Eva Angelina is a Flake

Almost a month ago, I asked blog readers to give me their questions for Eva Angelina because she’d agreed to do an interview for her fans at VideoBox. I want to personally apologize for the fact that Eva Angelina is a flake who refuses to respond to interview requests once she’s agreed to them and (maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but I’m kinda mad) doesn’t seem to care about her fans.

So, I’m sorry, but there will not be an Eva Angelina interview on the blog.


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71 Responses to “Eva Angelina is a Flake”

  1. ilovetits Says:

    You mean pornstars are flakes? Say it ain’t so!


    Thanks for the effort Allison, its not your fault some of these girls are unreliable.

  2. xanthic Says:

    Nicely done, I *greatly* appreciate the honesty/openness with this blog and company in general.

  3. maegorfromow1 Says:

    Damn that sucks. I wanted to see what she had to say. Oh well, screw her then. Thanks for trying anyways. Just wondering, do you think we will be seeing any other interviews any time soon / ever?

  4. Mark Says:

    Arg. I was really looking forward to reading about her profound insights into life, the universe and everything. I guess I’ll just have to look at her titties bob up and down instead.

  5. Fedor Says:

    Taylor Rain or Gianna next?

  6. Damon Says:

    Well I guess next time you have to buy some content involving her in it or content with some other hot girls in it you will know which one to buy. Thank you for trying so hard though to make it happen and ditto for your contact guy. Maybe that is why she does too few scenes because she is difficult to work with?

  7. BigE Says:

    I hope she gives me a nice sweaty butt job this weekend.

  8. Nate Says:

    Alison, please tell us how you really feel. :-)

  9. HotScooter2 Says:


    How bout if i make you an honorary Georgia Peach.To be honest as much as i like italian women,i have always found Eva Angelina a turn off..Yes Virginia there is more to a girl than big tits and Dorothy can’t go back to Kansas anymore,not after they beat the North Carolina tarheels,which is not an acceptable thing to do in my neck of the woods.
    But Alison dear you have no reason to apologize to us for her inconsiderateness,unless she has a valid reason like doing a Britney Spears freak out scene . and since i am certifiably whacko i can’t pput down any one else in that state

  10. Alexander Raymond Says:

    Hi, I’m Eva Angelina’s publicist. I would like to know who you set this interview up with and how you arranged it, as it has never crossed my desk. Thanks

  11. frggin in the riggin Says:

    Alexander Raymond, if you are who you say why not simply contact Alison and set up the interview. Whats with all the Pomp and Circumstance?

  12. Incubus Says:

    Friggin in the riggin:
    Its like a girl yelling “RAPIST!!” to her x on the street. It might not be true, but people who dont know the details wont know any better.

  13. illini Says:

    we need an audrie hollender interview yea?

  14. Strangepork Says:

    I’m guessing that she’s been very busy and this was all just a misunderstanding… If not, that’d still be the best way to spin this.

  15. bengalguy Says:


    A pornstar a flake. Stop the presses. LOL I read post everyday on the forums about a pornstar missing a shot, date or something. A lot of these woman seam to have some kind of issue. I know a pornstar with issues. LOL Oh well if that is her publicist. I hope you can this this worked out. But that is just as fuuny a pornstar with a pubicist. next thing her stylist and hair person will post on here. LOL


  16. Alexander Raymond Says:

    >frggin in the riggin> Yeah. I’ll send Allison an e-mail. At the same time, the tone of the initial post was a negative one on Eva, acting in her interest I thought a comment to let people know “there may be more to this than the headline”. As for my “Pomp and Circumstance”, hardly compared to a blazing headline “Eva Angelina is a Flake”. Additionally, since I posted that comment yesterday no one from this website has contact me. As to the question of if I am “who you say”. My name is hyperlinked. Click the link, take a quick look around. You’ll find I work for several top adult stars.

  17. Alexander Raymond Says:

    >Strangepork> Eva is very busy but she still does her interviews. A recent one was posted on MMAwesome.com. Right now she is in France with Sex Z pictures promoting Upload, she’ll be back next week to shoot for Bang Bros., attend Exxxotica Miami, then appear in L.A. for Adultcon. Eva is constantly working, constantly making appearances and like other girls has hired me to handle her Press; interviews, magazine covers, press releases, etc. I make sure all of that gets done, that’s why I’m a little surprised by all this being that if it didn’t happen, it would have been MY FAULT.

  18. BigE Says:

    Hey, Alexander…didn’t they teach you in publicist school that you are supposed to put the punctuation INSIDE the quotation marks? Like this: “My name is Alexander Raymond,” he said proudly, for no obvious reason. “It’s clear, you see,” he continued, “that you don’t need an education to be a porn star or even to represent one!”

  19. Alexander Raymond Says:

    >Damon> “Maybe that is why she does too few scenes because she is difficult to work with?” IAFD.com list her at 274 DVDs, that’s not counting all the scenes for Brazzers, NA and the like. She’s booked months in advance, has had an uprising career that lead to AVN’s 2008 Best Actress and Xbiz.com’s Performer of the Year. Too few scenes and an implication that she might be difficult to work with? Yes, maybe an interview should be arranged right away to dispel outrageous misconceptions.

  20. Alexander Raymond Says:

    >BigE> Thank you for catching that small grammatical error on my part. It’s safe now to assume you are a great person and make an excellent addition to the grammar police. With your misplaced sense of self-importance and nit-pickiness to use a misplaced comma to give you a reason to post with snarky attitude. By the way, there is a typo in another of my post where I forgot the letter “d”. I would appreciate you being more aware of your duties.

  21. BigE Says:

    “With your misplaced sense of self-importance and nit-pickiness to use a misplaced comma to give you a reason to post with a snarky attitude” is not a complete thought, Alexander Raymond. From this point forward, I refuse to shlonk off to any Eva Angelina vids, because you — her representative — make me go as limp as angel hair pasta. I hereby boycott Eva, and I know that every man who values grammar will do the same.

  22. Strangepork Says:

    I think I’d be a bit on the defensive too if I was in his situation. It’s his job to make the people he represents look as good as possible, and Alison’s post was definitely harsh on Eva. We don’t know the whole story here.

    Alexander: You are owed some respect for attempting to take responsibility for the situation. I hope you have contact from Alison soon and everything is worked out. But to be fair to her, your post was after business hours on a Friday and I don’t remember seeing her around here on the weekends.

    BigE: Didn’t you get the memo? The internet goes “grammar casual” on weekends now. :P

  23. Fedor Says:

    BigE ….man…you shouldn’t call people out when you made a massive error yourself. How embarrassing.Personally I don’t care but the whole pot and kettle thing…

  24. HotScooter2 Says:


    I checked out your hyperlink,and it indeed appears that you are who you say you are. i can’t speak for Alison or why she titled this blog as she did.Personally from what you said,i think Eva does have the right to a second chance for fairness sake.And i say this in spite of the fact that i am not a big fan of hers. But my feelings are purely subjective,but to be objective Eva deserves a right to be heard

  25. junker Says:

    It must be sweet to be a publicist for porn stars Al. How many of your stars have you banged?

  26. jfro Says:

    I want to apologize to you from all the reasonable porn fans on this board. BigE was way out of line criticizng your spelling. I appreciate your getting on this board and doing your job.

  27. biglucifer Says:

    From biglucifer to BigE your funny as as hell! Keep up the snarky posts. Good stuff. By the way, how big are you? I stand 6′6′ and weigh 270. If your not at least 6′3″ and weigh no more than 250 , will you drop the E from your monicker, and promise to work on your” nit picking issues”. Cyber hug, biglucifer.

  28. biglucifer Says:

    Alexander Raymond one question : Since your a p.r. porn maven, can you claim The V.B. subscription price as a tax deduction? If you can, are you looking for any alcoholic, over educated,underachieving intern?

  29. biglucifer Says:

    BigE, Sorry about the incorrect use of your. I know It should have been spelled you’re. I guess I’m just an under achieving alcoholic. Also sorry for the intern snafu.

  30. Giamessi Says:

    Its okay. I would bet that most V-Boxers would prefer someone like Audrey or Kelly Wells. They are big names too but they put passion into their work. Can’t say the same about Eva…

  31. Alison Says:

    The short story: my interviewer spoke to Eva when she was in SF and she agreed to do the interview. He then contacted her at least a dozen times trying to get it done and she put it off repeatedly then stopped responding to him all together. I felt that that was rude, not only to him but to the blog readers she knew the interview was for. Raymond, I’ll be happy to drop you a line on Monday. I’m writing this from my blackberry from a state park. I hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll check back tomorrow.

  32. bengalguy Says:


    Just why it was getting good. No post back to any of are comments. Only her guy.

    Guess I know where the memebers of v-b rate. LOL

    I guess why I rate you have never relied back to a single one of my post. I didn’t need any more help to understand where I rate with you. LOL


  33. bengalguy Says:


    Just when it was getting good. No post back to any of are comments. Only her guy.

    Guess I know where the memebers of v-b rate. LOL

    I guess where I rate you have never relied back to a single one of my post. I didn’t need any more help to understand where I rate with you. LOL


  34. doublehead Says:

    It’s ok, Eva is played out now anyway.

  35. bengalguy Says:


  36. HotScooter2 Says:


    were you and Alexander able to resolve what happened to the Eva Angeline interview. it is sometimes frustrating to me,when in a blog like this one,you bring up the whole issue of Eva angelina being flaky.and then ignore our comments. with your blogs you either respond to most or all of those that comment,or go a 180 degrees around,and totally ignore us.

    so i can relate to what bengalguy is saying.with this Eva Anngelina situation i feel she has left us hanging in the air,you also have left us hanging,and possibly Alexander has done the same since he has not commented since sunday either.And oyu came on Sunday to say you would comment more toomorrow.
    I have been a paying member of VB for several years,and i think most of the blog members are also members of VB,though i know nonmembers can use the blog.
    This is the only time i have ever written you Alison when i was not complimentary to you. this time it is well meant criticism. And i am aware that other job duties might sometimes prevent you getting back to the blogs on time.
    A nice warm cyberhug To ya Alison

  37. BigE Says:

    HotScooter2 — are you fucking ballshitting me, dude? Are you that fucking whiny about Alison not responding to you? Do you need tissue for cry? You need to get over your own dick, dude. Alison has shit to do that does not revolve around stroking you off on the Blog. Alison, I couldn’t give two glopping shits whether or not you ever respond to me, but I have to come to your defense. I hope everyone here can untwist their labias for just one second and get back to stroking your own cocks to the videos. That is all.

  38. HotScooter2 Says:

    Big E:

    Not exactly what i am getting at.First of all i am not down on Alison,and basically feel she is doing a good job with the blog. Maybe i am being whiny right now but it has nothing to do with Alison or VB or the blog. but i was not referring to her so much replying to me as i was to all of us.right now my wife and i are in failing health and that has probably got a lot to do with the way i wrote my last post.
    So i deem a formal apology to Alison for what i said appropriate

  39. bengalguy Says:


    Where we talking to you. I think not as why do you have come to her defend. I didn’t know you and didn’t care for you. All you do is blast people and you tell us to get alife. LOL

  40. HotScooter2 Says:

    Big E:

    you must have been absent on the day the good lord was passing out brains and hearts.and unlike most folks that talk through their mouths,you talk through your ass,which is why we need a gasmask when hanging around you.

    And bengal is right who the fuck was talkin to you

  41. stanley77 Says:

    this is supposed to be a place of peace…

  42. misterJ Says:

    So HotScooter2 apologizes about being a whiny lil sissy boy and then turns around and starts talking trash all within 3 hours. I guess his failing health hasn’t affected his fingers…too bad.

  43. Strangepork Says:

    I am going to go watch some porn and get mellow.

  44. HotScooter2 Says:

    Mister J:

    My apology was directed to Alison,and nothing has changed there.On the other hand Big E always seems to find nasty things to say to people and so my derogatory remarks were directed to him. so i did not change positions over a 3 hour period,as you claimed. Big E was putting his nose where it doesn’t belong and i told him off for it. but i did not contradict myself as my apology was directed only to Alison. i have no problem with you,and found your remark about my failing health not affecting my fingers amusing. However i am completely serious about my wife and i not being in good health

  45. Damon Says:

    I agree with Stanley77 that the talk is getting personal and it needs to stop. We are also getting quite off topic as well. Lets just see if Eva actually agrees to conduct an interview for VB. I have to give Mr. Raymond credit though for standing up for his client and doing what a good agent should. If I had known that there were so many Dvds of which Eva is a part I probably would not have made the comment about her being in too few scenes. As for being difficult I only have the experience that Allison has with her to base that on.

  46. BigE Says:

    *makes extremely exaggerated jerk-off motion while read HotScooter2’s posts*

  47. HotScooter2 Says:


    i agree that it would be nice to find out if there is going to be an interview with Eva as that is the topic of this blog created by Alison. i have let remarks get personal and i agree that it would be best for me to stop. So i plan on making a sincere effort towards stopping

  48. mileswb Says:

    Ok, couple things:
    (1) Alison is awesome and doesn’t deserve the criticism for failing to respond to posts being leveled at her here, especially since she clearly hasn’t been near a computer for the last few days.

    (2) Eva is responsible for her own behavior and shouldn’t get a ‘pass’ for it just because her publicist wasn’t involved in the interview discussions. IMO if she didn’t want to respond to Alison, she could at least have told her publicist to contact Alison regarding the interview. Or told Alison to contact her publicist. Or… told Alison she’d changed her mind. Something!

    (3) Mr. Raymond is doing a good job representing his client and shouldn’t be expected to read every porn blog on the internet regularly (only us total porn hounds do that, lol). With that said, Alison announced that an interview with Eva was in the works *a month ago.* Videobox is one of the most popular subscription sites on the net. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask why he didn’t step in earlier to inform Alison that she needed to go through him.

    (4) These opinions are solely my own and could be totally wrong.

    (5) I like pie.

  49. HotScooter2 Says:


    very well stated.
    Like your last point best,got nothing to do with the topic,but i love pie too. And that remark brought some humor to the day

  50. bxm294 Says:

    Who gives a shit about what Eva Angelina thinks? All she is is a whore who takes her clothes off and fucks for a living on camera. Do I want to hear her opinion on anything? NO. Why anyone else on this site would care is beyond my understanding.

    Let her continue to suck and fuck on camera and stay there.

    On that note, everyone have a great day!

  51. alison Says:

    All – Let’s scale back the getting personal with each other. No need for it. Also, I’m sorry I’ve not had a lot of time to respond to comments the last few days. Other parts of my job do sometimes get in the way, but I should’ve been better about responding.

    For the folks who’ve asked questions or addressed me personally:

    Fedor – Not to get anyone’s hopes up (again), but I’m trying to see if we can talk to Gianna in the near future.

    HotScooter2 – I’m flattered you’d offer me honorary Georgia peachdom. No offense taken to any of your comments. I’m so sorry to hear about you and your wife’s health. My best wishes go out to both of you.

    illini – If you want an interview with Audrey Hollander, I can certainly give her a call.

    bengalguy – It’s true. Flakedom seems to be the rule rather than the exception. To address your other comments, I’m not sure why you think that members aren’t important to me. The post I made over the weekend while I was out enjoying a day off with my family wasn’t addressed to her rep, it was to let the membership know what had happened because I hadn’t explained it very clearly in the post. Make no mistake, members come first to me.

    Big E – Thanks. I think. Be nice.

    mileswb – Thank you very much. I also like pie. Lemon meringue, not apple or blueberry. You?

  52. HotScooter2 Says:


    Girl you hit it right on target,Lemon meringue is like my all time favorite,along with banana creme. it exposes my true yankee roots,my wife would shoot me for not choosing pecan pie,since it is not only a southern dish,but Georgia is one of the major pecan growing states.but she loves lemon meringue too.
    As far as the personal remarks go,i had a lot to do with it,which was out of character with me. i guess i was in a bad ass mood yesterday. i was overly critical of you and made unnecessary mean remarks to Big E,and perhaps others.
    Thanks to mileswb,his remark about loving pie helped to cheer me up.
    So Alison and all i can only try to do better.
    So i got an idea why don’t we have Alison email all of us a slice of lemon meringue pie,a gift from VB for us being members

  53. ropeadope2 Says:

    HotScooter2 – Please let me extend my very best wishes to your wife and yourself for much improved health immediately ahead. For my pie selection, I’ll take warm blueberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  54. HotScooter2 Says:

    Thanks Rope and Alison,you are both cool people,for your concerns regarding my wife and i. I did say we were in failing health but i was not trying to imply that it was hopeless or terminal. things are difficult right now but we are fighters especially my wife. in time i do expect for us to get better again

  55. BigE Says:

    Why hasn’t anybody mentioned that their favorite pie is “hair pie?” Maybe we’re all reeling from the late night of last-minute tax returns?

  56. xposh Says:

    I can’t say I ever really watch any of Eva’s scenes. She would have been pretty exciting in like 2004 or whenever I first saw her.

  57. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – What about key lime? That’s another personal favorite of mine that’s *sorta* southern. :)

    BigE – Maybe nobody eats pussy? That can’t be true…

  58. HotScooter2 Says:


    There ya go key lime is definitely southern and my wife and i both love it.
    And Alison you can email us all some key lime pie,hon.so i think i end by giving ya a big hug and squeezing you like a key lime,no you cuter than that key lime anyday. i just can’t help myself i am a hopeless flirt.
    Take care and a big cyber hug from the original cyberhug man

  59. doublehead Says:

    How about peanut pie? (the gay version of pussy pie)

  60. Damon Says:

    HotScooter2 I wish you and your wife for better health in the future. My vote is for Apple Pie or if some buddy eats it then Pumpkin Pie.

  61. HotScooter2 Says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts,we will get better. apple pie is real good too but you gotta have it with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.
    you know it would be wild to have Sasha and a few other hot women in a sex orgy with pie throwing contest at same time,and men licking pie off of women and the women off the men.
    so i admit it i am a fucking perv and i am at the right fucking place.
    Alison any chance of you finding a DVD like this

  62. ropeadope2 Says:

    HotScooter2 – I believe the DVD you’re looking for is entitled, “Sasha Grey & Friends Meet The Three Stooges”. Curly received an AVN nomination for Best Supporting Actor but ultimately, failed to win the award. Very rare and difficult to locate. Alison will have her hands full trying to track it down.

  63. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – As soon as I figure out a way to email pie, you’re the first on the list, hon. ;) Cyberhug.

    doublehead – That took me a second. And then I made a face.

    Damon – Pumpkin pie all the way. That’s the one I can make :)

    Re: Sasha Grey Pie-Throwing Porno – I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try ;)

  64. HotScooter2 Says:


    You amaze me guy. you not only kickass as a reviewer but now you are a regular stand up comic. if Alison can’t find a DVD to match our request,we can create our own. you get to play curly and me Larry,content dude as moe and our very own and lovely Alison as Betty Boop

  65. ropeadope2 Says:

    HotScooter2 – Excellent thinking my friend. I believe The Content Dude would portray Moe perfectly. Do you have the wacky hair to play Larry? I’m not sure I could do Curly justice, but I’ll give it my best shot. I don’t picture Alison as Betty Boop. There was a movie named “Snow White and the Three Stooges” so let’s have Alison be Snow White. After all, I have it on good authority that Alison is as pure as the driven snow.

  66. HotScooter2 Says:


    i never argue with you, if you want Alison to be snow white ok.
    But Alison is a sweetie and she can be anyone she wants

  67. mileswb Says:

    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier–recovering from tax day. Pumpkin is hard to beat IMO. Blueberry, key lime, apple and hair are also high on my list. We Wisconsinites occasionally do odd things, like put a thin slice of cheddar cheese on apple pie.

    I’m glad everybody liked my attempt at levity!

  68. alison Says:

    HotScooter & Rope – You guys crack me up.

    mileswb – Apples and cheese go together pretty well…I’m not sure about apple pies and cheese though :)

  69. horndawg69 Says:

    I think I am going to stick around and get to know y’all so I can get emailed some pie when Allison figures out how to do it.
    Rope, I long curly hair that stands on end in the morning. I look ridiculous in normal clothes, so costumes should bring the house down- if you need a Larry. I don’t want to upstage Hotscooter, though.

  70. ropeadope2 Says:

    horndawg69 – I’m sure HotScooter2 will welcome you into the VideoBox road company as would I. Platooning the roles will allow each of us to mend our wounds from the punishment Moe dishes out. Grand idea.

  71. salazarmark Says:

    Eva is as plastic as her boobs. My next comment will probably met with some hostility but here it goes. Seriously white, black, and asian guys. Eva is not pretty at all; in my country that’s what most woman look like; I find white girls especially blonde and redheads to be a lot prettier (99% of our population is brunette).