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New Studio Announcement: Private

Dear Euro Lovers,

Your requests have been heard. I’m very happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal with Private to begin offering a selection of their movies on VideoBox!

Private is known for hot Euro girls, beautiful locations and crazy features. We got a little of everything, so here’s a small sample of what you can expect in the coming months:

Cannes from Private Insatiable Sex Dolls from Private Lady of the Rings from Private Surf Fuckers

Click the box covers to get a look at the cast and descriptions for the movies.


Securing Them Gigglebits

Today we’re launching SSL or HTTPS support for a number of pages on the site. This includes the login page, change password form and other user specific sections. You’re probably familiar with “lock” or secure icon in the bottom window of your browser. This form of surfing means the data transmitted is encrypted from your source computer all the way to our destination web servers. Thus folks in your office, dorm or other environments can’t “sniff” your login information. This is a great value if you’re browsing on unsecured WiFi or other shared networks.

For clarification, our billing partners have always received your credit card billing information in this fashion. Extensive testing has been done for the past few weeks to minimize problems. As always, please escalate any issues via the tech support request form.

P.S. I’m sure the uber geeks will point out that HTTPS doesn’t prevent MITM or Man-in-the-middle attacks are still possible. You pervs!


The Most Downloaded Scene Last Week

I’m always interested to see (in aggregate) what our members are downloading. It gives me a pretty good idea of what people like and what sorts of things we should be looking for more of. I thought that maybe you’d be interested in seeing that information too.

Last week, the most downloaded scene on the website was School Girls Love Cum Too!, Scene 4 starring Cody Lane. In fact, it’s the top Cody Lane scene on the site, after My Dirty Angels #3, Scene 5.

If this sort of thing really interests you, check out the top 10 downloaded scenes last week after the jump.


Thinking About Keri Sable

Last night, I was browsing the site and started thinking about Keri Sable. Quick background story for those who aren’t familiar: young Keri entered the business in 2004 when she was just 18. She did a bunch of gonzo movies and got noticed by the president/owner of Wicked Pictures, Steven Orenstein, who offered her a contract. In early 2006, word was she quit the business and left her Wicked contract unfulfilled. No one really seemed to know what happened, but when she didn’t show up at AVN, it was pretty much confirmed.

My Story
I had the great pleasure to be at a dinner with Steve Orenstein that year at AVN. Everyone wanted to know what happened with Keri, why she was worth all the trouble, etc. What I remember of his answer is that she had that special thing, that je nes sais quoi, that you just know when you see it. He didn’t get into why she left, but had very kind words about her – she was a very nice girl, but very young. If she didn’t want to be in porn, who was he to try to change her mind?

Investigating the Claim
So I went back and watched a few of Keri’s scenes last night. Notably, Teen Fuck Holes #1, scene 5, Sex Fiends #1, scene 1, and Finders Keepers, scene 1. I wanted to see if I agreed that she was something special (why it took me 3 years to have the inclination to do so, I don’t know).

Maybe Steve Was Right
I watched her in a 1-on-1 scene, a scene with another girl and a guy and a DP. After all that, my thoughts were that she really seemed that she was in the moment. The main evidence was that her sex noises didn’t seem bored or forced, she smiled, got flushed, and above all, she moved her hips. Porn girls never seem to move their hips when they fuck. They just kinda lie there or bounce around or kneel passively. But Keri actually moved. So while skinny bleach blonde teen girls with fake nails are not usually my thing, I had to admit that I liked her. I think that’s the mark of a good porn star – they don’t fit with your usual aesthetic, but you don’t care because they manage to be hot anyway.

What about you? What’s the difference between an average porn girl and a porn star? What gets every one of a girl’s scenes on your favorites list?


Ropeadope’s Preview: Plucked Then Fucked

In late January, I had the pleasure of previewing Cumaholics for the blog. Cumaholics was the second movie that Melissa Lauren directed for Combat Zone. Her first directorial effort for the studio was Plucked Then Fucked, which we’ll be looking at today. For Cumaholics, Melissa assembled a veteran all-star cast. The cast of Plucked Then Fucked were mostly newcomers at the time of filming. Cumaholics proved to be a very popular addition to VideoBox. Let’s see if we can expect the same from Plucked Then Fucked.

I’ve included screencap collages to help us visualize the action. Alison has been kind enough to embed thumbnail images within the body of this preview. Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge to original image size. Of course, my thanks to Alison and the blog team for the opportunity to present this preview.


Give Me Your Questions for Eva Angelina

My man in the field, Dave, has the opportunity to do an interview with the one and only Eva Angelina for the blog next week. So you have all weekend to submit questions you’d like him to ask Eva! Post your questions in the comments and I’ll pick out a bunch for the interview.

Members’ Choice: DVSX

Since the Combat Zone poll was such a success, we’re bringing it back for the launch of our newest studio, DVSX. Below are five of the DVSX movies we purchased. The box covers are linked to the information pages on DVSX’s website. It’s up to you to choose which one you’d like to see posted first. The winner will go up on Saturday night!

The poll has closed and Truly Nice Tits # 8 is the winner! Check for it at 7:24pm PST on Saturday!

The poll closes at 12:00 PST on Friday, so vote early to make sure your choice is counted!


Poll: Oversight of the Reviews

We’ve gotten several customer service emails lately asking why we don’t ban more members for making offensive or off-topic reviews. My feelings about this are mixed, but I think the opinions of paying members are really the ones we ought to be listening to. So I’d like to pose this question to you guys: should we be doing things differently?

Feel free to expand on your feelings in the comments. It’s a complicated issue and I may have missed a point of view with those four choices.

MTV True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry

I was flipping through the channels the other night and I found a documentary show on MTV called “True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry” that caught my eye. In it, a camera crew follows around three people who work in the sex industry: the general manager at Combat Zone, a straight guy who does gay porn and a girl who hosts a college radio show about sex (which doesn’t count as the sex industry to me, but whatever).

The Combat Zone girl and the gay-for-pay guy were somewhat interesting, even though they made people who work in the industry look like idiots. I could’ve lived without the segments with the radio show host in them, but I guess they needed to fill an hour.

If you’re interested in checking the show out, MTV replays these things over and over again. They also have it posted in its entirety on their website. If you watch it, be sure to let me know what you think. I was kind of annoyed by it, but I get a bit grumpy about things that make working in the industry look bad.

Porn Addiction: One Woman’s Opinion

Is porn addiction a serious psychological condition that is causing millions of men their jobs, marriages and relationships with their faimilies? Is it a figment of the collective imagination of the religious right who will stop at nothing to curb our personal freedoms? Like most controversial issues, the answer isn’t black and white, but here’s my personal take: