Real Orgasm Watch: Leigh Livingston

Leigh Livingston
I watched Boobzilla 2 the other day and the good reviews convinced me to check out the scene with Leigh Livingston. I’d never seen her in a movie before so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

My verdict: the scene is pretty hot. Leigh really seems to be enjoying herself throughout and around minute 21:00, she has what I have deemed to be an orgasm.

My evidence:
1. Facial expression. She’s screaming with her eyes squeezed eyes shut and all of a sudden, she gets a very slack look on her face and exhales loudly.
2. Hand motion. She grabs the couch hard. For some reason, a lot of women need to grab a piece of the furniture (or person) they’re on when they’re coming.
3. Pause in the Action. She clearly needed to stop for a moment to catch her breath before Jenner can pick her up and start fucking her again.

Scenes featuring real female orgasms are precious jewels in the rough of porn and I’m always delighted to find one. Please share your favorite real orgasm scenes in the comments! I know I’ll definitely check them all out.


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25 Responses to “Real Orgasm Watch: Leigh Livingston”

  1. carl carlson Says:

    first orgasm!

  2. Fritz Meissner Says:

    Glad to see you raise the topic – for me seeing a woman getting genuine pleasure is the biggest turn on. Try Secretary’s Day, Scene 1.

  3. Monahan Says:

    Make sure you share your orgasm list with us. When I see what passes for an orgasm, I’m usually skeptical and am not qualified to identify the real thing.

  4. junker Says:

    All of that is cool and all but I’m happy as long as I have a real orgasm. I guess I’m selfish.

  5. Fedor Says:

    “All of that is cool and all but Iā€™m happy as long as I have a real orgasm. I guess Iā€™m selfish.”

    Make sure the gal gets one and she will make sure yours is better. My experience almost every time.

  6. misterJ Says:

    You’ve hit on a subject near and dear to my heart. I usually pour through porn updates to find those rare gems as they are the only scenes that really turn me on.

    Some of the favorites on my list:

    Cindy Crawford in Swallow My Pride #3, Scene5. – HOT

    Eva Angelina in Cum Craving Teens #2, Scene1 – Arguably one of the best scenes on the site.

    Sunny Lane in Whale Tail #1, Scene3 – Just watch and be amazed.

    Sunny Lane in Planting Seeds #2, Scene1 – Very HOT, just skip the end…unless that’s your thing.

    Cassie Young in Teen Idol #2, Scene1 – Has an orgasm with the aid of a vibrator and a HUGE cock.

    Those are just a few, I have ignored all of the squirters like Cytheria and the like. It’s because they have an orgasm every 20 seconds…seems like cheating.

    Also, 3 of the 5 scenes include woodsman Mark Ashley, IMHO this guy should win cocksman of the year award cause the girls really enjoy getting plowed by him. Always a righteous scene to be had when this guy is layin pipe.

  7. papayaman Says:

    If you like to see girls who evidently get real enjoyment out of their exploits in porn check out the Sandra Kay scene in Big Wet Asses 6. She really does seem to be genuinely in to it. I’m also pretty convinced that the delectable Lily Thai is just about raped into orgasm by Lucy Lee in Tight and Asian 3 (although I understand she has also blamed Lucy Lee for damaging her anus in that scene). I’m sure there are plenty of other scenes on the site that appear to be genuinely orgasmic, but those are two of my favourites anyhow.

  8. junker Says:

    I meant as far as porn goes. Real life is another matter.

  9. HotScooter2 Says:


    Hon, you are very astute in your observations. Leigh Livingston indeed has a very intense orgasm in Boobzila,but let’s not forget that she is also a highly attractive young lady.maybe you and content dude can try to find more scenes like hers,or find more DVD’s with her in it.Keep up the positive energy,and the female energy is definitely needed on this site.Only a woman or maybe a doctor could describe a woman’s orgasm as well as you did

  10. Teek Says:

    Tia Son in Real Female Orgasms #3, Scene 3. Even lee stone couldn’t ruin it.

  11. phorker Says:

    Great thread! Here are three of my favorites:

    Heels & Hose: The Early Stages, Scene 2
    Back Seat Bangers #5, Scene 1
    Wife Swappers, Scene 3

  12. dingo Says:

    This is a long shot, but a while ago I saw a Behind the Scenes where a girl had to stop the scene because she had a real orgasm. I can’t remember what scene that is. I thought it was Claire Robbins because the girl had short hair but I’ve looked at all her BTS scenes and it isn’t her. Any idea, anyone?

  13. alison Says:

    Fritz – Thanks for the suggestion!

    Monahan – Not qualified?

    junker – Sharing’s caring šŸ™‚

    Fedor – I second that.

    misterJ – Thank you very much. I think you just suggested enough scenes to warrant creating a new “real orgasms” favorites list.

    papayaman – Ooch, anus damage. I’ll check it out anyway. Thanks for the suggestions!

    HotScooter2 – You’re correct. Leigh is a very cute girl. And thanks for the compliment. I do what I can šŸ˜‰

    Teek – Thanks!

    phorker – Thanks for the suggestions!

    dingo – That sounds awesome. I hope someone else remembers it and can identify it.

  14. Nate Says:

    Something Alison said got me thinking…what about having a “female orgasm” tag/genre to search by? There are too few scenes where the ladies are clearly enjoying themselves, and they are some of my favorites.

  15. simple Says:

    I know this is completely off topic, but I couldn’t find a userbar for videobox so I created one.

  16. jfro Says:

    Female orgasms…they are like gold!! Perfect scene: female orgasms and he either cums in her or she gets him off some how!!!

    Cytherea – muchos orgasmos
    Callie Cox – pretty regularly orgasms
    Most squirt videos involve something pretty close to an orgasm.
    Taylor Rain often seems close or gets there.
    Sindee Jennings squirts and cums a lot

    Wish more of the Euro chicks came on screen…they look so hot.
    Viva el orgasmo!

  17. jfro Says:

    By the way, you know a woman is coming if she makes sounds that don’t sound like she is listening to herself and creating a “soundtrack” for the video. If she sounds shrill, loud or silly, she is probably having a good time. If she sounds “seductive”, she is probably faking it.

  18. bengalguy Says:


    Sorry to post on this blog. But you never answer my question on the private blog. You are like the woman I email you ingore me. LOL


  19. cumonerface Says:

    One of my all time favorites and IMO the best seen on this site (all due respect misterj).
    Kaylynn chocolate loving moms, scene 5. What i like about this scene is its a classic looks can be deceiving. The guy looks like a total goofball and kaylynn is totally teasing him. But he fucks the shit out of her…She couldn’t stop cumming Really hot scene!!

  20. greensatellite Says:

    Great post. I’d like to add Tony’s Amateur Tapes 1, Scene 1.

  21. sizelarge22 Says:

    I’ve been back to this well many times to enjoy the scenes posted by members here. I’m surprised not to see Jenna Haze’s scene from Internally Yours… More of a Cream Thing. Very hot! I have a suggestion for a new, but related, blog. Alison, how about listing and asking members to list the best scenes featuring filthy talking hotties? Nothing gets me going like a trash-mouthed teenage slut!

  22. alison Says:

    sizelarge22 – Sure. I’ll add that to my post ideas and come up with a post around it soon. Thanks for the idea.

  23. Marshall Willenholly Says:

    The CLIT is real folks! It’s the female orgasm… That’s the MYTH!

  24. reitoreiniomi Says:

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  25. Halina Phillips Says:

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