Where’s Sativa? Fix Is On The Way

Sativa Rose
Logging onto the site Saturday night to check the latest update, we’re greeted by the alluring face and body of the lovely Sativa Rose. She’s gracing the cover of First Date from the site’s hot new studio – DVSX. Surrounding Sativa on the cover are Kat, Jessica Sweet, and Brodi(e). We note there are six scenes on the DVD as Trista Post and Trinity Post are also on board. You immediately say to yourself, let me get at that Sativa scene. However, there is a problem.

Scrolling down the page. Brodie – check, Trista Post – check, Kat – check, Jessica Sweet – check, Trinity Post – check. Oh damn, in our excitement, we must have passed by Sativa. Scrolling up the page. Trinity Post – check, Jessica Sweet – check, Kat – check, Trista Post – check, Brodie – check. Oh, Good Lord. Maybe the page loaded incorrectly. We’ll just hit the refresh button and I’m sure the scene will appear. No dice. Clicking the review comments, we find we’re not alone. Everyone is asking, “Where’s Sativa?”

Yesterday I contacted the Content Manager of VideoBox, an individual I’ve always found to be helpful and accommodating. I explained the situation. After all, this was no ordinary run of the mill missing scene. It was a Sativa Rose missing scene. The content people were already aware of the problem. It had been discovered a few hours before the DVD went “live” and was too late to pull out of the queue. Turns out the DVD that was used to encode the scenes was damaged and the Sativa Rose track couldn’t be read by the system. Being the last scene on the disc, the issue went unnoticed until it was too late.

The Content Manager states, “We have since ordered a new copy of the DVD and are in the process of encoding the Sativa Rose scene. It will be uploaded to the site in the next several days.”

Wonderful news indeed. Our first date with Sativa may be a bit delayed, but will still take place.


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15 Responses to “Where’s Sativa? Fix Is On The Way”

  1. Smee Again Says:

    Once again Rope saves the day!

  2. Nate Says:

    Good to hear. Thanks for the update, Rope.

  3. stoked01 Says:

    right on

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Smee – Thank you. Evidently this situation would have been resolved with or without my input. But I felt it important to try and obtain a clarification as to what occurred.

    @ Nate – Most welcome. Looks like VideoBox was all over this from the get-go. Hopefully, the correction will appear shortly.

    @ stoked01 – Good to see you on the blog. But you forgot your catch phrase. Are you stoked?

  5. extremejay Says:

    I know this is the wrong topic but I gotta get it out there any ways……Thanks content dude for the seymour and shane playing with fire vid! Please more of those vids. I cant say enough how awesome they are.

  6. jkbd52 Says:

    Interesting to learn that Videobox work with dvds. Most movie studios and such transfer files either server to server, or via a hard drive. I had a friend that did freelanced video editing. He would get the file on a hard drive, sometimes a dvd but mostly a hard drive. Then edit the video and put the finish product on a hard drive. He really on dealt with dvds if the client asked them to. So its fair to say that when videobox signs with a company to carry their videos. The company just ships vb a case of dvds. Then videobox rips the dvds , and transfers the files.

  7. xposh Says:

    Like there aren’t enough Sativa scenes on here already. Her lips look huge in the picture by the way.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    UPDATE: Guys, the Sativa Rose scene from First Date is now available. You can download it here. Many thanks to the content people and everyone at VideoBox for the fast correction.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ extremejay – I would love to see some of Seymour’s work with Taylor Hayes and/or Alisha Klass.

    @ jkbd52 – Yes, VideoBox rips the scenes from the original DVD to four different quality (bitrate) settings plus flash files.

    @ xposh – Speaking only for myself, there can never be enough Sativa Rose scenes on the site.

  10. The Content Dude Says:

    extremejay – I agree with you they are fucking awesome. They are the true classics for our generation. Shane was at her prime back than, cute, sexy, sassy, girl next door type. The sex in these is real and hot and as good as any early Evil Angel offering from the same period. I actually had the opportunity to hang out with her on several occasions during this period, once hanging out until all hours drinking a bottle of Bushmills on the beach in AC. She is a genuine person and i think that comes across in these videos. I feel pretty lucky that we got these. Because of the large positive response we will release another one quickly.

  11. passport1 Says:

    I’d just like to thank Rope and the Content dude for making sure we’re getting what we paid for. That’s GREAT customer service! This site is IMO, the most reputable and trustworthy adult video site on the net, which is why I intend to continue my membership…even though some of the vids that get posted don’t really excite me. I’m pretty much guaranteed that a good one will soon follow 🙂

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ The Content Dude – Slowly but surely, the stories emerge. You should consider writing an autobiography. I smell a best seller in waiting. Does AC = Atlantic City? Are you an East Coast dude?

    @ passport1 – Quite welcome but as I indicated, VideoBox was all over this, so I don’t believe I actually impacted the situation. I certainly echo your words that the site is at the very top of its class.

  13. the content dude Says:

    @ropeadope – I have often thought that if Elmore Leonard wrote a book about the business as I know it, not the Boogie Nights version, it would be a best seller. There used to be a trade show called the ECVS held in Atlantic City every October. It was a terrible show for business but one of the more wilder ones with the girls. Not an East Coast dude, no waves, NorCal!

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ the content dude – No question about it. Maybe ‘tween closing new studio deals for VideoBox, you can start jotting down your experiences in the industry. The stories are fascinating. Just a few pages a week and before you know it, you’ll have a sizeable manuscript on your hands. An insiders look at the business.

    Thank you for the clarification re Atlantic City. I’ve basically been on the East Coast my whole life but did travel extensively for a few years long ago. Spent several months on the West Coast split between LA and SF. Loved every second of it.

  15. adam Says: