention that many people might be better served to easy off their porn consumption (I would also like to see a blog on the topic of porn addiction). Whether Rope is one of those people is a matter of speculation. The amount of information he seems to have on porn is rather surprising. Does that fact affect his day to day life? I have no idea. Either way another contribution from Rope…a rather interesting discussion

  27. sundubys Says:

    I too would like to see a posting of Porn addiction, I find this topic very intresting and more of a cognitive issue…

  28. HotScooter2 Says:

    Folks if we wish to debate Porn Addiction and if Alison and VB
    go along with the idea of devoting an entire blog to this subject,i would be in favor of it. But i do not feel it would be appropriate to be putting Rope on trial or to even continue making an example of him. Personally i think this is all in poor taste to continue bashing Rope

  29. zarafan Says:

    I agree that although BigE raises interesting and relevant points–not only about the problem of porn addiction but also how the VB blog constitutes itself as a community–I think the way he goes about raising these issues is off-base and inappropriate. We know nothing, really, about Rope except his contributions to the VB site, which have been inarguably constructive; we also know nothing about Alison (cyberhugs to the contrary), Content Dude, BigE,, or any of the other frequent bloggers (present company included). To conjecture on the basis of these postings that a person lives a disordered life, barring content that’s overtly offensive, irrational, or disruptive, is completely out of line. I happen to think that the discussions we engage in on this blog about porn are often more interesting than what gets posted on the website itself: I LIKE talking about porn, and obviously I don’t have much of an opportunity to do so in my above-ground, non-pseudonymous life. I don’t think wishing to talk about porn, one of my interests (along with Bob Dylan, politics, and a lot of other real-life concerns) makes my engagement with porno either addictive or unhealthy. I also don’t think that having an expert like Rope around diminishes the quality of our conversations–quite the contrary. All knowledge, I think, is useful, and in this context I think Rope is the most useful contributor to our blog (with the significant exception of Alison, without whom the blog wouldn’t exist at all, and Content Dude, without whom we’d have nothing to talk about…!).

  30. sjenkie Says:

    Haha, that preview is hilarious!
    With the music it’s like a holiday photo slideshow.
    You’re the man rope!
    don’t let them talk you down.

  31. Platitudes Says:

    BigE definitely has a point, and everybody who is attacking BigE for speaking out against unhealthy porn consumption is likely just unhappy that BigE’s public condemnation directly addresses their own problems. ive always thought rope’s knowledge was a little excessive, as i’m sure a lot of people here do. bige has the balls to do publicly what most of us only do privately

    BUT many of you make a good point. we probably shouldnt be calling out rope and putting him on trial here. also, i don’t think we should be beginning and ending our discussion on porn addiction solely with ropeadope. how many times do we see in the comments where some dude says “i waited five hours for this?!” or “i set my alarm to get up for this?!” that’s the kind of shit that i think BigE is talking about. An addiction to porn really can start to take over people’s lives. People here admit to scheduling their lives around the next porn update. that’s unhealthy.

    i feel like i can make that sort of judgment because back in college, i had a pretty serious porn addiction. i was easily spending an hour to an hour and a half (or more) nearly every day watching porn and jerking off. without a doubt, that affected my grades, my social time, my work performance, and just my quality of life in general.

    I want to share this fact with you all, because it totally turned my life around when i realized this: One day back in school, when I was sort of at the lowest point regarding my porn addiction, i got out a calculator. I estimated rather conservatively that i spend 1 hour a day looking at porn (of course, by myself, hidden in my room with the door locked and the lights off). 1 hour a day = 365 hours a year. divide that by 24 hours in a day. I found that each year i was spending 15 FULL DAYS watching porn and jerking off. 15 FUCKING DAYS OUT OF THE YEAR. 2 full weeks of my life each year, straight down the toilet. and i knew that this number wasn’t even all that accurate. there were days that i spent an hour and half or two hours on porn. i cant imagine how many WEEKS of my life i have spent watching porn. when this number hit home, i changed my life in an instant. now i only spend a couple of hours per week watching porn. i have devised my own system to keep me to that, and it’s working. thank god for that, i’m a happier person today.

    SO, should we condemn rope? Probably not, that’s not fair without knowing his situation. should a lot of us take a good long, hard (haha) look at our own porn consumption and ask how much is too much? Absolutely.

    I think BigE raised some really, really, really valid points here, and, deep down, we all know that he did. we’re just afraid to apply his critique to our own lives. was his public condemnation of rope a little bit on the inappropriate side? Yeah, sure, i’d say so. but it’s gotten us all talking. and i hope that some of you guys break out your calculators and understand just how much time it is you spend each year on porn (or stamps or basketball trivia or whatever…) BigE probably owes rope an apology, but if his comment prompts just one person to make the changes in their lives that I made in MY life, then i’m sure rope won’t mind that he was used as an example.

  32. zarafan Says:

    On the other hand, Platitudes, I’m not quite sure when someone writes that he “set his alarm to get up for this?!” that the person in question necessarily means to be taken literally. If you really do set your alarm to coincide with VB updates–well, that DOES sound like a problem. And your points are certainly well-taken about resisting the temptation to make porn or any other solitary preoccupation the central focus of your life: if you felt that you WERE addicted to porn and have overcome the addiction (well, what ARE you doing on this site, but I digress…) then more power to you.

    For the record, although I’m not a psychologist or a therapist, I know circumstantially that there is a real debate among mental health professionals as to whether porn addiction or any other sex-addiction is a meaningful therapeutic diagnosis. (I know I sound like a lobbyist for the porno industry, writing that sentence, but I’m not….) Yes, there are unquestionably compulsive behaviors associated with sex, including masturbation and porn, but are they the same as an addiction to alcohol or cocaine? There’s a real debate on this question, and I think that although a person unquestionably is in an unhealthy situation if he or she is watching porn to the detriment or exclusion of a real relationship and/or engagement with the real world, addressing the porn-obsession via aversion therapy without looking at the larger mental health picture of the individual involved is really just treating the symptom while leaving the disease unchecked. Without wishing to cast any aspersions on your own character, Platitudes, I’m not 100% certain that what’s needed in your life is an exclusive focus on the amount of calendar days you’ve spent in a given year looking at porn….

    It’s also worth pointing out that a lot of the rhetoric surrounding porno addiction and other sexually compulsive behaviors comes out of the religious right; it’s of a piece with the “success stories” whereby people have traded in their homosexuality–and interestingly enough, it’s always gay men who have been “cured,” lesbians are almost never mentioned in this rhetoric–for love of Jesus. If you’ve heard testimonials from “cured” homosexuals, I invite you to share with me a suspicion that they have not been cured of anything, they’ve only been taught to repress their sexuality under terms that are socially acceptable to that particular group. So too with the “cured” porno addicts of the religious right (which, to be clear, I’m not accusing you of being, Platitudes).

    I think it’s wrong to target an individual like Rope in this forum; I also think that personal testimonials regarding how much time we spend watching porn (and, as someone who LIKES the intellectual questions surrounding porn, I would contend that I spend probably as much time reading the non-porn content of this site as I do downloading and watching scenes: does that make me an addict or an auto-didact? I don’t know–once again, I think our terminology here is misleading and unhelpful…) are ultimately beside the point. Porn is a complicated issue and our relationship to it is always emotional and, because we inevitably internalize shame toward it (a sense of shame that the porno industry is ALWAYS ready to exploit in a thousand ways…), ultimately defensive. We certainly need to keep this in mind before we go on the offensive toward other people on this site, and we definitely need to keep our own relationship to this site in perspective, on a variety of levels. ‘Nuff said?

  33. sundubys Says:

    You make a great point Platitude, and thank you for sharing with us but if you want to start making calculations on things then it’s not only porn we should be looking at, theirs watching Television, sleeping, fantasy sports, playing sports, drugs, etc…

    The point is every one has their own schedule and vices in life, what people have to realize is that everything has a limit, to much of something is not good, and to little of something is not good either, everything should be in moderation, it’s easy to say but an actuality very difficult to accomplish, and honestly Platitude you didnt have an addiction, let’s say you spent all those times you masterbated with a girl, does that make you a sex addict now? No of course not, you were a college student who had a healthy sex libido, our testosterone levels are raging in our teens, and college years. Porn can be harmful to you only if it makes you think less of, or expect more of, women. (When you marry, you cannot expect your wife to duplicate what you see in porn any more than she should expect you to act like James Bond.) Finally, if you can stop it for weeks at a time, you cannot be addicted to it.

  34. alison Says:

    Wow. I take a weekend off from checking blog comments and I come back to some serious discourse. I should ignore you guys more often…

    My 2 cents: I like Ropeadope. He’s a nice guy. I have no idea whether he has a porn addiction and I wouldn’t hazard a guess. Nor should anyone else. Calling someone out in a public forum (no matter how anonymous it may be) is hurtful and unnecessary.

    I do not like the idea of banning anyone from anything, but I’m going to say right here that making personal attacks is unacceptable and it won’t be tolerated. Please refer to the Comment Guidelines if you’re unclear on the rules.

    All of that said, I think the discussion of pornography addiction is one worth having. Lots of interesting and valid points have been made so far on both sides and I’m sure plenty of folks who haven’t spoke up yet have opinions as well.

    It sounds like a few of you want a post about it and I’m happy to oblige. Give me a few hours/days to gather my thoughts and I’ll make a post some time this week.

  35. HotScooter2 Says:


    You’re a peach what would this blog do without you.You summed up the issue so beautifully and in such few words.there is no need in this forum for personal attacks.

  36. G man Says:


    Thank you very much for your poignant and insightful comments. I have been on this site for some months now and reading the entries on both the blog and the reviews has been a thought provoking experience. It truly saddens me to find that so many of the gentlemen who subscribe to VB feel so guilty about enjoying porn … and about having perfectly natural and healthy sexual urges.

    My feelings go from saddened to alarmed when psycho babble about “porn addiction” is added to the debate. I picture men having guilt trips after having a perfectly good wank watching a perfectly good double penetration.

    Without question the world would be rather a nicer place if we all spend more time having sex (be it auto-erotic or with one or more partners … porn-aided or not) and less time passing judgement or feeling guilt and self-loathing brought on by giving credence to bible bashers, bargain basement therapists and other disturbed individuals committed to taking the pleasure out of sex in particular and life in general.

    Can one be addicted to porn? Sure! – You can be addicted to anything. (Some of the most damaging addictions include the addiction to religion or other such inhumane belief-systems.) But there really isn’t any evidence to suggest that porn poses a higher risk of causing addiction than about a million other things. There are just a lot of sad people who do their damndest to push that idea. Don’t let them!

  37. sundubys Says:

    I concur with G Man and Zarafan, but I still want to see a blog on porn addiction.

  38. papayaman Says:

    I would like to congratulate Zarafan and Alison for summing up my feelings about this debate far more effectively than I could have myself. I also agree with Zarafan that a lot of interests in society have invested heavily in promoting the view that porn is addictive. Personally, I think its much the same people who told us we would go blind, mad and hirsuite from masturbation.

    However, I did hear some information from a friend that may cast an interesting light on the subject. This friend had business dealings with a porn site based in Holland. Unlike VB it runs on a pay per view basis. The owner of the site was reported as saying that he regularly had to send warning notes out to particular subscribers about the amount they had spent in a particular period. Apparently the amount they were spending indicated that they were on the site several hours per day (Platitudes’ one hour a day would look pretty conservative by comparison). They were easily spending hundreds of dollars in a month. Admittedly this is a second hand story, but I regard the source as quite reliable. And it does suggest that there are people who have some sort of problem analogous perhaps to a gambling addiction. Another question that interests me is whether or not there is any correlation between this level of porn consumption and a proclivity to explore more and more extreme porn. I realise this is making me sound a bit like one of the nuts I started out by condemning, but I thought these might be points of some interest if we want to discuss porn addiction.

  39. sumguy Says:

    As we come to a close here…I suspect Rope has likey been keeping tabs on this discussion. And I think it speaks something to this character that he did not jump in to make this a trivial personal battle as many online forums so often become. Just wanted to point that out for what its worth.

  40. HotScooter2 Says:

    point well made. his silence during this whole thing speaks positively of his character. If there is to be a blog dealing with porn addiction then i don’t think we should be talking personally about others,especially other than what we assume to know about these people,based on what they manifest to be in the blogs and the reviews.But does just this depict accurately the true essence of what a person is or is not?

  41. Fedor Says:

    “I suspect Rope has likey been keeping tabs on this discussion. ”

    Maybe not..I doubt he spends as much time here as people think. Guys…this site makes it insanely easy to see what a gal has been in before. A few clicks and you have an entire body of work laid out easily organized. Any girls name and anyone can name you everything they have done in 90 seconds.

  42. starfucker Says:

    ha ha. Fedor, maybe you, me and rope are the only vb members that make use of the search/filter tools? The site does make it pretty damn easy.

  43. Strangepork Says:

    No kidding. Identifying duplicates is not proof of any vast knowledge, let alone an addiction. If a scene looks familiar, or is from one of the known offending studios, click on the girl’s name and compare screenshots. Hell, I don’t consider myself an expert but I can occasionally even identify an uncredited, mis-credited, or mis-spelled performer. Also, read a little about the guy who started iafd for some perspective:

  44. HotScooter2 Says:

    you know what is so very hard to condemn is that 2 of the major contributors to the VB blog are Alison and Rope. And to show our thanks there have been those that have chosen to assault his character.None of us have any reason to say that he is a porn addict. Personally i could care less how much time he spends watching porn,nor is it any of my fucking business.Instead of saying the crap that has been said about him,we should be thanking him for his work.To the best of my knowledge he has refused any reimbursement from VB. This means his contributions have been to be a nice guy as i believe he is doing the blogs for free.
    This is all i have to say about this topic,as quite frankly it sickens me to read all this Rope bashing,and i sincerely hope Alison has made it so no more of this will be allowed.
    i am sure we are capable of discussing topicvs on a more mature level and not resort to childish namecaling

  45. HotScooter2 Says:

    in the first line condemn should read understand

  46. urbanpanda Says:

    wow… i thought rope worked for vb or something… i guess not

  47. ropeadope Says:

    Let me try to address a few points raised in the comments above. There is a misconception among many VideoBox subscribers that ropeadope is a porn expert. I have tried to dispel this myth several times on the main board. One person seems to think I “know every goddamned scene and performer and cumshot”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I rate my knowledge as average. What I believe I am good at is researching and cross-checking items that may be of interest to the membership. I derive a great deal of satisfaction by contributing and trying to be helpful at VideoBox and here on the blog. Fortunately, we still have the right as individuals to decide how we wish to allocate our time and energy. As such, I will continue to devote said time and energy as I best see fit.

    @ matt – I’m stealing your response format from the Riding ‘Em Lightly entry cause it looks cool.

    @ HotScooter2 – Thank you as always for your continued support. You are correct. I neither ask for, nor expect any renumeration. I consider it a privilege and a honor to contribute to the blog. Please watch for the next Rope Looks Back – December 2005 in approxiamately 24 hours.

    @ G man – I believe we’re on the same page and I thank you for your generous comments. For me, train spotting no; model railroading yes. So I guess I am a bit nerdy, but I can live with that.

    @ fedor – VideoBox does have a way of taking one’s interests and focusing them into a more deeply seated passion.

    @ hiflyin77 – Thank you for your complimentary words. I know I’m just a guest on this incredible site, but it’s wonderful to be thought of in the same company as Alison, Content Dude and the rest of the VideoBox family. Cheers to you mate.

    @ papayaman – You can’t go wrong with Combat Zone. Cept maybe “Tippin’ Tha Scales”. And the one I dared VideoBox to post on the 1st of next month which is scarier than Tippin’.

    @ Thaeral – And time is money, right? Nice review at TBP btw.

    @ bxm294 – Thank you. Concise and to the point. I like it.

    @ zarafan – Thank you. I’m sure I don’t deserve such high praise (most useful ex Alison & Dude) but I’ll try my very best to live up to it.

    @ sjenkie – Thank you for the feedback regarding the slideshow. With the direction this discussion took, there were very few comments directly related to the slideshow. I would be interested to hear from others who downloaded the file. 1) Was the downloading process from Rapidshare easy or difficult? 2) Did you enjoy or dislike the slideshow? 3) Would you be interested in seeing more slideshows posted to the blog?

    @ Strangepork – Thank you for the link. I use IAFD often and never came across that page.

    @ sumguy – Thank you, I’ve never found it constructive to argue and exchange insults with fellow members.

  48. Matt Says:

    I thought that update Brown Eyed Girl sucked. I don’t think combat zone is all that either but it looks as though thats about as good as it gets here. I am leaving this site becouse I am sick of wading thru crap for hours to find a download and even then comming up with little or nothing. You get what you pay for here just as with anywhere else. My time is more valuable the 10 bucks. My mistake.

    I don’t believe rope dosen’t work for this site and that he has just been a member for 3 years. He seems smarter than that.

  49. HotScooter2 Says:


    you ever check out the price of membership of other sites. well i have and every one was at least $19.95 and some were even over $40 a month. most with one exception offered far less variety,and only one had more DVD’s,and it had 3 instead of 5 daily updates,and it is over $0 a month,, VB is only one that has 5 daily updates that i am aware of. i have been member elsewhere and every one has the DVD’s i liked and those i didn’t. you will not find any site where you are going to like all the downloads. you do some math even if you were only to find 10 DVD’s a month to download you would get your money’s worth. i just gave VB free advertising,no actually Alison is dropping by me and Rope’s place on her way home from work and we both getting $1,000,000.Before you go around saying Rope works for VB know what you are talking about. An d alison rope and i will be waiting with baited breath for you to stop by with that little check. J/K

  50. HotScooter2 Says:

    correct $0 to $40

  51. matt Says:

    Hotscooter yes I very well know the prices. I think vb is a good deal for the price. When I was 14 this would have been great. I can afford to check out others I assure you. Hell what do you care you’r in your 60’s and home here I am sure of that now. As for rope I really don’t care what he does. I didn’t come to a site to kiss anyones ass. Just seems his actions are more than that of a member and 3 years here come on. Enough already.