Porn’s Best Dirty Talkers

Dirty Talk
The other day, blog reader sizelarge22 asked me to list some scenes with the best dirty talking sluts. In my opinion there’s an elite group of dirty talking girls wouldn’t shut up if you gagged them. Then there are other girls who are occasionally inspired to spout off at the mouth.

I’ve come up with a short list of scenes and a slightly longer list of girls who get dirty in almost every scene. Please chime in with your own favorite filth-mouthed girls/scenes in the comments.

Scenes with Dirty Talking Stars
Hannah West in Fuel Injected #6, Scene 2
Ava Devine in Pussyman’s Big Tit Paradise #4, Scene 2
Penny Flame in Young & Natural, Scene 3
Jennifer Dark in She’s Half My Age #3, Scene 2

Filthy Mouthed Ladies
Ariana Jollee
Gianna Michaels
Sasha Grey
Jenna Haze
Kelly Wells
Mika Tan

Member Favorites
Melissa Lauren
Sandra Romain
Layla Jade
Alicia Rhodes
Flick Shagwell
Roxy Jezel
Avy Lee Roth
Daisy Marie
Vanessa Rubec
Alana Evans
Destiny Deville
Sabrina Johnson
Rebecca Linares
Bree Olsen (Interracial Creampies #4, scene 1)
Dani Woodward (13 Cum Hungry Cocksuckers #2, Scene 13)

Thanks to zarafan, G man, sizelarge22, jfro, ropeadope2, KyonoRocks and Jambi for these picks!

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27 Responses to “Porn’s Best Dirty Talkers”

  1. zarafan Says:

    Dear Alison:

    This is an interesting list and an interesting topic; one of the problems with favoring Europorn is the language barrier that prevents most stars from participating in this particular specialty. Needless to say, it’s a limitation that I’m more than willing to overlook. Nonetheless, I’m particularly pleased with your inclusion of Jennifer Dark on this list. Not only does she have an exceptional command of what’s required for porno “dialogue” (much more so, by the way, than Kelly Wells, whose monologues tend to be more “weird” and “disturbing,” in my opinion, than sexy) but she’s doing so in an acquired language. One can only imagine what she’s capable of saying in her native Czech!!!
    Other non-native speakers with excellent “dialogue” skills are Melissa Lauren and Sandra Romain (and have you ever seen them together? Ooh la la!!).
    And finally, another candidate who really belongs on this list, I think, is Layla Jade: English accents, we all know, can seem very sexy (especially to Americans!!) but I find often that many English performers tend to be somewhat reticent verbally on camera (even when they are otherwise terrific performers like Hannah Harper): attribute it to national stereotype, I guess. But Layla Jade is a magnificent exception!!
    Speaking of stereotypes, I’m reminded of a comment I once read to put all this, perhaps, in perspective: words to the effect that “the connection between language and sex can be demonstrated by reading pornography in a foreign language. When reading Sade in the original, no dictionary is necessary.”

  2. G man Says:

    Dear Zarafan

    When you mention Layla Jade as a British girl who can really talk dirty I think Alicia Rhodes deserves to be noted as well … a slutty mouth in every possible way. And actually the very hot Flick Shagwell offers some nice – ahem – dialogue in quite a few of her scenes also.

    Your comment on the language barrier being reduced in porn is interesting. Certainly e.g. French and Italian porn seems to work better when the performers stick to their own language. (The horror that is German porn dialogue would be the exception to that rule.)

  3. sizelarge22 Says:

    Imagine my joy at reading the blog tonight and finding this amazing post! Thank you, Alison. With regard to the two comments above, I agree that Europorn doesn’t do it for me mainly because of the language barrier. I love my whores to have a good ol’ fashioned American accent. That being said, Roxy Jezel is a nice British girl who can talk dirty to me anytime! I’m off to check out some of this scenes.

  4. jfro Says:

    You know, I’m not that into dirty talk though there are a few exceptions. Bree Olsen in Interracial Creme Pies really got to me.

    Usually though the dirty talk for me usually DETRACTS from the scene. The usual topic of the talk is “I’m such a bad girl/whore/slut” and usually that doesn’t move me much.

  5. ropeadope2 Says:

    Latina actresses speaking Spanish in the heat of the moment will do it for me every time. Avy Lee Roth, Daisy Marie, and Vanessa Rubec, to name just a few. On the American side, Alana Evans is a good nasty talker.

  6. KyonoRocks Says:

    Yeah I agree some girls can’t really pull it off. I don’t like it when girls just refer to themselves as sluts and get into vulgar details about entering their asshole. It’s not sexy really.

    Favorites of mine are Roxy Jezel and Dani Woodward, the former for her accent (and I’m English!) and the latter because she’s ridiculously sexy. Can’t remember where it’s from but there’s this scene with Dani in a POV where she talks quite a lot, not on this site (She tells the guy off for swearing all the time!) and it’s absolutely brilliant

  7. Jambi Says:

    I gotta say Bree Olson does it for me every time! she always starts off as the innocent girl next door type and gets dirtier as the scene progresses! oh yeah nearly forgot to mention English girl Destiny Deville has an incredibly dirty mouth, in one of her scenes on this site she looks into the camera and talks to the viewer directy as she undresses/masterbates sucks and fucks. Now thats hot!

  8. zarafan Says:

    Hello, everybody: all the preceding comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to retracting my comments about the reticence of “most” English porn stars!! On that score, it occurs to me that Sabrina Johnson, one of the great unsung heroines of late-90s porn, is another notable and much appreciated exception to my over-hasty rule. Rope’s comments on Spanish actresses remind me as well of how great Rebecca Linares, whose work is pretty much always worth seeing anyway, is in this capacity, as well. And G man makes a good point about the general superiority of French and Italian porn dialogue–though I don’t speak any Italian, so it’s only a question of rhythm and cadence for me, getting back to the quote I cited earlier about not needing a dictionary when reading porn in another language….

    Finally (for now), I would say that maybe one of the advantages of Europorn is maybe the ABSENCE of dialogue: given the choice between silence vs a bored and disaffected teenager (or worse, pseudo-teenager) saying “oh yeah, fuck me baby” in a flat monotone, sometimes silence is the most eloquent language of all….

  9. alison Says:

    So many great suggestions! Thanks guys. I’ll start adding them to the post so that no one misses them.

  10. shotzee Says:

    how can tory lane not have made this list? i’m not that into her stuff b/c she quite honestly scares the shit out of me with some of the nasty shit that comes out of her mouth, but she is the epitome of a foul mouthed slut

  11. zarafan Says:

    Yeah, Shotzee, but that’s my point to begin with: there’s a difference between sexy and nasty vs scary and weird. Anybody can say filthy words, but what’s exceptional is when it seems like the performer really “means them” (i.e., performance, right?) and when they achieve their mark of actually enhancing the scene–a much more rarefied talent, I think.

  12. zarafan Says:

    A fresh thought just occurred to me: in the 2006 release “Fuck Slaves 1” (not YET on VB, but one can hope, yes?) in the midst of a truly hot threesome among Sasha Gray, Sandra Romain, and Manuel Ferrara, there is a comic moment–perhaps intentional on Sandra’s part but not necessarily on the director’s–where Sasha goes into a long and not particularly convincing monologue about how much she wants to be treated like a sex slave. In the midst of her increasingly vocal soliloquy Sandra, playing the dominant partner, grabs her by the chin and shouts, “Shut the fuck up: you talk to much for a sex slave!!” (or words to that effect). A gratifying scene, on many, many levels…. Happy viewing!

  13. opulentexcess Says:

    Here’s an idea for a blog, seeing that you appear to consider some suggestions: are there any behind the scenes clips actually worth watching/downloading?

  14. sizelarge22 Says:

    I totally agree that many/most girls “fake” the dirty talk. My whole point in requesting this post was to help myself and others find “authentic” foul-mouthed sluts. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I’ve enjoyed cruising the archives lately (especially given the poor quality posts of late) enjoying some of my old favorite dirty-talking whores and discovering some new ones I somehow missed. Thanks to all for your suggestions!

  15. producepete Says:

    Sorry to sidetrack here, but I suppose this kind of goes in with dirty talk and I couldn’t figure out any other place to ask. Does anyone remember a scene recently, during the cumshot the girl gets it in the eye and then says something along the lines of “OK, now cum in my other eye”? I thought it was a Kelly Kline scene, but I checked them out with no luck.

    As for dirty talkers, she is already mentioned, but Penny Flame has a number of great dirty talk scenes. Also, it usually gets a little over the top, but Tory Lane has plenty of dirty talk.

  16. Tom Says:

    Can a category tag be created for movies to let us know which scenes have the best lines?

  17. totaldouchebag Says:

    I second rope’s call. We appear to share the Latina virus…I mean fetish.

    He said, “Latina actresses speaking Spanish in the heat of the moment will do it for me every time.” Second.

  18. hotknicks1 Says:

    Don’t forget about Jada Fire!! She talks crazy, nasty shit!!!

  19. ILTK Says:

    Kelly Wells hands down for me, she sometimes throws out a one liner that just makes me bust out laughing. Love that girl.

  20. jchorner9 Says:

    The Golden Pecker for best dirty talk goes to Peaches in Breakin’ Em In #2 sceme 5. Honorable mention to Penny Flame in Stocking Secrets.

  21. Rael Says:

    Rebeca Linares? I know she sats some stuff, but I’ve never considered her a dirty talker.

  22. Vbox Fan Says:

    Roxette has a pretty dirty mouth. Check her out in Screw My Wife #50, or She’s Got a Cum Fixation.

  23. jdogg Says:

    My favorite is the British Porn stars dirty talking. There really should be a top 50 Dirty talking video list.

  24. ILTK Says:

    Go listen to Kelly Wells in “Stripped, Spread, Stretched #4, Scene 5”, that’s gonna be an alltime classic.

  25. korn4411 Says:

    Allison, have you found any scenes where the guy busts his load too soon?

  26. ropeadope2 Says:

    Not sure how I left out Nikki Hunter.

  27. Spazz Says:

    Thanks for the list! Amber Rayne & Amber Simpson should be on it tho.