Am I Missing Anyone?

Next week, Alison will be posting a poll to determine who is the membership’s least favorite male performer. The guy who annoys you the most. The individual you dread seeing with your favorite female performer. I have compiled a list of stars whom I’ve seen complaints registered against in the review comments. Am I missing any obvious nominees? This is the list I have thus far (which will be whittled down to more manageable levels for the actual poll): Please leave a reply if you note any glaring omissions.

Alex Sanders
Anthony Hardwood
Ben English
Benjamin Bratt
Brandon Iron
Brett Rockman
Brian Surewood
Cheyne Collins
Dave Cummings
Dick Delaware
Dick Nasty
Dick Tracy
Dirty Harry
John Strong
John West
Lee Stone
Marc Wallace
Mark Davis
Mark Wood
Mick Blue
Mr. Pete
Nick Manning
Otto Bauer
Pat Myne
Rick Masters
Rod Fontana
Sean Michaels
Scott Lyons
Tony T.
TT Boy
Tyce Bune
Van Damage
Wesley Pipes



84 Responses to “Am I Missing Anyone?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    @ DeepSlide – Would you know any of the movies or scenes he appears in? Any other description, other tattoos (with location of the tat)?

  2. junkco Says:

    LMAO @ rope’s last comment towards whackitgood. Hey rope are you related to Kim Peek? Because I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. DeepSlide Says:

    It’s on his upper right arm — it’s the red, white, and blue (I think) skull and lightning symbol. He’s a skinny guy with a doped-out look. I’ll have try to find one of his scenes . . .

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ junkco – No, can’t say that I am. My memory is actually pretty poor but I compensate by looking stuff up.

    @ DeepSlide – Could it be Tom Byron? He has a snake wrapped around a skull with flames on his upper right arm. Take a look at Booty Duty #1 scenes 1 & 3. Is that him? EDIT: – See below, horndawg69 has found the answer for you.

  5. Sasuke1 Says:

    Who the hell is that skinny dude with the mustache? You can see him in “8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter” in the scene with Tia Tanaka. That dude kills any scene for me.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Sasuke1 – That’s Dirty Harry. I happen to like him but I think he’ll get a lot of votes judging by the comments. Good scene with Lily Thai in Babysitter #18 scene 1 which I reviewed for the blog in Rope Looks Back …December 2005.

  7. markbart Says:

    Benjamin Bratt

    I can’t stand this asshole.

  8. Zirk Says:

    Mark Ashley

  9. papayaman Says:

    I’ll be interested to see the outcome of this poll. I tend to agree with Ropeadope that Lee Stone actually seems to get more hate than he deserves. He is by no means the worst offender in porn. The ones I find most obnoxious are the ones who seem to be under the misapprehension that the scene is about them and not about the girls. On that basis a favourite for most hated would have to be Nick Manning who tries to dominate scenes with his claims to drop loads. Hasn’t the idiot heard of Peter North? I would perhaps be more tempted to vote for Benjamin Bratt not only due to his abusiveness, but his proclivity for making girls rim him. I think we can all agree its great to feel, but I doubt that any of us want to see it performed on Bratt. Ropeadope mentions Tony T. Is he the curly haired motormouth who seems heavily into slapping? Assuming it is I’ve seen him piss off large numbers of delectable women including Loni and Roxy Jezel, who summed him up really well at the end of one scene with him – ‘stupid cocksucker’. I also find Skeeter Kerkove’s appearances in his films really creepy (in all honesty I find some of the action in his Clusterfuck series very hot, but the guy himself comes off really strange although he doesn’t seem to perform in them). But can I also suggest that the profoundly irritating Gangbang Squad and Collossal Crew be considered for group awards? The Gangbang Squad especially need to be told that demeaning the women they work with is not amusing or witty.

  10. doublehead Says:

    Which is the dude that looks like Bill Clinton?

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ markbart – Ben will definitely be one of the prime contenders. As of now, Ben Bratt, Brett Rockman, Dirty Harry, Nick Manning, Lee Stone, and Talon seem to be drawing the most wrath of the membership.

    @ Zirk – I’ve always found Mark Ashley to be one of the very best in the business. Very reliable performer, does his job in a no-nonsense fashion and doesn’t try to make himself the focus of the scene.

    @ papayaman – Fully agree with all your comments. I believe you have Tony T. pinpointed correctly. The membership has referred to him as rat-face. Look at “Big Wet Asses #3 Iron Sides”. Tony T. is the male performer in all five of those scenes. Tony and Loni perform together in Heavy Handfuls #4 scene 5. Tony and Roxy Jezel perform together in Young and Filthy scene 2. Skeeter is creepy but gets a pass as he only appears in the intro segments to his scenes.

    @ doublehead – Can you direct me to a scene where the dude appeared?

  12. horndawg69 Says:

    Deepslide- It’s Nick East

  13. papayaman Says:

    Thanks Ropeadope, your comprehensive scene references confirm it is Tony T. I was thinking of. Ratface seems an all too apt soubriquet for him. Nor am I keen on the black performer he teams up with in the Tia Tanaka scene in Teen Line – he also seems to be more into humiliating the girls than fucking them. Its going to be difficult choosing a winner in this poll given the sheer number of sleazy guys in porn!

  14. horndawg69 Says:

    You know, I haven’t watched a vid since I started paying attention to the blog… I have to say the folks here are thoughtful, funny, open minded and everything Dick Delaware is not. There it is!

    The guy who really bugs me is the old fart in Please Screw My — series. What is his name, anyway?

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ horndawg69 – Thank you so much for providing the answer for DeepSlide. That was really bugging me. Man, Nick East. I haven’t heard the name for years. I remember him as a much younger performer. I notice he’s in Confessions of a Tennage Anal Queen scene 1 with Cody Lane and 8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter scene 3 with Addison Rose. I still can’t get a good look at the tattoo, but the placement and colors are correct. Now, who is the guy doublehead is asking about?

    The guy from the Please Screw My ….series is Dave Cummings.

    @ papayaman – Difficult choice indeed. I believe that is Wesley Pipes who is partnered with Tony T. in the Tia Tanaka scene from Teen Line: The Blue Room. Normally, you would only need listen to the dialogue to confirm the presence of Wesley. However, the music track covers all the dialogue in this scene. But I think I’ve matched enough physical charateristics to say it’s Wesley.

  16. horndawg69 Says:

    Hey Rope, You think doublehead is referring to Alex Sanders? I don’t know if he ever cut his hair- but he somewhat resembles Bill Clinton.

  17. Rael Says:

    May have been mentioned already, don’t feel like reading all the comments, but that creepy old guy should be on there. He was just in a scene with Sasha Grey, I think The Filth and the Fury. He may be on there, I don’t know his name.

  18. Rael Says:

    Heyt double, is the guy you’re refferring to have a lame heart tat right over his groin? He also has multiple orgasms in several scenes. He is neutral in my book.

  19. ropeadope Says:

    @ horndawg69 – I’ve always seen Alex Sanders with the long “rocker” hair. Could be somewhat of a resemblance with shorter hair. Possible.

    @ Rael – Yes, that’s Dirty Harry with Sasha Grey in scene 5 of Filth & Fury #1.

    The guy with the heart tattoo is Tyce Bune. This could very well be who doublehead is referring to.

  20. the content dude Says:

    Good feed back! Glad to hear you guys are not that aware of TT Boy. I was pretty close to signing a big deal with him for his Evasive Angle line but backed off as I didn’t want another ‘Audrey Problem’. His stuff is good, hot babes, good sex, it’s just that he is in every scene.

  21. horndawg69 Says:

    Seems the problem with not knowing TT Boy, is that he was prolific toward the end or after the Ginger/Christy Canyon/Barbara Dare era, but before Jenna, if my memory serves me right. He came on the scene toward then end of that time, so he wasn’t established like Tom Byron, or Peter North. It seemed like Rocco cast a shadow over all the dudes for a spell during that time, too. My sense of time is most likely off. He was in most everything, it seemed. Never really offended me, as I always could enjoy the women he was in a scene with.

  22. mileswb Says:

    @rope – Although you’re right about the Asian vid that turns up via the Max hardcore search, I’m reasonably certain a few of the other results contain at least one scene containing Mssr. Steiner and his balding, pasty puss. I can’t give you a specific scene ’cause I’m posting this from my phone. With that said, there’s really no point to including him IMO.

    Glad you’re gonna try the chedar cheese + apple pie thing man! It rocks.

    Lastly, including Ron Jeremy is a good idea, except that he’s such an obvious choice it might make the end resuk a forgone conclusion!

  23. Jambi Says:

    Hey Rope who’s that creepy looking guy in Back Seat Bangers #7, Scene 2? he scares me.

  24. seattle Says:

    Please include Rick Masters. That guy looks like a dog lapping up water when he’s eating pussy. Just annoying as hell.

  25. ropeadope Says:

    @ the content dude – Always a pleasure seeing you on the blog. Should the opportunity present itself once more, I would consider revisiting the TT Boy – Evasive Angle deal. Your point is correct. TT Boy appears in a large percentage of the scenes and that will undoubtedly elicit an outcry from the membership. But he has some excellent series, especially for fans of the Latina and Asian genres. I’m thinking of Hot Latin Pussy Adventures & Asian Street Hookers among others.

    @ mileswb – Can you make me an honorary cheesehead? Somehow, I never made it into Wisconsin although I spent considerable time in Michigan and Minnesota.

    @ Jambi – They refer to him as Val & Valentino during the scene but I am not familiar with him. Pink Visual (studio of Back Seat Bangers) may use performers that are unique to them alone.

    @ seattle – I believe we may be able to squeeze Rick Masters into the poll although I never noticed the particular trait you cite. I’ll have to check it out.

  26. totaldouchebag Says:

    How about Ed Powers? Dudes who leave their socks and/or shirt on crack me up.

  27. HaveACigar Says:

    Lee Stone… don’t even bother with the vote. That guy sucks – I don’t care how hot the chick is I just don’t bother watching anything he’s in.

  28. ropeadope Says:

    @ totaldouchebag – No question Ed would qualify, but I think we should restrict the poll participants to those who have a fair representation of their work on the site.

    @ HaveACigar – Lee will enter the voting as the heavy favorite. He will not garner my vote, but is definitely the man to beat. BTW, loved your song on the “Wish You Were Here” album. Loved the whole album as a matter of fact.

  29. papayaman Says:

    This is way off topic, so apologies for that, but I just want to thank Ropeadope for raising the question of reviving the Evasive Angle deal. I have heard a lot about the Asian Street Hookers series and Hot Latin Pussy Adventures. Although I hear some negative things about TT Boy I gather these series have scenes with some of the loveliest Latin and Asian girls in the business and I’m sure they would be a great addition to the site. The Content Dude is to be congratulated for acquiring some great material lately (Private, Combat Zone, etc) and this would be yet another great coup for the site if it could be achieved.

  30. Couga Says:

    HAHA I think this is funny. I just understand how the hell so many men could have a problem with male pornstars. I think its jealousy. Either that or your gay or something. Paying attention to the guys is like paying attention to porn storylines and I dont have time. If a male pornstar prevents you from getting a hard on then something is wrong with you. The only male pornstar that ever gets on my nerves is Dick Delaware. Thats because hes always saying talking and saying Heyyyyyyy or Here we go. But it doesnt stop me from watching a scene he is in. Overall guys, men, stop crying about MALE pornstars.

  31. horndawg69 Says:

    Couga- On some level I agree with you – it’s just the guy, get over it… In my opinion, however, male pornstars have a role like a good waiter. A good waiter is helping out with this incredibly intimate thing of eating. We do it all the time, so we don’t much think about it… but watch someone eat sometime. It is both embarrassing to watch, but also engenders a kind of sympathy because I have to do it too.. later that day. A waiter is really good when they are not noticed, and I don’t have to want, or look for anything that I need – AND I don’t notice that the waiter brought what I needed in anticipation of my need. Enter the male pornstar: He is helping in something incredibly intimate, even if porn is not lovemaking, it is intimate for the performers, crew, and viewer. The male pornstar is great if he is not noticed and serves the sex so the beauty, power, and potency of the woman’s sexuality can be delivered to it’s most sublime expression. If the guy bring attention to himself, or doesn’t serve the woman or the sex, then he is a distraction that not only destroys a scene, but de-glorifies the woman. He deserves to be just another skull around Kali’s neck.

  32. ropeadope Says:

    @ papayaman – Thank you my friend. I echo your comments entirely regarding the great work by The Content Dude, Alison, and all involved in bringing these grade A studios to the site. If the Evasive Angle deal can be ironed out, I believe it would come to be recognized as another feather in the cap of the VideoBox content team.

    @ Couga – In my opinion, horndawg69 has hit upon the correct answer.

    @ horndawg69 – Agreed. The male pornstar is most appreciated when just goes about his business, stays out of the way, and allows the woman to be the main focus of the scene.

  33. glacierkid Says:

    i hate tt boy

  34. J. Says:

    Hershal Savage, the man is just gross!