Birthday Girl Sasha Grey

Any Roots fans in the crowd? They released this video, starring Sasha Grey, for a new song called “Birthday Girl.” The song doesn’t appear on their newest album because, according to the group, the lighthearted sound just didn’t fit in with the rest of the songs.

The song/video are cute, but that’s not the main reason I’m posting them. What they bring to mind for me is the concept of a “cross-over” pornstar. In a world where women like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick are desperate to get “mainstream” exposure on VH1, what does it mean that Sasha Grey has become an indie darling (she also appeared in a Smashing Pumpkins video recently)? Can/will subculture fame eventually translate into widespread acceptance? Is that even desirable?

My feeling is no. The US isn’t Italy and even if Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends have a reality show, it doesn’t make them mainstream stars. It makes them porn girls with blurred out nipples on basic cable and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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23 Responses to “Birthday Girl Sasha Grey”

  1. jkbd52 Says:

    I would have to disagree with you. Now I wouldn’t call pornstars crossing over mainstream stars, but crossing over into mainstream does without a shadow of a doubt make them more popular. Jenna is I would say a mainstream star without a shadow of a doubt. From comic books, to being in times square on a giant billboard, to mainstream movies, video games, and production.

  2. alison Says:

    jkbd52 – I don’t disagree that she’s much more successful than she’d have been had she stuck to porn, but I just don’t think she can/will accepted by society the way women who haven’t had sex on camera for money are.

  3. content dude Says:

    Jenna is really doing well since she left porn. Look no further than her latest mainstream movie Zombie Strippers

  4. HotScooter2 Says:


    If any pornstar can currently can achieve widespread acceptance i think Sasha can. she is not the others that have tried unsuccessfully in the past.
    Yea folks talk about Jenna and her crossover success,i would not give you a nickel for her. she was a big name in porn and is living off that in my opinion content dude.

    from what i have seen from Sasha in her porn is far more cerebral . There have been others that crossed over like marilyn chambers and traci lords,that reached mild success .

    I would like to see a day come in America where doing porn did not have a stigma attached to it. So i wishh Sasha all the very best and hope she kicks some ass and does great as a crossover,and becomes a superstar as a singer or actress whatever she wants.
    I love it when a performer can get rid of a stereotype, like when DeNiro finally got roles where he was not a gangster.
    Sasha is far from the best looking pornstar but she has style,and i see her as having thee potential of going further than any of her predecessors

  5. mudshark Says:

    Its funny that Sasha is probably paid 1k to fuck on film. But when she does mainstream she is paid 10k to appear in a video because she fucked on film and all they want her to do is pretend she is fucking.

  6. Bud Dickman Says:

    Sasha’s so cool… But we already knew that didn’t we…

  7. doublehead Says:

    If a pornstar actually had brains and even more, acting/music skills, that would be genius. You could watch the movie/video and be intrigued, then go home and wack off to her getting stuffed. Sigh, in a perfect world…

  8. junker Says:

    The song is gay but the new album is bangin

  9. Damon Says:

    I think that day will be come when prominent US politicians are willing to accept political donations from people in the industry. They will accept money from white collar criminals but not pornstars. lol

  10. irishlad781 Says:

    Which Smashing Pumpkins video is Sasha in?

  11. alison Says:

    content dude – I’m so seeing that.

    HotScooter2 – I think that’s an interesting parallel to draw: an actor being typecast. Pornstars are typecast as trashy idiots…I agree that it’ll be a good day when they’re not stigmatized anymore – and by extension, porn fans aren’t stigmatized anymore.

    mudshark – You think the Roots paid Sasha Grey $10k for that video?

    Bud Dickman – True enough…

    doublehead – I’m waiting for the day that movie/tv stars are able to do real sex scenes and it’s not a big deal. What a world that’d be!

    junker – You see why they left it off the album…

    Damon – Haha, good point. I remember a couple years ago there was this environmentalist couple making their own porn and trying to donate the proceeds to the environmentalist movement. They had a hell of a time finding someone who’d take the money…I don’t even know if they succeeded, actually.

    irishlad781 – The song’s called “Superchrist” – video here:

  12. jfro Says:

    I believe Sasha Grey has the potential to go further with the “crossover” pornstar phenomenon than Jenna or Tera (though I have a great deal of respect for the latter in particular). Sasha is so unapologetic about her porno activities and her other artistic and life activities can kind of blend in with her porn activities. Other porn stars have crossed over by becoming less like their porno persona. She also is quite cerebral and has, in my mind, an excellent feel for what I feel to be some of the more interesting music and art that has emerged in the last century…she’s kind of like the mixture of a porn star and an avant-gardist. Very interesting girl. I hope she succeeds in what she wants to do.

  13. jfro Says:

    I also think Sasha has this ability to turn her sex vibe on and off in a way that is very subtle…sometimes just looks like a arty, slightly depressed young girl and sometimes she lets go with her sexy vibe. Jenna and Tera are more classic sex bombs with both their personalities and their bodies.

  14. therabbit Says:

    Seems like a consensus is building here: that if anyone could crossover, at least into the world of alternative/indie culture, it would be SG. Two reasons: 1) She’s actually got a brain in her head; and 2) She can actually act.

  15. KyonoRocks Says:

    The Roots are awesome, so is Sasha. Thanks for the post Alison

  16. dphunkt Says:

    thats not a bad song. and as indie darlings go, Sasha doesnt even have to go all commercial to have cross-over appeal. the best part about crossing over is it doesnt have the urgency of break-out stardom. subculture fame a self-made venture too – thats always a plus.

  17. xposh Says:

    Rilo Kiley’s “The Moneymaker” features a bunch of porn stars; Tommy Gun, Faye Runaway, Hailey Young.

  18. Toby Kulture Says:

    Why are they all swooning over Sasha as if her anal warted ass is some kind of prize? I’d bi-pass her and go straight to the girl in blue.

  19. horndawg69 Says:

    I think a pornstar crossing over and having universal acceptance as a performer, with artistic integrity in all of her (or his, though for guys it is more difficult, because the best ones are the ones that are not noticed much) endeavors- porn included- is great not only for the artist, but also for porn and art itself. Maybe it would be a stretch to say that it would be a great occurance for human-ness, as well. I’ll try to make a case…

    The first veil to drop from Salome’s dance of the seven veils is the one covering her genitals. Point is- every one is fucking somehow, be it in their heads or by themselves or with many partners. The abomination is not that sex is graphically displayed by agency of the porn industry, but that sex is oppressed and those in the adult business are shamed and relegated to a form of artistic expression that has grown sterile and largely uninteresting.

    The performers that sought mainstream, and achieved it to some degree, never really left the shadow of their porn career, the point that was made by hotscooter is germane… a starlet that moves into mainstream acceptance that cannot shed the “shadow” of her adult career, will ikely remain a novelty. But one that transcends, and elevates herself to the status of a performer, a highly regarded performer, will do wonders for the way sex is regarded as a whole.

    If Sasha Grey can pull this off, many from outside the industry will start to view her adult performances with a more critical eye.

    Be it Sasha Grey, or someone else that can move porn out of the recesses will help usher in new creativity and approaches to the way porn is made and sold to the public. If it does become more accepted, more gifted people will want to become involved, after all it is very lucrative (is there any business other than Google search that does better business on the web?), so livelihoods can easily be made with quality product. Another factor is that as porn would become more accepted, the degredation, predation and depredation of it’s denizens would be less tolerated.

    Sorry for the ramble, but I just get so pissed at so many attitudes toward sex and how it remains stunted in it’s maturation in our society.

    Peace to you all,

  20. mileswb Says:

    I think jfro hit it on the head–Sasha is unapologetic about her porn endeavors. Most porn stars who try to cross over refuse to talk about their porn background, thereby adding to porn’s stigmatization. The most successful crossover performers will be those who say, “Yeah I was in porn, it was fun… so what?”

    Another good point jfro made was that Sasha wouldn’t have to distance herself from a porn ‘persona.’ It’s not hard to imagine Sasha appearing in a serious play, but it’s impossible to imagine Kelly “Fucking” Wells in one (unless her part is the Batshit Crazy Anal Sex Lunatic).

    So I guess what I’m saying is… jfro is smart. And I still like pie.

  21. horndawg69 Says:

    I do agree with the subtlety of SG, my own concern is: is she old enough to pull it off? Precociousness will get one so far, but to be able to really pull of moving past the stigma and redefining is the work of someone secure, emotionallly stable and mature. She may have these attributes, but some things just need time.

  22. markbart Says:

    What the fuck is this shit? I didn’t subscribe to this site to watch gay music videos. I subscribed to this site to watch whores take it in the ass.

  23. salazarmark Says:

    No. One of the appeals of porn for me is that it’s not mainstream. If I see everyone talking porn so casually or in church I don’t think I won’t be that excited to watch these things anymore. Don’t force it to be accepted mainstream as it will lose some of it’s appeal (if not all).