Ropeadope’s Preview: Plucked Then Fucked

In late January, I had the pleasure of previewing Cumaholics for the blog. Cumaholics was the second movie that Melissa Lauren directed for Combat Zone. Her first directorial effort for the studio was Plucked Then Fucked, which we’ll be looking at today. For Cumaholics, Melissa assembled a veteran all-star cast. The cast of Plucked Then Fucked were mostly newcomers at the time of filming. Cumaholics proved to be a very popular addition to VideoBox. Let’s see if we can expect the same from Plucked Then Fucked.

I’ve included screencap collages to help us visualize the action. Alison has been kind enough to embed thumbnail images within the body of this preview. Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge to original image size. Of course, my thanks to Alison and the blog team for the opportunity to present this preview.


A Word About Ratings
Cumaholics was the very first DVD that I ever rated. I used a five-point scale, working in ½-point increments. I decided that for a scene to earn a 5, it needed to be perfect. Therefore, if a scene was short of perfect, the highest score it could earn would be a 4 ½. In fact, I scored the four scenes of Cumaholics 4 ½, 4 ½, 4 ½, and 3 respectively. I assigned an overall score of 4 to the DVD. I now believe my scoring guidelines were too strict and resulted in a lower score than Cumaholics deserved. If I were rating Cumaholics today, I would give it an overall score of 4 ½ with each of the first three scenes receiving consideration for a perfect 5.


Plucked Then Fucked, scene 1 – Lindsay Meadows & Vanessa Figueroa
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Plucked 1a Plucked 1b Plucked 1c
Vanessa smacking and grabbing Lindsay’s butt as the two embrace one another. Lindsay bent over the couch, ass facing the camera. Vanessa pulls down Lindsay’s panties and spreads her pussy wide, spitting into the gape. Melissa hands Vanessa a dildo, which she plunges into Lindsay’s pussy from behind. Vanessa feeds the dildo to Lindsay P2M. Mark Davis joins the girls, spanking the butts of each. Girls shaking their asses side-by-side. Vanessa lying back on the couch as first Mark, then Lindsay, lick at her pussy. Lindsay inserts one, two, three, four fingers into Vanessa’s tight pussy. Lindsay sucking Mark’s cock, Vanessa licking and sucking his balls. Lindsay crawls behind Mark and rims him as Vanessa takes over the cock sucking chores. Lindsay sits on Mark, riding his cock reverse cowgirl, patch of bush above her pussy. Slamming up and down, grinding back and forth. Vanessa P2OGM. Mark doggie fucking Lindsay atop Vanessa (girls positioned in a 69 variation) who does multiple P2OGM as Lindsay eats Vanessa’s pussy. Vanessa mounts Mark in cowgirl, Lindsay guiding in the cock. Lindsay P2OGM, rimming Vanessa. Mark bouncing Vanessa on his cock in standing cowgirl as Lindsay licks his balls from underneath. Mark fucking Vanessa missionary with Lindsay sitting on Vanessa’s face as Vanessa licks up at her pussy. Lindsay P2OGM. Mark rimming Lindsay. Both girls on hands and knees side-by-side, asses pointed to the camera. Mark fucking Vanessa doggie, shifts over and fucks Lindsay doggie. Mark eating Lindsay’s pussy, Vanessa sucking her clit. Mark thrusting fingers in Lindsay’s pussy, trying to make her squirt. Mark lifts Lindsay into a standing 69. Lindsay riding Mark cowgirl, followed by Vanessa cowgirl. Lindsay back aboard in cowgirl as she reaches back and spreads her ass wide while riding the cock. More cowgirl for Vanessa, Lindsay off to the side playing with her pussy. Mark jerks a big load into Lindsay’s open mouth and onto her cheek. Lindsay drops the load into Vanessa’s open mouth and Vanessa swaps it back into Lindsay’s mouth. Girls kissing and sharing the load between them. Mark open mouth kissing of both girls, tasting his own cum.

Very good scene to kick things off. Initially, I was upset that Lindsay had to share her scene with another girl, but Vanessa more than held her own. I wouldn’t say the girls had the same dynamic chemistry that Sativa Rose and Rebecca Linares exhibited in Cumaholics, but they worked well enough together. I enjoyed the variety of activity in this scene and Mark Davis seemed to turn the clock back yet again, delivering another solid performance.
Rope rating: 4 1/2 out of 5


Plucked Then Fucked, scene 2 – Peyton Lafferty
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Plucked 2a Plucked 2b
Peyton wearing red mesh panties and black mesh top, teasing the camera. Slaps and spreads her ass. Walks over to Mr. Pete, who’s sitting on the couch stroking his cock. Bending from the waist, ass up high, Peyton sucks his dick. Pete roughly fingering Peyton’s ass. Unidentified fluid comes flying out of Peyton’s butt. What was that? Excess lubricant? Milk? New England Clam Chowder? Pete banging Peyton doggie vag (at one point his left foot pressing down on her head) transitioning into doggie anal. Spanking Peyton’s left butt cheek, which has now turned noticeably red. Anal gaping. Spoon anal. Pete grabs a buttplug and starts working it in and out of Peyton’s ass. Peyton multiple A2M on the buttplug. Back to spoon anal followed by extremely brief missionary anal. Pete fingering Peyton’s pussy hard, releasing a small fountain of fluid. Reverse cowgirl anal. Return to spoon anal as Pete plunders the ass fast and furious. “Give it to that little ass.” Pete slapping Peyton’s face, spitting in her mouth. Peyton on her knees, blowing Pete. Pete strokes off a good load into Peyton’s mouth and on her face.

I couldn’t really get into this scene. It appeared that the two performers never warmed up to one another. Mr. Pete was muttering incoherently through much of the scene and I quickly tired of his antics (slapping, spitting, foot to head). On the positive side, Pete did deliver a hard ass fucking to Peyton. A decent scene overall, but I thought Peyton showed herself to better avail in “Home Wreckers”, also for Combat Zone.
Rope rating: 3 out of 5


Plucked Then Fucked, scene 3 – Nautica Evans
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Plucked 3a Plucked 3b Plucked 3c
In hindsight, I suppose it was foolish to expect Ms. Evans to be a cross between Nautica Thorn and either Alana or Sophie Evans. Still, that is what I was expecting. Turned out not to be true but all is not lost. Nautica is young and cute with a great smile.

Nautica looking pretty in pink, teasing and showing off her small titties, nice ass, and shaved pussy. Melissa tells Nautica she has a surprise for her – a big black cock. L. T. Turner is sitting off to the side and Nautica joins him. L. T. rubs Nautica’s pussy through her pink mesh panties and goes down on her. Nautica spitting on, stroking, and sucking his cock. No hands head, L. T. fucking Nautica’s face. Fucking cowgirl, L. T. driving his cock up into Nautica’s stretched pink pussy. Nautica P2M. L. T. pounding away at Nautica in doggie. Action captured nicely from behind as Nautica looks back into the camera. Nautica on her back with L. T. hammering away in missionary, her legs spread wide. L. T. inserting his cock in spoon. For a moment, Nautica feels the cockhead against her anus and jumps back, the two laughing about her reaction. Spoon fucking. L. T. pulls out and Nautica prepares for a new position. However, L. T. got too excited and can’t hold it back. He fires off his load onto Nautica’s ass. You can hear L. T. say, “Oh shit, sorry”. Nautica looks back at Melissa with a confused look on her face, as if thinking, that wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? Melissa asks Nautica how she liked the black cock. Before Nautica can finish her answer, my copy of the scene abruptly cuts off. The total run time was 15:18. I’ll be interested to view the VideoBox version to see if any additional dialogue ensued that might shed light on the scene’s ending. There may also be a behind the scenes segment (which I am missing) that could provide an explanation.

This is one of those “what if” scenes. What if L. T. had held it together and the scene proceeded to its natural conclusion. Nautica had a fun personality and became more enthusiastic as the scene progressed. I was really being drawn into the activity. It looked like Nautica was getting ready for more doggie and I’m guessing reverse cowgirl would have followed. However, I have no choice but to penalize the scene for the premature finish. I still recommend downloading, as I believe you’ll enjoy Nautica. Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to the posting of “New Whores #5” from Mayhem, in which Nautica participates in a threesome with Aubrey Addams and a guy. We already have volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 so volume 5 shouldn’t be too far down the road.
Rope rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


Plucked Then Fucked, scene 4 – Samantha Sin
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Plucked 4a Plucked 4b Plucked 4c
Samantha parading outdoors along the patio of her apartment. Dressed in white mesh panties, Samantha shows off her beautiful breasts. She comes indoors where Mark Wood is waiting for her. Mark rubbing Samantha’s pussy over and through the mesh panties. Samantha giving great looking head to Mark, alternately stroking and sucking the cock. Samantha peels down her panties, displaying her ass and pussy. Cowgirl. Samantha controlling the pace as she grinds down on the cock. Mark picking up the pace as he drives up into the pussy. “I want you to fuck my ass now.” Anal missionary, Samantha rubbing her clit. Mark grabbing the heels of Samantha’s shoes spreading her legs wide apart as he long strokes her ass. “Your cock feels so good in my ass.” Anal gaping. “I am a dirty whore.” Legs pulled far back, Mark continues his anal assault. Anal doggie. Samantha A2M, Mark fucking her mouth. Back to doggie anal, more A2M. Cowgirl anal. Samantha rocking back and forth on the cock. Anal pile driver. Samantha rubbing and slapping her pussy, spreading it wide open. Anal gaping. Reverse pile driver transitioning back to standard pile driver. A2M. More pile driver. Mark massaging Samantha’s pussy as he continues fucking her ass. Mark pulls out and strokes his load into Samantha’s open mouth.

Very good scene. Samantha looked good, worked well with Mark, and seemed to enjoy herself throughout the scene. Melissa captured the action extremely well in all positions. I especially liked the pile driver footage.
Rope rating: 4 ½ out of 5


Plucked Then Fucked, scene 5 – Ariel Alexus
Click thumbnails to enlarge
Plucked 5a Plucked 5b Plucked 5c
Ariel is poolside in light blue bikini bottoms, white mesh top, and white thong. Oils up her ass, pumping the booty up and down. Walks indoors, drops to hands and knees and crawls over to Manuel Ferrara, who awaits her on the couch. Manuel eating out Ariel, making her squirm. “You like that clit, don’t you”? Manuel flips Ariel over, tonguing her ass and pussy from behind. Ariel sitting above Manuel, feeding her beautiful tits into his mouth. Bouncing the big titties against his face. Ariel slides down Manuel’s body into a 69 as she starts sucking his cock. Ariel bending over above Manuel, letting him pump his cock up into her mouth. No hands head. Fucking begins slowly in spoon, Manuel working his fingers across Ariel’s clit. “It’s a tight pussy. Think you can fit? Like fucking a virgin, huh?” Manuel picking up the pace. “Ooh, you came to fuck, didn’t you”? Ariel giving Manuel a foot job. “You like my feet on your cock? You’re a freaky boy.” Cowgirl. Manuel driving his cock up into Ariel’s pussy at a furious clip. P2M. Reverse cowgirl. Ariel riding the cock, her titties bouncing up and down. Now Manuel takes control as he slams into the pussy. P2M, Manuel fingering Ariel’s ass. Fucking doggie. “Harder, show me how much you want to fuck me.” P2M. Ariel sits on Manuel’s face, letting him eat her pussy while she fingers her ass. “Fuck, can I take that tongue home”? Manuel banging Ariel missionary. “Tight little pussy. Fuck it nice and hard.” Manuel pounding away at Ariel’s pussy, squeezing and slapping her right titty. Fingering Ariel’s pussy hard. Not sure if she squirted but some fluid does collect on the couch. Manuel shoots a big load into Ariel’s mouth. She gives some post cum head as the scene concludes.

Hot closing scene. I believe Ariel and Manuel had the best chemistry of all the pairings in this video. Manuel really hammered Ariel in this scene, as is his wont. Combat Zone should utilize him more frequently. Ariel brought high energy to the table and I also enjoyed her nasty talk.
Rope rating: 4 1/2 out of 5


Bottom Line
I’m assigning an overall score of 4 out of 5 to Plucked Then Fucked. Not quite as strong as Cumaholics, but a good effort nonetheless. For me, scenes 1, 4, and 5 are all keepers. Scene 3 is the one that got away. If not for the unexpected quick finish, I believe it would be in the same company as the three aforementioned scenes. Hope you enjoy the video, thank you for reading.


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11 Responses to “Ropeadope’s Preview: Plucked Then Fucked”

  1. deathdealer Says:

    Thanks for the preview rope. i look forward to watching the video when it posts. i hope you continue to do these previews as well as the looking back reviews and thanks to videobox for allowing rope do to these. peace. by the way you should work for videobox

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ deathdealer – Thank you for taking the time to read the preview and leave a response. As long as I know I have at least one reader, I will continue to post articles to the blog. I would love to work for VideoBox, but I think I better be able to generate more interest than one reply in 24 hours would suggest.

  3. Fedor Says:

    The man is a master at reviewing porn.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Fedor – Thank you bro. Did you accept the t-shirt offer Alison extended to you? Highly recommended.

  5. Fedor Says:

    Oh my I forgot! Alison…please contact me at the email on this post if the offer is still open.

    Also, I have an idea for a blog post I am tossing around. Not sure when I can get around to writing it but I want to run it by you have hear your thoughts.

  6. jffnk Says:

    hey rope, while ur at it, think u can twist content dude’s arm and have her bring the Creme to the top. you know what i’m talkn bout. thanks bro.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ jffnk – I’m very scared of the Content Dude so I can’t do that directly but I do have a couple of contacts that may be able to influence the decision. However, this was a “winner take all” vote. There were no stipulations that the runner-up would be the second video posted. Look back to Alison’s blog entry of 12/11/07 regarding the Combat Zone vote. The winner (Girl Next Door #1) was of course the first posted, but the runner-up (Home Wreckers) was the last of the six vids in the poll to be posted. Even so, all six DVD’s were uploaded within four weeks. So I’m sure you won’t have to wait long regardless of the update order. Meanwhile, I don’t think anyone can complain about the two DVSX releases we’ve received thus far. Both were outstanding. The Teagan scene (Total Babe #4) was awesome. I remarked to Alison that what has especially impressed me from DVSX are their scene’s opening tease footage. As good as, if not better than any other studio.

    Just to whet your appetite, here are the scene pairings for Pass the Creme #1:

    1) Charlotte Stokely & Genesis Skye
    2) Taryn Thomas & Sativa Rose
    3) Tory Lane & Austin Kinkaid
    4) Dani Woodward & Courtney Simpson
    5) Cassie Courtland & Nikki Nievez
    6) Alicia Alighotti & Daryn Darby

    Obviously, all the scenes include a guy or there wouldn’t be any creme to pass.

  8. jffnk Says:

    i appreciate your candor rope, and indeed that is one fine lineup that blows the others away. and because of that, i’m sure we will wait.

  9. totaldouchebag Says:

    I realize the time-intensive process that your reviews take, so I’d like to give my kudos Rope. Because they are so detailed and the commentary interesting, I believe that if Rope (or someone employed by Content Dude or VB) were to review a “flick of the week” or something, it’d only foster more interest on the site. As nice as it would be, it is unrealistic, however, for someone to go into the pains of writing up such great summaries for each film. Moreover, sometimes the “descriptions” given for vids only encourage the flippant remarks and non-reviews. Perhaps VB could hire some “independent contractors” to review films. It would only foster more interest in the site. I mean, we already have some who set their alarms and plan their days to the updates :)

  10. Monahan Says:

    When I see Rope’s comments in a review of a dvd and/or a scene on the regular site, I pay close attention. The man is a comprehensive encyclopedia of porn and really adds a lot to the site. I have kinda let the Blog slide after it was first started, but comments on the Plucked then Fucked DVD on the site referred me to this review…and I’m really glad it did.

    This review is superb. I’m looking forward to many more. And I agree that Rope makes a major contribution to VB, both in the individual comments and now with these two outstanding reviews.

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ totaldouchebag – Thank you. I believe you’ve made an excellent suggestion with the “flick of the week” review concept. I would certainly be more than willing to tackle such a project. Currently, I can only preview Combat Zone releases for the blog as I already possess many of their vids. If the site would allow me to advance download some movies, I could include a wide array of studios. I agree with your conclusion that these previews / reviews would foster an increased interest toward VideoBox.

    @ Monahan – Great to see you back on the blog my friend. Hope you intend to visit on a regular basis. Thank you for the very kind comments. Please take a look at the “Rope Looks Back” blog articles, where I review some memorable scenes from deep within the archives. Of course, as one of the more senior site members, you’re probably thoroughly familiar with these scenes.