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For the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of beta testing a small VideoBox add-on program that is designed to block selected member comments from the movie review section. This application represents the latest response from the site to satisfy subscriber requests. Let’s take a brief look at the program, which is expected to be made available to the full membership within the next several weeks.

As currently configured, the program is quite compact and uses very few memory resources. Once downloaded (details to be provided at official release), double click to install. It can be added to your start menu and will run in the background each time you boot up your computer. The program links to a database of all past and present VideoBox usernames and will update itself when you connect with the site.

There are several ways to use the filter. Let’s assume you no longer wish to view comments of ropeadope2 in the reviews. Enter the name ropeadope2 into the blacklist of the program and you’re done. All ropeadope2 comments will be blocked. There is no limit to the number of users that can be blacklisted. There is also an “All” box in the blacklist which can be enabled if you don’t wish to see any reviews. The program also includes a whitelist. If you only choose to view the comments of a few select members, you could specify those names in the whitelist and all others will be blocked.

One of the most helpful parts of the application is the AutoComplete feature. The program compares names as they are typed into the blacklist or whitelist against its database and recommends possible matches. Very useful if you can’t remember the full username. One bug that remains to be resolved is that AutoComplete repeatedly suggests titiesandbeer for the blacklist regardless of which letters, numbers, or characters are actually entered into the designated area.

I enjoy reading all the reviews but I know there are many in the membership who have been looking forward to this type of program. They will not be disappointed. I’ve been informed that future editions of the program will be able to search the reviews by username and eventually by keyword. Are there any other features that you would like to see incorporated into the program? Please keep in mind that it is a priority to maintain the small size of the application while providing increased functionality.


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24 Responses to “User Review Filter”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    i think i am going to be the first to respond.I know you used your user name to be an example of deleting a member. i understood that but hey be good to yourself the majority of us like your contributions to the reviews.
    And it would be an injustice to titiesandbeer for the software device to eliminate him .I like his comments just because he has a different and controversial approach. i would be very upset if the new software excluded him. i do not always agree with you or tities but certainly enjoy reading their comments.both of you are very vocal in your own ways. i probably would not use the device as i pretty much enjoy reading all the review even if they infuriate me,Even when they are of the great tits,hot pussy, let’s fuck mentality.
    Also like to challenge rascism when i get the opportunity.
    And challenge the way Black Films are appreciated is when it is White guys with black women. in this situation the black women are considered beautiful by the reviewers.But in any other combination of a Black film the women are considered ugly by reviewers,even when it is same women with White guys that they had considered beautiful

  2. TheFly Says:

    At the risk of looking stupid later, I’m going to call this as an April Fool’s joke.

  3. Jo Says:

    Nice. You’re right, Fly, for a slew of reasons, but mostly the comedic jab at titiesandbeer gives it away. I like that they have humor here.

  4. MFH Says:

    No, no. The April Fool’s joke was that weird pornomation DVD they put on a day or two ago o.O

  5. Strangepork Says:

    I’m not really interested in blocking anyone’s reviews, but searching for username sounds useful, even if just to locate my own past comments. I’m not sure I’d want to run such a program in the background all of the time though.

  6. zarafan Says:

    I’m willing to weigh in and agree this is an April Fool’s joke: not a bad one, at that!!


  7. BigE Says:

    Why is “Blacklist” a bad thing, but “Whitelist” is for the good members? Racists.

  8. deathdealer Says:

    Well I have been a member for over a year using various names and i dont comment very much but i dont think ill be using this feature. my main reason is that i like reading everyones reviews, good or bad, about the movie or not. very one brings something different to the discussion and you might miss out on something funny or insightful from a new member or one that has not posted anything for awhile. however i do appreciate the idea of this and a thanks to videobox for putting this together and rope for previewing this application. i just will most likly not be using it. this is also why videobox is the best site on the net because they always try to make improvements big or small trying to make everyone. thank you videobox and rope

  9. DeepSlide Says:

    What kinda stuff did you say, baldguy? Post us a sample, and let’s see if VB zaps it!

  10. papayaman Says:

    I think it has to be before mid-day for it to be an April Fool, and if my understanding is correct this kind of programme is feasible, so I am assuming the programme works as Ropeadope describes. IMHO it is an excellent solution to the problem discussed earlier concerning what to do about members who make offensive and racist comments. It means that VB avoids the rather invidious task of having to censor the site, but those of us who find certain posters’ observations consistently offensive/irritating can just block their drivel off. Assuming I’ve not been had by Ropeadope and VB playing a joke on us, I think this sounds like another fine improvement to the site.

  11. HotScooter2 Says:

    i don”t as a rule like censorship,but on the other hand i don’t feel gay bashing or rascism should be allowed.Both are sighs of ignorance and both lack tact.Remarks that are solely designed ot offend others IMHO should not be tolerated

  12. ropeadope Says:

    Okay guys, you’re too smart for me. This was indeed an April Fools’ joke. Extra credit to TheFly for being the first to uncover the prank. I think Jo is correct that the titiesandbeer reference was a giveaway. But some lines just write themselves and I didn’t have the willpower to leave that one out. To my friends and long time supporters who responded here, please don’t hold this against ol’ rope. Only looking to inject some levity into the blog.

    @ HotScooter2 – Yup, you got in first. And last (as of now). Much appreciated as always. Please keep on posting to the reviews. The site needs individuals such as yourself, who challenge the ignorant and hateful comments. Keeps everyone honest.

    @ Strangepork – I fully agree regarding the search feature. By username to locate all reviews of your own or any other member, and by keyword to locate certain activities that may slip through the categories.

    @ zarafan – Couldn’t fool you either, glad you enjoyed the post. I have a better idea for next year April Fools’, but I won’t be posting it on April 1st.

    @ deathdealer & papayaman – Thank you. Although this tool won’t be materializing, I know for a fact that VideoBox is working on several features to enhance the user experience. I cannot discuss specifics, however, you will see a more interactive environment between the site and the membership as we move forward.

  13. dirtyboots Says:

    Great joke, really liked the “regardless of which letters, numbers, or characters are actually entered into the designated area” line.

    Exciting to hear there’s new features in the pipeline. What I’d really like to see is user tagging and public lists on dvds/scenes. The categories here only go so far in helping to uncover the many hidden treasures. It’d take too much work for VB to accurately describe everything so what not let us do it?

  14. walken Says:

    Shit rope… you and me shoulda sat down and had a game of russian roulette for April fools day bro! Now we’ll have to save it for your birthday. Hey just a suggestion for the site while we’re on the topic, how about listing the ‘year of production’ with the movies? We’re all kinda connoisseurs of porn right? Details are important…

  15. papayaman Says:

    Ropeadope, you little devil! Got me hook, line and sinker. I’ll be looking carefully at your posts this time next year.

  16. water20 Says:

    random and off topic, but who the hell is the chick on the sign in screen?

  17. borat Says:

    water20 it was answered in the 2nd blog post

  18. ropeadope Says:

    @ dirtyboots – Thank you. One of the features you mention is being actively discussed. Regarding the categories, this is why I would love to see a keyword search of the reviews. If someone does quadruple anal, it would only be categorized as anal. But you can bet your bottom dollar that someone will comment, “holy smokes, she’s doing quadruple anal.”

    @ walken – I’m not insane enough to play Russian roulette with the master! Sure, that last shot found its mark, but you survived several standard deviations outside the norm. The year of production would be good additional info. Another member recommended that in a previous post of mine. I agreed with it then and I agree with it now.

    @ papayaman – Sorry bout that bro. I’ll have to do next years April Fools’ post in February or August or November. When nobody expects it.

    @ water20 – Yes, borat is correct. Follow his link and read all the comments. I’ll only add that the “very lucky guy on our staff” who Alison refers to, is unfortunately not me.

  19. Monahan Says:

    Great work on the April Fools. That was the first one that I bought!

    That said, I’d love to see the members focus their reviews on the video and not the screencaps. When Rope posts a comment, it always adds something useful or interesting to the scene(s).

    The filter I’d like is one that poofs reviews that use the word “cap” or “screencap” or those with fewer than 4 characters.

  20. dirtyboots Says:

    Excellent news rope. If at any point the team requires a user panel, feel free to get in touch.

  21. Fedor Says:

    hah….well done….this is the first april fool joke I fell for. Rope does such a damn good job explaining things I was totally sucked in.

  22. ropeadope Says:

    @ Monahan – Thank you. Haven’t been posting much of anything on the main board lately. I’ve become very attached to the blog. Have to make it a point to drop on over. The screencappers can be frustrating, but every so often, someone hits upon a gem.

    @ dirtyboots – Right, I’ve made a note of it.

    @ Fedor – Thank you my friend, I feel honored.

  23. Damon Says:

    I admit to buying the trick. Good job. 🙂

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ Damon – Thank you, much appreciated.