New Studio Announcement: Private

Dear Euro Lovers,

Your requests have been heard. I’m very happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal with Private to begin offering a selection of their movies on VideoBox!

Private is known for hot Euro girls, beautiful locations and crazy features. We got a little of everything, so here’s a small sample of what you can expect in the coming months:

Cannes from Private Insatiable Sex Dolls from Private Lady of the Rings from Private Surf Fuckers

Click the box covers to get a look at the cast and descriptions for the movies.


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39 Responses to “New Studio Announcement: Private”

  1. Damon Says:

    That’s a major studio! Look forward to viewing these hot new titles and more in the future. Glad to see videobox is not resting on its laurels. Some of best girls come out of europe so this should be good. You American girls have got to step it up! (lol)

  2. BigJohn Says:

    Love Private. Was going to cancel my account this month. But going to keep it open for a while. Thanks!

  3. Robert Paulsen Says:

    Nice! I used to be a subscriber on their website, but this site is much nicer in terms of downloadable video and update frequency. Now some of the same material will be here as well.


  4. HotScooter2 Says:


    All i can say is something you hear down south,and don’t take any offense to it,unless you understand the context in which it is meant.Here it goes “Girl you got style”.Down here everyone uses the word to anyone female and it is not a racial slur.Enough said,because in my opinion Alison rocks.Private magazine has been around forever,and should be a welcome contribution to this site.
    There probably is no need for me to clarify anything i said,i think you know Alison that i don’t use this forum to insult you or anyone else.

  5. dttttoz Says:

    This is great news. Well done, indeed. I enjoy production value in my scenes, and Private has that by the ton.

  6. slayyer Says:

    Awesome! Private has always put out high quality material. And thanks for running an excellent site!

  7. G man Says:

    This is great news. I used to subscribe to Private’s (overprized) site and they really have some hot items. – Lots of very cute and natural young(ish) girls, lots of fresh talent, lots of brunettes, lots of anal and hefty cum shots and a fair bit of racy/edgy stuff.

    Donโ€™t expect innovative porn with an original feel to it. Privateโ€™s movies do most often have a mass produced quality. On the other hand that means very high production values. If VB get their hands on some of the better titles we have a lot to look forward to.

  8. zarafan Says:

    This is absolutely, positively, definitively THE BEST NEWS I’ve received since subscribing to VB!!!!! Private is maybe the most consistently high quality porno studio around–yes, their work is often “product,” slick and predictable, but they seem to have first pick at the finest performers coming out of Eastern Europe (and elsewhere) and they generally deliver the goods in terms of what one REALLY watches porn for…. I will be making space on my hard drive in anticipation of some great scenes, and would appreciate hearing more news about the deal: will you be uploading their whole catalogue, just older stuff, or just recent stuff? I am particularly pleased with the consistency of Private’s productions–the other side of putting out predictable “product”–and can’t think of a better or worse period in their production history. And not only is their own website overpriced in comparison with VB, but I was never able to download videos onto a Mac from their server. This is delightful, terrific, jubilant news, really really really, and I would be happy to offer my recommendations and/or wish list to anyone interested.

    One more thing: please please please assure us that this isn’t a horrible April Fool’s Day prank…!


  9. Buck Says:

    Anything will be better than all the friggin anal this site pushes.

  10. zarafan Says:

    Uh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Buck, but have you ever SEEN a Private movie? If anything, they were the ones who started the whole anal craze in porn…. Not that all of us think that’s necessarily a bad thing…!

  11. jay Says:

    Great news my private subscription expires in 10 days, and after careful consideration this site won my continuing support. As far as Private go’s i think that they have some of the best looking girls who seem to really enjoy their work. Some Private movies are quite m.o.r so fingers crossed for the better quality films. Nevertheless most films come with, fresh faces, mainly natural parts and some rather snazzy locations (if things get a bit stale you can always check out the islands, mansions, cars etc)
    As stated they are most certainly into the anal but this is just what Private do i guess. Anyway thats enough from someone who has never written in this forum before or commented on the films, Good job VB keep it up…no pun intended!

  12. lanky Says:

    Private is premier stuff. Lovely. This site amazes me. I hope you are successful financially as I want you to keep going.

  13. stanley77 Says:

    I agree with everyone that said something very positive about Private’s content. I don’t know how y’all are about requests, but if you could… = ] “Sex in the Kitchen”

  14. the content dude Says:

    I am pretty excited about this one. To give you a little insight its been in progress for well over a year including a trip to Amsterdam to negotiate. ENJOY!

  15. zarafan Says:

    Dear Content Dude,

    Wow, a business trip to Amsterdam: THAT must have been rough, huh?? [:-)] You’ve really come through for us, and I for one really appreciate it. Looking forward to the new releases, and I hope we’ll be hearing more about it all when you have the chance. Thanks for everything.

  16. papayaman Says:

    This is great news. With any luck this should mean much better representation for some fabulous Euro porn stars. I look forward to seeing more of stars like Judith Fox, Katy Caro and Michele Wild. What a great coup for VB. It really puts the site head and shoulders above the competition.

  17. trewoofe Says:

    Private Rocks! Quality stuff. VB is the best thing to happen since I discovered those mags in my dad’s sock draw back in 1988!

  18. whatever Says:

    Please post as many Michelle Wild vids as possible!

  19. dirtyboots Says:

    Excellent stuff. Really looking forward to seeing these updates come through.

    Sounds like Content Dude could do with another holiday. How about a trip to France to chat to the guys at Marc Dorcel? Get the Russian Institute series on here and I’m never leaving.

    Good work all.

  20. zarafan Says:

    As can be expected, I’m happy to second, vociferously, what both Whatever and Dirtyboots have posted here. Looking forward to more updates from Content Dude as they become available…. Happy days!!!

  21. jfro Says:

    Fuck yeah!!

    But not everything from Private is first quality but they have a huge catalogue with some choice stuff!!

    Content Guy rules!

  22. alison Says:

    Hey guys, I’m really glad you’re excited about Private. Content Dude really put in the hours on this one, so we’re really happy about it too.

    Oh, and HotScooter2, don’t worry about me, hon. I know you’re a Southern gentleman ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Skra1212 Says:

    This is music to my ears. I hope we’ll see more of Victoria Swinger.

  24. joystickpop Says:

    I have been a long time supporter of Private. Their features, short vignettes DVDs, fetish BDSM (Pirate), Private Castings (last scene is always the best buys!) are all top notch. Tania Russoff before she retired was top tier. Please include her scenes!

  25. Skrotes Says:

    Thank you thank you! Can’t wait to see some of my favorite Private girls on VB.

  26. ILTK Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE let it be some of the old Private movies, back when Private was realy good, around 90s era. The old Private movies was awesome because they picked girls that had something special, no golden glow lighting, elaborate sets, and no “acting” or just enough to tie the movie together to the next scene.

    Still, very nice to see VB getting some good studios on board, now get a hold off John Thompson and grab some GGG movies and we are golden ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. littlebilly Says:

    Gotta agree with ILTK, Private was the only show in town for a long time. Great job getting private signed! Now if only we could get more Gauge.

  28. sjenkie Says:

    Wow, good news!

    Hope you guys put on “Hot Property” (one of the best adult movies I’ve ever seen) or any other Private movie directed by Gazzman.

  29. zarafan Says:

    Dear Sjenkie,

    If I recall correctly, “Hot Property” features an absolutely astounding scene with Lucie Love and Lucy Lee (the Czech one, not the Asian-American). If I’m remembering correctly, it really as as good as it gets, and I hope they’ll post it, as well.

    Looking forward…! (Any idea when, Alison?!)

  30. putalvr Says:

    Alison:Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! On the “down” side,I’m going to have to buy (another) 500gb external hardrive.LOL.Luv yor site!

  31. bengalguy Says:


    What date is the Private Line going to start on the site?


  32. superpaisa Says:

    great news

  33. xposh Says:

    Yes! I’m quite a bit late replying but this is good news. Once got a free Private dvd sampler buying something on the internet. Thought it was great and never got around to checking out any of their dvds. Now’s that chance. Thanks.

  34. gel Says:

    awsome news—cant wait. Private movies are the best!

  35. gel Says:

    woo hooooo!!!!!! PRIVATE video is here!!!! Videobox is keeping the #1 spot. THANKYOU

  36. Rambo Says:

    Awesome, i been wondering why you guys haven’t tried much euro before. now if you could land studios like GGG and Puaka i’d never leave.

  37. Myway Says:

    Great! Please include the Castings !!!

  38. oddball Says:

    The best news you could have!!

    Private is my fav studio for years. I hope to see specially the 90’s movies, and the “casting” series!!

    Keep them coming!! Could be one per day??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. gel Says:

    Alison could you please get the 90’s private videos going. they’re the best.