Members’ Choice: DVSX

Since the Combat Zone poll was such a success, we’re bringing it back for the launch of our newest studio, DVSX. Below are five of the DVSX movies we purchased. The box covers are linked to the information pages on DVSX’s website. It’s up to you to choose which one you’d like to see posted first. The winner will go up on Saturday night!

The poll has closed and Truly Nice Tits # 8 is the winner! Check for it at 7:24pm PST on Saturday!

The poll closes at 12:00 PST on Friday, so vote early to make sure your choice is counted!


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31 Responses to “Members’ Choice: DVSX”

  1. ropeadope2 Says:

    Hi Alison, all five titles look superb but Total Babe #4 has one thing the others don’t – Teagan. That’s enough to earn my vote. Regardless of the winner, this will be an update that even Julius Caesar would appreciate. Bonus points to whomever can explain that reference.

  2. Stoked01 Says:

    I’m totally stoked about the DVSX stuff coming down the pipes. Mad props to the site for scoring these new titles! DVSX has great production value and some really hot girls. I’m just impressed, in general, that the site has such a great library of porno for such a decent price. Word.

  3. zarafan Says:

    Yeah, in general it seems like there’s something to enjoy pretty much in all the choices we’ve been presented with, and I assume that if my first pick doesn’t win, eventually the other titles will be posted as well? Thanks!!

  4. G man Says:

    Choosing between a vid with big natural boobs and one with big curvy asses … hmmm … that’s a tough one. Well, the one not starring Brandy Talore gets my vote.

  5. dirtyboots Says:

    Cream all the way.

    Vidi, veni… hey rope, what’s latin for I swapped?

  6. alison Says:

    ropeadope2 – I think this may even be pre-nosejob Teagan (which is a positive thing in my book).

    Stoked01 – Thanks. Word. 🙂

    zarafan – Yep, you’ll eventually get every one of these movies. And more 🙂

    G man – Solid choice. I’ve made no secret of my preference for girls with big natural boobs, but I’m really not into Brandy Talore.

    dirtyboots – Is it the cream pie or is it Dani Woodward?

  7. junker Says:

    I chose Truly Nice Tits because it has Karina. Her only other scene on here is 110% Natural 4, and that was added 2 years ago so it would be nice to get something new of hers

  8. Strangepork Says:

    I’ve gotta go for the one with the natural tits. And I don’t care what you say about Brandy. 😛

  9. Fedor Says:


    At first I was thinking ” tables have turned ” in Lucky Bastard 3, but you said..”regardless of the winner” so it must be all inclusive…is it “Ides of March?”

  10. the_extreme Says:

    whoa whoa whoa! why is everybody hating on brandy? She is awesome….and those tits! my god! It also looks like she lost wieght for those of you that bitched about that…None of yall would kick her out of bed….that includes you allison. sorry had to defend my girl.

  11. jffnk Says:

    dani cum swapping? beats teagan’s phoniness. take the creme all day long

  12. jffnk Says:

    look at the screen caps in creme; all are smokin with two hot babes in each scene; the quality appears to be unparalleled

  13. ropeadope2 Says:

    Fedor – Excellent thinking my friend, you are correct. Saturday is March 15th, otherwise known as the “Ides of March”. This is the day Caesar was assassinated. Remember the soothsayer had forewarned him, “Beware the Ides of March”. Caesar ignored his advice. On his way to the Senate, Caesar scoffs at the soothsayer, “The Ides of March has come”, to which the seer replies, “Yes, the Ides of March has come, but it has not passed”.

    Alison, what can we do for Fedor? He deserves some type of prize.

  14. john Says:

    thanks! nautica thorn is my favorite!

  15. Brinkman Says:

    My choice is Pass the Cream because it has the lovely Austin Kincaid in it. Normally, I don’t go in for fake tits, but with her, I find her so appealing I don’t mind in the least. As a side note, I wonder what the psychology of choosing one item from a list is because so far these movies have a percentage rank that matches its position on the list. Do people really like the first one best or does it seem like the best choice because it’s first? Probably means nothing…

  16. sumguy Says:

    I saw some Euro girls in some of those vids. Reading over some of the comments on present VB Euro titles lead me to believe that many VB members werent big fans. In general I have always though of Euro girls to be more attrative (although not as aggressive in preformance). Wanted to know what the general opinion of Euro films was.

  17. borat Says:

    actually saturday is st. patricks day because monday is a holy day they moved it to the 15th this year. So in honor of that it should be lucky bastard

  18. Fedor Says:

    Thanks Rope!

    If Alison would simply request that Content Dude try to add another “Big Wet Asses” I would consider it a fitting reward!

  19. Jeff Says:

    Easy decision for me. Pass the cream with so many of my favorite girls in threesomes.

  20. zarafan Says:

    Dear Sumguy,

    I, for one, am on record repeatedly as a major Europorn fan….

  21. alison Says:

    Dear Brandy Talore Lovers,

    I respect your taste, but for whatever reason, the girl just doesn’t do it for me.


    rope & fedor – I’ll be happy to pass that along to the Content Dude. In the meantime…would you like a super exclusive limited edition totally awesome VideoBox tshirt or something?

  22. pgwodehouse Says:

    Damn Rope, I came to the debate a little late to answer your riddle, but I totally would have gotten it…Here’s a few more fun facts so I can say I added something:

    1) Shakespeare totally stole the whole “Ides of March” thing, from the book “Life of Julius Caesar” by Plutarch.

    2) The “Ides” of a month is not always the exact middle day…It depends of a complex calculation invented by…you guessed it, Caesar himself. By way of example, the Ides of January is on the 13th of the month.

    3) This isn’t Caesar’s only warning of Brutus’ impending betrayal…He also hears the portent Thunder, and his wife has a dream about him getting murdered. For a guy that smart, you’d think he might have just stayed home for the day.

  23. pgwodehouse Says:

    PS — Alison, as long as you’re talking to the content guy, does Sammie Rhodes have an anal scene anywhere on this earth that I could “donate” a kidney for…(I know she does it with Tiana Lynn, but for some reason it ain’t the same if it ain’t a real dick.)

  24. Lumas Says:

    I love Mysti May, so Fine Ass Bitches get my vote.

  25. Nate Says:

    TNT #8 has Angel Dark…and therefore it also has my vote.

  26. junkco Says:

    Rope= a HS history teacher? Maybe, but his real calling is porn.

  27. 14karma Says:

    How about any of double parked series, it seems like this site is about two to three years behind the rest of the industry anyway

  28. ropeadope2 Says:

    pgwodehouse – Thank you for all the great information, much appreciated. I was unaware of most of those facts. I have a book of Plutarch’s works somewhere in the house. Not sure if it contains the piece you cite. I’ll try to locate it, but I haven’t seen it in years.

    junkco – Good to see you on the blog. No, I’ve never been in the teaching profession. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  29. the_extreme Says:

    I really think they should be put up by order of vote amounts….But instead we got total babes 4 after truly nice tits which clearley wasnt second place

  30. papayaman Says:

    I completely missed this poll, but I was delighted when I saw Truly Nice Tits appear as an update. What a great idea to have a series based around mostly beautiful natural boobs (although most of the women in it have a great deal more than nice tits going for them). The fact that this is number 8 makes me hope we will see a lot more from this series and more exquisite natural tits. I would have to say some of the other vids from DVSX look to have some good material in them also. A definite congratulations to VB on procuring this material.

  31. xposh Says:

    Guess I’m reading about DVSX.

    How come movies aren’t put on the site in numerical order?