The Most Downloaded Scene Last Week

I’m always interested to see (in aggregate) what our members are downloading. It gives me a pretty good idea of what people like and what sorts of things we should be looking for more of. I thought that maybe you’d be interested in seeing that information too.

Last week, the most downloaded scene on the website was School Girls Love Cum Too!, Scene 4 starring Cody Lane. In fact, it’s the top Cody Lane scene on the site, after My Dirty Angels #3, Scene 5.

If this sort of thing really interests you, check out the top 10 downloaded scenes last week after the jump.


Last Week’s Top 10 Downloaded Scenes
1. School Girls Love Cum Too!, Scene 4 starring Cody Lane
2. Filth & Fury #1, Scene 5 starring Sasha Grey
3. Filth and Fury #2, Scene 1 starring Jenna Haze
4. The Girl Next Door #5, Scene 2 starring Liliana Moreno
5. The Girl Next Door #2, Scene 2 starring Sasha Grey
6. Fuck Me Hard and Cum on My Face, Scene 4 starring Eve Lawrence
7. Truly Nice Tits #8, Scene 2 starring Angel Dark
8. Who’s Your Mommie #2, Scene 5 starring Victoria Valentino
9. School Girls Love Cum Too!, Scene 1 starring Aaralyn Barra
10. LA Tits, Scene 2 starring Danielle Derek

Was that interesting at all? Are there other lists like this you’d like to see? I can break them down further by category for any time period in the last 9 months or so.


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17 Responses to “The Most Downloaded Scene Last Week”

  1. hiflyin77 Says:

    Hey Alison. Cyberhug! Cool idea with this list. Any chance that the powers above could add a “viewed” or “downloaded” counter to the scenes. That would be an easy way to see what scenes are really worth checking out. Just a thought. Cheers

  2. Greg Says:

    A download counter would be nice, along with a way to sort by most downloaded.

  3. ropeadope2 Says:

    Very interesting list Alison. Could you possibly specify the beginning and ending dates of the surveyed period? The term “last week” is a little vague to me. I know the timeline had to extend beyond 3/15, as that is the latest upload date of any scene on the list. What surprises me most is that only two of the scenes are from March updates. The remaining eight are from February updates, with the oldest occurring on 2/7. I would have guessed that the more recent additions would have dominated the list. I would be curious to see a companion list of the ten least downloaded scenes during the same time frame. However, that list should probably be restricted to scenes uploaded during or immediately prior to the week in question and should not include behind the scenes segments (which I always download but I believe other members avoid like the plague).

  4. Nova1972 Says:

    I always wanted a counter for every scene. Ratings are good but you can have a rating for a scene by a single user or by 500. At the end the it is important to see actually how many times the scene has been downloaded or viewed.
    People download things they like and that could be a good indication about the quality of the scene.

  5. alison Says:

    I had no idea that’d be an interesting feature, but now I can see it. I’ll see how easy/possible it’d be and let you guys know.

    hiflyin77 – Cyberhug 🙂

    ropeadope2 – They’re from the week of March 13-19. I was pretty surprised by the results too, actually. But I suspect most VideoBox members actually visit the site relatively infrequently and download only a few things.

  6. Monahan Says:

    I like this a lot. But the week-by-week aspect is also useful. All else being equal, a video that was uploaded on 3/19 will likely have fewer downloads than one uploaded on 3/13.

    I find that I’ll see a babe on a current upload that I really like so I’ll go back and see what she’s got posted in the older stuff. That happened today with Bailey who I’ve checked out before. But with 55 scenes in the archives, I found 3 more “oldies” that I downloaded today.

    The reverse of that is that, if I see a high d/l number for a scene I passed by without looking the first time, it’ll bring me back to check it out more closely.

    To be honest, VideoBox has so damned much content and it’s so good that it really helps to get hints on what others are going for…and what they’re not. Otherwise the good stuff can get ignored.

    By the way, another stat I’d be interested in is the most downloaded models or, to avoid distortion caused by volume, the most downloaded by average d/l’s per scene.

  7. Fedor Says:

    The problem with DL counters..Some of the best series and DVD’s on this site are older so it would be misleading since as the site has grown so have the DL’s for more recent vids. Take “Big Wet Asses” some of the best DVD’s in porn but the # of DL’s are probably relatively small in comparison to the newer ones.

  8. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hey Alison:
    double cyberhug to ya with brunswick stew and biscuits and gravy for ya too. i insist on outdoing Hiflyin.And besides i am the original VB Alison cyberhugger

    i like the direction you are taking blog into. i support the idea of creating a download index to the point where for each scene of each DVD when possible there could be download info.That is if computer can be programmed to do this without creating a lot of extra work for you

  9. ropeadope2 Says:

    HotScooter2 – I’m down with the biscuits and gravy but what is your meat of choice for the Brunswick stew? According to Wikipedia, authentic Brunswick stew recipes call for squirrel or rabbit meat. They do allow that chicken, beef, or pork could be substituted. Not to speak for Alison of course, but squirrel?

  10. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hey Rope:

    guess we gonna make you an honorary southerner.Fuck i did not know brunswick stew was on Wikipedia. i have never had Squirrel but Rabbit is tasty. never had it in my brunswick Stew though. i like it with chicken,pork and beef but pork is essential in my opinion,but i bet Rabbit would be fantastic too.Anything but possum,i have heard of folks cooking it,but it is just plain butt ugly.anyone ever seen a possum knows it is so.
    So alison betya ya love us talkin bout brunswick sterw and possum,and ya know it relates to the topic at hand,but i’m lost as to how to do that.
    Gotta go and hey Alison you still the Queen of the blogs

  11. xanthic Says:

    Hey Alison! I have to agree with hiflyin77, I’d love to see a “viewed”/”downloaded” counter, but I’m usually fascinated by any type of statistics. Keep up the good work on the blog posts, I’ve been really impressed at how interesting it continues to be!

  12. xposh Says:

    These are all scenes I’d skip over. Did watch the Cody Lane one, it had that big muscle dude in it. Watched the Eve Lawrence one too. That wasn’t a very good scene for her.

  13. shootervb Says:

    My favorite niche being 3somes (FFM), I would love to see the most downloaded threesome features. That is about all I really D/L. And maybe others can add their favorites to this comment.

  14. slowsen Says:

    I’m posting this here even though it’s not relevant because I figured Allison has some pull and reads these. Amy Reid is the most popular pornstar out right now, including on this site. aside from her last scene (POV) her previous 2 have been the top 2 of the month. After that, now that she does anal, what does VB give us? a POV scene and a strap-on lesbian scene. If you go and look at your top scenes of all time how many POV and female strap-on scenes are there? none until about the 45th page. The pornstars that seem to be extremely popular on here have been doing things that are very different from their typical scenes lately yet none of that is reflected in the new scenes each day. For example; eva angelina-anal and DP, Amy Reid-anal, Penny Flame-anal, Taylor Rain-double Anal. However, another website (which is similar to this one but uses a z in it’s name, seems to have more of these. It kind of upsets me to see this

  15. toby kulture Says:

    That counter is BS. Everyone knows the most popular scene, is watching Cody Lane get slapped and choked in Teen Line: The Blue Room.

  16. TVRYAN Says:

    A counter would be awesome. If possible, is there a way we can sort by “most reviewed”?

  17. kraftboy Says:

    kinda puts its in perspective .. the anal fans are the biggest downloaders 🙂 no surprise from me. some girls like it, but its probably got the biggest union between guys who wanna do it, and girls who dont – ergo, porn!