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Do You Know Your Porn Stars?

Try your hand at the second incarnation of the Do You Know Your Porn Stars quiz. I took the feedback from last week to heart and I think this quiz offers the right level of difficulty for VideoBox members. Lemme know what you think.

Note: Topless images violate the terms & conditions of the quiz host, so the images have been replaced with clothed photos.

Friday Poll: Who is Your Least Favorite Male Performer?

I think everyone has at least one porn guy who can completely ruin a scene – even one starring one of their favorite girls (I know I do). Who is yours? If you choose “other”, please post your write-in choice in the comments!

The IAFD link will lead you to a picture of the performer and the example link will take you to one of his scenes.


DVSX Preview: Sakura Tales #10

Tia TanakaI am excited today to present my first preview of a DVSX movie. My two previous preview posts were for Combat Zone titles that I already owned. For this article, VideoBox was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at a DVD which will be uploaded to the site within the next few days. The first DVSX title was added to the site six weeks ago and we’ve received two dozen updates from the studio thus far. I’ve been extremely impressed with the DVSX offerings. Let’s see what this release has in store for us.


See Dee N take 3

We’re on our 3rd CDN trial, again as noted this is focused on improving the site image load performance time. As usual testing was done before flipping the switch on. Our particular interest is if European users are seeing faster page loading time with this feature. Please comment with your feedback.

Per the last trial, we have for some time now implemented a number of well-known tricks to optimize image delivery. This includes spreading the load between four hostnames, as mentioned by commenter dweazy – along with proper cache HTTP response headers, stripping JPG metadata comments.

Name That Porn Star Quiz

How well do you know your porn stars? Test your knowledge by taking my short quiz.


Am I Missing Anyone?

Next week, Alison will be posting a poll to determine who is the membership’s least favorite male performer. The guy who annoys you the most. The individual you dread seeing with your favorite female performer. I have compiled a list of stars whom I’ve seen complaints registered against in the review comments. Am I missing any obvious nominees? This is the list I have thus far (which will be whittled down to more manageable levels for the actual poll): Please leave a reply if you note any glaring omissions.


Birthday Girl Sasha Grey

Any Roots fans in the crowd? They released this video, starring Sasha Grey, for a new song called “Birthday Girl.” The song doesn’t appear on their newest album because, according to the group, the lighthearted sound just didn’t fit in with the rest of the songs.

The song/video are cute, but that’s not the main reason I’m posting them. What they bring to mind for me is the concept of a “cross-over” pornstar. In a world where women like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick are desperate to get “mainstream” exposure on VH1, what does it mean that Sasha Grey has become an indie darling (she also appeared in a Smashing Pumpkins video recently)? Can/will subculture fame eventually translate into widespread acceptance? Is that even desirable?

My feeling is no. The US isn’t Italy and even if Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends have a reality show, it doesn’t make them mainstream stars. It makes them porn girls with blurred out nipples on basic cable and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Where’s Sativa? Fix Is On The Way

Sativa Rose
Logging onto the site Saturday night to check the latest update, we’re greeted by the alluring face and body of the lovely Sativa Rose. She’s gracing the cover of First Date from the site’s hot new studio – DVSX. Surrounding Sativa on the cover are Kat, Jessica Sweet, and Brodi(e). We note there are six scenes on the DVD as Trista Post and Trinity Post are also on board. You immediately say to yourself, let me get at that Sativa scene. However, there is a problem.


Weekend Warrior I

I’ve noticed a paucity of articles posted to the blog on the weekends. My hope is to feature a DVD preview each weekend from studios such as DVSX and Private. I’ll attempt to preview these movies a few days before they’re uploaded to the site. However, we’re still trying to work out the logistics of this operation. So today’s post will dig back into the archives to briefly highlight an old favorite of mine.


Eva Angelina is a Flake

Almost a month ago, I asked blog readers to give me their questions for Eva Angelina because she’d agreed to do an interview for her fans at VideoBox. I want to personally apologize for the fact that Eva Angelina is a flake who refuses to respond to interview requests once she’s agreed to them and (maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but I’m kinda mad) doesn’t seem to care about her fans.

So, I’m sorry, but there will not be an Eva Angelina interview on the blog.