Rope Looks Back….. December 2005

Welcome to the second edition of Rope Looks Back. I’ve scoured the archives for December 2005 and selected a dozen or so scenes that were memorable to me. Once again, I’d like to thank Alison, the blog team, and everyone at VideoBox for the opportunity to contribute this article. Red Light District, which dominated the November list, was atop this month’s list as well. They received competition from Notorious, Zero Tolerance and Elegant Angel. As always, the scenes are presented in date order, so let’s turn the page to 12/1/05.

Swallow My Pride #3 Scene 1, Ariana Jollee (12/1/05)
Ariana in white mesh panties and top being interviewed and fondled by David Luger. Nice C cup rack. POV blowjob. Ariana deep throat, gagging on the cock. Rims him. Ariana using both hand and mouth, strokes him off into an oral creampie finish as David shrieks like a girl. Ariana shows the cum in her mouth and swallows it down. Post cum head. Ariana joined by Mr. Pete and Steve Holmes. Riding Pete cowgirl while blowing Steve. Cowgirl DP. “I’m in heaven. That feels so fucking good.” Reverse cowgirl DP. Guys pounding away at Ariana, she seems to relish it. “I love the way you fuck me.” Pete missionary vag as Steve face fucks Ariana. Rimming Steve. Pete missionary anal, sucking Steve. Ariana rubbing her clit, squirts the camera. David, from behind the camera, scoops up some of the juices and feeds it to Ariana. Steve mish vag into mish anal with two fingers plunging deep into Ariana’s pussy. Rimming and ball licking Pete. Ariana A2M on Steve as Pete takes over in anal mish. Pete open mouth facial followed by Steve open mouth facial. Ariana swallows it down but wants more cum. A parade of guys drop six more loads (including I believe, a second from Pete and a second and a third from Steve) on Ariana’s face / mouth. She swallows all, but her thirst is yet to be quenched. Taking on David once again in POV, she jerks him off into her mouth and swallows to cap a ten load performance.

Someone’s Daughter #1 Scene 1, Avy Scott & Hunter Young (12/1/05)
David Luger interviews Avy and Hunter, both twenty and friends off the set, separately outdoors. He makes them promise to try and out fuck each other. Both girls dressed in shorts and shirts, now inside on sofa kissing and fondling one another. Titty sucking. Great breasts on Avy. Joined by Mark Davis. Hunter sucking Mark as Avy eats Hunter’s pussy. Side by side double blowjob. Hunter sucking dick, Avy licks his balls. Avy 69 with Mark. Girls sharing the cock while Mark eats Avy. Hunter climbs aboard Mark in reverse cowgirl as Avy guides the cock in. Hunter riding on Mark’s dick, Avy licking at her clit. Avy P2OGM. Mark fucking Avy missionary. Avy sporting sparse bush. Hunter hovers her pussy just above Avy’s face, letting Avy lick up at it. Hunter multiple P2OGM. Mark banging Hunter doggie. Avy multiple P2OGM. Hunter cowgirl, Avy squeezing Mark’s balls. Avy reverse cowgirl, her titties bouncing about. Hunter multiple P2OGM. Mark drops his load onto Avy’s tongue, who deposits it into Hunter’s mouth. Hunter swallows it down. Girls kiss and wave goodbye as the scene concludes. Excellent chemistry between Avy and Hunter, fun scene. Movie includes a bonus POV bj (scene 8 ) with Hunter.

Heavy Handfulls #2 Scene 2, Loni (12/2/05)
Loni wearing a red floral bikini, playing strip beach volleyball with Jay Ashley. Loni appears to be overmatched. Her serve is decent but she can’t return anything Jay sends over the net. Loni loses the next point and her top must come off. Another beautiful pair of breasts comes spilling out. Damn, was 12/05 great breast month at VideoBox? Ariana, Avy, and now Loni. Loni loses another point and the bottoms come off. Another losing point for Loni. “So did you want me to suck your cock cause I lost?” Loni blowing Jay, spits on his dick. “I made you win purposely.” Interesting camera angle from below as Jay face fucks Loni, her tits front and center. Lots of saliva, Loni fingering Jay’s ass. Loni deep throat. “I wanna lick your ass.” Loni rimming Jay. Jay lays Loni on a table and begins to eat her. “I wanna see that tongue. Work it. Fucking work it.” Loni grinding her pussy into Jay’s face. “Oh fuck, that’s right on my clit.” Jay moves to Loni’s head, alternately face fucking and being rimmed by her. Jay plunging two fingers in and out of Loni’s pussy. “Finger fuck me.” Jay slapping Loni’s breasts then titty fucks her. “Fuck my titties.” Jay fucking Loni missionary. “Fuck, I like that. Fuck it. Harder, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder.” Loni doggie. Loni cowgirl, bouncing vigorously on Jay’s cock. Mutual face slapping. “You like fucking my pussy?” Jay slapping, spitting, and sucking on Loni’s tits. Loni P2M, stroking and deep throating the cock. Loni reverse cowgirl, her titties flailing around. “Fuck me, you fucking faggot.” Loni missionary, taking a hard pounding. Jay unloads into Loni’s mouth, who swallows it down but we’re not done yet. Back to missionary. “C’mon, make me fucking cum bitch. You’re not getting tired on me, are you faggot? It’s cumming. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep it in, keep it in, keep it in, keep it in, KEEP IT FUCKING IN!” Loni cums. Jay sprays Loni with bottled water. “Stay away from my pussy for now, alright. Damn it’s tingling.” Loni confirms in the behind the scenes segment (scene 6) that she reached orgasm and enjoyed the roughness of the scene.

Me Luv U Long Time #5 Scene 6, Lucy Lee (12/4/05)
Lucy has been in the business for 7 – 8 months and filmed about fifty scenes but today is her first anal scene in front of the camera. Interviewed by Robbie Fischer. Strips out of her shorts and top revealing her small natural breasts and the “oriental starfish”. Joined by Michael Stefano who licks and fingers Lucy’s ass and pussy from behind. Lucy rubs Michael’s cock across her breasts and hard nipples before taking him into her mouth. Brief oral, tongue ring. Lucy grabbing her ankles, holds her legs high and wide as Michael licks her clit and fingers her pussy. Lucy tastes Michael’s finger. Fucking Lucy in spoon, extremely narrow landing strip. Lucy P2M, taking it deep. Lucy climbs aboard in cowgirl, taking a hard pounding. Michael lays Lucy on her back, legs arched above her head. Eating her pussy, rimming and fingering her ass. “Play with my asshole.” Two fingers in ass, Lucy takes the “taste test”. Back to screwing the pussy missionary. “Yes, yes, yes, right fucking there.” P2M. Doggie, bent over a chair. Lucy spreading her ass wide with both hands as Michael continues his assault on the pussy. “I want you to fuck my ass.” Anal doggie. Slowly at first, tempo picks up a bit as Lucy spreads her cheeks wide apart. Reverse cowgirl anal, Lucy resting the soles of her feet on Michael’s thighs. Quicker tempo now. Riding the cock anally, pussy winking at the camera. A2M. Doggie anal. “I love his dick in my ass. Fuck my tight little ass.” Lucy has worked up a sweat, her hair tangled in spots. “I want you to cum all over my little Asian face.” Michael delivers a big facial to Lucy who gives some post cum head and waves goodbye.

Breakin’ ‘Em In #2 Scene 6, Kaylynn (12/4/05)
The first time I saw Kaylynn was with Eric Everhard in a scene from the movie “Dirty Young Girls” (not on site), and I immediately fell in love with her. Today’s appearance is a short bonus scene, which represents my favorite POV blowjob available at VideoBox. Wearing white shorts and top, Kaylynn is interviewed by Vince Voyeur. “I like to put your cock in my mouth and roll my tongue around the tip of it, then slowly slide it to the back of my throat.” Kaylynn strips off her clothes, revealing natural breasts, nicely trimmed bush, and a great ass. Kaylynn crawls over to Vince, giving him no hands head with her big brown eyes looking up into the camera. Slow, tantalizing sucking. Now simultaneously stroking, sucking, and slurping the cock. She’s still working on her deep throat technique. “I’m a beginner.” Kaylynn pumping the cock with both hands, licking around the head. Licking Vince’s balls but refuses his request to lick his ass. Kaylynn stands up, showing off her ass, spreading the cheeks wide. Vince sticks a finger into Kaylynn’s pussy from behind, which she wasn’t expecting.
Kaylynn: “Hi.”
Vince: “You wanna suck it or sit on it.”
Kaylynn: I wanna sit but I’m gonna suck it.”
Vince: “You can back right up on it if you want. You can rub the head on your pussy if you want. C’mon, it’ll be fun.”
Kaylynn: “Yeah, like too much fun.”
Kaylynn back to sucking Vince’s dick, now at a faster pace. Kaylynn strokes Vince off into her mouth. Blowing cum bubbles. Long cum stringer from Vince’s cock to Kaylynn’s mouth. “Bye-bye.”
I have a feeling Red Light District had this scene in the can for some time before issuing it. The movie was released in 2002; Kaylynn entered the business in 1998. I would guess the scene was filmed in 2000 at the latest, possibly earlier.

XXX Road Trip #1 Scene 5, Carmen & Sandra Romain (12/8/05)
Note that Carmen has also worked under the names Agi, Agnes, Agnes Fodor, Candy, and Caroline among others. In fact, she gives her name as Agnes in one of the behind the scenes segments (scene 6) of this movie. We’ll refer to her as Carmen for purposes of this summary.

On the streets of Budapest, Brandon Iron introduces us to Sandra, a twenty four year old brunette from Romania and Carmen, a nineteen year old drop-dead gorgeous blonde from Hungary. Carmen doesn’t speak much English but Sandra informs us she’ll be “making double anal” today. The trio move indoors where they’re joined by Steve Holmes. Sandra dressed in a black skirt with red blouse, Carmen in a white skirt and top. Clothes begin to come off, both girls all-natural. A daisy chain variation forms with Steve rimming Sandra, Sandra rimming Carmen, Carmen blowing Brandon. Sandra now giving head to Steve then back to rimming Carmen as Carmen continues giving head to Brandon. Steve fucking Sandra doggie with Carmen climbing aboard Brandon in cowgirl. Sandra stroking Brandon’s cock as Carmen rides it, Sandra P2OGM. Steve carries Sandra to the couch without disengaging. Side-by-side fucking with Carmen in cowgirl and Sandra in reverse cowgirl. Brandon briefly fingers Carmen’s ass, picks her up in standing cowgirl as he bounces her up and down on his cock. Sandra gyrating on Steve’s dick. Carmen back to the couch in missionary. Girls double teaming Steve’s cock, Carmen P2OGM and Sandra P2M as Carmen continues being drilled by Brandon in mish. Steve sucking Sandra’s pussy, Carmen licking Sandra’s toes. Sandra brief missionary then switching to anal missionary from Steve. Steve alternate stroking between Sandra’s ass and Carmen’s mouth. Camera cuts and now it’s Brandon doing Sandra anal mish and Steve behind Carmen in doggie. Carmen multiple A2OGM, also licking at Sandra’s clit. Sandra large anal gape. Camera pans to right and Steve is giving anal doggie to Carmen. Now both girls receiving reverse cowgirl anal side-by-side on the couch. Steve lifts Carmen up off his dick revealing small gape, resumes the anal and lifts again revealing medium gape. Carmen rubbing at her clit. Brandon has Carmen bent over the couch in doggie anal. Sandra riding Steve in standing reverse cowgirl anal, two of her fingers working in and out of her pussy.
Sandra: “I want more.”
Steve: “You want more? Friend, can you help me?”
Sandra riding Steve cowgirl. Brandon joins the couple, Sandra A2OGM. Sandra double anal (DAP). Carmen multiple A2OGM. An oral interlude follows with the girls being eaten out, then the guys receiving head. Carmen missionary into anal missionary. Sandra reverse cowgirl anal. Carmen A2OGM, licking Steve’s balls. Sandra sucking Brandon’s cock who then moves in front of her as the guys give Sandra another DAP. Brandon’s hand around Sandra’s throat.
Sandra: “You want to kill me or you want to fuck me?”
Sandra standard DP as Brandon switches to her pussy, Steve continuing to plunder the ass. Sandra with another DAP as Brandon rejoins Steve in her ass. Carmen A2OGM, Sandra A2M. Carmen reverse cowgirl anal on Steve, Brandon joins in a standard DP. Camera cuts and the guys are delivering another DAP to Sandra as Carmen licks at Sandra’s right titty. Brandon back in Sandra’s pussy. Carmen P2OGM. Brandon back to Sandra’s ass. Carmen A2OGM on both Brandon and Steve. Camera cuts and Sandra is being fucked missionary by Steve who then jerks his load into her mouth. Sandra post cum head. Sandra moves over above Carmen and drips the load into her mouth. Girls kissing and Steve drops a second load, this time in Carmen’s mouth. Brandon fucking Carmen mish, pulls out and deposits a big load on her face and in her mouth. Brandon scooping the cum from Carmen’s face into her mouth. Carmen drops the load into Sandra’s mouth to conclude an exhausting scene, clocking in at 39:23.

Brand New Scene 6, Sativa (12/15/05)
Sativa (not Sativa Rose) wearing pink shorts and blouse, interviewed by David Luger. She is twenty years of age and has been in the business less than one week. Today is her fourth scene and will be her first time with more than one guy. She slowly lowers her shorts revealing a nice set of ass cheeks spilling out of her thong panties. Brett Rockman joins and Sativa goes to work, stroking and sucking his cock. No hands head. Brett backing up into another room, leading Sativa by his cock where Brian Pumper awaits them. Sativa giving head to both guys, taking time to lick at their balls. Sativa on hands and knees, blowing Brett while Brian eats her out from behind. Brian tongue fucking the pussy. Brian banging Sativa in doggie as she continues sucking Brett’s dick. Guys switch positions, Brett slamming away at the pussy. Sativa P2M. Sativa riding Brian reverse cowgirl, her medium size breasts bouncing about. Sativa cowgirl on Brett as she leans over to give Brian head. Sativa cowgirl on Brian, his black cock contrasting nicely with her pink pussy. Brett face fucking Sativa from above. Brian lifts Sativa up into standing cowgirl, bouncing her up and down on his cock. Camera cuts and now Brett has her in standing cowgirl. Brett eases Sativa onto the couch into missionary, her legs splayed wide apart. Brian above her face, Sativa licking at his balls and sucking his dick. Brian spoon fucking Sativa, her left titty rotating in circles (right titty pinned to couch). Brett scissor fucking Sativa, pulls out and shoots his load into her wide-open mouth. Sativa shows it to the camera and swallows. Brian scissors Sativa. He has her count backwards from ten (ala Ron Jeremy), pulls out and jerks his load into Sativa’s mouth. Once more, she shows it to the camera and swallows it down. Sativa had a fun personality, was giggling throughout the scene, and appeared to have a genuine good time.

Tails of Perversity 11 Scene 2, Christie Lee & Vicki Richter (12/18/05)
Christie and her best girlfriend Vicki have ditched school. They are off in the woods, smoking and talking boys. Vicki asks Christie if she’s ever been with another girl. Christie says no. Vicki admits she has been with other girls, and is attracted to Christie. Vicki stole some money from her mom’s purse and she and Christie use it to get a motel room. Girls kissing on the couch. Christie lifts her shirt over her head; Vicki sucking on her tits, biting the nipples. Vicki pulls off her shirt and Christie returns the favor. Christie grinding her tits against Vicki’s tits. Twisting Vicki’s nipples. Christie sitting astride Vicki, playing with her own pussy.
Vicki: “Rub it for me and let me see. I’m gonna eat it. I’m gonna totally eat your pussy.”
Christie reclining on the couch, Vicki kneeling between her spread legs. Nicely trimmed triangle on Christie. Vicki eating out Christie. Vicki slapping Christie’s pussy with her open hand, including one slap that was harder than Christie was expecting. Vicki spanking Christie’s ass. Vicki licking and fingering Christie’s pussy and ass from behind. Now it’s Vicki’s turn. Christie pulls Vicki’s panties to the side. Uh-oh. What do we have here? I do believe that’s a cock. Vicki is a TRANNY! Christie is not bewildered in the least. I guess she knew all along. Christie sucking Vicki’s cock, rubbing it all over her face. Christie riding Vicki reverse cowgirl. Bouncing up and down on the cock at a quick pace, grinding on the cock at a more measured pace. Christie on hands and knees on the carpet, Vicki banging her in doggie. “Oh yeah, I love that she-cock. I love that fucking she-cock.” Christie rubbing her clit. “I want to see your balls smacking on my clit. Make your balls smack on my fucking pussy. Fucking bang it in there really deep.” Vicki scissors fucking Christie, appears to make her cum. Reverse pile driver. “Dig that cock in there really deep.” Vicki leaning back on the couch, stroking her cock as Christie finger fucks Vicki’s ass. Vicki jerks her load onto Christie’s face and chin.
Christie: “Oh, that’s a big fucking load.” Christie strokes the cock and lets it slide between her tits as the scene fades out.

The Babysitter #18 Scene 1, Lily Thai (12/24/05)
Lily is on a babysitter assignment when she is repeatedly frightened by strange noises coming from just outside the house. She calls 911 and Dirty Harry is dispatched to look into the situation. He inspects inside and outside the premises, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Harry prepares to leave and return to regular patrol duty. Lily, dressed in a short blue jean skirt and tight (bunched up and knotted in the back) t-shirt, hair in pigtails, tries to talk Harry into staying with her. Lying back on the sofa, skirt around her waist, Lily parts her legs and fingers her white panty covered crotch. “These panties are pretty wet and I don’t think that’s your nightstick in your pants, considering you’re holding it in your hand. But you’re hard either way so it seems you’re not going anywhere.” Lily shows Harry her newly pierced clit and positions his nightstick against her slit. “That’s where the magic happens.” Lily rubs the nightstick around her pussy, licking off some of the juices. “Are you jealous of this stick yet?” Harry dives into Lily’s pussy, tongue fucking the hole, lapping at the clit. Lily tastes her pussy on Harry’s mouth. Lily throws Harry down on the couch and releases his “other nightstick” (cock) from his pants. Holding his cock with both hands at the base, Lily gives Harry great looking, enthusiastic head. Stroking, licking, spitting on, sucking the dick. Lily slaps the cock against her tongue and lips. Some of the oral footage shot POV style. Hot! Lily running her pierced tongue around the cock head, licking at the very tip. Harry reaching down to play with her tits. Sucking and biting the nipples, which have become noticeably erect. Titty fucking, camera catching the action from above. “Save that fucking for the pussy, baby.” Harry rimming Lily from behind as she reaches back and strokes his cock. Lily climbs aboard Harry in cowgirl. Slamming down hard on his cock. Lily P2M. “You ready for some more pussy?” Lily mounts Harry reverse cowgirl. Riding fast and furious. “You’re gonna make me cum.” Lily stands up off the cock, gushing fluid. Guides the cock back in, still riding reverse cowgirl. “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that.” Disengages again as fluid rains down on Harry and the couch. “I can’t stop.” Paper towels to the rescue. Harry positions Lily in doggie. “You wanna take the reins? Spit on it. Spit on that pussy.” Doggie pounding. “Yeah, fuck it. Slam into that pussy.” Lily with one leg raised up, Harry continuing the doggie fucking. “Dig into that pussy.” Harry pulls out and delivers facial to Lily, some cum in her mouth but most falling short of the mark. “Go back to work; I think I’ll be okay now.”

In addition to checking out the many wonderful Lily Thai scenes available at VideoBox, I encourage all Lily fans to pick up the DVD “Peter North’s POV #1.” An excellent Lily Thai scene plus supporting scenes from Monica Sweetheart, Lena Juliett, Marie Luv, and Bobbi Eden. All five scenes with the master himself, Peter North. The video is from 2004 and should be available at a reasonable price. I’m often asked who’s my favorite performer and I’ve never been able to settle on just one name. However, if someone put a gun to my head and demanded an answer, it would probably come down to Lily and the young lady featured in the following scene summary.

School Of Cock, Class of Ass to Mouth Scene 1, Haley Paige (12/24/05)
Christmas Eve, 2005. As an early present to the membership, VideoBox introduces us to Haley Paige in her debut appearance on the site. This scene was not Haley’s debut in the business, but is her debut at VideoBox.
Haley wearing light blue panties and top, interviewed by Danny Case aka Pat Myne. Raises her top, showing off her lovely breasts. Haley licks and sucks her nipples. Today will be her first ever anal experience, either on or off camera. Haley turns around to display her ass. She already has a butt plug inserted under her panties. Joined by Benjamin Bratt. Giving no hands head to Ben, going deep. Ben face fucking Haley but not overly rough. Haley rimming Ben, licking his balls. Ben rimming and fingering Haley’s ass. Fucking Haley in doggie, slamming away at the pussy. Haley P2M. Haley now on her back with her ass hanging just off the edge of the couch, legs held far back. Ben fingering her ass, licking at the clit. Back to fucking the pussy, this time missionary. Haley multiple P2M. “Fuck my little pussy. Fuck my tight naughty pussy. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum all over your dick.” Anal missionary. “Fuck my little asshole. Be gentle, it’s my first time.” Haley spreading her ass wide, Ben pulls out revealing large gape. Haley A2M. Ben rubbing his cock on Haley’s tongue. Back to anal mish. “Let me see if I can gape. I wanna gape.” Multiple gaping, multiple A2M. Spoon / scissors anal, Ben pumping the ass. Haley A2M. Haley is now hovering over Ben. “I wanna stick your dick in my ass.” Reverse cowgirl anal. Haley, with the soles of her feet on Ben’s thighs, riding up and down on his cock. “I love having your dick in my little tight ass. I didn’t know I was this naughty.” Haley multiple A2M. Anal pile driver. Gaping. “Please let me suck my ass off your cock.” Haley A2M. Ben cums on Haley’s face. Post cum head. “Bye-bye, ass fucking rules!” Haley was enthusiastic and willing, had excellent chemistry with Ben, and was cute as a button in this scene.

Who’s Your Daddy #2 Scene 2, Katsumi (12/29/05)
Katsumi arriving for the shoot in fatigues, met outside by (I believe) Greg Alves. Katsumi displays her beautiful breasts and cute ass to prove she has no disfigurements, scars, tattoos, etc. Allowed inside, now wearing pink panties and top and sitting between Mark Davis and Jon Dough. Mark removes Katsumi’s panties revealing a nicely trimmed bush and begins to eat her pussy. Katsumi’s head is hanging just off the side of the bed. Jon is standing over Katsumi’s face and feeding her his cock. Guys switch places. Jon immediately starts fucking Katsumi missionary as Mark face fucks her. Taking Mark deep as he pumps her mouth. Katsumi on her knees with the guys flanking her. She gives side-by-side head, sucking one while jerking the other. Deep throat on both guys, Jon wasn’t expecting it. Slapping Jon’s cock against her face and tongue. More deep throat. Mark can handle it but Jon’s moans are cracking everyone up. No hands head, face fucking. Mark trying to have Katsumi take both cocks in her mouth simultaneously, but either Katsumi doesn’t understand or is too polite to do so. Mark fucking Katsumi missionary as she sucks on Jon’s cock. Mark licking her pussy, then pumping four fingers in and out of Katsumi’s ass. Katsumi tasting the fingers. Katsumi on hands and knees. Jon banging away in doggie, Mark receiving head. Mark picks up Katsumi and lays her down on her back. Mark anal missionary with slow deep strokes initially, now picking up the pace. Katsumi reverse cowgirl anal on Jon while she takes Mark in her mouth. Good camera angle (19:05) capturing all the action. Reverse cowgirl DP as Mark moves around and penetrates Katsumi’s pussy, Jon still in her ass. Cowgirl DP as Katsumi is turned over, Jon in her pussy and Mark in her ass. Good rhythm from both DP positions, guys pistoning their cocks in and out of Katsumi’s holes. Mark cums on Katsumi’s tongue and face, she swallows it down. Jon unloads a big facial on Katsumi, one blast catching her in the left eye. Katsumi post cum head as the scene fades out.

The Babysitter #17, Scene 1, Ava Devine & Gia Paloma (12/30/05)
Gia is the regular babysitter for the children of Alex Sanders and Ava Devine (Mr. & Mrs. Sanders in this scene). Ava has invited Gia over to the house for a chat. She has a request of Gia.
Ava: “My husband would like for you to fuck him.”
Camera cuts and now we see Gia and Alex sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Gia dressed in brown plaid skirt, white blouse, white panties and bra. She is nervous. Ava enters the room.
Ava: “You guys aren’t even fucking yet? You’re supposed to suck my fucking husband’s dick and please him. We had a deal so now do it good.”
Gia tentatively licks at the dick but Ava isn’t happy with her technique.
Ava: “I’ll show you how to fucking suck cock.”
Ava deep throating Alex, showing Gia how it’s done.
Gia: “My gosh Mrs. Sanders, you suck cock like a pro.”
Ava: “If you only knew. Now get over here. Suck that fucking dick.”
Gia giving head to Alex, her panty covered ass peeking out below the plaid skirt.
Ava: “You like his cock don’t you, you little fucking whore.”
Ava pulls off Gia’s panties.
Ava: “Give me some fucking ass and pussy. Oh God Gia, I’ve been dying to fucking lick your snatch. Let me fucking lick that asshole. Ooh, look at that fucking beautiful pussy and that asshole.”
Ava rimming Gia and licking her pussy from behind. Alex brief titty fucking of Gia. Gia turned over, now on her back. Alex fingers Gia’s pussy as Ava fingers her ass. Ava eating Gia’s pussy, Alex fucking her face. Ava moves up to rim Alex while Gia takes his cock down her throat. Ava straddling Gia, Alex fucking Ava from behind. Ava scoots forward and sits on Gia’s face, Alex fucking Gia missionary. Ava multiple P2OGM. Ava rimming Gia. Gia doggie anal.
Ava: “Look at that fucking asshole, it’s so fucking juicy.”
Ava reverse cowgirl anal. Action nicely captured from floor level camera as Ava slams up and down hard on the cock. Ava A2M. Ava cowgirl anal. Gia A2OGM. Gia cowgirl anal.
Ava: “Romp on that fucking dick.”
Ava cowgirl anal while Gia rims Alex. Gia A2OGM. Gia reverse cowgirl anal, Ava playing with Gia’s pussy.
Ava: “Look at that fucking pink pussy. Bounce on that fucking cock. Take that fucking big dick.”
Gia semi sidesaddle anal. Gia doggie anal. Gia licking his balls. Ava stroking Alex with both hands, coaxes his load into her mouth. Ava deposits the cum into Gia’s mouth, who shows it to the camera and swallows it down.
Gia: “Thank you, Mr. Sanders.”

That completes the December review. It appears that Katsumi was the only performer to appear in both the November and December summaries. Before making our way into 2006, I will probably devote one more entry to 2005. A November / December wrap-up, where I can itemize and give a brief synopsis to scenes of note that failed to make the initial lists. Once that is behind us, we can set our sights on January 2006.

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  1. Strokeabilly Says:

    This is likely to restart that little debate from a few days ago…

  2. Rael Says:

    I hope you keep these coming, gonna check out a lot of these scenes, even the tranny one. Uncharted waters, but it is a chick and a tranny, not a dude and a tranny.

    Also, I think there should be a seperate category for when girsl rim guys. I know I’m in the minority, but I love that.

  3. papayaman Says:

    I really admire the fact that Ropeadope has completely ignored the silly brouhaha that Strokeabilly refers to and has come back to point out some of the great stuff in the archives in his usual thoroughgoing manner. Like Rael I’ll check out a few of these scenes on the basis that Ropeadope generally seems to know what he’s talking about.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    Guys, I needed to eliminate three scenes from the original list due to space considerations. I will pick those up in my November / December wrap-up post.

    @ Rael – You can take it to the bank, these posts will continue as a regular feature of the blog. I enjoyed that scene. Christie is a real cutie and the scene was (obviously) different and memorable to me. I’m not really into the rimming, but if I see it, I report it.

    @ papayaman – Thank you bro, I appreciate your confidence in me. I trust you’ll find some good stuff in the listed scenes.

  5. Mark Says:

    @ Rael – I’m with you on the separate category. I’ve been hoping VB would introduce two new categories, actually, namely “rimjob” and “A2M”.

  6. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hey Rope:

    very thorough job. i don’t agree with your taste too often,but so what i like the fact you take the time to provide the info you do on these blogs. One thing you and i do have in common is our love of Haley Paige’s DVD’s.She was very good at what she did like playing the innocent girl next door while at the same time having a seductive and sluttish look in her eye.She was better than anyone i have seen at playing the schoolgirl or babysitter roles. With all the tragic deaths that occur in the porn industry, nobody’s touched me as much as her demise. If i remember correctly her death also bothered you a lot Rope

  7. Fedor Says:

    Agree with mark! And whoever is doing the categories now is mislabeling countless scenes blowjob.

  8. Fedor Says:

    Oh and I can’t wait to see it Rope!

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Your memory is accurate, I was troubled by Haley’s passing and the circumstances surrounding her death. I second all of your comments regarding Haley. Funny how we don’t seem to have any other favorite performers in common. Can you give me an idea of a few stars whose scenes you look forward to viewing?

    @ Fedor – I’m a little slow tonight, need to catch up on some sleep. You can’t wait to see …. what? 1) future posts of this nature?, 2) one of the scenes described in this post? Oh, I think I got it. Related to my statement on rimming. If I see it, I report it ….. and you can’t wait to see it. Is that it? lol, Like I said, its been a long day.

  10. Passels Says:

    Thanks Rope, I was about to cancel my membership since I thought I’ve seen it all. Your Post just shows me thats there’s much more to this site then meets the eye.

  11. HotScooter2 Says:

    favorite Porn actresses besides Haley.Bunny Bleu before the boob job. Her work in the eighties was fantastic. she gave great head and looked up with her eyes right to the guy she was giving head to. she would have that look like” there is no way you won’t cum and it is gonna be the best load you ever shot”
    she would take the whole load and act like she totally loved it.she really got into her scenes. Also Christy Canyon,had great tits and just exuded sexuality.

    More recent ones i get into are just because they are so damn good looking are Britney Skye and a European Actress
    Anastasia Christ.Also i like a new one Alexis Texas but don’t know how long that will last.
    My least favorite is Nicole Brazzle and her fake southern accent. she claims to be from Tennessee,and if she is a southerner her accent is really laid down too thick. i have lived in the south for the last 22 years and i know a real accent i would like to think.
    And Rope i was not trying to say that we had only Haley in common. i am sure there are others as well

  12. zarafan Says:

    Dear Rope,

    Great posting as ever: your descriptions are more interesting than some of these scenes!! Of the scenes you list, my favorite is the one from XXX Road Trip: a generally great series that is essentially a who’s who of Europorn. And as I’ve said before, Sandra Romain is the only porn star I know of who can make double anal seem effortless and pleasurable…!

  13. walken Says:

    Cheers for the post rope. Your work here is most definately appreciated!

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ Passels – You are most welcome and many thanks to you for posting your reply. Statements like that reassure me that these posts serve a useful function. Note that the scenes discussed in this article represent just the tip of the iceberg of what is available on the site.

    @ HotScooter2 – Yes, I wasn’t even thinking of the Classic era but Christy Canyon of course. From that general time period, I also liked Ashlyn Gere, Tori Welles, and Madison among others. I’m sure you are correct that there would be many performers we would agree upon.

    @ zarafan – lol, thank you most kindly dear zarafan. Truly a great scene from a great volume of a great series. That particular scene, exhausting to watch, exhausting to review. I’ve made it an unofficial rule to not include two scenes from the same movie on my list, but I also love scene 4 with Alexa May (initially credited as Eva). Her personality comes shining thru in the behind the scenes segment. And how about the very strange conclusion to scene 3 (at the pool)? You really can’t go wrong with any of the scenes.

    @ zarafan – I also wanted to add that I’ve read with great interest your postings in other threads within the blog and I think you’re making great contributions (along with several other members). Excellent work my friend.

    @ walken – Cheers to you mate, thank you very much. May I also add that I’ve always considered your performance in The Deer Hunter to be absolutely breathtaking. The movie, while painful to watch at times, remains among my all time favorites. Bless you.

  15. G man Says:

    Dear rope

    I really like your contributions. With the vast quantity of scenes on VB it’s great to get some help in uncovering hidden treasures of yesteryear. Also you taste is somewhat different from mine – and that’s actually a good thing because it draws my attention to some pretty hot scenes I would not normally have considered downloading.

    Your descriptions of the scenes are a good read. For my money, however, it would be even more interesting with a more personal perspective: Exactly what is it about a particular scene that you enjoy? The girl has a smokin’ body – there are some particularly hot and raunchy details – the chemistry between the actors is crackling – the girl seems to really be into the action. Or maybe the philosophical depth of the initial interview has you tingling with intellectual excitement. If you would enjoy adding that sort of personal notes I am sure many of us would enjoy reading them. … “The gospel of porn according to rope”.

  16. ropeadope Says:

    @ G man – Many thanks and you make a valid point. I should express in clearer terms, what specifically drew me in to each scene. For the most part, I’ve been letting the description of the action and quoted dialogue speak for itself. I will endeavor to elaborate on this aspect of the review in future submissions. BTW, I think you may safely eliminate the “philosophical depth of the initial interview” being responsible for any of these scene’s inclusion. Very much appreciate your suggestion dear G man.

  17. Val Says:

    Hi, I figured I would post an off-topic question here because there isn’t a blog topic like “questions” or anything. So I just chose the latest topic. Does anyone remember a scene in which a girl is strapped standing up into a machine that causes her to experience virtual reality sex? I seem to remember that the lighting was blue and the room sci-fi futuristic. Thanks, Val

  18. hiflyin77 Says:

    Once again well done Rope. I’ve never noticed the scene with Kaylynn before, now it’s one of my favs. That’s what I think is so cool about these, that it offers up some scenes that some of us may never have come across before. Love to see you keep putting these up as time allows. I’d also like to add one more detail. I think it’s a credit to you, as well as the regular posters on this blog, that there can be some healthy debate on here without it becoming personal. What I’m refering to specifically are HotScooter and zarafan sharing there own opinions, but doing so in a civil and courteous way. As well as Rope responding in kind. No need to name call or throw accusations around. Don’t know if I’m making an sense, I just thought it was an important observation to make. Cheers to you all.

  19. zarafan Says:

    Dear Hiflyin77,

    For the record: I think you’re making sense. And I appreciate your thoughts: thanks!

  20. knat Says:

    Keep up the good work – I enjoy reading articles like this and i think it is amazing how much Rope knows about porn !

  21. Hidalgo Says:

    “Christmas Eve, 2005. As an early present to the membership, VideoBox introduces us to Haley Paige in her debut appearance on the site.”

    This is actually incorrect and someone who prides himself on thoroughness like Rope should know better, the dates of the first 1000 or so movies were reshuffled when they switched to 5 movies a day, but before that it was 2 or 1 movie a day, we all know that Videobox did not start in nov 2005.

  22. ropeadope Says:

    @ hiflyin77 – Thank you very much. I’ve always loved that Kaylynn scene, glad I was able to bring it to your attention. I would love to add a new “Rope Looks Back” every three weeks or so. That is the only way to catch up (albeit slowly) on the 2+ year disparity we’re facing now. We’ll give it our best shot. I love the interaction and camaraderie among the VideoBox membership. That is definitely one of the great features of the blog. Cheers to you my friend.

    @ knat – Thank you. I love writing the articles and will try my best to keep them flowing on a regular basis.

    @ Hidalgo – Good Lord Hidalgo, do you seriously believe I’m not aware of that. I’m analyzing the archives as they appear NOW. Carrying your argument further, none of the scenes in this December 2005 list are valid as none of them were actually uploaded to the site in December 2005. Same for the previously issued November 2005 list. None of those scenes were actually uploaded to the site in November 2005. Maybe you would like me to obtain the original upload dates for all the DVD’s appearing on the site and start my monthly reviews in December 2002 when the site launched? All of my reviews and commentary are based upon how the archives are currently arranged.

  23. Hidalgo Says:

    With all due respect…I think youre bluffing, why the ridiculous reference to christmas eve, momentary lapse perhaps?

    I only noticed this because i try to recall scenes that i vagely remember watching when they were posted but when i go back to say “summer 2004” cant find them.

    On the other hand Rope I do believe that your contributions in the comments section are invaluable, and i wonder this: were scenes ever repeated before the comments were activated, and if they were, have you gone back to those scenes to flag them up now that you can comment on them?

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ Hidalgo – I have not gone back prior to the date that comments were activated to flag scenes. It stands to reason that duplications may have occurred during that time span. If you have the time, I think this would be a good project for you to tackle.

  25. totaldouchebag Says:

    Kudos on the archives work! Yes, the Kaylynn and the Lily Thai scenes are classic on my HD. I often go back to the well if the updates don’t tickle my fancy. Perhaps more of the complainers could go back to the archives or the HD and rub one out. They could do that in the time it takes to write an obnoxious comment in the review box.

  26. sundubys Says:

    Good work Rope, I stay away from the tranny sex but nonethless good work bro. By the way I was thinking maybe you should make a compilation of your favorite scenes and post it, or better yet their should be a VB favorite compilation contest, where all the members put all their favorite scenes together and the winner get’s a date with Alison, ok maybe not that but something cool.

    What do you think?

  27. ropeadope Says:

    @ totaldouchebag – Thank you buddy. Looks like I came up a bit light with Latina scenes this month. I’ll definitely have some for the Nov. / Dec. wrap-up post. I believe you enjoy that genre?

    @ sundubys – Thank you much. I enjoy many of the real girl + tranny scenes such as this one with Christie Lee. I’ve tried to do an all time favorite scenes list, but there is just too much to choose from. Even these monthly lists are difficult to narrow down. I started this month’s post by considering over 100 scenes. The contest sounds interesting (although you’ll definitely have to think up a different prize than the one suggested), but how do you propose determining a winner? Were you thinking of comparing the contest submissions against my list, with the highest number of matches being the winner?

  28. Fedor Says:

    Sorry Rope, I mean to say….

    “Oh and I can’t wait to see more posts, Rope!

  29. jffnk Says:

    rope, i’m shocked to see that shorty isn’t listed in your summary. oh well.

  30. ropeadope Says:

    @ Fedor – No problem at all my friend, thank you for the clarification. I hope to have something new in the not too distant future.

    @ jffnk – Shorty Mac? Was he even on the site this long ago? I think we may still be a few months away from Shorty’s debut appearance.

  31. Maegorfromwow Says:

    Thank for the great posts Rope. Loni’s scene was very intense. Even though it was kind of dumb, I liked the silly volleyball intro. Also, I didn’t realize Videobox had Haley’s anal debut. That was a very cool scene as well. I look forward to all future posts.

  32. sundubys Says:


    I was thinking along the lines of either you or Alison looking at the entries and deciding on a winner…

  33. ropeadope Says:

    @ Maegorfromwow – Thank you, always appreciate your support. Loni is a long time favorite of mine, love all of her performances. The volleyball scenario was a good lead-in to the scene. Anything to break the mold from the norm is a step in the right direction. When I first viewed Haley’s scene and saw her co-star was Ben Bratt, I was concerned, as he can be pretty rough on the girls. But the pairing worked perfectly here, great chemistry throughout.

    @ sundubys – Oh okay, I see. That does bring an element of subjectiveness into the equation. But I do like the idea of a contest involving the membership. Maybe if everyone expresses their favorite scenes in the form of a haiku? Oh wait, I forgot about the rule requiring a minimum of six months between haiku contests. Well, let me run it by Alison and see what can be arranged.

  34. Stelly Says:

    Where is the pic from on this blog? The women in Bikinnis??


  35. totaldouchebag Says:

    Yes Rope, I love the latinas. I specialize in them in real life, hence my pron consumption is similar. Been long since I’ve had an Asian or Black girl so I mix them in for some variety.

    How about a post on your favorite scenes categorized by ethnicity/fetish or act/body characteristics? I realize the ethnicity one might not be kosher though…

    I think some of the community would have fun with that one.

  36. Stelly Says:

    anyone able to tell me?


  37. ropeadope Says:

    @ Stelly – I will attempt to obtain that info for you. The pic was graciously supplied by the blog team. I’ll post back in this space if I can determine the correct answer.

    @ totaldouchebag – Definitely food for thought, many thanks for the suggestion. I would like to post a few more months in this format before branching out, but will certainly consider at that time.

  38. alison Says:

    Stelly – click this link, you should be able to find it: google search

  39. Stelly Says:

    Any ideas yet dude?


  40. ropeadope Says:

    @ Stelly – Just one idea. Click on the link that Alison so kindly provided you. The link will lead you to the info you’ve requested. I can’t tell you any more than that.