Friday Poll: Who is Your Least Favorite Male Performer?

I think everyone has at least one porn guy who can completely ruin a scene – even one starring one of their favorite girls (I know I do). Who is yours? If you choose “other”, please post your write-in choice in the comments!

The IAFD link will lead you to a picture of the performer and the example link will take you to one of his scenes.


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42 Responses to “Friday Poll: Who is Your Least Favorite Male Performer?”

  1. extremejay Says:

    I dont understand peoples hatred for lee stone…..he has a huge dick that stretches chicks out and he usually pounds girls hard…thats my only requirement…..i am tired ogf seeing him dribble cum on chicks….so his weak cumshit sucks other than that its fine get over it people……………Nick Manning…used to annoy me…now I find him funny. Saw him in a vid called spunk’d(parody of ashton kutchers punk’d) where he played the part of ashton and he was hilarious…so he is cool in my book (plus he had a great scene with lily thai. My vote has to go for someone on the list and unfortunatley i dont know his name but he is the creepy lookin dude that has no eyebrows……anybody have a clue who im talking about….maybe rope could give his idea of who I am talking about and put a link to a pic so I can say if its him. Dirty Harry is fine when he is doing the type of vids he is supposed to…all the creepy old guy with supposed underage 18 year old chicks…he is perfect for that….kills anything else he is in.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ extremejay – No eyebrows? Is this him?

    @ All – If your selection is “Other”, please leave a reply to the post, which specifies your choice. If you’re unsure of the name, try to give us some clues. For example, you have an image in your mind of Brian Surewood. You want to vote for him but he’s not listed in the poll and you’re unsure of his name. Choose “Other”, submit your vote, and leave a reply which might state, “the biker guy,” or “the pirate guy,” or “the hobo guy.” Better yet, if you can find a scene at VideoBox where he appears, give us a reference to that scene.

  3. xposh Says:

    My vote went to Dick Delaware. He doesn’t show up that often, but then again, I don’t watch very many scenes so I could be wrong. That guy needs to STFU though. I don’t want to hear the guy in the scene moaning and saying shit. I wonder what women think of him or loud, vocal porn guys in general.

  4. papayaman Says:

    I agree with extremejay, Lee Stone and Dirty Harry are actually far from the worst porn studs out there. Lee Stone generally does not seem to suffer from the delusion that the scene is all about him rather than the girl and Dirty Harry is actually an appropriate choice for the scenes where the guy is supposed to be creepy, as in the scene with Tia Tanaka in 8 Rules for Banging my Teenage Daughter. Neither of them are amongst the most abusive studs out there. For me it was a close run thing between Tony T. and Wesley Pipes for being unpleasant to the women and generally annoying. I eventually voted Wesley on account of his being marginally louder than Tony T.

  5. KyonoRocks Says:

    Damn why the hate for Mark Davis? He seems like a pretty cool guy.

    PS: Dirty Harry is hilarious, that scene with Tia Tanaka in 8 Rules is f*ckin funny

  6. Hereward Says:

    I wish I could vote for at least 4-5 of these guys. Talon (who gets my vote)I particuarly dislike, his strange, Eddie Munsterish plastic-surgery-gone-wrong face, the way he repeats “ohhh yeah…ohhh yeah” about 500 times per scene and his complete lack of any personality or style. The dude is like a weird looking broken record porn-stud robot.

    Tyce Bune. The guy is just gross and unappealing to look at. According to his IAFD entry he’s 50 years old? WTF dude time to call it a day and find a new career, maybe start directing full-time? If I remember right he has the tendency to interview the chicks during the sex, a total turn off.

    Lee Stone. bent dick. NEXT!

    Bret Rockman. another bent dick. His general appearance isn’t appealing either, way too LA rocker wannabe.

    Tony T. This guy is a total ass-clown. Watching his vids you just want to bitchslap this punk. If you’re going to be rough with the ladies, at least try to have some style or personality. He has neither. Plus the women don’t seem to care for him or his overly aggressive nature. I feel bad for all the women he’s worked with =(.

    I happen to like Dick Delaware! The dude is hilarious, especially when he keeps repeating “whoa! whoa! oh there it is! oh what the fuck?!” Funny shit πŸ™‚

    I also like Wesley Pipes. He’s the guy that has the gun tattoo on his waist, right side I believe? He sounds like he’s straight out of the ‘hood, and rather than talking a lot of trash he just narrates the entire time, focusing on the action without being overbearing or offensive. He’s also the only guy that can make anal appealing to me. Just watch the example link πŸ˜‰

  7. Docbone Says:

    I picked other. Why? Because I really don’t care who the stunt dick is!! I don’t understand why so many guys refuse a download of a good looking girl getting pounded because some guy is in it. The only time I get annoyed by a male actor in a scene is when he just makes all kind of noise and won’t shut up, which often times is either the cameraman or director blabbing away. I want to hear the girl moan in pleasure, that’s all. If it’s that bad though, I just turn the sound down so I can still see the hottie getting railed.

  8. Fedor Says:

    Lee Stone is annoying and takes the focus away from the girl. Thats my issue with him.

  9. Odwalla Says:

    I really don’t hate any of them. Might as well respect that every single one of these guys is banging way hotter chicks than I ever do, and on a regular basis.

    Besides, I usually watch porn with the volume off so when they say annoying things (such as the whole “droppin’ fuckin’ loads” thing) or moan too much it doesn’t really matter.

  10. babeluvr Says:

    I don’t like to see women slapped or abused. I don’t know why any guy would want to do this to a woman. So I voted for dirtyharry. Any guy who has sex with these women should should feel privileged and cherish them. . . and not disrespect them. I have seen others who are worse, but as others stated, I focus on the woman . . . and don’t know or recognize most of the supporting cast.

  11. Saxmonkey Says:

    It is really simple. Lee Stone makes me afraid that a girl is going to ride my cock so hard that it breaks. The fact that he has the physique of Jose Canseco is irrelevant to me.

  12. Rael Says:

    I’m with all the people who don’t get the hatred for Lee Stone. He doesn’t treat the girls like shit, he keeps relatively quiet, and every porn starlet says he is great to work with and a nice guy. His “bent dick” isn’t an issue, and to every guy who complains about that, I question your security on your sexuality. I voted for Nick Manning, because I hate what he says when he shoots. He always ruins the ending for me. Minor complaint though, really.

  13. Rael Says:

    Actually, if I could, I would change my vote to go along with babeluvr’s, as I too despise the pricks who abuse the women. Nick Manning was just the only name, aside from Lee Stone, that I knew. Oh well.

  14. extremejay Says:

    LOL where did you find that pic rope? obviously not him but just as creepy when i first saw the guy thought he was on chemo or something…god I wish I could track him down been in tons of stuff on this site but god it would take a whole weekend to find it….I love porn but not when it becomes like homework…..

  15. Baltin911 Says:

    Juan Cuba. Example of why he is a scene killer
    Throat Yogurt #1 Scene 7
    It really is not erotic when it is obvious the guy hates women.

  16. Toby Kulture Says:

    Dirty Harry, just because he’s creepy looking. But really I could care less who the guy in the scene is.

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ Alison – Do not mean to hijack your post, please allow me to insert a few comments. At the time of this writing, slightly more than 400 votes are in the bank. Lee Stone has been steadily receiving 40% of the vote. People will have differing reactions and interpretations of this result. I believe the vote is demanding one thing. A Lee Stone interview. Not just any “my man in the field” interview. An Alison interview, ala the Brandon Iron interrogation. An intensive look at the man, the myth, the legend.

    @ KyonoRocks – The member comments in the example scene that Alison provided will probably answer that question. I have no problems with him and praised his performances in scenes I’ve reviewed that he has appeared in.

    @ Saxmonkey – Yeah, but what a ride that would be.

    @ extremejay – That’s me. I’m going to let my eyebrows grow back in now.

    @ Baltin911 – Thank you. You get credit for the first official write-in vote and the scene reference is much appreciated. One vote for Juan Cuba.

  18. Damon Says:

    As one of the Lee Stone haters I understand the dislike perfectly. I very much disapprove of Stone stuffing his crooked dick down a girls throat even after she is choking. While struggling to breath he is shouting at his fuck partner to take him deeper. I have also seen him in one of his scenes repeatily put his hands around a girl throat even after it should have been clear that she did not enjoy it the first time by trying to remove his hands but of course she is not so strong. There is the fact that he is muscularly disfigured like an action figure. His face requires a mask, or a bag, to be worn at all times! When I see him fucking one of my favourite stars I am forced to see him on half of the screen so it is impossible to ignore his presence unlike POV porn. In conclusion he is a jerk to his female costars by being overly rough and ignorant so therefore when I see him in a scene I pass the vast majority of the time. Thank you.

  19. biglucifer Says:

    Yo fools I am no Stone fan, but dudes like Tony T. and Dirty Harry are misogyny run amok. While Lee’s omnipresent ability is annoying. Fools like Dirt y Harry and Tony T. need a smackdown.

  20. dude Says:

    Brian Sherwood – the pirate guy. He sucks.

  21. galactosidase Says:

    Lee Stone and Brett Rockman or any star with over sized, yet constantly limp or bent looking dicks suck

  22. alison Says:

    If people really want an interview with Lee Stone, I’ll see about tracking him down….but are you suuuure?

  23. Trevor126 Says:

    I really don’t care who the guy is in a scene but I voted “other” for Brian Sherwood. I don’t know what it is but he reminds me of the guy on Lost that they called “Zeke”.
    —So much so that I had to look him up on IMDB to see if it was really him or not.

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ dude & Trevor126 – Thank you for specifying your “Other” selection. We now have three official write-in votes. Two for Brian Surewood and one for Juan Cuba.

  25. Saxmonkey Says:

    I say we interview Lee Stone but only if he’ll answer some questions from VB members.

  26. Fedor Says:

    “I say we interview Lee Stone but only if he’ll answer some questions from VB members.”

    Now we’re talking!!!!!

  27. hombre1 Says:

    Steve Holmes

  28. ropeadope Says:

    @ Alison – I thought I was positive, but seeing the extremely menacing manner in which you’ve drawn out the vowel in the word “sure”, has made me quite uncomfortable. Your call.

    @ hombre1 – Okay, I’ve recorded your write-in vote for Steve Holmes. I happen to like him but you’re certainly entitled. The write-in votes now stand as follows: Two for Brian Surewood and one apiece for Juan Cuba and Steve Holmes.

  29. alison Says:

    Saxmonkey – I’ll admit I’m afraid of what would be asked.

    rope – Sorry to unsettle you. I’m just imagining a situation where I’d have to ask Lee Stone what happened to make his penis bent and shuddering.

  30. Saxmonkey Says:

    @ Alison I think it is a question worth asking. However, I know us internet folk can get even more creative with our questions.

  31. pgwodehouse Says:

    I think the poll is skewed towards Lee Stone because he has a few extremely vocal haters on this site, so the casual blog reader has a higher chance of knowing who he is. I’m not a hater, myself, and frankly I think there are plenty of more hateworthy studs out there. I get the people who don’t like the violent ones (although it doesn’t bother me), but how about this for a blog entry:

    We’ll have a contest, where each member from VB will work up a hard on, then put on the example Talon scene you listed and turn the volume up. The one who can keep his wood the longest wins. And anyone who actually ejaculates while listening to Talon is either the Zen Master of jerking off, or is deaf.

    Plus, I think that would solve the riddle of why Talon isn’t winning this poll a billion to nothing.

  32. Damon Says:

    How about we have a poll for porn people we would most like to have interviewed as that would be the democratic way. Lee could be on it but I would like to see a interview on someone that has been in the business for a while as they could give perspective how the business has changed from the 80 to the 90’s to now if they have been around that long. I would like you to interview Peter North as he’s been around for quite a while or Mr. Marcus even or a hottie like Mika Tan πŸ™‚

  33. Fedor Says:

    “I think the poll is skewed towards Lee Stone because he has a few extremely vocal haters on this site, so the casual blog reader has a higher chance of knowing who he is.”

    hahahaha….that makes no sense. So you’re saying there should have been no poll because it is so obvious?

  34. Fedor Says:

    I like Damon’s idea a lot.

  35. Kaitou Says:


    I voted for Talon too. He looks like he has no lips, and is annoying as hell in videos.

  36. tombo Says:

    my vote goes to mark davis simply for making fucking stupid noises everytime he comes and some girl touches his dick. what exactly is it that makes his knob so fucking super sensitive he has to start going into a fit. also now days unless the girl is planning to spit the cum back in his mouth (eww) he has to jack off for about 5 mins to even shoot his pathetic load. no love mark davis, no love!

  37. pgwodehouse Says:

    @Fedor — Swing and a miss, buddy. What about my post suggested I thought there should have been no poll? I just don’t think Lee Stone is even close to the worst out there.

  38. Chris Says:

    I dont care WHO Lee Stone is Railing. I cant seem to whack it when I see a scene with him. Its not “the gonzo from muppet babies dick he has” or that annoying face, its just something I can’t put my finger on.

    Oh well. I’d only dream of boning half of the chicks he has been with.

  39. cancelHoo Says:

    How about some favorites? I don’t watch porn for the guys, but there are a few dudes that I am glad to see get the work. There is this tall german guy, used to work for private years ago, who always seems so happy to fuck cute girls. He has that “ron jeromy” average guy getting lucky vibe, but without the fat and gross facial hair. Also, Mark Davis is my wife’s favorite, so I’ve had some good times with his vids in the background. (Not to mention the lucky bastard got to fuck my favorite porn star, Andrea Spinks, in her only mf vid.) One thing I find annoying in porn is when a girl only has sex with her husband/boyfriend. Angela Crystal is one of these, the guy is fine, but when I notice a thing like that it kinda ruins a star for me. After all, aren’t we secretly hoping these sluts would sleep with us?

  40. t Says:

    Mark Wood

  41. MrSlug2 Says:

    yeah i’m suprised Mark Wood didn’t make the cut.

  42. BB Says:

    Lee Stone has made it onto BangBros websites now! Noooo!