DVSX Preview: Sakura Tales #10

Tia TanakaI am excited today to present my first preview of a DVSX movie. My two previous preview posts were for Combat Zone titles that I already owned. For this article, VideoBox was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at a DVD which will be uploaded to the site within the next few days. The first DVSX title was added to the site six weeks ago and we’ve received two dozen updates from the studio thus far. I’ve been extremely impressed with the DVSX offerings. Let’s see what this release has in store for us.

Studio: DVSX

Issue Date: May, 2006

Starring: Jayna Oso, Lana Croft, Scarlett Ventura, Tia Ling, Tia Tanaka

Expectations: Sakura Tales is an Asian themed series. Twelve volumes of the series have been produced to date. Sakura Tales #10 will be the first volume of the series that I’ve viewed. The series seems to be populated with strong cast lists and this volume is no exception. Jayna Oso, Tia Tanaka, and Lana Croft are all dynamic performers. I’ve only seen Tia Ling twice previously and enjoyed her work. Scarlett Ventura is new to me. I have high expectations for the title.

Premise: All five scenes of the movie have a similar structure. The first minute or two is tease footage filmed in black and white and shown on a cropped screen. The performer then introduces herself as the video goes to full color. She describes a current fantasy which causes her to get excited and start playing with herself. As she does so, her thoughts come to life and play out on screen. At the conclusion of the scenario, we return to the solo girl, who is finishing herself off.

Sakura Tales 10, scene 1 Sakura Tales 10, scene 1 Sakura Tales 10, scene 1
Preview Collages: Please click on the thumbnails to view the full size preview.

Sakura Tales #10 Scene 1, Jayna Oso

Fantasy: Jayna is dressed in a pink schoolgirl outfit, white panties, white stockings, and beige high heels. She tells us she’s had her eye on a tall, muscular guy she sees every day but hasn’t hooked up with yet. “I want his cock so bad. I want it in my pussy and I want it in my ass. I want it in my mouth, on my tongue and down my throat.” Jayna leans back on the couch, pulls her panties to the side and begins to rub and finger her pussy.

Jayna joined by Christian XXX. Christian sucking on Jayna’s tits, licking at the nipples. Rubbing Jayna’s pussy, over her panties. “Oh yeah, my pussy has been so horny for you.” Jayna grabbing Christian’s cock at the base, working her mouth up and down. Jayna forcing her mouth down on the cock as best she can. No hands head. Christian peels down Jayna’s skirt and panties. Jayna climbs aboard in cowgirl, her plump ass right in our face. Riding the cock slowly at first, now picking up speed. “Fuck, this cock feels good.” Jayna spreading her ass cheeks wide as she bounces on the dick. Jayna P2M. Jayna lays back on a leather ottoman, Christian rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit. Missionary. Christian has Jayna’s legs pinned back as he leans into it, driving his cock deep in her pussy. Jayna briefly grabbing the spikes of her shoes, holding her legs high and wide as Christian pounds away. “Keep pumping that cock inside of me.” Jayna rubbing her clit, slapping her pussy. “Oh fuck yeah, I’m so fucking horny. Keep on fucking my horny pussy.” Jayna P2M. Christian standing above Jayna, face fucking her. Jayna, all fours on the ottoman, Christian entering in doggie anal. “Shove that big, fat cock in my ass.” Christian, one leg on the ottoman for extra leverage, plundering the ass. Jayna with head down low, back arched, ass up high. Christian leaning over Jayna from behind, drilling her butt. Jayna reaching back between her legs, rubbing and slapping the pussy. Christian picks Jayna up in standing reverse cowgirl anal, briefly bouncing her up and down on his cock. Christian falls back on the couch, his cock still buried in Jayna’s ass. Reverse cowgirl anal, Christian keeping Jayna’s legs spread wide. Jayna riding the cock, rubbing and slapping at her clit. Jayna A2M, spitting on the cock. Spoon vag on the ottoman. “Oh yeah, put it back in my pussy. Hurt me with that big monster cock.” Christian deep stroking the pussy. Up off the ottoman, Jayna kneels in front of Christian as he squeezes a tiny load onto her tongue. Brief post cum head.

Very good scene. Jayna looked smokin’ hot in her schoolgirl outfit. She brought high energy to the scene and enjoyed good chemistry with Christian. Jayna’s nasty talk always adds to the heat. The weak pop slightly detracted from the scene.

Scene 1 Rating: 4.5

Sakura Tales 10, scene 2 Sakura Tales 10, scene 2 Sakura Tales 10, scene 2

Sakura Tales #10 Scene 2, Scarlett Ventura

Fantasy: Scarlett is cute, busty, and somewhat on the thick side. She’s dressed in a gray plaid skirt and top, black bra, panties, and stockings. “I’m waiting for my boyfriend to fuck me, eat my pussy, and play with my tits.” Scarlett pulls her breasts out of her top, revealing her large nipples. Lying back on the bed, legs spread wide, she starts to rub on her pussy.

Scarlett joined by Talon. Spitting on his cock, she begins to stroke and suck it. No hands head, Talon thrusting his cock in and out of Scarlett’s mouth. Scarlett slaps Talon’s cock against her face, licking at his balls. Scarlett on her hands and knees, Talon fucking her in doggie. Scarlett’s titties swaying back and forth as Talon drives it home from behind. Talon slapping Scarlett’s ass, her right butt cheek turning a bit reddish. Scarlett P2M. Talon lying on the bed, Scarlett lowering her pussy on his cock in reverse cowgirl. Leaning back, Scarlett allows Talon to drive his cock up and into her pussy. Scarlett P2M. Scarlett climbs back aboard, this time in cowgirl. Talon has his hands on Scarlett’s sides, encouraging her hips downward to meet his upthrusting cock. Scarlett P2M. Talon spits on Scarlett’s pussy, entering in missionary. Holding her by each ankle / calf, Talon has Scarlett’s legs wide apart as he powers his cock into her pussy. Talon pulls out and drops his load into Scarlett’s mouth with some cum collecting on her chest. Post cum head.

Pretty good scene. I strongly suggest viewing with the sound muted to avoid Talon’s constant “awwww yeaahh, awwww yeaahh” nonsense. Scarlett says very little, so you won’t be missing anything by muting. I was forced to listen to the entire scene, just in case Scarlett delivered some hot dialogue that I could quote in the review. She didn’t. Strictly from a sex standpoint, Talon delivers a good fucking to Scarlett. I would have liked to have seen Scarlett take a more active role here. Basically, Talon is controlling the action and Scarlett is following along.

Scene 2 Rating: 3.5

Sakura Tales 10, scene 3 Sakura Tales 10, scene 3 Sakura Tales 10, scene 3 Sakura Tales 10, scene 3

Sakura Tales #10 Scene 3, Lana Croft

Fantasy: Lana is petite and looking delectable in a short plaid skirt, gray woolen sweater, pink bra, white panties, and white stockings. She loves dressing up in her old high school clothes, because her boyfriend loves it and it turns him on. Raising up her sweater and lowering her bra, Lana strums her fingers across her left nipple. She is looking forward to the arrival of her boyfriend. “I can’t wait till he comes in. I’m ready to fuck him so bad. Waiting for his hard cock inside my pussy. That twenty-one year old pussy getting fucked by her boyfriend.”

Lana joined by Donny Long. She moves his hands over her panties. “Why don’t you touch that little pussy, that tight Asian pussy.” Donny pulls Lana’s panties to the side and runs his finger up her pussy and over her clit, making Lana squeal. “Are you gonna give me some big fucking cock tonight baby?” Lana pulls down Donny’s pants, his cock springing out and lightly catching her on the chin. Lana sucking Donny’s cock, going down deep. “You make me choke on your big cock, baby.” Spitting on the dick, one and two handed fisting of the shaft. Lana reclines on the couch, grabs Donny’s cock and guides it into her pussy. Missionary transitioning into spoon, Donny slamming into the pussy as Lana furiously diddles her clit. “Fuck that tight pussy baby. Push it all the way inside.” Donny thrusting with deep strokes into Lana’s pussy. Lana P2M. “You know I love my pussy juice.” Reverse cowgirl. Lana shrieking from the hard pounding she’s receiving. Spoon anal. “Fuck that ass while I play with my pussy. Fuck it harder. Stick it in, that fucking big cock.” Lana is a screamer. Donny is varying the pace of his stroking and Lana’s cries increase in intensity each time Donny moves into a higher gear. I think Lana could wake the dead. Doggie anal. Donnie plowing into Lana’s ass, slapping her right butt cheek. “Yeah, smack that ass baby. You know I love when you do that.” Cowgirl anal. “You like the way I ride your cock baby?” A2M. Lana sucking and stroking Donny’s cock. Lana jerks Donny off into her mouth, some cum landing on her right cheek, chin, and left shoulder. Post cum head. Lana licking cum off her fingers. Donny sweeping the cum on Lana’s face, into her mouth with his dick.

Very good scene. Lana looked great, had good chemistry with Donny, and delivered an enthusiastic performance. She finishes Donny off with a combo blowjob – handjob. I thought the scene could have used a little more editing as some of the positions seemed to go on too long.

Scene 3 Rating: 4.5

Tia Tanaka Tia Tanaka Tia Tanaka Tia Tanaka

Sakura Tales #10 Scene 4, Tia Tanaka

Fantasy: Super cute and petite Tia is sitting on a pool table. She’s dressed in a short gray plaid skirt with matching bra and tie, black top, black panties, and white knee high socks. She tells us she’s eighteen years old and her fantasy is to be stripping at a club with all eyes on her. By the end of the night, she gets to fuck this really hot guy that has been watching her. “I want to suck his dick. I want him to fuck the shit out of me. I’m getting so horny thinking about it. I want it right now.”

Strip club setting, Tia pole dancing. Derrick Pierce is the only customer in the club. His focus is completely on Tia. Tia approaches Derrick, lowers her skirt to mid thigh, and buries her hand under her panties. Tia and Derrick kissing. Derrick brief titty sucking. Tia drops to her knees, pulls out Derrick’s cock, and begins to give him head. Tia running her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft. Sucking the cock, gets down pretty deep but not quite all the way. Derrick places Tia on the pool table, legs hanging off the end, and eats her pussy with his pierced tongue. Tia leans back on the pool table, Derrick fucking her missionary. Tia’s hips are right at the edge of the table and Derrick is slamming it home from a standing position. Derrick resting one leg up on the pool table, continues his missionary assault. Tia P2M. “I want that dick inside of me, please.” Tia is using a barstool and table for support as Derrick bangs her from behind in doggie. Tia P2M, Derrick stabbing his cock in and out of her mouth. Derrick lies down on the pool table, Tia climbing aboard and riding the cock in cowgirl. Derrick reaching around and spreading Tia’s butt cheeks wide. Derrick driving his cock up into Tia’s pussy at a furious clip. Now Tia is controlling the action as she rides the cock at a more leisurely pace. Gyrating her pussy up, down, and all around Derrick’s cock. Reverse cowgirl. Tia bouncing on the cock while rubbing her clit. Tia looks absolutely stunning in this position. Scene cuts and Derrick is standing over Tia, jerking his cock. Derrick strokes a large load into Tia’s mouth, on her face, in her hair, and on her shoulder. Initially it was sputtering out, but when I thought he was through, he was first getting started. I clock the cum duration at a minimum of 15 seconds, and I may be cheating him out of a second or two.

Great scene. Tia looked amazing here and the video quality of this scene is exceptional. I viewed all scenes in DVD resolution and they’re all excellent, but this scene is especially sharp and crystal clear. Look at my preview pics, which should illustrate the point. The scenario for this scene was very interesting and Tia and Derrick enjoyed good chemistry together. My only deduction is for an angry looking red welt, briefly visible on Tia’s ass during cowgirl, when Derrick spreads her butt cheeks.

Scene 4 Rating: 4.75

Tia Ling in Sakura Tales 10 Tia Ling in Sakura Tales 10 Tia Ling in Sakura Tales 10

Sakura Tales #10 Scene 5, Tia Ling

Fantasy: Tia is a cute MILF (32 during filming of this scene) with enhanced breasts. Dressed in a short blue jean skirt, blue shirt, black bra and panties. Tia says she’s a naughty teacher. She’s scheduled to interview two prospective janitors and secretly wants them to violate her. “When they come in, I’m just gonna go ahead and whip out their cocks and hope they go for me. I’m getting all wet just thinking about it. My nipples are hard. I just want them to bite ’em and suck ’em and stick both of their cocks inside me.”

Tia interviewing Joe Friday and Kris Knight. She chastises them for showing up in blue jeans and t-shirts which falls short of dress code requirements. She notices both guys have tattoos and asks them to remove their shirts so she can fully see them. The guys remove their shirts and Tia does likewise. The remaining clothes quickly follow suit. Tia blowing Kris while Joe eats out Tia from behind. Joe fingering Tia’s pussy. Tia sitting between the guys, sucking and stroking both cocks in alternating fashion. Joe fucking Tia doggie as she gobbles up Kris’ dick. Tia sits on Kris’ cock reverse cowgirl with Joe feeding his cock into Tia’s mouth. Tia bouncing up and down on Kris’ cock while sucking and licking the head of Joe’s dick. Both guys sitting side-by-side on the couch. Tia mounts Joe in cowgirl anal, leaning over to her right to suck Kris. Tia turns around to face the camera, climbing back aboard Joe in reverse cowgirl anal. Kris moves around in front of Tia and slips his cock into her pussy for a reverse cowgirl DP. The trio establishes a good rhythm. “Yeah, fuck me with those dicks. Ooh, fill me up.” Tia’s legs are resting on Kris’ shoulders as he pounds away at her pussy, Joe still engaged in her ass. Spoon anal for Kris, Tia sucking Joe’s cock. Joe slapping his cock against Tia’s tongue. Cowgirl DP with Joe underneath in Tia’s pussy and Kris plundering her ass from behind. Kris slapping Tia’s right butt cheek. Kris fucking Tia missionary, pulls out and drops his load on her stomach. Joe stands over Tia’s face, deposits his load in Tia’s mouth and on her chin.

Very good scene. Tia is a terrific performer, but due to her limited number of scenes, remains relatively unknown. She looked real good handling the double penetration. I look forward to watching Tia in more Asian and MILF themed DVD’s.

Scene 5 Rating: 4.5

Four strong scenes, great cast, nice variety of action including anal, DP, P2M, & A2M, and excellent video quality combine to make this a winning title.

Overall DVD Rating: 4.5

Note to DVSX – Please use full screen color footage for the opening tease segments.

Note to VideoBox – Please endeavor to obtain the complete set of volumes that comprise this series. Other volumes include scenes with the likes of Avena Lee, Charmane Star, Dana Vespoli, Evelyn Lin, Katsumi, Loni, Luci Thai, Lucy Lee, Lyla Lei, Mika Tan, Mia Smiles, Nautica Thorn, Nyla Thai, Rose, Roxy Jexel, Sabrine Maui, Veronica Lynn, and Yumi.

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14 Responses to “DVSX Preview: Sakura Tales #10”

  1. davros Says:

    Sounds like a good title.

  2. papayaman Says:

    Given that I have an Asian fetish I am so pleased to see the Sakura Tales series turning up on VB. As usual, this is supremely well previewed by Ropeadope. I’m looking forward to seeing this and hopefully to other volumes in a great series. And while I’m about it I’d just like to reiterate by endorsement of Ropeadope’s suggestion to take another look at securing the Asian Street Hookers series. This also has scenes with some of the loveliest Asian girls like Tia Tanaka and the under-represented Evelyn Lin. Thanks again VB.

  3. Jambi Says:

    Cant wait for this one Tia Tanaka is looking good in this! thx for the preview rope.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ baldguyXXX – I have no idea as to the background of the situation, but since you previously stated this has been ongoing for a year, you must have pissed someone off real bad.

    @ davros – Yes, very good title within a very good series. If you’re a fan of the Asian genre or any of the listed performers, you’ll enjoy this video.

    @ papayaman – Thank you for the kind comments. I believe we share a fondness for Asian (& Latina) themed videos. I can’t be specific, but I know for a fact that an Evelyn Lin scene is upcoming. Not sure of the timeframe however.

    @ Jambi – Most welcome. Tia looked awesome and I don’t think you’ll have to wait too much longer before the video is uploaded to the site.

  5. elatch3 Says:

    Yay! Ive seen a few of the Sakura movies and they are excellent! Any Tia Ling is great in my book. Shes a fantastic performer.

  6. xposh Says:

    Great review, Ropeadope.

  7. bubba Says:

    Can we assume there are no repeats from other DVDs then?

  8. xtcbyme Says:

    Thanks rope I like your review and value your feedback – hell of a job!

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ elatch3 – If this volume is indicative of the series as a whole (and I believe it is), I can’t wait to see more. Totally agree with your assesment of Tia Ling.

    @ xposh – Thank you very much.

    @ bubba – Assume away. All new scenes here.

    @ xtcbyme – Thank you, much appreciated.

  10. DP Says:

    Excellent and quality asian-DVD release, major step up from the kamikaze japanese porn releases that are a waste of bandwith for many of us. Accurate review as well, nice job!

  11. mileswb Says:

    Excellent preview, rope. You provided an impressive amount of detail and succeeded in making me interested in the release even though all-Asian vids are not normally ‘my thing.’ You da man, and stuff!

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ DP – Thank you. I’ve found a few nuggets within the Kamikaze series (I am a big Asian fan), but without doubt, I much prefer this style of DVD. With Jayna, Lana, and the two Tia’s, it’s hard to go wrong.

    @ mileswb – Thank you so much. That’s probably one of the biggest compliments a reviewer can receive. Hope you enjoy the video.

  13. Suchsirens Says:

    I love Sakura Tales #10 and #11. Let’s see all the other ones!

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ Suchsirens – From your mouth to God’s ears. I know we’ll get #12 (it’s HOT!), but I can’t promise any of the earlier volumes in the series. Lets keep our fingers crossed.