Real Female Orgasms: Member List

Sunny Lane Orgasm
In response to my post about a scene that featured an actual female orgasm, the commenters on this blog offered up their own favorite scenes in the genre. I’d like to post that list here so that everyone can easily enjoy them. In no particular order…

Scenes Featuring Real Female Orgasms
Secretary’s Day, scene 1 starring Jordana James
Swallow My Pride #3, scene 5 starring Cindy Crawford
Cum Craving Teens #2, scene 1 starring Eva Angelina
Whale Tail, scene 3 starring Sunny Lane
Planting Seeds #2, scene 1 starring Sunny Lane
Teen Idol #2, scene 1 starring Cassie Young
Big Wet Asses #6, scene 3 starring Sandra Kay
Tight and Asian #3, scene 2 starring Lucy Lee and Lily Thai
Real Female Orgasms #3, scene 3 starring Tia Son
Heels & Hose: The Early Stages, scene 2 starring Charmane Star and Gina Ryder
Back Seat Bangers #5, scene 1 starring Brittany
Wife Swappers, scene 3 starring Bianca Pureheart

Many thanks to Fritz Meissner, misterJ, papayaman, Teek and phorker for their awesome suggestions!


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15 Responses to “Real Female Orgasms: Member List”

  1. Fedor Says:

    Big Wet Asses…best series in porn in my opinion.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:

    it’s about time attention was brought to female orgasms,and it all started just a couple of days ago with Alison’s blog.prior to that all attention has been to the money shot,or else squirting films of which i question the validity of. i am sure there are women that truly squirt,but am also equally convinced that it can be artificially induced.
    Between Alison and Rope and other members with clever ideas the blogs remain interesting reading.

    oops i forgot to say hi to Alison,so double hi now

  3. Xavier Says:

    How can you not mention Gen Padova’s scene with the frakishly huge Mandingo in “I Was Tight Yesterday #3” (Scene 1)? She comes about 87 times.

  4. Strangepork Says:

    I really wish the site had some sort of tagging feature. I know I’d be sharing a few such scenes, if only I could remember them (or somehow look them up). I know I’ve seen a few times where the feelings are so intense she has to push the guy away for a little while, and just lay there catching her breath and twitching.

  5. Nova1972 Says:

    Roxanne Hall in ‘Wet Spots 2’ where she has an anal orgasm without touching anything around the genital area. That is something you don’t see everyday.
    Unfortunately Videobox does NOT have that film (Find it, PLEASE!), so an extract of that scene can be viewed in ‘Real Female Orgasms 3 Scene 8’.
    Oh, and of course ‘Real Female Orgasms’ series. Videobox has only 2 and 3 and there are 4 episodes. (PLEASE! 1 and 4).
    Plus a tag RFO would be a good idea.

  6. Nova1972 Says:

    Oh! I checked RFO series in IAFD there is a ‘RFO 5’.
    Do I have to say it again?
    Well I am without any pride or shame:

  7. fourstar99 Says:

    I notice you have the Queen of eyes-rolling-back-into-head orgasms, Chloe, in the picture for your post, but not in the list! She is awesome (and if I remember rightly, does not have clitoral orgasms due to some early-years injury to her nether regions) and there is a particular scene with Lexington Steele (sorry, I forget the film, so no idea if it is on VB) where she absolutely wigs out and comes over and over again…

  8. fourstar99 Says:

    Actually, is that Chloe in the picture?? Did seem like it at first glance. Maybe my eyesight is going … ahem!

  9. Rob Says:

    I believe that pic is Sunny Lane. One of the few girls out there that I actually believe 100% is enjoying herself in this business.

  10. stanley77 Says:

    Another great orgasm scene is Kaylynn in Chocolate Lovin’ Moms

  11. biglucifer Says:

    Umm, who gives a fuck. When I get paid as a public solicitor for scumbags I give my best effort. When these gals fuck on film. there working, not busting orgasams!

  12. seanwluger Says:

    Check All Of Darryl Hanah Scenes.She Always Cums No Matter Who’s Fucking Her.She’s One Hell Of The MILF Who Deserves Attention.

  13. hombre1 Says:

    Brooke Ballentyne- Just Over 18 #2 enough said…

  14. MarkReynolds Says:

    What are the criteria for evaluating whether or not a female orgasm on film is real? You can tell when a chick is obviously faking, but what if a chick is just a really good actress? You won’t be able to tell as easily then…

  15. Name Says:

    What happened to the Big Wet Asses series on VideoBox?! Some of my all time fav scenes are in there and they are all gone – what happened?!