Thinking About Keri Sable

Last night, I was browsing the site and started thinking about Keri Sable. Quick background story for those who aren’t familiar: young Keri entered the business in 2004 when she was just 18. She did a bunch of gonzo movies and got noticed by the president/owner of Wicked Pictures, Steven Orenstein, who offered her a contract. In early 2006, word was she quit the business and left her Wicked contract unfulfilled. No one really seemed to know what happened, but when she didn’t show up at AVN, it was pretty much confirmed.

My Story
I had the great pleasure to be at a dinner with Steve Orenstein that year at AVN. Everyone wanted to know what happened with Keri, why she was worth all the trouble, etc. What I remember of his answer is that she had that special thing, that je nes sais quoi, that you just know when you see it. He didn’t get into why she left, but had very kind words about her – she was a very nice girl, but very young. If she didn’t want to be in porn, who was he to try to change her mind?

Investigating the Claim
So I went back and watched a few of Keri’s scenes last night. Notably, Teen Fuck Holes #1, scene 5, Sex Fiends #1, scene 1, and Finders Keepers, scene 1. I wanted to see if I agreed that she was something special (why it took me 3 years to have the inclination to do so, I don’t know).

Maybe Steve Was Right
I watched her in a 1-on-1 scene, a scene with another girl and a guy and a DP. After all that, my thoughts were that she really seemed that she was in the moment. The main evidence was that her sex noises didn’t seem bored or forced, she smiled, got flushed, and above all, she moved her hips. Porn girls never seem to move their hips when they fuck. They just kinda lie there or bounce around or kneel passively. But Keri actually moved. So while skinny bleach blonde teen girls with fake nails are not usually my thing, I had to admit that I liked her. I think that’s the mark of a good porn star – they don’t fit with your usual aesthetic, but you don’t care because they manage to be hot anyway.

What about you? What’s the difference between an average porn girl and a porn star? What gets every one of a girl’s scenes on your favorites list?


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24 Responses to “Thinking About Keri Sable”

  1. housedj69 Says:

    For me, it’s a combination of beauty and enthusiasm. I think that most of us who watch porn on a regular basis can tell when a girl is enjoying herself. My favorite performer is Stacy Silver. He’s smoking hot, and she seems to genuinely be into what(and who) she’s doing. That’s what makes a pron star.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Wicked Pictures? Is that a studio you don’t have yet?

  3. Boater Says:

    Sometimes there is just a scene that reaches out and grabs me.

    And for me its when the girl is having a really good time (I have no interest in anything that seems abusive) – then I go looking for others she has done.

    My first – many years ago was Tori Wells in “Torrid” – which was the first porn I ever saw and was immediately the standard I measured everything against – then Debbie Diamond in “Gang Bang Girl 1”.

    More recently Keri Sable in “Finders Keepers” (on this site), Aurora Snow in “Nasty Nymphos 32”, Jenna Haze in “Flesh Hunter 1”, Courtney Devine in “A Group Thing 2” (on this site – especially her confession to a fetish for Cowboy boots), Ginger Lee in “Legal at Last 4” (on this site), Teagan Presley in “Teenage Anal Princess” (esp the BTS) and “Teenage Spermaholics 2” and Katsumi in “Break Em in 5” (on this site).

    Each just had something that reached out and grabbed my attention.

    Its hard to define – but its there. Something ladies like Sasha Grey or Tera Patrick (at least to me) do not have. They are willing, but a bit withdrawn – never having the full blooded “Yea Ha – lets do it” of the scenes I have mentioned above.

  4. tbird11 Says:

    So does anyone know what did happen to her or why she left the business? I became an instant fan the first time I watched one of her scenes. Too bad she’s gone.

  5. alison Says:

    housedj69 – I really agree with you. No matter how long I do this, there are always new girls to check out. Thanks for the Stacy Silver recommendation. I’ll put her on my “to watch” list.

    Jeff – Wicked Pictures is one of the big feature studios. They’re known mainly as a “couples” studio, and no, we don’t have their content yet.

    Boater – You know, Sasha Grey and Tera Patrick both seem a little dead behind the eyes to me. Which isn’t to say that they’re not nice. I’ve interviewed both of them and they were both really cool in their own way, but their scenes just don’t have the intensity that any of those stars you named do. Not to talk too much about movies we don’t have on the site, but have you ever seen “Teradise Island”? There’s a scene with Tera and her husband where they seem to be having some kind of a fight during the sex. It’s sort of awful. Now I think of that scene every time I think of her.

    tbird11 – Not really. At the time she said she was going back to school. As far as I know, she didn’t do that, but there’s really not been any word about what she *is* doing.

  6. apefj3to2 Says:

    Why can I flash preview a flick with hot girls and a certain girl will get me stif ?Why will a girl lose my peak interst ?Why will a girl never lose my peak interst ?Why do some put on weight and I lose interest ?Why do some gain weight and I gain interest?Why do some age and I lose interest ? Why do some age and I gain interest ?
    A girls intensity level has never been a concern of mine.Never had an impact on my my viewing appeal.Only if she turns me on.Almost kinda like when they’re not into it.I’m pretty much “out of step Charlie ” here in my likes & dislikes .Probably my all time favorite girls are Casey Cole,Jackie Ashe and Makenzie Wilson

  7. jfro Says:

    I think Allison you have it right with the intensity level in the scene but not necessarily the fake intensity that some girls put on (loud dirty talk, gagging etc.). Some girls really like or can make you think they like what is going on. Also the moving of the hips is really key. April Flowers was one who brought a combination of innocence and horniness…she seemed really turned on AND she moved her hips. Bolivia Samsonite actually moves really well. I wish more of the girls were able to move more like dancers when they fucked..graceful…hip movements…maybe that’s just my thing. It also feels incredibly good when a woman does that movement while you’re fucking.

    I think Keri had some of this but I don’t think I’d put her in a league of April Flowers, Jenna Haze and Taylor Rain. Also, real orgasms are a huge plus. Keri I think made up for some of this by looking damn cute in most of her scenes. I was just watching a scene with India (incredibly beautiful black chick) and it was an instant hit with me because she was sensual, looks absolutely perfect, and made some convincing noises of pleasure.

    Sashs Grey, though she is sometimes a little extreme and rough for my taste, has star quality…she is a star off the porn set as well I think…though maybe I just like the intellectual bohemian punk thing she has going on.

    It is my belief that porn directors generally do a lousy job of bringing out the porn star in their girls. They tend to let their obsessions and awkwardness intrude. And of course, the final jerk off by the guy is a huge mood killer. Giving the actresses a chance to show what they can do or teaching them will make more porn stars and not just girls just sitting their waiting for jizz.

  8. out4fun3 Says:

    I agree with what everyone has said.
    It’s a combination of things: big boobs, pretty face, being into the moment, enjoying the sex and the final jerk off where the girl does it or it happens naturally as a result of the final scene rather than the girl sitting there waiting for it as the guy is beating it furiously.

  9. out4fun3 Says:

    P.S. Alison, I like your taste in women. I have an eye out now for scenes with Gianna Michaels because I think she is pretty hot (based on one of your previous lists. :-)).

  10. Monahan Says:

    [i]de gustibus est non disputandem[/i] – Of taste there is no dispute or, in other words, to each his/her own.

    What brings my Willy to full attention is a girl who clearly enjoys what she does and understands what we wankers want to see. Four examples are Gianna Michaels, Tyla Wynn, Avy Scott and Carmella Bing who do their thing with abandon, look like they are having a great time in the process and seem to be ready for more even after the scene is complete.

    It’s sorta like a good personal love making session where both people enjoy the sex and feel great about it afterward.

    In porn, the “behind the scenes” segments frequently and unintentially demonstrate my turn off’s – the babe who is going through the motions just for the money and turns on and off the intensity as directed. The BTS segment proves it when the director stops an apparently energetic fuck for some stills and the babe passively waits to be told to return to fucking. Mechanical sex and phony ecstacy are far too prevalent in porn.

  11. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison. This is an interseting topic you’ve brought up. I remember reading an interview with Eva Angelina, where she talked about being roommates with Keri and telling her to slow down and try not to do too much in the business too soon. Especially in the area of doing anal, dp’s, and the like too soon. When you look at the way Keri’s carrer ended, and the fact that Eva’s is still going strong, it makes you wonder if there is really something to the idea of doing too much too soon. I know all the questions have been submitted for Eva’s interview, but do you think you might be able to slip a question about that in. I’d be interested to read her thoughts on this. As always, much love. Cheers

  12. Rael Says:

    Anytime a girl gets into it and gets off, I’m into it.

  13. hiflyin77 Says:

    For anyone interested hHere’s a the address for the interview I mentioned above. Cheers:

  14. Strangepork Says:

    I certainly have a laundry list of physical attributes that turn me on, but I don’t really have one “type” of woman I like. I’ll often check out scenes with women who don’t match up with anything on my list because there is something that goes beyond the appearance. Really, I think its an indefinable quality. Sometimes “good performance” is said, but I think that suggests that it is just an act. And maybe it is, but the fantasy for me is to imagine myself with that woman. Would she be fun to be with?

  15. oldvert Says:

    Good question. For me the difference between a ‘porn girl’ and a ‘porn star’ is whether or not she is able to COMMAND the scene every time. Bad directing, lighting, costumes or sets can’t ruin the overt sexuality of some female porn stars, going back to the beginning of the porn genre. (e.g. in Deep Throat, Carol Connors was a ‘porn girl’ where Linda Loveland was a ‘porn star’)

  16. zarafan Says:

    Well, all this is of course subjective, not only from viewer to viewer but also over time in the life of any porn fan. I’m already on record as having listed several dozen women in my “top 5” favorites. There are a number of features these performers have in common, and I would classify all of them as genuine stars:

    I like all-natural women (no implants, no tattoos, no gratuitous body piercing–this is a a very consistent rule in my book).
    I like enthusiastic and adventuresome performers (they tend to be anal queens).
    I like exotic, enticing, “sultry” performers (lots of Europeans on my lists).

    There are, to my great good fortune, dozens of East European, all-natural, attractive women willing to have anal sex on camera. What separates the “stars” from the generic pornochicks–a subtle distinction in “the heat of the moment,” I will admit!–is both a sense of “stage presence” (perhaps better put as “set presence”) and rapport with the camera and the stuntcock: conveying a combination of pleasure and intensity is the essence of a good porn performance.

    I have a different list every time I think about this topic, but right now, I would identify the genuine STARS on my list in the following admittedly arbitrary order:

    1) Laure Sainclair
    2) Michelle Wild
    3) Maya Gold
    4) Daniella Rush
    5) Jennifer Dark

    These are all European stars, and I’ve never seen any of them give a bad performance; the worst I can say of any of them is that sometimes directors failed to capture their best work or make use of their best talents. I have to rush to offer two honorable mentions to this list as well: Claudia Jamsson (whose work is sometimes uneven, but when she’s in the mood–as in Hardcore Innocense 2, scene 4–she is dynamite; Brianna Love, whose work only seems to be getting better and better as she continues in the business, for a long time to come, I hope!

    Please note that I consider ALL the women on this list (especially Laure Sainclair!!) to be UNDERREPRESENTED on the VB site. Any rectification of this oversight would be GREATLY appreciated, as ever!!!!!

  17. zarafan Says:

    I’m wondering now if there might be room for a third category beyond the distinction between “star” and “average pornochick”: what I will provisionally refer to as the “trooper”–maybe not as glamorous as the “star” as an object of fantasy, but someone who stays in the business longer than she has to and who never fails to give 100% on camera. These are unsung heroines of the business, who keep the industry afloat in fallow periods and whose work is always worth a look even in the most mediocre films. What I’m suggesting in this description is the possibility that such performers might actually be more likable and popular than the glamqueens. Here’s a provisional list of who I might consider the best troopers in the business:
    1) Sandra Romain
    2) Aurora Snow
    3) Claudia Rossi
    4) Kathy Anderson
    5) Sabrina Johnson
    At this point I’m not entirely confident that my personal distinction between stars and troopers can be maintained. I’m glad that in the final analysis it doesn’t really matter…!
    Anyone else care to weigh in on these distinctions?

  18. Monahan Says:

    If we’re listing names:

    1. Anastasia Christ
    2. Michelle Wild
    3. Jane Darling
    4. Venus Knight
    5. Tiffany Rousso
    6. Gianna Michaels
    7. Carmella Bing
    8. Jenna Doll
    9. Bree Olson
    10. Reserved for 100 other babes that turn me on from time to time.

  19. alison Says:

    jfro – I think you’re right that directors can totally ruin what could otherwise be a great scene by forcing their own fetishes or weirdness on it. I think the Up & Cummers series is an excellent example of that.

    out4fun3 – Thanks. I’m always happy to point people toward porn they’ll enjoy 🙂

    Monahan – I second you on all four of those girls.

    hiflyin77 – That’s an interesting point. A lot of people assume that girls refuse to do anal so they can get more money for it or extend their career. I’m sure their own sanity comes into play too.

  20. jfro Says:

    Another typical director fuck-up: shooting scenes too close to the chick and from below. You can’t really see the SHAPE of the chick if you are too close…And from below…we are not children and it’s kind of creepy to approach them that way. I say just over ass height and maybe going down to look at the snatch occasionally. But from below all the time….not good.

  21. noissues Says:

    Thinking About Keri Sable?
    I think she eventually realized she reached her zenith with, Cum Filled Asshole Overload #2, which left her nowhere else to go, but sideways or down. With as bright as she burned, her departure was right on cue, and fitting for this consumate, hardcore porn diva.

  22. HeatseekUser Says:

    I just wanted to add my opinion on this topic (not the Keri Sable topic… the “what makes a GREAT porn star” topic):
    For me, and this is kinda hard to put into words, but it’s very key for the girl to be ENJOYING herself in the scene. Don’t get me wrong – she’s also got to be hot, blah, blah, blah. But it’s more than that. OK – you know how the best blowjob in the world is from that girl that you can TELL she just LOVES TO SUCK COCK… whether you like it or not – she LOVES doing it!? Well, that’s what it is for me with the porn. Belladonna is a good example… although, her scenes kinda bore me lately. Trina Michaels REALLY swept me away in the first 2 scenes I ever saw of hers… then, after searching for more… the more i saw of her, the more she fizzled out for me. April Flowers was the star of the hottest scene I had ever scene in my whole life about 4 years ago… since then, I’m dying to see that same sexual charisma in an anal scene with her.
    My point is:
    it’s all about the scene! One scene could suddenly make me “snap” and fall in love with the actress (like Katsumi or Taylor Rain) – then, suddenly I realize, “it’s not her i fell in love with… it was that SCENE!!!!”
    hmmmmmm… I wonder if all my favorite scenes of all time have the same director or anything else in common… I’ll have to look into that.

  23. gamehobo Says:

    “they don’t fit with your usual aesthetic, but you don’t care because they manage to be hot anyway.”

    I find that statement to be true of a lot of women I’ve dated too.

  24. James Says:

    Ok I don’t get it at all. Why did Keri Sable just disappear? She is young, hot and AMAZING! What happened? What does that mean je nes sais quoi? I MISS HER! Where are you Keri Sable? At least make a blog or MySpace so fans can know you are ok.