MTV True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry

I was flipping through the channels the other night and I found a documentary show on MTV called “True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry” that caught my eye. In it, a camera crew follows around three people who work in the sex industry: the general manager at Combat Zone, a straight guy who does gay porn and a girl who hosts a college radio show about sex (which doesn’t count as the sex industry to me, but whatever).

The Combat Zone girl and the gay-for-pay guy were somewhat interesting, even though they made people who work in the industry look like idiots. I could’ve lived without the segments with the radio show host in them, but I guess they needed to fill an hour.

If you’re interested in checking the show out, MTV replays these things over and over again. They also have it posted in its entirety on their website. If you watch it, be sure to let me know what you think. I was kind of annoyed by it, but I get a bit grumpy about things that make working in the industry look bad.

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13 Responses to “MTV True Life: I Work in the Sex Industry”

  1. falconosu Says:

    This is on tonight at 8pm Pacific time, just FYI

  2. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison, thanks for the heads-up. I think the only problem when they air shows like this is, because of the public perception of porn, the people involved always look like idiots. Whether this is accurate or not is a widely contested debate that’s already come up here several times. In my opinion shows like this actually hurt the industry because of the image it reflects on it. Unfortunetly the producers of these types of shows, if they want to get their product air time, have to spin it a certain way in order to still fit the public perception.

  3. xposh Says:

    I saw that the other night but didn’t watch it.

    By the way, we had a local outage here yesterday and no connection. A Comcast tech came out and put in a new modem and got us up and running again. The connection is running super slow and takes forever to even load pictures. Anyone know if it takes some time to get back up and running to normal? I wanna watch some scenes like mad. The connection is running at only like 30 kb/sec and gonna take over 90 mins to download one scene. WTF?!

  4. Mark Says:


    Sorry to use this post for this question, but could you tell me who the girl heading up your November 11th 2007 post is?


  5. HotScooter2 Says:

    I can understand you getting grumpy seeing shows concerning the sex industry when the people representing it are are an example of an intelligent woman that works in the business.Anyone that reads my comments both in the reviews and in the blogs,knows that i deplore stereotypes. so thanks Alison for helping to destroy the myth that all women in the sex industry are bimbos

  6. deathdealer Says:

    i will defiantly go and check out the show and another interesting documentary was done by frontline and you can watch most of it online at the frontline web site. it showed multiple points of view of the porn industry and i thought you might want to check it out if you have not all ready seen it. also i was wondering if you guys ever thought about setting up a forum for this site. i think that would be very cool especially for general discussions and questions i.e. Vals and Marks( Val i dont know yours and Mark there is no Nov 11 post so yea sorry). thanks for the post. peace

  7. G man Says:

    Alas … television programmes about the porn industry disappoint each and every time.

    – There are the shows that try to shock us. “A week in the bizarre life of a porn leather dominatrix”.

    – There are the shows filled with distortion and half-truths peddling some moral message.

    – There are the shows that aim at the audience who are to uptight to buy “Gaping Teen Holes 14” but who can justify a cheap bit of porn titillation when it is veiled – however thinly – in the guise of a documentary.

    It’s really quite sad when you consider that porn is a subject that so many people seem to be struggling to come to terms with. We really need some serious programmes here.

    By the way … can you guys remember a long, long time ago when MTV was actually about playing music videos? I’m sure they will air a show called “Pimp my pimp” before the end of the year (possibly with commentary by D list celebs).

  8. Out4fun3 Says:

    Hi Alison,

    I watched the frontline documentary suggested by deathdealer. When discussing porn, why does a documentary choose some small time production company that produces violent porn that features rape, beating and sex?

    Anyone watching would come away with the impression that all porn is that way.

  9. alison Says:

    hiflyin77 – I think you’re right. A show about smart, together porn people isn’t as titillating as one that makes them look stupid and opens them to judgment. And that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it?

    Mark – I didn’t make a post on Nov 11…can you link to the entry you’re referring to?

    HotScooter2 – You always brighten my day 🙂

    deathdealer – Good call on the Frontline documentary. I watched it a few years ago and it’s still just as annoying today. As for the forums, they’re in development, but we want to make sure that they’re well-integrated into the site, so it’s going to take us a few months at least. Keep an eye out!

    G man – You hit the nail right on the head. It’s not about accurately portraying the industry, it’s about entertaining people using the perspective that they arrived with. And yes…I do remember that thing called a “music video” they used to have on that channel…

    Out4fun3 – I think they choose companies like that because, 1) it allows them to push their point of view (that porn is bad) easily and 2) the big companies know that’s what they’re trying to do and steer very clear of that sort of thing.

  10. BigMMoney Says:

    I thought the people who read this blog might find this story about Combat Zone interesting.

  11. speakeroftheobvious Says:

    I don’t think the people on the show came out too badly. The straight guy who did gay-for-pay seemed like nice enough guy who seems like the regular smart-but-also-kinda-dumb college guy–just with the added kinda secret that he does gay porn.
    The manager for Combat Zone was nice, but she seemed to whine about not being a being able to find a nice guy, then shot down everyone she was told was single. Her personal life aside though, she seemed to ordered enough to be a general manager (doing that kind of stuff for any business is a pain in the ass of paperwork and dealing with jerks if a couple of people I know are any example).
    The radio show girl came off the worst. You wanted to sympathize with her, but at the same time she seemed to fall into the cliche’ of being the unstable clingy-woman she was always going on about how no woman should be, made it look like all sexually-open women are in fact hyper-dependent and a bit crazy, which despite what the media portrays, many aren’t. But hey, for a channel that says how it is against the uncool establishment MTV sure does promote a ton of shitty products in their ads and even T.V. shows (So the winning team of a contest gets some free Axe Body Spray, kill me now).

    All in all, not too bad an episode, although I only watched it the other day because it was a dull repeat of the Simpsons and the News was miserable…cold day in hell before I watch Nancy Grace scream about nothing in particular.

  12. Mark Says:

    @alison Oh sorry, I meant November 1st.

  13. the commish Says:

    A straight guy that does gay porn….sorry kids…there’s no such animal! If you can get a hard on for another man….you are gay…stop fighting it, accept it…BE PROUD…and move on.