What’s Your Favorite VideoBox scene? Mine is ….

With over 26, 000 scenes uploaded to the site, pinpointing a favorite can be a difficult undertaking. Nevertheless, I would like to invite my fellow members to reply to this post with their choice for favorite VideoBox scene. Please provide a few brief comments explaining the rationale behind your selection. Let me kick things off by offering my pick for favorite scene.

Sodom #3 Scene 2, Kapri Styles, Naomi, & Kissy Kapri

Sodom #3 is a feature film from Sin City studios. Scene 2 clocks in at just over 44 minutes with the main sex action reserved for the second half of the scene. Let’s take a quick look at the scene set-up and run through some of the highlights.

Kissy Kapri and boyfriend Jenner are traveling through Los Angeles. All the hostels are booked up and their finances are in short supply. Staying at a motel means not having money for food and activities. A stranger overhears their predicament and recommends a cheap place of lodging. They follow his directions and arrive at the Sodom Inn. Kapri Styles checks them in. Kissy and Jenner head to their room and we watch as Kissy showers. The scene cuts and it’s now middle of the night with Kissy and Jenner asleep in bed. Two arms reach out and cover their faces with chloroform rags. Kissy and Jenner are abducted from the room. Jenner awakens in a new room, legs bound together, arms bound overhead. Kapri Styles reclining on the bed, smoking a cigarette. A stocking covers her face. Kapri briefly whips Jenner, pulls down his pants.
Kapri: “Nice cock.”
Kapri grabs a jar of Vaseline, scooping out a liberal amount on her hands.
Kapri: “Have you ever heard of forced ejaculation? It’s my specialty.”
Kapri jerking off Jenner. No cumshot is shown, but the facial expressions indicate Kapri achieved her goal.

Some time passes and Kissy finds herself handcuffed naked to a chair. A video monitor in front of her reveals Naomi in white panties and top. Jenner is in the room with Naomi, slumped down in a corner. Naomi pulls off her remaining clothes and lays back on the bed. She spreads her legs wide and begins to diddle herself. Jenner is transfixed at the sight in front of him. Kapri enters the room and kneels down next to Jenner.
Kapri: “You like watching that pussy, don’t you? Why don’t you go taste it? Your dick is so hard. You know you want to taste it. Your girlfriend is not here and I know you can’t pass that by. Just get a little taste. It tastes good. Sweet little pussy, you don’t want that? Go ahead, I won’t tell your girlfriend. She’s long gone and far away. Go ahead, it’s winking at you.”
Naomi: “Taste it.”
Jenner is reluctant. All throughout, Kissy is watching the scene play out on the monitor in front of her.
Kapri: “Naomi, come on baby.” (as Kapri gestures for Naomi to join her next to Jenner)
Naomi grabs Jenner’s cock and starts giving him head. Naomi jerking and sucking the cock. Two hand jerking. Kapri and Naomi double teaming the cock. Kapri sucking the head, Naomi licking the shaft. Kapri ball sucking. Naomi brief deep throat. Each girl taking turns sucking dick, passing it back and forth between them. Naomi mounts the cock in cowgirl, Kapri licking at the balls. Naomi riding and gyrating on the cock. Naomi P2M. Kapri hops aboard in reverse cowgirl.
Kapri: “Oh my God, he’s got such a nice fucking cock.”
Jenner driving his cock up and into Kapri’s pussy as Kapri splays her legs wide apart. Kapri slapping at her pussy, riding the cock hard.
Kapri: “Beat that pussy, yeah get that pussy.”
Naomi brief doggie, turns to Jenner.
Naomi: “Sodomize me.”
Jenner pulls his cock out of Naomi’s pussy and inserts it in her ass. Doggie anal. Kapri is positioned right next to Naomi, ass facing the camera. Kapri has a hotter ass than Naomi (31:10)! Good camera angle from below as Jenner drives his cock in and out of Naomi’s ass, her pussy opening and closing with each thrust. Jenner switches over and enters Kapri in doggie anal.
Kapri: “Sodomize my fucking ass. Fuck that ass harder. Beat that ass. Beat that asshole. Squat fuck that ass.”
Kapri A2M. Jenner face fucking Kapri. Naomi reverse cowgirl anal.
Kapri: “Pound that ass, pound that fucking ass.”
Kapri licking and sucking on Naomi’s left nipple. Naomi gyrating on the cock.
Kapri: “Go crazy on that dick. Oh gosh, he got all his dick in your ass.”
Naomi A2M. Kapri spoon anal.
Kapri: “Bang that ass, bang that fucking ass.”
Kapri has both legs pulled far back above her head, ankles crossed. This girl is limber, she’s twisted like a pretzel. Naomi is standing above her as Kapri reaches up to finger Naomi’s pussy.
Kapri: Fuck my ass, fuck my fucking ass.”
Jenner moves in front of Kapri, continuing his anal assault in missionary.
Kapri: “Let me taste that fucking dick. Stand up and put that dick in my mouth.”
Kapri A2M. Naomi missionary anal.
Kapri: “I want you to fuck her in the ass and cum in my mouth and I’m gonna spit it in her mouth.”
Kapri fingering her own ass while Jenner continues to plunder Naomi’s ass. Jenner unloads a moderate facial on Kapri, depositing some cum in the mouths of both Naomi and Kapri. Naomi post cum head. Kapri and Naomi kiss with brief cum swapping.

Blistering scene. To me, Kapri Styles is currently one of the hottest girls in the business. Naomi delivers her usual rock solid performance. Kissy Kapri wasn’t part of the sex footage in this scene (she does partake in scenes 3 & 5 of the movie) but still made her presence felt. I believe what elevated the scene over the top for me was the theme of non-consensual sex with the females holding the upper hand. I suggest checking out the other scenes of the movie as Shyla Stylez, Rebecca Linares, and Lea Moore are featured.

Now that I’m on record for my favorite scene, I look forward to hearing from all in the membership specifying your own favorites. Please leave a reply and let me know.


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74 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite VideoBox scene? Mine is ….”

  1. Mark Says:

    Beyond a doubt: Seymore_and_Shane_Playing_With_Fire_Scene_6

  2. Anthony Says:

    Had a hard time choosing between my favourite interracial scenes so I chose this scene instead: Filth & Fury #1 Scene 5, with Sasha Grey.

    Now, Sasha Grey getting hammered by a couple of big black cocks. If that existed it would most definitely be my favourite!

  3. Anthony Says:

    Wait… I can’t believe I forgot about the sensational Carmella Bing in Super Freaks Gang Bang Scene 3

    This is my girlfriend’s favourite too.

  4. fedor Says:

    I love Angel Dark in Big Wet Asses #6 Scene 4.

  5. Drewy Says:

    Have to say Multiple POV Scene 5. Giselle is awesome in this scene and Katsumi doesn’t hurt at all. I like both accents.

  6. G man Says:

    Holy mother of a whore … that’s a tough one! I am going to have to cheat and mention three very different scenes:

    1) Very classical and quite vanilla – but they just got everything right, including a spectacular finish: Lea de Mae in Gentlemen Prefer Anal scene 1.

    2) Rough and kinky with smoking chemistry and intensity: Dana Vespoli in Ass Slaves #2 scene 4.

    3) Intensitivity #4 scene 5: Not only does this scene feature the incredibly beutiful and sexy Vanessa Blue fucking like there was no tomorrow. It also has a hot and interesting interview in the beginning (including the pretty bright Vanessa’s thoughts on racism in the industry).

    Finding these scenes has made me reflect that even though I have a very broad taste in porn (there are only one or two of VB’s categories I tend to give a miss), the scenes that I keep coming back to are usually one-on-one … and all feature women who look like they really like to fuck. Something reassuring in that somehow.

    By the way: compliments for the scenes suggested in the entries so far. Pretty sizzling stuff!

  7. Bigcall1 Says:

    Mine is:
    Pason in Ass Brand New #2 Scene 1.

  8. xposh Says:

    1st would be:
    -Taylor Hill in Throat Gaggers #4 Scene 7.
    and 2nd is
    -Gabriella Moore in Hardcore Training #1 Scene 3.

  9. papayaman Says:

    Initially I was searching for a scene with one of the ladies I find most attractive and sexy. But how the hell are you going to choose between that fantastic Sabrine Maui, Luci Thai, Sativa Rose, Tobi Pacific, Katsumi or Jayna Oso scene in the final analysis? All of those girls (plus several others if I thought about it) regularly turn out scenes that present us with a glimpse of sexual paradise. In the end I think you have to go for a scene with multiple girls and exceptional chemistry. Now if Jules Jordan’s Invasian 2 was on the site my personal quest would be at an end because the scene with Sabrine Maui and Luci Thai has it all. IMHO two of the loveliest women in porn going at it no holds barred.

    But since it isn’t, I think the closest thing I can find to that is XXX Road Trip 1 scene 5 with Sandra Romain and a girl who goes by the name Carmen. Hot, unrestrained action and if Sandra isn’t the most beautiful woman on the site she is still about as close to pure female sexuality on legs as you are going to find.

    I can’t resist making a plea for some other favourites even though I think the Road Trip scene trumps them in the end. One is Lucy Lee raping the delectable Lily Thai in Tight and Asian 3 scene 2. It is rare that you see a scene where a girl loses control as comprehensively as Lily does under the not exactly tender ministrations of Lucy Lee.

    I’d also suggest anybody should take a look at the delectable Mya Mason and Lady Armani in Big Black Wet Asses 2 scene 2, which again features hot action involving incredibly sexy women. I should excuse myself for going on at length, but I think most of us would find something to get off on in those scenes.

  10. Lumas Says:

    I will have to go with..
    Multiple Chicks On One Dick #3 Scene 2 with Riley Shy & Jamie Tyler

  11. zarafan Says:

    Wow: this is a hard question to answer, and I’m at least relieved that a few people have already mentioned long-time favorites of mine; I agree completely with Anthony’s choice of Sasha Gray in Filth & Fury; Fedor’s choice of Angel Dark in Big Wet Asses; Papayaman’s choice of Sandra Romain in XXX Road Trip; and especially Xposh’s choice of the rare but exquisite Gabriella Moore in Hardcore Training.

    To date I have an excessive 142 scenes and movies in my VB “favorites” list: hard to pick a best out of so many choices, but here are a few representative picks for what constitutes a classic scene in my opinion:

    Simone Style in Big Phat Wet Asses Scene 1–the tease at the beginning is as good as the sex in the middle and the finish at the end!

    Melissa Lauren in Private Thrills Scene 4–a characteristically super-charged scene, with the hidden bonus of being apparently her only squirt scene on the VB site!

    Sharka Blue in Hardcore Whores #1 Scene 1–terrifically sexy; a scene of unflagging energy and intensity.

    Claudia Jameson in Hardcore Innocence #2 Scene 4–one of the most convincingly erotic performances on this site!

    Daniella Rush in World Class Ass #1 Scene 3–I can only say that in every respect it lives up to its title!

    But my newest discovery for this list would have to be Sandra Romain in Butt Gallery Scene 4–I just discovered that this scene had never been reviewed before, even though it’s been on the VB site for ages. The opening interview is uncharacteristically erotic and really contributes to setting the scene; Sandra paces herself throughout the performance, building in intensity as the sex becomes more hardcore; she not only does double anal (which for Sandra is nearly as common as oral sex is for other porn stars!!) but she also squirts (relatively rare for her). The name of the game here is energy and enthusiasm, and Sandra in this scene not only holds your interest throughout, but the performance stays with you beyond the heat of the moment Highest recommendations!!

    Rope, I encourage you to pose this question again in a few months: it will be interesting to see if and how our answers change in that time!!

  12. Toby Kulture Says:

    Eva Angelina in Easy Prey #2 scene 5.

  13. davros Says:

    I don’t know if I can just pick one, but there are a few scenes that I could list as some of my favorites right off the top of my head.

    Haley Paige and Bailey in Man’s Best Friend scene 5
    Tiana Lynn and Sunny Lane in Man’s Best Friend scene 2.

    There is another scene on this site that I’ve grown to like with subsequent viewings as well. Krysta-Lynn Lovely and Nadia Sin in Milf O Rama #2 scene 2. I don’t know why I find this scene so hot, but I do.

    Those scenes are just so smoking hot, in my opinion. But there are a lot of good scenes already listed here. Keep up the good work, people.

  14. PeterMc Says:

    I couldn’t really choose between these 3.

    Lauren Phoenix in Ty Endicott’s Smokin’ POV #4 Scene 1

    Tiffany Rayne in Bait #3 Scene 5

    Shyla Stylez in Sodom #3 Scene 1

  15. Vbox Fan Says:

    Rain Coaters POV #2 scene 5 w/ Daisy Marie. A filthy mouth in this one.

    Screw My Wife #50, the whole movie. An awesome orgy, and a ton of great cumshots at the end. Includes a couple chicks who went on to do more porn: Breanna Noel / Fayth Deluca / Faith Deluca is “Brianna” here, and then there is Roxetta.

    Face Blasters #2 Scene 2 with Cassie Courtland: two incredible loads on a hot little blond (her Whale Tail #2 scene 1 is great too).

    Office Sluts #1 Scene 2 with Jamie Brooks

    Two from Eve Lawrence: Miami Maidens #4 Scene 3 (w/ Isabella Soprano) and Phat Ass Tits #1 Scene 1 (w/ Mark Ashley pounding her good)

  16. Vbox Fan Says:

    PS: bigcall, thanks for the reminder about that Pason scene. It’s great — that guy pops 3 loads on her he enjoyed it so much. Great scene!

  17. baldguyxxx Says:

    1 Lucky Fuck #1 Scene 5 with Brianna Love. Amazing. My dick never get’s tired of it.

  18. dphunkt Says:

    too many to pick a single scene.
    but to throw a few out..

    F-ing Teens #1 Scene 4 with Bailey

    Live And Loaded In L.A. Scene 3 with Venus & Audrey Hollander

    Francesca’s Juggies #4 Scene 5 with Carmella Bing

  19. cpdville Says:

    Back Seat Bangers #6 Scene 5
    Very believable. Actress name is Wendy. Can’t find her anywhere else on VB. I somehow found her in one other scene out on the internet somewhere a while ago. She definitely doesn’t seem like a girl that’s made her living in porn. I can watch it over and over and she still seems authentic to me. She gets picked up in a parking lot, asked to get in a big SUV and interview for a movie role, and you know, that’s how the BSB series goes. This one has to be scripted too, but everything about is well done and believable. The guy isn’t an asshole. They just all play along and end up fucking. Nothing seriously hardcore, but she really seems to be into it. Also, she is hot as hell, and that doesn’t hurt any either.

  20. ropeadope Says:

    Great feedback guys. Many thanks to all who have taken the time to read and respond to the post. We’re compiling a Hall of Fame list of amazing scenes. Don’t be concerned with providing the links. Just list the scene and performer, I’ll link everything up. As others have stated, extremely difficult to choose just one scene. To those that did confine themselves to one selection, please feel free to add a couple more if you wish. Let me offer a few additional favorite scenes of mine, in no particular order.

    8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter Scene 1 featuring Jeanie Marie (Sullivan).

    This was my introduction to Jeanie Marie and I found her absolutely perfect. Fun scenario with the Mom laying down all the rules of what would be allowable and then having them all violated. As they say, rules are made to be broken. The remaining scenes of the movie are all excellent as well, especially Tia Tanaka in scene 5. Others may disagree, but Dirty Harry was brilliantly cast in the role of Tia’s step-dad. Scene for scene, 8 Simple Rules …. is possibly the hottest movie on the site.

    Fast Times at Deep Crack High #3 Scene 3 starring Kaylynn.

    Kaylynn is an old favorite of mine and smokin’ hot in this scene. She must serve detention but decides it would be more fun to seduce the teacher instead. Great scene from one of my favorite series at VideoBox.

    Internally Yours #3 Scene 2 featuring Daisy (Marie)

    TT Boy catches Daisy “tagging” on his property and elects an out of court settlement. The action gets a little intense at times but is bearable as we all know Daisy can hold her own. Internally Yours #3 is another movie filled with excellent scenes from start to finish. Evidently, Daisy failed to learn her lesson. In Chol Ho’s #2 Scene 1, she’s caught tagging by Van Damage. He takes it a bit easier on Daisy. Good scene but not quite up to the pairing with TT Boy.

    The Babysitter #1 Scene 2 & Scene 3 with Allysin Chains (Chaynes), Vivi Anne, and Randi Storm.

    Scene 2 leads into scene 3. When the movie was uploaded to the site, I remarked in the review comments: “The Babysitter series has always been a favorite of mine and this is the volume that launched the franchise. Allysin Chaynes is terrific in scenes 2 & 3, perfectly cast in a very memorable role.”

    More To Follow in This Space

  21. Hereward Says:

    My “can’t live without” scenes are:

    Try a Teen #7 scene 1

    Creampie Cuties #4 scene 5

    and 110% natural #5 scene 6

    The first two have young girls that seem new to the industry (especially Ashley from Creampie Cuties, possibly the most innocent and inexperienced chick on this site!), and the third features Katerina Konec, a little known euro gem with a killer body (check out those creamy tits!) and seemingly genuine enthusiasm for fucking.

    If I had to pick a favorite series, it would be a toss up between Just Over Eighteen and the Try a Teen line (if Try was available in high def it would win hands down).

  22. LIZ Says:

    Sorry to get off topic, but WHO is the beauty on the login page?

  23. ropeadope Says:

    LIZ – I believe you’re referring to Mia Rose. Please see Alison’s post entitled Who’s That Girl to resolve these type of questions.

  24. scubaman3 Says:

    I can not belive no one has mentioned Keri Sable she does it for me and one of her best scene’s is on here Teen Fuck Holes #1 Scene 5

  25. Duncan Says:

    A tricky one…too many to chose from…however, the ones that immediately spring to mind are these three:

    School Bus Girls #1 Scene 3 starring Tabitha and Madison – schoolgirls doing naughty lesbian things to each other, then getting fucked by the teacher…need I say more

    Rain Coater’s Point of View #1 Scene 5 starring Taylor Rain – when I first watched this, I thought I was the guy…awesome

    Vice Girls #5 Scene 3 starring Sarah-Lou and Chrystal-Lei – a couple of British whores doing the prostitute thing…anything to do with whores and paying for sex is an immediate winner

    Hope you agree.


  26. jfro Says:

    I have about 83 scenes on Videobox that I have rated 5 stars. Some are marginally 5 stars some are worthy of more. I don’t know how to quickly link these to the right pages using this little comment box but here are some of my favorites after reviewing them:

    Photographic Mammaries #1 Scene 2 with Bellissima

    Secretaries Scene 5 with Suzie Diamond

    The Girl Next Door #3 Scene 2 with Alexa Von Tess & Bree Olsen

    The Girl Next Door #5 Scene 2 with Liliana Moreno

    Tony’s Amateur Tapes #3 Scene 1 with Hailey

    Total Babe #4 Scene 5 with Amanda (most perfect body award)

    More to come.

  27. whodat5 Says:

    Best topic yet! I love Keri Sable and the way April Flowers moves is incredible, but my top 3 are:

    Katin in Intensitivity 3 scene 3
    Hot girl, hard sex, lives up to the title

    Jordan (Jenny Hendrix) in Tony Amateur tapes 3 scene 3
    Unreal hot girl, scene is made to for her to look innocent, but with decent action,
    but if I had to pick one it would be:

    Tiffany Brookes in Lil bit of everything, scene 3
    100% pure gorgeous girl and solid action

    I just hope I can make someone elses day with these recommendations


  28. KyonoRocks Says:

    “fedor Says:
    I love Angel Dark in Big Wet Asses #6 Scene 4.”

    I agree Fedor. I found it hard choosing a favorite but that scene I think it the greatest scene on this site. Angel Dark is absolutely perfect

    Ropeadope, 8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter is super sweet. And I agree about Dirty Harry! That scene 5 with Tia Tanaka is the reason I don’t care if he’s in a scene or not, he’s pretty funny.

  29. dttttoz Says:

    Much agreement for the Angel Dark scene noted. While Angel is a favorite of mine, I went with another fave for my top scene.

    Jane Darling in 110% Natural 4 Scene 6

    This is a favorite of mine because it also stars Jesika, (Pamela Killman / Pamela Killmen) who isn’t as pretty as Jane – but has a nice body. As the scene starts out, the guys fairly quickly focus in on Jane, and much of the early screen time is devoted to her – which is somewhat expected as she’s the bigger star, and she’s always a high energy performer. As things progress, it’s like the scene director suddenly realizes, “Hey – this Jesika girl is kind of keeping up…” and we get more screen time for her. The guy gravitate back towards Jesika and give her a real workout, which is fun to watch. Jesika does a great job, and it’s not often someone can outfuck Jane, or even stay even. Then, someone remembers that the other half of the scene is JANE DARLING and we get some nice shots of the whole foursome going at it. When they decide to finish up, the guys build up in a doggystyle Jane, then pull out to shoot right into Jesika’s waiting face. A well-basted face/rear combination is a treat to finish things off, and the whole thing from start through oral, into cumshots is under 20 minutes. A great, compact scene.

    It’s also right on the edge of “rough sex” for me. Any harder and it might have turned me off, but because it walks that line, it becomes REALLY inviting. So, that’s my favorite!

  30. moron1979 Says:

    The She Devil Scene 5 with Veronica Jett.

  31. pgwodehouse Says:

    Can’t hate on most of these other choices, but I’m going to go a different way. Here’s a few of my top, spread out across all the categories I like:

    Michelle Wild in 110% Natural #4 Scene 1 — Michelle has a perfect body and seems to enjoy her work. VB, post some more of her.

    Ass and Tits au Natural Scene 2 with Simi — No idea who this chick is, but she’s got the best natural body I’ve ever seen in porn. She looks like one of the Zoo weekly girls. In fact, if anyone knows who the hell she is, I’d love to get more of her scenes…or marry her.

    Leah Jaye and Priscilla Milan in Barely 18 #34 scene 5 — My God. It’s my hottest MFF scene.

    Sativa Rose and Rebeca Linares / Rebecca Linares in Cumaholics #1 Scene 2 — My God again. Hottest Latina Video ever.

    Tiana Lynn and Sammie Rhodes in No Cocks Allowed #2 Scene 7 — Not usually a fan of Lesbian stuff, but this is the exception. Also listing it here because Sammie takes it up the ass, even if it’s only a dildo. For those of us who have been waiting for that.

    Nikki Loren in Sex Fiends #1 Scene 3 — Nikki Loren hasn’t been mentioned yet, even though she’s one of the hottest women in porn. She also rims the guy here, and it’s HER IDEA, which somehow makes it more okay.

    The Girl Next Door #5 scene 2 with Lilliana Moreno was mentioned above, but I need to add my endorsement here. And finally…

    Haley Paige and Naudia Nyce in Voracious #1 Scene 4 — Haley got no love so far, and her little RIP ass is one of the all time best. She’s particularly nasty in this scene, and Naudia Nyce is all right as well. I like the interplay between the two girls.

  32. Frank_B Says:

    I try to go “with the task” and really pick only one scene. I pick Lara Stevens in Anal Thrills #2 Scene 1, because I have vivid memories how this scene blew me away when I discovered it the very first time, and I still return to it from time to time. Lara here appears in a perfectly nice “Girl next door”-style with a natural attitude that supports the beauty of her face and body.

  33. Lew99 Says:

    There has been some great stuff posted here…much of which I hadn’t seen. Here are my two favorites:

    Heather Gables and Kami Andrews in 1 Whore + 1 More = 2 Chicks on 1 Dick #1, Scene 1. I love to watch girls be rough with each other, and this is rough and kinky, but very consensual and both women are into it.

    Alicia Rhodes in Tails of Perversity #11, Scene 1. Great energy, dirty talk, a little kink and that accent. What’s not to like?

  34. cornholio Says:

    A few of my favorites…

    Jasmine Lynn in Butt Cream Pie Scene 5
    Watching the cum drip from her freshly fucked butthole does it for me every time.

    Aaralynn Barra in Tiny Chick Sure Can Fuck #2 Scene 3
    She gets her ass fucked HARD and really seems to get off.

    Jeanie Marie Sullivan in Just Turned 18 #4 Scene 3
    Her scene in 8 Simple Rules gets more hype, but the way she rides that cock in reverse cowgirl is fucking HOT!!!

  35. passport1 Says:

    Heavy Handfulls Scene 4 with Samantha Silver
    VERY hot woman with a perfect body…great ass, beautiful face, lactating boobs and she’s wearing a very sexy bodystocking. This scene NEVER fails to do the trick for me ;)

  36. Jake Says:

    Anyone have a recommendation for scenes like Teen Angel: The Search For Snatch Scene 2? The Czech girl’s reluctance/naivete really gets my girl going and I want to try and find more girl-on-girl scenes like it…thoughts Rope, anyone?

    I think it would a huge boost if Videobox could get a forum going – we could help others finds flicks/scenes they’d like…(I know its a suggestion made before by many in the reviews, but still couldn’t hurt to try it again).

  37. MultipleMan Says:

    I have so many favorites – and I’m surprised no one has mentioned the following:

    First: Just Over Eighteen #3 Scene 6. This girl Peaches is to fucking die for. As far as I know she has only 2 porn scenes. I guess Donald Trump or someone bought her…
    Here’s her other scene: Breakin’ ‘Em In #2 Scene 5

    My other favorites are the hottest scenes of the world’s greatest sluts:

    Big Bottom Sadie Scene 1 and Big Bottom Sadie Scene 2 with Jenna Haze

    And Ashley Blue. Yes, she’s aged badly. But holy fuck! Here’s one of her earliest and dirtiest:
    Assault That Ass #2 Scene 6

  38. papayaman Says:

    This particular poll is becoming more a directory of generally hot scenes in the VB archives that some of us may have missed than anything else. In that spirit, if you’ve not seen Luci Thai in scene 2 of Jon Dough’s Butt Cream Pie #4 check it out. No abusiveness in the shape of slapping or spitting on the girl, but she is given a very thorough workout by 3 guys (some of them amittedly douchebags – ie Talon and the Pirate Guy) involving deepthroat, anal, dp, and cream pies in both her pussy and her arse. Luci is one of the hottest girls in porn and manages to look beautiful whilst performing extremely well throughout what must have been a fairly gruelling scene. Actually just about any scene in this film is worth catching, but if you love Luci this is certainly one of her best scenes on the site.

  39. Ruizpipo Says:

    This is a great poll! I definitely appreciate discovering quite a few scenes that got past me. My “Super Dozen” is:

    Ginger Lee in Legal at Last #4, Scene 3

    Sahara Knite in Bait & Tackle, Scene 1

    Jamie Elle in Cream Filled Asses #2, Scene 3

    Kimberly Wood in Virgins of the Screen #3, Scene 1

    Ana Nova in Worship This Bitch #3, Scene 2

    Autumn Bliss in Whale Tail #1, Scene 2

    Tiffany Rayne in Whale Tail #1, Scene 1

    Veronique Vega in Whale Tail #3, Scene 2

    Ginger Lee in My Dirty Angels #5, Scene 6

    Angela Crystal in Anal Assault #5, Scene 2

    Lain Oi in Big Tits Tight Slits #1, Scene 2

    Allison Pierce in Cum in My Gaping Butthole #2, Scene 3

    Hope others can benefit!

  40. salazarmark Says:

    I like Marketa Morgan in Fucking Hot Chics #1 scene 1; because of the obvious perfection of Marketa as a woman, and the realism of the scene as anyone who knows that the woman that you’re fucking in real life won’t shout and squirm everytime you make a gyration of your pelvis.

  41. hanseivan Says:

    I (too) like Marketa Morgan in Fucking Hot Chics #1 scene 1. She has a body of a greek goddess, shes both shy and very nasty (I’ve noticed these two characteristics often goes together) in the way SHE is fucking him the hole scene through.
    I find a lot of porn stressful to watch with the screaming and tosing around, where as in this scene not a word is uttered – just heavy breathing and it seems like she is the one choosing the positions.
    The guy is doing the camerawork and a good job it is; not once is his face in the picture – like it shouldn’t be in porn, and he keeps the camera still with full body pictures of Marketa – no zooming here, again, like it shouldn’t be in porn.

  42. gensaintly14 Says:

    The best that I have seen so far is Just Over Eighteen #4, Scene 4, whether it is the best scene on the site, I haven’t seen them all. An oh how I have tried! But the best I have seen yet has got to be that one. Nicky Reed is amazing! :)

  43. cyclopscake Says:

    Sindee JenningsReal Squirters 2 scene 2 and pretty much any scene with Dani Woodward does the trick for me.

  44. Val Says:

    My current top ten:

    Diva X: The Movie, Scene 5

    Slut Air: Flight 001, Scene 2

    Euroslut #2, Scene 1

    Double The Fun 2 On 1 #1, Scene 1

    Mother Fuckers #4, Scene 4

    The MILF Chronicles #2, Scene 1

    Total Babe #1, Scene 3

    Maneater, Scene 2

    3’s Cumpany #1, Scene 2

    Legal Skin #16, Scene 2

  45. Framl Says:

    Multiple POV Scene 5 without a doubt, i pop every time

  46. mill Says:

    110% natural #5 scene 6
    Whale Tail #2, Scene 2
    Fucking Hostile #3, Scene 5
    Breakin’ ‘Em In #5, Scene 2

  47. Bigunit Says:

    Yo guys, I’m lookin for scenes or dvds which focus on female gasms (real ones, not bs, not necessarily squirting). Can anyone recommend scenes or dvds?

  48. timcos Says:

    I am looking for a scene my wife likes and I cannot find any more.

    A scene where a fellow has go to some meeting and leaves his wife witha credit card and the phone numbers to some escort deals…she orders up two lesbians. Hottest thing I have ever seen.

  49. Assman08 Says:

    Straight to the A 1; Scene 5. I just love it when Jenna Haze says, no pussy for me “It’s an Anal Day”

  50. jry9178 Says:

    My favorite is this one with a gal dressed up as a cop. She goes to arrest this guy at his house (I think he was shooting porn or something). Anyway, she has an amazing ass and fucks like a champ. Only problem is I didn’t add it to my faves and now I can’t find it. Anyone know the scene and girl? Would much appreciate it. Thanks

  51. John Law Says:

    There are a lot of erotic scenes that I could mention, but lets go for the jugular, your favourite series, if SOMEONE COULD SET THAT UP, FOR A BLOG, mine has to be the Big Wet Asses series from Elegant Angel Studio with the Destination Dirtpipe series & also from Zero Tolerance Who’s the Daddy, Number 11 most excellent, as for standout scene has to be Big Wet Asses 5, Scene 2 Anastasia Christ & Big Wet Asses 8, Scene 1 & 3 Sandra Romain & Sasha Knox, in that order.

  52. Val Says:

    Anthony nailed it: Filth & Fury #1 Scene 5

  53. Val Says:

    jry9178 – Working Girls #2, Scene 2 -Val

  54. Peter Crandall Says:


    Allie Sin – first time (supposedly) – nothing fancy, but she’s special. To my eye. Also Adventures of Shorty Mac. He’s a jerk, but the women he recruits play the “I’ve just been recruited” role well. Some of the XXX Road Trips.

  55. Jarhead Mcgee Says:

    I think Naomi in Big Bottoms Up #1 scene #1 is of my all time favorite

  56. Nathan Says:

    the best scene of all time is without out a doubt Rita Faltoyano in Big Boobs In Prague Scene 1 watch it and see what i mean.

  57. cortez Says:

    I swear SWEAR SWEAR, I watch UK Student House on videobox, but when I search I can’t find it. Nor can I find any of the stars or the production company. It’s killing me. I think it is one of the best and I only saw it once….like a couple weeks ago. I only use VideoBox…help me if you know where it is.

  58. J Says:

    Karina Kay – Teen Idol 2 Scene #5

  59. Moon1978 Says:

    Jayna Oso in Sakura Tales 10 Scene 1. Jasmine Byrne in Grin and Bare It as well as I Love Em Natural 3 scene 3

  60. tryton3 Says:

    Taylor Rain – Straight to the A #2 scene 1
    Evelyn Lynn – Teen Machine scene 2
    Rebecca Linares – Internally yours #6 scene 1
    Belladonna – Sodomaina 38 special scene 3
    Jasmine Lynn – Anal Driller #1 Scene 4
    Too many to list

  61. Armando Says:

    Anything with Vaniity!!!!!!1

  62. Nybras Says:

    Huge Boobs Galore 5 Scene 1 – Ashlynn Brooke.

  63. LikemShaved69 Says:

    Puritan Video Magazine #24, Scene 2 — Jessica Drake is absolutely fucking hot in this scene! The way she spreads those long legs, the rock music in the background, and the way he she straddles his face is amazing. Like fucking the bad girl back in high school…


    Speaking of face sitting, does anyone know how to locate the best M/F pussy licking videos? I’ve done keyword searches but with not much luck. Hope you guys can help. My fiancĂ© just loves those scenes!

  64. A.O Says:

    I’m too lazy to post the link, but any fan of Eve Lawrence has to d/l her scene in traffic stopping tits, that scene has it all… from the sensual and extremely hot opener with the strip tease, down to the pov parts, then the 2nd dude gets it in, then she blows the camera man and finishes him off, she just crushed that scene. Its also a real treat to see “innocent-looking” Eve, plus you can tell shes not a fan of swallowing but sucks it up (no pun intended) and downs 2 loads, before the director just feels bad for her and says she can take the 3rd on the face, shes had enough to eat…

  65. LikemShaved69 Says:

    I have to add another one — Harmony Rose in One Dick Two Chicks #5 scene 5 — http://www.videobox.com/beta/member/scene-detail.seam?subTab=&raId=-1&cid=1400557&mainTab=browse&contentId=14062521&sdBox=true This is a very hot scene. The only drawback is there’s way too much talking.

  66. yojimbo Says:

    This was actually pretty easy.

    Crystal Ray & Tayla – The Babysitter #15, Scene 2 (My Favorite by far! I’ve watched it at least 50 times.)

    Misty Mendez & Leah Stevenson Pull My Hair & Call Me Stupid #1, Scene 6

    Maggie Star – Pull My Hair & Call Me Stupid #1, Scene 6 (I sure wish there was more Maggie available.)

    Maggie Star – The Babysitter #15, Scene 3

    Melanie Jagger and Misty Mendez- Cum Swapping Sluts #3, Scene 5 (I know this was mentioned before in the oral creampie blog, but DAMN!)

    Samantha Sin – Cream on My Camel Toe #3, Scene 1

    Inari Vachs & Natasha Love – Booty Duty #1, Scene 5

    Leah Stevenson – Booty Duty #1, Scene 4

    Melissa Lauren – Rear POV, Scene 1

    Julie Night – Pull My Hair & Call Me Stupid #1, Scene 1

    Ander Page & Maggie Star – Cum Swapping Sluts #4, Scene 4

    Jessica Darlin, Jordan Styles – Interracial P.O.V. #1, Scene 1

    Allie Sin – I Was Tight Yesterday #2, Scene 2

  67. boyslut Says:

    there are so many excelelnt scenes. but, for the sake of an argument, Tracey Lain in the Dameage Files, scene 2.

    shes got a real fine body, and the dark set and good lights show it off to complete perfection. the same goes for all the scenes on the vid.

    its hot that shes wearing her wedding ring all the way through: i wonder whether she showers before going home to hubby (most excellent fantasy stuff there!)

    and the way she leans back with her pussy open while shes taking the anal (screencap 5) is enough to get any fan on their knees to give her clit a gentle lick or fifty.

    it was obviously fun fucking for both of them – smae for all the scenes on the vid. counts for a lot. you dont have to belittle women when youre fuckin the shit outta them!

  68. lowman84 Says:

    I would have to say Ginger Lee Legal at Last #4. The intro and fucking amazing….well everything about her is amazing in my opinion. She has the most amazing breasts in porn hands down. And as a Okie i love a girl with a southern accent.

  69. OMGDude Says:

    While I like a lot of Jay Sin’s stuff with all the winking, farting, flexing, pushing of his beautiful models’ pink pussy’s and assholes….by far the hottest is Gape Lovers 3, Scene 1, with the little ‘bees’ fighting over the honey and where it is kept safe (in their cute little buttholes, of course). The ffm in the scene is molten as well.

  70. Claus Says:

    look what I’ve found :-)



  71. brazey Says:

    Hey guys, just wondering your opinion.. is the Evil Angel addition worth the extra cost? Lemme know what u think

  72. an other jeff(subscriber) Says:

    @brazey – it is to me so far…i think $20 a month is about what i’d like to spend on VB right now and i’d much rather have some Evil Angel stuff than just the basic VB with DVD resolution…and i’ve thought about Vivid for the loads of Brianna Banks and Savanna Samson scenes but $30/month is a little much, if it was $25, i prob. would…

  73. jmpond Says:

    Megan Cole in “River Sex”: http://www.videobox.com/beta/member/scene-detail.seam?subTab=&raId=-1&cid=85658&mainTab=browse&contentId=28008988&sdBox=
    She’s young, beautiful, blonde and takes ahard fucking with a huge dick for such a tiny woman. Check the link out, you’ll like it too.

  74. jd Says:

    What scene starts with the angry girl at the director’s door saying that he did her sister or some relative wrong? Then they end up having hot sex on the stairs…that is a good scene