Weekend Warrior I

I’ve noticed a paucity of articles posted to the blog on the weekends. My hope is to feature a DVD preview each weekend from studios such as DVSX and Private. I’ll attempt to preview these movies a few days before they’re uploaded to the site. However, we’re still trying to work out the logistics of this operation. So today’s post will dig back into the archives to briefly highlight an old favorite of mine.

Don’t Tell Mommy #4

Studio: Notorious

Starring: Christie Lee, Gia Paloma, Haley Paige, Isabel Ice, Rebecca Bardoux

Expectations: Haley, Gia, and Christie are all among my favorite performers. Notorious is a good studio, responsible for series such as The Babysitter, Teacher’s Pet, and Naughty Little Nymphos. I have high expectations for this release. I’m listing the scene reviews in order from my most enjoyable to least enjoyable.

Don’t Tell Mommy #4 Scene 3, Gia Paloma & Rebecca Bardoux

The Hobbs family is sitting around the dinner table. Philandering dad Dave Hardman, alcoholic step mom Rebecca Bardoux, and their two daughters, Gia Paloma and Christie Lee. We learn that Christie is a chronic masturbator; in fact, she’s diddling herself at the table in between bites of pizza. She’s run up the family phone bill by frequently calling 900 numbers. Gia is looking to be admitted to college and is expecting a visit from her guidance counselor. Gia’s best friend Haley Paige has been thrown out of her house for fucking her step dad and will be moving in with the family. Looks like we’re in for a wacky slice of life from a very dysfunctional family.

Gia is in her room with guidance counselor Johnny Thrust. Johnny pulled a few strings, greased a few palms, and managed to get Gia accepted into college. As payment, he wants to get laid. Gia is reluctant but Johnny pulls out his dick and Gia gobbles it up. Stroking and sucking the cock, licking the balls. Step mom Rebecca Bardoux, obviously drunk with a glass of wine in her hands, staggers into the room. Initially upset at the sight in front of her, Rebecca learns Johnny got Gia into college on full scholarship. This changes her attitude.
Rebecca: “Suck his dick, baby.”
Gia resumes blowing Johnny while he and Rebecca kiss.
Rebecca: “Gimme some of that.”
Gia and Rebecca double teaming Johnny’s cock and balls. Hot oral footage.
Rebecca: “Suck on that nice man’s balls, honey.”
Gia and Rebecca remove their tops, Gia titty fucking Johnny as Rebecca holds the cock in place. Rebecca titty fucking Johnny. Gia reaching around and working Rebecca’s breasts up and down Johnny’s dick. Rebecca getting fucked cowgirl, eating out Gia who’s standing over her. Nicely trimmed bush on Gia.
Rebecca: “Spread that pussy wide open. Spread it, I wanna see pink. Give that nice man some pussy too.”
Gia sitting on Johnny’s face as Rebecca continues to ride his cock. Gia P2OGM. Gia climbs aboard Johnny in reverse cowgirl as Rebecca lowers her pussy onto Johnny’s face, still sipping from her glass of wine. Rebecca is holding Gia under the arms, slamming her down on Johnny’s cock. Rebecca mauling Gia’s tits.
Rebecca: “Now when somebody gives you a scholarship, you take it up the ass.”
Gia reverse cowgirl anal, her titties bouncing wildly. Gia sucks and strokes Johnny off into her mouth. Rebecca post cum head. Girls kissing, sharing some of the cum.
Rebecca: “I need some more wine. I’m losing my buzz.”
Gia: “I’m gonna be going to college.”
Johnny: “And I’m going to Hell.”

Great scene highlighted by Rebecca’s spot-on performance as the drunk, sex starved housewife. Gia always hot to me. Loved the dialogue.

Don’t Tell Mommy #4 Scene 4, Haley Paige

Haley has taken up residence in the Hobbs household and is in the process of unpacking her luggage. Dressed in plaid skirt, white stockings, panties, and light blue top, Haley is greeted by Mr. Hobbs (Dave Hardman). Mr. Hobbs informs Haley that she’ll have to perform chores in lieu of paying rent. He lifts up Haley’s top, revealing her beautiful breasts. “Mr. Hobbs, you’re a naughty old man. Good for you. I like naughty old men.” Titty sucking. Mr. Hobbs pushes Haley’s panties to the side, spreads open her pussy and begins to eat it. Rimming Haley.
Haley: “Oh Mr. Hobbs, you’re licking my butthole. Did you know that?”
Mr. Hobbs: “I got news for you little Haley, that’s not the only thing that’s going in your butthole.”
Haley: “Oh me gosh!”`
Mr. Hobbs alternately tongue fucking Haley’s pussy and ass, licking at her clit. Haley lowers Mr. Hobbs’ pants. “Wow, that’s a big one.” Haley giving no hands head to Mr. Hobbs who then starts thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. “Mr. Hobbs, you’re face fucking me …and I like it.” Mr. Hobbs fucking Haley in doggie, her skirt hanging above her waist. Haley reverse cowgirl anal, legs spread wide apart as she rides the cock. Mr. Hobbs holding Haley steady by the butt while he powers up and into her ass. Haley spoon anal, diddling her clit.
Mr. Hobbs: “Your ass is the best ass I’ve fucked in all my life.”
Haley: “My step daddy, he was the best ass fucker in the whole trailer park.”
Haley doggie anal, spreading the cheeks wide. Small anal gapes. Mr. Hobbs shoots his load on Haley’s tongue and into her mouth with most of it running out. “Well Mr. Hobbs, looks like I’m gonna be doing a lot of chores around here.”

Excellent scene. Haley cute and innocent, but oh so naughty.

Don’t Tell Mommy #4 Scene 1, Christie Lee

Christie in her room talking on a phone sex line. Her plaid skirt is bunched up around her waist and she is playing with her pussy beneath her white panties. “How big is your cock? Ten inches, whoa that is big. Are you stroking it for me? Yeah, I’m playing with myself. It’s really wet. Tell me how you’re gonna lick my pussy, stick your big cock in it.” The phone call comes to an abrupt end when Kris Slater shows up at the door. Seems Christie hired his escort services for the evening. Christie has him strip for her as she continues rubbing her pussy under her panties. “Stroke it for me, get it nice and hard. Can you guess where I’m gonna stick that first? Get over here; I wanna suck your cock.” Christie giving no hands head initially, now stoking and sucking the cock. POV footage as Christie continues her oral assault. Titty sucking. “Bite my nipples, hard.” Kris fucking Christie missionary as Christie rubs her clit furiously. “Fuck that pussy. Fuck it, really give it to me.” Medium bush on Christie. “Stand still, I’m gonna fuck you now.” Using the couch cushions as support, Christie propels herself back and forth on Kris’ cock. Christie P2M. Return to missionary with Christie grabbing Kris behind the hip to drive him in deeper. Christie has one leg folded across her body as Kris continues plowing the pussy. Christie riding the cock reverse cowgirl, transitioning into doggie. Christie P2M. Back to doggie, Kris slamming the pussy. He pulls out and sprays his load over Christie’s face and chest. Christie post cum head as the scene fades out.

Very good scene with Christie believable as the horny, insatiable teen.

Don’t Tell Mommy #4 Scene 2, Isabel Ice

Dave and his business associate Steve Taylor are en route to a convention in Las Vegas. They have taken a detour and await in a whorehouse on the outskirts of town. Dave is anxious to fuck a “teener”.
Steve: “This is the third goddamn whorehouse you’ve had us in.”
Dave: “The convention can wait. I’m not going there till I’ve had myself a teener.”
Steve: “You’ve already fucked four whores. It doesn’t matter. A whore is a whore.”
Dave: “Bullshit. All them bitches were battle-axes. I’m gonna get myself some young pussy. I need a teener.”
Isabel Ice joins the guys. Dressed in a gray plaid skirt, black top, maroon bra and panties, hair in pigtails, she claims to be eighteen. Off comes the top as Dave and Steve each suckle on a breast. Isabel sucking both cocks, alternating between the two. Going down deep on both. Dave doggie fucking Isabel as she continues giving head to Steve. Isabel slapping Steve’s cock against her mouth and pierced tongue. Licking Steve’s balls, deep throating the cock. Cowgirl DP, Isabel’s titties bouncing about. Reverse cowgirl DP. Sparse landing strip on Isabel. Isabel sucking the cocks side-by-side. Inserts both cocks in her mouth at the same time. Rimming Steve. Dave shoots his load into Isabel’s mouth. Isabel gargling the cum. Steve unloads in Isabel’s mouth and on her face. Isabel shows the cum to the camera and swallows it down. Dave squeezes out another drop of cum on Isabel’s tongue.

Decent scene. I’m not as attracted to Isabel’s look as I am to others in the film, but she does give an enthusiastic performance here.

Verdict: Another winning effort from Notorious. Fans of Haley, Gia, and Christie will definitely want to check this one out.

Rope Ramblings

I love humorous dialogue in scenes. As an example, take a look at Give Me Gape scene 3 with Vicky Vette. Scene opens with Vicky headed toward her private bathroom. Upon entering, she finds Lee Stone perched atop her sink. The following conversation ensues (I’m paraphrasing for the sake of continuity):

Vicky: What are you doing in here, this is my private bathroom.
Lee: You think I could get a little privacy. You don’t even have any toilet paper. I had to use your bidet (as Lee gestures to sink).
Vicky: (laughing) That’s not a bidet, you imbecile. Get out.
Lee: Why?
Vicky: If you must know, I came in here to masturbate.
Lee: I probably should stay and help you out.
Vicky: You sure you know how to do that?
Lee: Hey, if I’m creative enough to make a bidet out of a sink, I think I can handle this.

Sometimes, a killer line can be short and sweet. Look at The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #14 scene 3 with Kim Chambers. Kim can suck cock and deliver deep throat with the best of ’em. Two and a half minutes into the scene, we hear the following:

Guy: “Where’d you learn to do that.”
Kim: “My mom taught me.”

Well, God bless moms like that everywhere. Do you have any interesting scene dialogue to share with the membership? Hot dialogue, funny dialogue, wacky dialogue? Please leave a reply and let us know.

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23 Responses to “Weekend Warrior I”

  1. Fedor Says:

    Rope – I’m curious what you think of Lee Stone. I am surprised one can listen to him talk long enough to do a proper transcript. My respect for tolerating the pain you surely suffered for your work.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Fedor – I know I’m going to catch Hell for this, but I like Lee Stone. I find him to be a reliable performer and appreciate the fact that he’s not abusive to the girls. I don’t think he takes himself too seriously. I need to find this particular behind the scenes segment where Lee sweeps through the set while a scene is being filmed. Everything comes to a screeching halt. Lee entered stage right and exited stage left in a matter of seconds. It was as if Elvis returned from the dead and walked across the set. I don’t even think he was in the movie. Only the behind the scenes. Made me laugh.

  3. Strangepork Says:

    Yeah, I really don’t see why there’s so much complaining about Lee Stone. Who else has the upper body strength to do the standing 69 with such ease?

  4. junker Says:

    I don’t really mind Lee Stone either. I also find Wesley Pipes entertaining while everyone else seems to find him annoying. I think he is funny as hell.

  5. zarafan Says:

    Legal Tender #3, Scene 2 counts as one of the most unwatchable scenes on VB: it consists of Lee Stone abusing, slapping, and spitting on Melissa Lauren for 25 minutes. If he’s not in the midst of a psychotic steroid rage episode, then he must count as one of the greatest actors of all time, whose talent is being “wasted” in/on porn. I tend to opt for the former interpretation, though, and I say this as someone who really likes Melissa Lauren’s work (especially the early stuff before she went totally “goth”) and doesn’t otherwise object to her “rough” scenes. There’s a difference, after all, between “rough sex” and rough sex, yes?

    It’s great reading your comments, Rope: any idea WHEN the Private movies are going to go live here? Best wishes, zarafan

  6. Nate Says:

    Someone had to say it first. 🙂 Well, I also don’t mind Lee much – same reasons as Rope mostly.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Strangepork – Good point. Standing 69, standing cowgirl, standing reverse cowgirl, hoisting the girl high overhead and eating her pussy. Don’t try that at home. Speaking of home, I wonder if Aria ever takes the dominant position with Lee in a standing 69?

    @ junker – I enjoy most of Wesley’s performances but will occasionally mute or turn the sound down.

    @ Nate – Thank you, appreciate the support.

    @ zarafan – Thank you my friend. Let me answer the easy question first. No, I have not been informed as to when Private will debut on the site. Here are a few guesses. Remember how Platinum X made its first appearance on the site at DVD #3000? As I write this, we are 37 vids away from #4500. That is seven to eight days. I’m guessing the first Private DVD will be #4500 on the site. If not, we may have to wait until #5000 which is 3 1/2 months from now. But I do not believe it will be that long.
    Regarding Legal Tender #3 scene 2, I just viewed the entire scene beginning to end. I come away with a different impression of the scene than yourself. We know Melissa likes to push the envelope to the extreme. I believe Lee and Melissa (and the director) discussed and agreed upon the scene ahead of time. I hate slapping and choking, but at no time did Melissa look uncomfortable or distressed to me. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Lee was not having a roid rage episode. I was on prednisone (steroid) every day of my life for close to 28 years. Off for 2 1/2 years now. I know roid rage. This was not roid rage. Do me a favor. Force yourself to watch the scene again. I think you’ll come away with a different perspective. Be good.

  8. zarafan Says:

    Dear Rope,

    Your numerology here is very persuasive: it’s nice to know that the folks at VB have a preference for round figures. (Come to think of it, so do I…!) I hope it will be another week and not another 3 months before the Private films start showing up…. Thanks for being in touch!

  9. KyonoRocks Says:

    For humorous dialogue you can’t do much better than Evan Stone. He’s a comic genius. Check out “Hate: A love story”, I skip all the sex and just watch the rest 😀

    He’s hilarious in “Pirates” too

  10. Fedor Says:

    /takes Rope off his Christmas Card list… 🙁

    ahhhhhh just kidding. I’ll send ya stale fruitcake though.

  11. the content dude Says:

    Good call on the Private, Rope. 🙂 Actually, we would have released sooner but we had some issues with the encoding. I am thinking that we just skip all the fanfare of #4500 and release the first title this week.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ zarafan – Most welcome. Based on the comments of the content dude, who’s always “in the know”, we won’t have long to wait at all.

    @ KyonoRocks – Thank you much for the suggestions, I will definitely check out “Hate: A love story”. I noticed the comment you left at scene 3 of the movie.

    @ Fedor – Mmmm fruitcake. I like that as well despite the rumor that it’s the same fruitcake which gets passed around and re-gifted every year. I’m going to hold you to this promise.

    @ the content dude – Wonderful news. I’ve been extremely impressed with all the recently added studios. DVSX, Intense Industries, Third World Media, etc. I believe Private is the most eagerly awaited among the membership and will solidify VideoBox as the most outstanding site of its genre on the net. Awesome work my friend.

  13. Toby Kulture Says:

    I can’t stand the Lee Stone h@t0rz. Every girl in the industry has a “Will not fuck” list of guys they won’t work with. Considering Lee Stone is in about 498229842 scenes. I’m pretty sure most of the stars have no problem working with him.

    I’m hoping for a Lee Stone/Nick Manning?/Audrey Hollander DP scene. Just so I can see all the haters cry like little babies.

  14. papayaman Says:

    Ropeadope, as usual you give great commentary on the scenes. I’m really looking forward to your comments on some of the Private movies. I also share your enthusiasm about the new studios like Intense Industries and Third World Media. I’m hoping the latter will produce some Asian material alomg the same lines as its Brazilian output (by which I basically mean hot girls involved in some hot and varied action). Anyhow, keep up the good work.

  15. Fedor Says:

    Toby Kulture

    You should understand that porn is all about taste and perusing that taste.

  16. ropeadope Says:

    @ Toby Kulture – I haven’t been able to find any scenes where those three hooked up. The closest I could find was Triple Threat #2: All Revved Up scene 1 with Lee & Audrey. Members left 19 comments to that scene and all 19 concerned Audrey. Lee wasn’t even mentioned. I had to download a sample just to make sure it was actually Lee, although screencaps 2 & 5 really leave no doubt.

    @ papayaman – Thank you buddy. I’ve noticed some Asian titles from Third World Media listed at iafd. They appear to be similar to the titles on the site from Fifth Element studio. I do see Fujiko credited in one of their films. I’m hoping that the acquired titles from DVSX included the Sakura Tales series. Some outstanding Asian scenes in that series.

    @ Fedor – Speaking of taste and perusing that taste, do you need my address to mail out the fruitcake?

  17. Fedor Says:

    Rope –

    Isn’t it the Stade Tata Raphaël in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

  18. ropeadope Says:

    @ Fedor – No, that was my old address but very clever response indeed. For those who haven’t made the connection, Stade Tata Raphaël was the venue for The Rumble in the Jungle bout between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman. And of course, Ali had made famous the “ropeadope” maneuver. I’ll dispatch a change of address form to you immediately.

  19. zarafan Says:

    Fedor, and Rope, I think you both deserve a gold star for using applied knowledge creatively: front of the class for both of you!!

  20. Fedor Says:

    Thanks Zarafan
    And if anyone ever has a chance to see a documentary on the “Rumble in the Jungle” I highly recommend everyone checks it out. The whole world was watching and it had massive cultural significance besides being a damn good fight. I was too young to enjoy it live mind you, but I have recently come to appreciate its significance. Not sure why it took me so long for the light bulb to turn on.

  21. zarafan Says:

    I know what movie you’re talking about; it’s called “When We Were Kings,” and I agree that it’s really one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, about a truly significant event of the era. It even has a very brief flash of a woman’s breasts and as such almost barely qualifies as pornography and thus an appropriate topic for discussion on this blog…! 🙂 Highest Recommendations…!

  22. ropeadope Says:

    @ zarafan & Fedor – I believe I caught “When We Were Kings” some years back on HBO or similar network. Unlike you young guys, my memory isn’t sharp enough to remember the specifics. Certainly not the flash of breasts that zarafan recalls. You wonder if all the pummeling that Ali absorbed in fights of this era, employing the ropeadope, contributed to his later years deterioration.

  23. Fedor Says:

    “You wonder if all the pummeling that Ali absorbed in fights of this era, employing the ropeadope, contributed to his later years deterioration.”

    Oh it did. Boxer gloves are too heavy and padded so a boxer takes far too many hits to the head.